Arden: ‘Get on with job’

| 15/02/2011

(CNS): The PPM’s representative for East End has said the commissioner of police should get on with the “darn job” of fighting crime instead of blaming the US firearms policy for the problems in the Cayman Islands and the region. Arden McLean said that the fight against crime should be government’s top priority. The premier, the governor and the police commissioner, he said, should be doing everything they could to make the country safe but instead they were doing nothing. Accusing the premier and his Cabinet of jet-setting around the world, spending the people’s money, which should have been spent on fighting crime, McLean told the PPM conference on Saturday that there was nothing more important than the need to address people’s safety. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

McLean said that if he sounded angry it was because he was, as in six months there had been three shootings in his district of East End and nobody was doing anything about it.

Giving his parliamentary report at the PPM’s special conference, called to transfer the leadership of the party, McLean accused the premier of doing nothing to address the problems of crime except blame the governor. While “he, his cohorts, his friends and his Cabinet” all jet-setted around the world spending money which could be spent on addressing the crime problem, nothing was being done to secure the safety for the people of the country.

Renewing his call to Police Commissioner David Baines to act, he said no expense could be spared to tackle the crime, which had “the country in a choke hold” as there was “nothing, nothing more important” at present.

He implored the governor to instruct the commissioner of police “to stop blaming the US firearms policy for the deaths of young Caribbean men. Tell him to stop talking about getting rid of some of the crime fighting equipment that the PPM bought and get on with the darn job,” he stated angrily, as he referred to the plans by the RCIPS to sell some of the marine unit fleet.

He told the people that if their government couldn’t tackle crime they needed to take a leaf out of the book of the people in Egypt and demand the government step down.

McLean said that from the very beginning of this current government’s administration it was clear that the formulation of policies in the interest of the people was the furthest thing from their minds. He said the government chose to blame the PPM for everything, especially the capital projects, despite the findings of the independent Miller Commission that these were not to blame for the public finance problems.

He noted that although the opposition had offered to sit down with government and help find a way forward through the recession, the offer was persistently rejected, as were the proposals put forward by the PPM to tackle the economic slump. He said the premier either ignored or publicly derided suggestions to flatten import duty rates, to sell Boatswain Beach and the Stock Exchange and to return the fees back to earlier levels to stimulate economic activity. He also said the opposition had supported the parliamentary pay cut of 20%, which although suggested by government was later rejected.

Over the last 21 months the PPM parliamentary group had submitted many questions and motions concerning matters that concern the people, McLean revealed, but unfortunately their questions have not been answered and motions have not been scheduled to be debated.

“This government continues to exercise might over right,” he added. “You all will recall when the premier chose substance over process by overruling the legitimate recommendation of the Central Tenders Committee on the government’s financing arrangements and awarded the contract to Cohen and Co … We strenuously opposed that action and were chastised on the basis that we did not want the country to move forward.”

He said that the opposition had since been vindicated, however, as on February second the premier was forced “curiously to back-pedal and terminate the previously announced award” because the “increase in the price of the interest rate cap is of such magnitude that it would wipe out the cost minimisation advantage that had been agreed”, he quoted from the premier’s recent announcement. However, McLean said he believed this was “rubbish”and that it was “friends, friends, friends” that had wiped it out.

Saying this was only one example where government was not following the process as set out by the law, he also spoke about the recent angry debate in the Legislative Assembly during the tax concession amendment bill, when the entire opposition walked out of parliament. “This behaviour further manifested itself when I expressed my concerns that the amendments to the tax concession law would allow Cabinet to grant any company tax exempt status and open the door to potential abuse of process once again,” he added.

He warned the people not to celebrate too much over recent announcements by the premier that the deficit had been turned into a surplus due in part, according to government, to a reduction of expenditure. He said the revenue was from first six months of the financial year when it is generally higher than the latter half as it coincides with payment of statutory fees.

However, the East End representative pointed to the good news coming from that US that its economy was showing signs of improvement and “despite the government’s fumbling”, he said that there was still hope that Cayman would recover from these hard times.

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  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    Most reader who have commented , have said the same — Arden stop making mileage. If he is serious, get on the stage with the Premier and tell the public that you are all working together to deal with the problem.

