Careers expo hosts over 600 students

| 10/02/2011

(CNS): More than 600 young people passed through the Careers, Education, Training & Jobs Expo 2011 last Friday looking for information on future careers and opportunities for work. With local businesses, educational institutions and government departments exhibiting students about to graduate from high school were able to examine the options for their next step be it work or in many cases further education. The Chamber’s President Elect David Kirkaldy talked about the need to change mindsets regarding education when he opened the expo as he said education was no longer just about going to school college but education was a way of life and a state of mind.

“We need to think of education as something we continue through our life – not just as a stepping stone to a career. With technology advancing at its current rate many of the skills we learnt whilst at school or university will soon be surpassed by new practices and information. If we don’t continue to retrain we will struggle as a society to fill the necessary positions available to us that will sustain our economy and our way of life.” Kirkaldy said adding that the Chamber would continue to champion the benefits of education, training and career advancement.

Kirkaldy noted the dilemma of how to train young people for jobs that don’t exist yet are just around the corner as he pointed out that just a decade ago posts such as Social Media or Online-Community Manager, telework Manager or Coordinator, Sustainability Manager and Elder-Care Services Coordinatorsimply didn’t exist.

“These are exciting times and we need to make sure that we not only have the correct infrastructure in place to support them but also that our workforce has the educational opportunities and the right mindset for this transformation. It makes sense that the more current your education the more value you have to offer to an employer,” he pointed out to the young people seeking opportunities at the event.

Kirkaldy pointed out that education, for most people, will always be one of the best investments of time, money, and effort. “Regardless of age or career interests, furthering your education has real value. This is true on many levels: personal growth and satisfaction, enhancing your contribution to society and community, serving as a role model for children, and increasing your employability and earnings,” he said.


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