Index reveals climate change injustices

| 07/03/2011

(CTV): Climate change will have the greatest effect on those least responsible for causing the problem, a new study suggests. Researchers at McGill University found what many have long-suspected — countries that produce the least greenhouse gases per-capita also tend to be the most vulnerable to climate change. "Based on our ecological models, we see that the potential impact of climate change will be the greatest in countries that have contributed very little," lead researcher and PhD candidate Jason Samson said in an interview. Similar models have been used to study how plants and animals respond to climate change, but Samson applied the tools to study the impact on humans.

He calls it the first global index to predict the effects of climate change on humans. According to the study, published in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography, people living in hot, low-latitude countries are the most likely to feel the effects over the next several decades.

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Category: Science and Nature

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