    If you continue thr same,people even in East End will see through you and you end up being a EX MLA.

    Please get on with the job

  2. Anonymous says:

    Normally I agree with most of Alden’s positions but in this instance he is way off the mark.

    When two tourists get robbed in your district in broad daylight you should have the maturity and good sense to keep quiet and work diligently as the political representative of that district to find out what ails the misguided youth committing these crimes.

    Mr Baines is a convenient pinata but if Arden was really interested in stopping crime he’d stop throwing accusations at the police and current government and start using his popularity in his district to find out the identity of criminals in his district and then do something about them.

    • Anonymous says:

      22:08 You are correct, Arden is making himself sound and look like a fool. Sometimes I wish he would not open his mouth because the shouting and talking foolishness only makes him look and sound more un intelligent. If only he could hear him self he would not open his mouth.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Firstly, are you sure Arden isn’t trying to identity of criminals?

      Secondly, crime is getting worse under this Commissioner of police.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone not want factors contributing to the drug  problem aired?

    Perhaps we should be asking more questions.

    That is real food for thought………..

  4. Right ya so says:

     Arden, stop passing the buck!

    Thank you for making noise about the crime but as the other posters have said you know exactly what’s going on in your village so lead by example and start cleaning up your own backyard.

    Come on, we’re waiting on you to take the lead.

  5. Too Obvious says:

    Too funny, Leaders, Family and freinds of the Criminals all jumping up and down crying as loud as they can that no one else is doing their damn job about getting the damn criminals off the streets. The police are there to only HELP the good people against the bad people. Their job is not to make the bad people good. That job belongs to THE people of Cayman. Lousy parenting, poor family values, poor community morals make criminals out of people. Communities that tolerate criminal ways let the criminals live and prosper. You are reaping what you sow. Don’t like it then shut up and actually do what YOU need to do. Stop blameing everyone else for a problem the people made. The real issue is that the people of Cayman have no idea how to do their part. Cayman leadership has no clue.
    BIG HINT EDUCATION! Too late for now but how about the future???

  6. Anonymous says:

    BLAME GAME. some of you are upset because mr mclean is complaining about crime . it sames to me that some of you have a very short memory of how the premier and the fouth electeted member from george town use to be on the radio every day blaming the PPM when every any crime was committed. now that the shoes are on the other foot i do not see anything with mr mclean blaming the UDP about not doing anything about these serious crime that has esclated since the UDP took office. crime is at an all time high in the history of the country…. now when it come to the police , please do not expect them to do any better. if the leader is not capable what do you expect from the followers. the management team of the police dept is only here to enjoy the sea,sun. if you go to the training dept you cannot find one west indian there.are telling us that none is is that some people has friends that want to come here on two year vacation

  7. ANONYMOUS says:

    Mr Arden and group, stop blaming as this situation relating to crime has been increasing steadiliy over the years including your term in office.

    The time is for all of us to work together, incliding sharing any info regarding criminal activity with the police. Most times,you hear on the Marl road who the person is, but we as caymanians not pass any pertient info on to the investigating agencies. This has been happening over the years again and again.

    So let us stop blowing hot and cold like a puffer fish and hoping to get political mileage. People have intelligence too.

    I would like for you as a seasoned politician to get on the stage with the Premier and tell the public jointly, measures agreed to be taken to dealing with this dangerous situation

  8. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Very bad timing to blame the Governor and Police chieffor our problems. Crime is a social sickness and we all need to be held accountable, no one person can be held to account for all the rampant crime in these Islands. The police can only do so much with their limited powers.

    Politicians need to choose their words more carefully and start shouldering some of the blame for the issues we are presently experiencing in our Islands.

    Start working together and come up with solutions and start passing stiffer laws to deter crime, be a part on the solution and not the problem.

