Kurt bids emotional ‘adieu’

| 15/02/2011

(CNS): Despite voluntarily relinquishing the post, the former leader of the opposition and the PPM has vowed to continue supporting the party he founded in any way it needs him in future. Bidding an emotional farewell to the party’s top job, but not to politics, on Saturday night, Kurt Tibbetts said he intended to be the best representative George Town could ever have. The PPM founder said that he went into politics because he wanted to serve and that had not changed. He said that when he started, in his mind it was not to become Leader of Government Business but to serve. However, he said there had been many lessons along the way and one was the need for structure in politics, which drove the formation of the PPM.

In an emotional presentation at the special party conference and as the first ever politician to relinquish a position of political leadership voluntarily in the country’s history, he said that while people had said his stepping aside was bittersweet he did not think it was, as it was the right thing to do. “It needs to be done,” he said, adding that nothing stays the same forever and as good as anyone might be they can only be effective for a certain time and he said he was able to recognize that.

“I can still be whatI should be for this movement, to my constituents and to my country,” he said. “I can serve in other ways and I will.” Tibbetts said that while money drives some, self satisfaction for him came from serving his fellow man and he couldn’t survive if he did not do that. “I will go back to where I started and be the best representative the district of George Town has ever seen,” the former party leader promised as he made his final speech in the role.

He said his party colleagues faced “a brave new world”, and despite offering his support whenever and however it was needed to the new leader, he said he would not impose himself. He pointed out that no one can do it alone and the PPM had always been about team leadership. “Working together is what makes it work,” Tibbetts added.

As he passed on the leadership of the PPM to Alden McLaughlin, he said the future of the organisation was as bright as it ever was but he pointed out how important the involvement of the people was to the party and that if the community wanted good government they had to be involved.

Tibbetts said the creation of the PPM was to provide organisation and structure in politics to allow the country to move away from voting for people just because they liked a person — but to give the people a political movement that was representative of them, a party in which they could participate and claim ownership.

The people have to do their job, he said, to make sure their MLAs are representing them. He pointed out the people had to say what they did or did not want as this was a crucial part of representative government, Tibbetts added before he stepped aside.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The king is dead, long live the er……

  2. anonymous says:

    Thanks Kurt for a job well done and thanks for being a honest Politician.  Thanks for putting your people first and thanks for being humble, gentle  and a true Statesman.  You don’t need any Statues, your work has proven who you are.  Thanks for the Constitution, the NEW Government Admin Bldg. Thanks for exposing our farmers and thanks for many, many more things.  Keep fighting the good fight for the people of these wonderful Islands Kurt.  At least your name has never been linked to any corruption or worng doings.  You are our true heroe and you are someone the young people can look up to as a role model.

  3. GREEN BUDZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Thanks for wasting our some 86 millions and now taking off God Bless you tho! Youdidnt give ‘A crap” nah true………..?

  4. Albert Jackson says:

    It is good that Mr. Kurt recognized the fact for his party to grow and prosper he had to step aside and allow younger more educated leadership to rise to the top as what is now happening. Only a man with foresight would do this. Other men would go kicking and screaming and could care less about the betterment of his country and party. Hats off to Mr. Kurt Tibbetts who tried his best to lead in times that were difficult and sometimes impossible in an atmosphere that was ever changing. We all thank you for your service Sir.

  5. People For HQ Fence Repair says:

    Kurt’s term as Leader would have been monumental had he been able to arrange for the repair of the HQ fence prior to his departure as the head honcho. As it stands now, no Heroes Square statue for you Mr. Tibbetts.

    • A Guilty Pleasure says:

      Anon 12:04 Grow up girly girl, that is so unbelievably childish.

      • Anonanus says:

        ….and yet still managed to illicit a response from you.

      • People For HQ Fence Repair says:

        Oh this is no joke my friend, no laughing matter. Not in the least bit. We will not relent, we shall not rest, we will fight to the death if need be. The fence must be repaired, the will of the people must be carried out. The battle will be won! I invite you to join this most just and noble cause.

  6. Anonymous says:

    now back to hibernation kurt……..

    where have you been for the past 2 years???? you have watched silently as the udp have stumbled from one blunder after another…..

    • Richelieu says:

      Sad ending for someone who is the most intelligent reflective, articulate politician Cayman has had in years. But he lacks that elusive thing called “leadership qualities’ which the much less intelligent Mac has in abundance.

      And which Alden does not have either.