Romanians charged over poker card ATM fraud

| 24/02/2011

(CNS): Two men who were arrested at Owen Roberts International Airport lat week have now been charged with several counts of theft and attempted theft and are due to appear in summary court today. Police from the financial crimes unit arrested the Romanian nationals aged 22 and 25 years charge in connection with a cash machine skimming scam after receiving reports of a number of fraudulent withdrawals from cash machines in the George Town area. The cards used by the suspected fraudsters were not legitimate bank cards but "poker cards" used in casinos and had been seized by the machines.

The metallic strips on the cards had been loaded with potential victim’s account details for overseas accounts. The cards had also been used to make purchases at business premises throughout the Island, police added. Following an RCIPS operation on Wednesday, 16 February, with the assistance of the Department of Immigration, the men were arrested at the airport.

Anyone who suspects they may have been a victim of the scam should contact the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit on 949-8797.


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  1. Anonymous says:

     In the UK and Ireland there is an epidemic of people from Romania/Albania etc robbing from cash point machines. Immigration should be very careful about letting people from these countries into Cayman/

  2. 911 HELP says:

    I hope their names and pictures are sent back to there country to be published .Or better yet sent around the world to other large media houses.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is astonishing that these sophisticated fraudsters were caught by our authorities.  Good job to the unsung and astute bank management that must surely have quarterbacked these arrests for Immigration/RCIPS.  Well done!


    • Anonymous says:

      You should change your handle to “left handed compliment”. Its sad that, even when giving congratulations, some people can do nothing butcast asprsions.

      • Mr. Sinister says:

        As a left handed person I find that phrase deeply offensive.

        • Mr. Sinister says:

          To whoever posted the laugh comment – I was not being funny.  There is an improper undercurrent of offensive epithets about left handed people.  This is a particularly nasty example.  XXXX

        • Anonymous says:

          … and as a no handed person, I find you lucky. (my parakeet is typing this for me) 

        • Amber Dextrous says:

          I’m on the fence.