  9. anonymous says:

    Arden thanks for pointing out the obvious. To fight crime you have to employ the BEST world Policemen and equip them with the BEST tools. The Salary I see being offered for a Police job here is obviously too low, therefore you will attract the least qualified Policemen for the job. Mr. Baines cannot do this job alone and with the low grade policemen they have he is pretty much handicap. He needs to be equipped with the best and the penalty for committing crimes should be a deterrant. They need to be punishable with real Hard Labour. These criminals are put away to a Hotel style of living, so they have no fear. Our Governor, and Politicans needs to demand an upgrade in our force. Recruit the best Policemen possible and you will see positive results. Thanks again Arden for your passion and exposure as to what happens in the House, but please tune down the rhetoric. Do not be like McKeeva. You will get booooooooo.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When the current Governor came into his current post he said that his primary focus would be to deal with the rising crime problems within the country.

    Now about 2 years later where are we?

    There is a plan made by the country’s security team but as yet it is a state secret. How about moving it onto the front burner turn on the heat and cook up some results.

  11. Thankful Again says:

    all I am going to say: Thank the Lord Jesus that a public elected official has stepped up to the stage and called a spade a spade. He has lent a voice to a very serious situation we are having in our country:Increase in Crime (Robberies) and the inability or wrong approach of the RCIPS to STOP not slow down or give us “get use to it” mindset and cloying alternatives.

    Coming up with “nancy drew” stories that obfuscates, for me, is but the epitomy of insult! I am trying my endeavour best to not entertain the “conspiracy theory” – this non-priority to deal with these issues are purposeful! I said, I am trying to not enetrtain it but it getting hard.

    If Mr. baines does not immediate declare full force to robberies today, I say resign. This zero percent success has fulled this one crime more than anything else.

    I thank you Mr. McLean for taking the voice….a leadership position and putting pressure on teh commissioner. I am hopeful others will and we will get this done.

    I say away with those who say: because you call a spade a a spade you are not supporting him. What is there to support?!! Zero capture and prosecute rate?! Rap music and crack users robbing?! Man unna stop talking rubbish in my ears.

    Thank YOu Mr. McLean again…thank you. We want our peaceful Cayman back…PEEEEriod.

  12. CaymanQT says:

    Since the US has had the same firearms policy since 1791, it’s a bit off-the-wall for Baines to blame Cayman crime statistics on the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the U.S.  In fact, it is downright ignorant.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Its comming up close to election time once agin, to theis will be a political foot ball now, just like Cayman Airways was for the pass 40+ years. Arden Just like to hear hinmself talk.

    I am not a member of either party and don’t intend to be, I beleive if they had to work for their money they would get more done. The Police is no a body of super human beings . If people don’t start to speak up and turn in the criminals nothing will change I don’t care how much expensive toys the Police have. It takes a village, Mothers and FATHERS have to take more interest in their kids. Put back the STRAP in the schools, Bring back the death penality and use it. It will only take on execution beleive you me.

    The politicians  need to wake up. Government needs to wake up and get Eric Bush out of the position beacuse he know nothing and dose less.

  14. East End Resident says:

    Crime is moving east as evidenced by the recent spat of crimes in my district. I hope the PPM gets into power in the next election and we can finally deal with this crime problem once and for all. The PPM needs to get rid of Antony Duckworth too because I don’t think anybody is going to vote for them while he is in there. Alden and Arden are bright enough to run the show themselves!

  15. Caylindo says:

    CNS: “McLean said that if he sounded angry it was because he was” What bothers me is that he appears to ALWAYS BE ANGRY AND UPSET WITH CHANGE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Something is very wrong if we are NOT angry at the deterioration of our society by criminal elements.However, it is not enough to be angry. We must pull together and come up with solutions.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Suggesting that the Cayman people should “take a leaf out of the book of the people of Egypt and ask their government to step down” is a reckless and stupid statement.

    Our economy is already being negatively impacted by crime and Arden is suggesting civil unrest? What does he think will happen to our economy if tourist and investors see civil unrest happening here?

    Some of our legislators need to think before speaking, otherwise don’t speak at all.

    • A Guilty Pleasure says:

      Passion! No one can say it like “The Action Man” & no one can show true passion like him. Well said Arden, that is why you are Cayman’s most popular politician & most popular son. We need more like Arden, with the guts of Arden, who is not afraid to say it like it is & who is certainly not afraid of the dictator. Stand firm “Action Man” & stand with the PPM, because there are very interesting times ahead.

