Red Cross opens local avenue for donations to Japan

| 16/03/2011

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Red Cross has taken the unusual step of opening an appeal for the Japanese relief effort despite not having received a direct request from the Japanese branch of the charity. As a result of the local response to the unmitigated disaster there and the outpouring of support that the residents of the Cayman Islands have shown to the victims, the CIRC is launching a soft appeal. Those who would like to help by making a financial contribution to the disaster response effort can now do so locally via a recognised international charity. The people of Japan are not only struggling to cope in the wake of one of the largest earthquakes and tsunamis in history also face the threat of a nuclear catastrophe.

The latest figures provided by the Japanese Red Cross state that the number of confirmed dead is currently at 2,722. Meanwhile 3,742 persons remain missing, 1,892 are injured, and 439,337 persons have been evacuated. Figures are expected to rise, and the death toll in Miyagi Prefecture alone is expected to exceed over 10,000 persons according to local authorities.

“Within the Red Cross system, a National Society or Branch (like the CIRC) will not normally launch an appeal for another nation without first receiving a request from the Red Cross in that country,” said disaster manager, Hemant Balgobin.

The reason for this, he explained, is so that the Red Cross in the affected nation can do a proper assessment of the damage and needs but to ensure it can efficiently use the support which is offered.

“Thus far the Japanese Red Crosshas not officially sent out that request. However, in light of the inquiries we have received, the magnitude of the disaster and the threat for an additional nuclear component to an already dire situation, we have opened designated bank accounts for this disaster so that persons wishing to contribute to the response and recovery efforts may do so ASAP.”

Until the charity receives the official word from the Japanese Red Cross it will not be able to actively fundraise for the appeal but it said it will keep our residents updated as things progress in order to offer the most effective assistance to the most vulnerable. In the event that the CIRC receives more donations to the Japan Tsunami Appeal than the Japanese Red Cross and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement can reasonably and efficiently spend, any surplus funds will be used to help the local branch prepare for and respond to other humanitarian disasters both here in the Cayman Islands and overseas.

Two accounts have been opened at Butterfield Bank that are currently accepting donations. These accounts are: Japan Tsunami Appeal: CI Dollars- 02-201-035054/06 and US Dollars- 01-201-035054/03. The appeal will be open until 13 May 2011.

The CIRC said it cannot accept any items such as clothing, shoes, water to send to Japan. For more information, contact the Cayman Islands Red Cross at 949-6785 ext 22, 26, or 27 or log on to

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do feel sorry for the people in Japan, but we have people in our own back yard that needs help.

    • Jumbles says:

      I would rather give the money to help the Japanese in need.  The Japanese didn’t get into need because they took crack or had children while in their teens.  Self-inflicted poverty is not high on my charity priorities.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you take a look the Cayman Islands Red Cross also actively support local needy people. I am sure if you would like to drop by the Red Cross building they will show YOU how you can be of assistance to the local population by becoming a volunteer.

    • Can't Win says:

      And apparently this is a Christian Island – ha ha ha

      Think of others for a change will you – look at what is happening over there. Do you remember Hurricane Ivan? Well it is 10 times worse over there.

    • Sarah says:

      …and if we get hit by another Ivan, will you complain if noone steps forward to offer us help?

  2. Sourabh chowdhry says:

    My family and I would like to make donations for Japans disaster. Please explain how to go about it online or if someone can pick a cheque from my residence. Regards !

    • Red Cross says:

      Please call the Cayman Islands Red Cross to arrange for collection of funds. 949-6785 ext. 22, 27, or 26