Port tenants form group ahead of cruise pier project

| 06/04/2011

(CNS): Port Authority tenants at the Royal Watler Terminal are pulling together to protect their interests in the face of the proposed cruise berthing facilities. Retailers doing business there have formed the RWT Association to “promote and protect the commercial services that they offer”, the chair of the group, Kevin Doyle from Island Restaurants, said. Although the group of ten business owners says it is still too early to say how they will be impacted during the development of the piers, they suspect that there is likely to be at least some downtime as they are constructed. As the move to redevelopment comes closer, the owners said operating as one body rather than individually would be in their interests.

“With the potential of construction of a new pier disrupting traffic flow at Royal Watler, we want to ensure that our business interests are represented,” said Doyle. “Our aim isto foster and enhance good relations with the board and staff of the Port Authority and hope to gain representation on their board. We all share mutual interests in the successful expansion of the new pier.”

He added that once the formal development agreement is executed, the association will meet with the new developer and the board of the Port Authority regarding the implementation of the new design and plans.

“It is too early to say whether the tenants’ businesses will be adversely affected by disruptions as the new piers and facilities are built-out but we suspect that there is likely to be at least some downtime and subsequent reduction in business,” Doyle said. Although the designs for the new cruise port havenot yet been finalised he believes the RWT will survive in the new upland development.

“We understand that the existing main commercial building, where the shops currently are, is likely to remain in operation,” he added, so the majority of the RWT Association members are likely to continue. “However we understand that the kiosks, from which a few of our members operate, will be moved.”

Doyle said that the RWT would like to have one of its members appointed to the Port Authority Board to strengthen the communication bridge between the board and its tenants. At the very least, Doyle said the association hopes to have a member attend the meetings.

While the port development is a key factor for the business at the Royal Watler, Doyle also said the association was formed to promote a number of other issues, such as ensuring that tenants’ staff and management apply a professional, courteous and high standard of behaviour to visitors while maintaining well run businesses and quality premises. The tenants would also like to improve communication with the board on other issues, such as security or threats to the welfare of any members and other issues relating to them collectively as tenants of the government authority.

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  1. Port O'Call says:

    The Royal Watler shops aretacky and cheesy.  The sooner they are replaced the better.

  2. MACMAN says:

    And will all the back rent be paid on the existing stores?

  3. Anonymous says:

    its all ‘we understand’ rather than ‘we know’….seems the tenants on the Port have no idea whats going on, which merely reflects the Port Authority’s press releases over the past few years…..this is completely crazy…i’m sure i recall this baraud guy telling everyone they were breaking ground with Dart or Decko last year and everything was great……and now there’s a big wall gone up next to the sea memorial, its such an eyesore….who’s in charge of this fiasco? why doesnt cayman have competent, experienced people running the single busiest port of entry to the islands? and why do the tenants feel they need to form an association now all these years later? come on CNS, i smell a story here behind all the smoke…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Royal Watler Shops should be torn down when the new port is built. The shops are badly designed and the building and port is an eyesore. I hope the new port is to the standard of what newer ports in th region are built to.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh yes the port….surely it’s time for another ‘soon come’ update from mr. baraud…..zzzzzzz