  17. Concerned says:

    Baines does need to get it together as a Commissioner but for more reasons than what are set out by Arden. Baines is the equivalent of a President/CEO of a large organization. As an organization the RCIP is suffering from poor management, inconsistent leadership and bad administration. I put it to Baines that he needs to be accountable for the performance of the RCIP. Officers are not happy, and believe me there is dissension in the ranks. Baines needs to worry about being respected, he doesn’t have to be liked but he certainly needs to be respected in order to earn the dedication and appreciation of those for which he leads. It is a fundamental principle of leadership. Caymanian officers of many years in the force are passing their promotion exams and taking on leadership roles and additional responsibilities and then when they request promotion or pay raises they are told there is a hiring freeze, that pay cuts are being implemented across the board. This must be a bitter pill to swallow when the press recently reported through an FOI request that 27 officers received promotions or pay increases during a time in which the civil service pay was being cut across the board and the so-calling hiring freeze was in place. In any organization in the world you are going to have problems motivating employees where they cannot be assured of a defined process for promotion and advancement, or even fairness in treatment of employees in similar roles. You cannot expectofficers to take on more danger and more risk and then cut their pay, it goes against all logic and human nature. In the case of the RCIP, rather than promoting the Caymanian officers mentioned above, the RCIP has been bringing in foreign officers and slotting them into positions above the officers and then expecting the Caymanians to fill them in/train them on what is going on in the Cayman crime scene, even to understand the local patois, for those expats not from the Caribbean. Perhaps they cannot afford to lose the Caymanian front line staff, the foot soldiers who take the most risk on a day to day basis but whom are more familiar with the faces of the criminals, the culture and patterns of the crimes, so they put the expatriates in the supervision roles. However, this is counterproductive and has also created widespread resentment at the lower levels but sadly, such resentment would exist regardless purely due to the HR abuses and inconsistencies that abound in the RCIP.
    HR abuses in the RCIP are widespread, lack of defined promotion criteria and recognition for years of service and seniority, discrimination in promotion and hiring, long hours for no overtime pay. The current policy of granting extended time off in lieu of overtime hurts the effectiveness of the RCIP in fighting crime – the officers who have to take the most time off are the very ones that work the longest hours and are the best at their job and often the most senior, it is counterproductive to have them off for months at a time while other officers who are more junior or less experienced with Cayman crime (ie new to the Island) struggle to fill their role. Believe me almost without exception these officers would all certainly rather get paid for their overtime than be forced to take months of leave. Officers are not at all equipped to adequately deal with the rising drug trade and associated violent crime/gang violence in particular. As we all know, and the criminals know as well, DTF officers and patrol officers are not armed and are seen by criminals as little threat to their enterprise. Supervisors are ineffective at processing intelligence gathered by the officers on the front lines as to drug movements and get caught up arguing at the senior level about how to proceed with the intelligence and as a result opportunities are sometimes missed to intercept drug transactions. This is again a problem with the leadership. The drug problem is widely reported and commented on in the press and by Baines, but if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time, we are going to go insane before we solve the drug related crime problems of this Island.
    This is why Arden you should be concerned about this for more reasons that just reducing crime in the Cayman Islands, the entire situation has a knock on effect. The entire Cayman Islands suffers when we have an RCIP that is divided and inept and poorly managed. Baines needs to step up to the plate and acknowledge that improvements need to be made and find a way to raise morale in the RCIP by setting an example and make some hard choices, including arming select senior qualified officers on every patrol, they don’t all need to be armed but if some of them are it will make a difference in the confidence of the officers on the ground to intercept criminal events as they are unfolding. It will make the criminals have at least some fear of the police, it should certainly not be the other way around. Many Caymanian officers speak highly of the days Buel Braggs and Derek Haines were in the top ranks of the RCIP because they felt that those leaders were in tune with the needs and concerns of the front line officers, Haines and Braggs were hard working officers who never hesitated to step foot into the front line and who wanted to make sure officers had whatever they could give them to get ahead. In these days DTF officers were armed. Many Caymanian top ranking officers moved ahead during the days of Braggs and Haines. If Baines can find a way to address the concerns raised in this post, RCIP morale and teamwork will improve and I strongly believe the Cayman Islands will see a marked change in the approach to law enforcement which should lead to reduced violent crime rates.

