Whistle-blower remains in jail

| 17/02/2011

(Swissinfo): Ex-banker turned whistle-blower Rudolph Elmer has lost his appeal against a court ruling in Switzerland remanding him in prison over possible breaches of banking secrecy. Elmer was taken into custody by police on 19 January after handing over computer discs to Wikileaks two days earlier. The former Julius Baer banker indicated the CDs contained details of as many as 2,000 offshore bank accounts. "The Court of Appeals of the Canton of Zurich dismissed the appeal of Rudolf Elmer against the decision of the court responsible for Coercive Measures dated January 22, 2001. Mr Rudolf Elmer will therefore remain in custody for the time being," said a statement from Elmer’s law firm.

"Mr Elmer and his defence counsel are currently reassessing the court’s ruling and discussing possible further steps," the firm, Tethong Blattner, said.

In a separate case earlier on January 19, Elmer was convicted of breaching Swiss banking secrecy laws by passing on private client data to the tax authorities and of threatening employees at his former company. He has already appealed that verdict.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    May God bless Mr. Elmer for speaking the truth!

    Caymanians stop covering up wrong doing in our Islands and the developed countries using our Islands to process their garbage financial transactions.

    …and you wonder why crime is growing in the Cayman Islands?

    Look in the mirror! You, yes you by not recognizing crime in all its many forms are also responsible by not trying to understand these basic issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Private Eye magazine revealed some time ago that a prime user of offshore centres including the Cayman Islands was the Guardian Group, the parent company of the Guardian newspaper. Much embarrassment and attempted explanations at that leftwing holier than thou institution.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ 17:25 comments, So true your words. Had he been a true Caymanian hell yeah  he would have been charged, but because he’s a foreign national nothing will happen to him.  That’s the kind of XXX that they can come in our country and do and at the end of the day we pay for their crimes.

    Just another day in this unfair paradise..

    • Anonymous says:

      I too agree with 17:25 post that this mediocre disgruntled employee should be charged at least to ensure he never returns to these beautiful islands.

      And before any of you swallow this self proclaimed hero of society crap you should consider the significant rewards (often based on taxes and penalties recovered) that information about actual tax evasion can result in. Possibly this explains it being offered to various countries’ regulators prior to general release to Wiki.

      While I agree with 17:25 I need to add that your expansion insinuating the Cayman judiciary is harder on Caymanians than foreigners sounds like more paranoid xenophobic rhetoric.

  3. Absurdistani says:

    Again, why hasn’t the CI Govt charged this man with breaching Cayman’s confidentiality laws.

    – Just another day in Absurdistan

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yep, he looks just like a whistle.