Rundown enters 20th year with a bundle of new laughs

| 03/03/2011

(CNS): There’s been no shortage of material for the Rundown team to take a swipe at since the last theatrical antics and capers, given the ups and downs of the last 12 months. Now in its 20th year, the comedy review that takes an irreverent and humorous look at life in the Cayman Islands is back to put local thorny issues such as the East End Sea Port (the oil refinery may have come too late to meet the script deadline) and of course crime under the comedy spotlight. With politicians and media personalities directly in the firing line, it’s likely to be a cracking bundle of fun at the Harquail Theatre. Directed and largely written by Henry Mutoo, the show opens 25 March and runs for three weekends.

Produced by Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) many of the show’s regular cast members are back for another round of hilarity, along with some newcomers to perform the loosely linked skits, comedy and songs.

Leroy Holness, Morgan DaCosta, Rita Estevanovich and Quincy Brown, seniors of the ’Rundown Bunch‘ will be hoping to make you laugh ‘til your belly hurts’. Holness entertains with his familiar ’Ital‘ Rasta character and in one skit, Quincy Brown plays a popular host on ‘Cock Crow Radio’s Talkacross’ listeners call-in programme. Quincy also has a major singing role in the show.

Other familiar Rundown players are Michael McLaughlin, Fritz McPherson, Giselle Webb and the one and only Evelyn Walsh. Newcomers include Priscilla Pouchie, Judy Singh and joining the cast for the first time is Lorna Bush, to whom audiences were introduced to as ‘Ma’ in the ‘De Honeymoon Over’. Cayman’s multicultural mix, especially its many accents, and the misunderstandings that can occur as a result, has always been a Rundown favourite and this year is no exception.

Explaining the development of the comedy capers Muttoo said the script is being pulled together at the moment with a couple of adapted classic pieces around which the show will be built.

“Things happen, so you like to be up to date and it develops as you go along. People do get in touch and suggest politics and so on, but I have to keep reminding them that this is funny. Sometimes they want you to say things they would like to say,” he revealed. “We do review things and make fun of certain things, a lot of which is topical but some of which could lend itself to virtually any society.”

For more information on Rundown, Cayfest or any of the programmes of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, visit the website at or call 949-5477. Rundown opens on 25 March and plays Thursday through Sunday until the end of March Tickets are $20 from Fosters and Funky Tangs and the CNCF office at the Harquail Theatre.


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