  18. People For HQ Fence Repair says:

    The crime will continue at least until the fence is repaired. Mark my words!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why is the crime rate so low in Cuba? why are there almost 0 % gun crimes in Cuba? Answer::Because America does not have a hand in Cuban affairs!!,,,, The day Cuba opens up to America like the rest of the Caribbean and Central America then Cuba can say good night Irene,only then would guns out number cohiba and montecristo cigars.So yes America is responsible for most of the gun crimes in the Caribbean…………As for Arden, he needs to stop blaming the governor,CoP and UDP. Mr Mclean needs to help steer the youths of East End in the right direction,I am sick ,disgusted and tired of his ignorant and emotional tantrums.Arden you’re supposed to be the "Action Man" so for christ sakes do something to help fight crime in your district instead of blaming others.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are darn right 11:24. All the gun and robbery crimes are taking place in East End. So why dont Arden McLean clean out his own kitchen before he complain about others. Blaiming the Premier and others for what is going on in his district. I hope in telligent people of Cayman do not listen to his crap.

      • Anonymous says:

        “All the gun and robbery crimes are taking place in East End”

        Huh? The VAST majority of them have taken place in West Bay and George Town, both of which have Government Ministers as their representatives. Take those out and our crime rate drops by 80%. Should we blame the those elected representatives for the crime?

    • Anonymous says:

      How dare you try to blacken Arden McLean. And we resent you comparing him unfavorably to your premier. Let’s start with his first week in office. He appointed Rolston Anglin as Deputy Premier ans shortly thereafter changed that to Julidinejad. Why? Is it because she is pretending devout Christianity along with the Premier. They use the resources od the Cayman Islands to feather their own caps and could not care less about our people. I wish the people would start planning their next candidates sensibly instead of looking at the ones who can holler the loudest and threaten the most. Then the Cayman Islands would truly become “The Beautiful Peaceful Cayman Islands. Arden is the true son of Cayman and more of you need to follow his footsteps.

  20. Anonymous says:

     Why don’t you use your supposedly political might to persuade the people of Cayman, who know all the perpetrators of the crimes, to come forward and HELP the police  – they can’t get sufficient evidence to get a conviction whilst honest citizens stay silent.

    Blaming others gets Cayman nowhere – be positive and assist



  21. Anonymous says:

    A lot of good points but sadly undermined (as has been posted elsewhere) by what happened a few years ago.

    You have to remind yourself who engineered the removal of the one senior officer that had been making inroads into the drugs problem and forced his team to be disbanded.

    I don’t know the full story but the implication was that the PPM Government at the time objected to having their friends investigated and that provoked a witch hunt against the officer leading the anti-drugs operations. The rest, as they say, is history.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am afraid Mr.McLean just follows to the usual examples in Cayman Politics – blame someone else and expect someone else to fix it.

    Whils the police is there to investigate crime we need to do our part to PREVENT IT.

    I therefore suggest Mr. McLean that younot just blame the police, but also speak to the parents how to be a responsible parent! So many times you can drive through East End and you can see young kids and teenagers hanging out where they should be at home in a bed or doing homework!

    No, this is not just the case in East End, but the point I am trying to make is if we as a society harbor those criminals and don’t nip it in the butt from day one, how can we expect things to get any better???

  23. get your UK passport says:

    Arden please do something instead of blaming others

  24. Anonymous says:

    Arden, XXXX

    You also need to address these matters with the Governor and other Senior Civil Servants who can support the police, at this time the only person we have heard from is the Governor not any other senior members of Government who are Caymanians, they seem to be sitting on their Rear ends letting this all happen and not assisting Mr. Baines in fighting these Crimes.
    I may not agree with how Mr. Baines goes about all he is doing but I am sure he is working his hardest to sort this rise in crime. He doesn’t seem to be a person who just sits and does nothing. No matter what we think of Mr. Baines we should be supporting him and his other officers.
  25. rastamouse says:

    please governor, its crucial that ya contact the uk to get rasta mouse and da easy crew…..then everythin be irie mon

  26. Anonymous says:

    I truly think Arden has chosen the low political road in making crime a political issue.

