Drugs found at Brac Dump – old, not valid, not published

| 20/02/2011

(CNS):tet  A small plastic Ziploc bag wrapped in customs tape containing what appeared to be illegal substance was found at the Cayman Brac dump by a member of the public mid-day Saturday, 19 February. CNS was called to take pictures of the bag, which was found unopened and hidden in a small purple duffle bag in a far corner of the island’s landfill. The Brac resident said she found the Ziploc bag at around 12:30pm and wondered how anything that had apparently been seized by customs could end up discarded at the dump. So, she told CNS, she opened it and looked inside and saw what she estimated to be 5 to 6 ounces of ganja and ganja seeds.

The resident left the bag with the CNS reporter and left the area, while we contacted the local Brac police. Two police officers arrived and took the possession of the plastic bag and also the purple bag it was found in. The officers estimated that the bag weighed about three ounces and could offer no explanation for how the drugs came to be at the dump. They said that suspected illegal substances seized by customs should be handed over to the RCIPS, who were responsible for destroying drugs.

A police spokesperson said that on Saturday afternoon police received a report that a small quantity of what appeared to be drugs was found at the Brac dump. “Officers attended the location and took possession of the package. Police enquiries into the incident are ongoing. Those enquiries will include liaison with customs officials," she said.

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