    Arden’s government in spending copious amounts of money for a helicopter and everything else was unsuccessful in curbing the rising crime in the country.

    Dealing with crime requires everyone not just a single political party and Arden’s low attempts to thrust this issue into the political arena is a cheap shot.

    Other than throwing money at the problem what are the PPMs solutions to the crime issue in the country?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Erm……Arden…..SUPPORT the Police, don’t attack them. We are all angry at the increase in crime and theCoP is indeed doing everything in his power to turn the tide of crime. The police need help, and support,as they are they guys who put themselves in the firing line (literally) every day to try and keep people safe. Attacking them is not the way to go.

  28. Frank says:

    This is what we need!! Somebody to actually recognize the problems and let the public know that something planning on being done about it!!! Dont let Baines rest Arden…light the fire under his a**!!

  29. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Thank-you Arden. Keep pressing and informing the voters. For those of you who believe the two party system is working read the paragraph, " Over the last 21 months". The opposition is being ignored by a one man Government. Arden is generous in mentioning the cabinet. The cabinet is either afraid of the premier, blindly following or just doesn’t care. One party, two or five, what we need is 18 people for the people and a cabinet with a good leader making decisions for the country.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. McLean Help the Commissioner find all those – speak easy centers in East End, or shut up- It was during the fesita of Hurrican Ivan when the (PPM) down-loaded on the people of EE in distress – shaded them with Oldie’s hand out, instead of helping them to help themselves- thereby crime escalated in EE. His district is no better off, actually all the crime makers in EE are suspected to be his supporters. The crime comes from one class of people all the time. Has he brought any to justice? No. Next election they will be locked down – They votes counts. He is like a over-loaded buggy coming of blue mountain in Jamaica.

      We the people are suffering because of politicians view and dislikes of their dishes. Arden is like all the others.

      In regard to the Commissioner doing his job, the Commissioner need Arden to turn in those in EE that are making a havoc of people’s lives. It a shame and digrace to see what this little Island has come to. All because of poli-trickers.

      Arden stopp ranting because things were no better under your watch. – your own district went to hell under your watch- Help the Commssioner find all those little speak-easy centers that are in EE – you know everyone of them.

      People from other district can afford to praise you, because they are praising they no not what – some people love noise makers. The saying goes – see me and come live with me. They too need to shut up until they know what’s happening in your own district under you watch. We needed roads but we need to be able to enjoy them.

      Charity begins at home.

      • Anonymous says:

        I could not agree with you anymore; Arden always uses any or every opportunity to make noise, dont he think he can get his message across without shouting – does shouting makes it any better. I an certain that Arden like the rest of EE residents know who the trouble makers are – he shouldnt have to come to a function like the one last Saturday night to try and make himselflook pretty, if he had CARE he would pick up the phone and inform the police the names of these trouble makers. But he like others expect the police to work miracle and solve these crimes without information.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I agree that we have a crime problem now that needs to be under control.

    Arden as usual has reacted by trying to blame someone. Whilst we need to fix the problem, we must also address the root-cause of the issue and in this case Mr. Baines is right. America needs to take their share of the blame for problems in the Caribbean, we are afterall in their backyard.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what do you want? For the USA to say “I am sorry it is our fault”? How is this going to fix our crime situation?

      • Anonymous says:

        No, we need to understand the issue and engage the USA which is what Mr. Baines is attempting to do for obviously the first time, otherwise we would not have gotten such a response.

        Let us look at the facts – 20% of drugs going into the USA which is accounts for some US$4Billion annually flows through Jamaica, where the headquarters of the now infamous Shower Posse was headquartered until last May.

        Unless we look at the big picture, we will never understand the conduit these islands are in the drug trade.

        May God help these islands which such mentalities trying to lead us.

        • Anonymous says:

          What a bag of bullsh****t !

          Guns, drugs and crime have existed in the world for many thousands of years now and nothing about that will change, human nature being what it is.

          This is why each country has laws and systems geared to control and keep their detrimental effects on society to controllable levels.

          With all this hogwash about the USA’s involvement or responsibility for the Caribbean’s gun, drugs and crime problems, the USA is still one of the safest countries in the world.

          Why ?

          Because the USA, both Federal and state governments, institute and execute laws that are meant to control and punish the crime committted in the USA in a very effective fashion.

          Yes, guns, drugs and crime do exist in the USA but do not rule the country and the USA does not go around blaming other countries for their domestic problems; they work at fixing those problems themselves.

          Maybe the CI Government and Commissioner of Police should engage the Federal Government of the USA to assist them in formulating plans to address Cayman’s crime problems instead of blaming them for it.

          I repeat, guns, drugs and crime does not rule the USA as they are now beginning to rule Cayman.

          And, a big-mouthed, bullying politician shouting from a podium and trying to gain political mileage out of what is as much his problem as anyone’s elses certainly does nor help the situation.

          Were not the last two major crimes committed in Cayman, committed in his district, both crimes of serious violence ?

          This man simply and has always made me sick to my stomach, to be honest.

  31. Concerned Cayman Resident says:

    David Baines should be sacked.  Under his watch we have seen very little improvement in the RCIPS and even worst….crime has escalated to unprecedented heights.  The Commissioner is great at providing excuses but not solutions.  It is time that someone with some true crime fighting powers steps in and fixes this situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately Baines is just a bloke with no sense of leadership; he is yet to produce a policing plan after being in office for almost 2 years! It took him a year to meet with his staff. Where are the annual community meetings etc???? He has no skills for the job, no strategic policing skills and is totally oblivious to Crime prevention. He does not care about Cayman Islands, its as though he wants the country to be ruined by crime.

      He’s good at blaming others and making excuses, blaming the media and the US. What the hell is he doing?

      Instead of fighting crime he’s bringing in his buddies for vacations in the sun on 3 year contracts earning more than locals, even providing jobs within the RCIPS for their wives (adminsitrative jobs that Caymanians can do). He abuses the system and the Governor, Deputy Governor, Franz Manderson, Mckeeva and the whole lot allows him and the unqualified HRM to employ who they want to and abuse the Laws of this country to suit themselves.

      Only the peple of the Cayman Islands can stand up against this sorryful excuse of a Commissioner because no one with authority will.

      Baines needs to go: but then again he surely wouldnt give up his vacation in the sun.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what all you idiots are saying is that its all the police Commissioners fault. But not the Caymanian peoples? So if he up and quit right now(and I wouldn’t blame him) There would be less crime? Or are you trying to say that if there was a Caymanian Commissioner then there would be less Crime? How about if his last name was Bush, Would there then be less crime? Think about it.

  32. Anonymous says:

     What did YOU do about crime when you were in power?  As I recall, crime escalated moreunder your watch in the history if these islands, and I also you being fairly silent about it.  You could hear the crickets behind your voice as crime exploded in your 4 years.

    What are YOU doing about crime NOW in your district?  Do you need the Premier’s approval to propose and undertake measures in your district for crime?  Do you need a stamp of approval to fight crime and the bullets flying in your backyard?  Is this what you got for answer?  A bald fist and a pile of incoherent noise?  This is your answer?  Now you want the power back?  


    Please be quiet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, crime really exploded when the UDP came to power. The stats prove it. Lawless govt, lawless community.

      • Sachamo says:

        Actually me thinks not; the hot patato exploded during the PPM’s tenure and continued under the UDP; stop making excuses; both parties along with the former and current governor and the police are responsable for this, last but certainly not least, the people who see and withhold information are also responsable.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Anonymous 21.00! Let’s just hear that truth again: "Lawless Govt., lawless community."  "Follow me! I’m right behind you." " Don’t do as I do, do as I say!"  Had  the Government been perceived by the community as upholding the highest standards of integrity, then their recent cries of indignation at the escalating culture of crime might have resonated with a purer sound. You reap what you sow, isn’t that what all God-fearing Caymanians learn in Church on Sundays?

    • Anonymous says:

      well said…it’sall just empty political rhetoric from arden as usual…