Mac defends port decision

| 21/04/2011

(CNS): The cancellation of the exclusivity agreement between the government and GLF Construction over the development of cruise berthing facilities in George Town was in the best interest of the country, the premier said Thursday. In a short statement released by his office, McKeeva Bush said the agreement had been ended to “ensure that this project moves ahead successfully in a much more timely manner,” despite the fact that GLF had said in its correspondence that it could be ready to mobilize in less than six weeks. The premier has not yet revealed what other options government is now considering but said that when a decision was made he would explain to the country.

“The cruise ship berthing facility is vital to the future of our tourism industry. We must therefore move forward with high confidence that this project will get underway with the least delay possible,” he stated. “When a decision is made on the awarding of a contract for the port expansion I will make a make statement giving a full explanation to the country.”

The breakdown of the latest port talks between the Cayman Islands government and the developers was revealed on CNS on Wednesday via correspondence between the premier and the CEO of GLF, Francesco Senis, which was posted on the site.

In his statement on Thursday evening Bush said it was in the best interest of the country “that we give ourselves other options by ending the exclusivity clause with GLF.”

The exclusivity clause was part of a Framework Agreement between CIG, the Port Authority and GLF, signed on the 14 December 2010, which ended last week.

“The Framework Agreement between GLF and the Cayman Islands Government and the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands entitled us to invoke the nonexclusive clause within the Framework Agreement,” Bush said. “This route was taken in the best interest of the country to ensure that this project moves ahead successfully in a much more timely manner.”

Only recently both the Port Authority chair, Stefan Baraud, and Cline Glidden, the West Bay backbench MLA who has been leading the port development talks, had said that negotiations with GLF were progressing very well and construction was expected to start in only a matter of weeks.

In its correspondence with government GLF had listed the various elements that had been accomplished and that it was ready to move ahead once the master agreement had been signed.

The local representatives, Royal Construction, have also said that they cannot understand why government is not happy as they have fulfilled their part of the framework agreement and remain ready to go ahead. Although the correspondence seems to indicate that GLF could still continue talking with government, the decision by the premier to look at other options points to the presence of another possible developer or investor which has not yet been revealed.

Speculation is rife, however, that it is a group of Chinese investors who have also expressed an interest in developing a proposed channel in the North Sound and a new resort built on synthetic islands created there. Speaking at the CBO conference in January, Bush had said these investors had also shown interest in the cruise port.

GLF, which was paired with local construction company Royal in their bid for the port was the second choice to build and finance the facilities. Prior to GLF the government and the Port Authority were in negotiations with DECCO, Dart’s construction firm. However, government could not come to an agreement with Dart over how long it could lease the port land from government in order to recoup its investment..

Only a few weeks before negotiations broke down with Dart in December last year, both Baraud and Glidden had said that the talks were going well and the developer was making progress.

Speaking to CNS on Tuesday afternoon, Glidden said that he had been off island last week and he was unaware what had happened in connection with the cruise port negotiations.

So far CNS has been unable to reach the port chairman for comment.

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  1. wan' back mi wata says:

     Turks and Caicos, the Sequel. Get out while you still can.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most forward thinkers have ……….. about ten thousand I reckon.

    • Son of Thunder says:

      Another flip-flop for Mac! I’m sick & tired of this indecisive man making a decision one day & changing his mind the next day.

      • Chris Johnson says:

        Yes another flip flop. It reminds me of the hospital contract awared to Hurlstone Construction Ltd [ not the phoenix Hurlstone Ltd ] in 1992 and cancelled the following year by the new government. The result was that the liquidator of Hurlstone Construction commenced proceedings against the Government resulting in an out of court settlement.
        Since then the schools contracts were cancelled and litigation commenced.
        Now we have yet another mess and do not underestimate the Italians.They will undoubtably take legal proceedings. And you wonder why the Government is always broke?

  2. Anonymous says:

    An airport extension is needed????
    What do you mean by that?

    • Turtle's Head says:

      My guess is that :

      1) By "airport" the writer was referring to a place where aeroplanes land and take off to allow for boarding, loading, unloading and disembarkation (or to use the ghastly Americanism "deplaning").

      2) By "extension" the writer was referring the act of making something larger.  This could refer to the runway for the aeroplanes or for the terminal facilities. 

      If you need help with understanding English words there is a book that will help.  It is called a dictionary.  Saying that there is probably no help possible for someone who uses four question marks in a row.

  3. Michel Lemay says:

    I must come out of my shell on this Beatiful Easter Sunday that we should spend rejoicing instead of instigating certain weak minds to do something silly. Before you critisise me hear me out : On this site alone there are 48 responders of which some could be of more the 1 per person.= 31 anonynimous, 13 pseudonym and what appears to be 4 signed ones with a few names I have never heard of. Now a few claim they are for the UDP, afew urge the PPM. Many of you are taking about the overtrhow of the Premier such as go to forum and let’s find ways to get rid … First of all the many not signing are fishing or playing. If we take ALL the sites put together WE ALL have to agree that our Premier gets the highest ranking and not in a popular way. May I suggest that come Tuesday morning you all call the ones that you voted for in the majority and simply ask them where they stand. Do it in a civilized manner but do it. Nothing is wrong in telling your politician that you (yes with name) have voted for them and want tyo know their position. If all of you do that and ask them to issue a statement you may noty have to sesolve to violence or the closing down of GT, where you will be seen anyhow. My feeling however is few will do so because they would rather see someone else get in trouble. Go to the beach and watch the Sunset this evening and tomorrow go back to the beach or clean your yard and ask GOD what you should honestly do but stop instigating the influensable ones taht will serve no purpose but to give greater power to our Premier. Fight evil with goodness and be be smart not to become involve in something you may regret. Until you are willing to come out of the closet and speak frankly to those concerned,you are only fueling the fire and you don’t fight fire with fire. Now back to my shell.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree it’s good sport firing anonymous verbal broadsides at public figures who’ve established a track record of self-service rather than public service, but we are confronted with certain facts about Mr Bush: he is very hard working and is politicallywithout peer in Cayman. Yes, this makes him problematic, but in the case of the cruise piers, perhaps we should take our fingers off the firing buttons, sheath our verbal swords, shake the venomous ink off our quills, and slide our dictionaries of ‘Classic Insults’ back onto the shelf.


    Look, GLF/Royal are still in the picture, they have not been dismissed, and though the general impression is that coughing up $200 million is a doddle for them, let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that it is not. Also, let’s imagine that this sum is a cakewalk for the Chinese investors, who perhaps lack the engineering expertise of GLF.  Maybe Mr. Bush has seen  the possibility of a joint deal that has the potential to benefit Cayman and get the job done. Knowing Mr Bush, I’d be surprised if there were not other creative projects linked to this hypothetical joint contract involving GLF and the Chinese, such as the much needed airport extension.


    And consider this: Whatever happens, other people’s money will be used,  not the Government’s, so ultimately, sane business people, some of them  of the highest caliber, will decide what goes forward and what does not. In other words, cruise piers will get built, but oil refineries, artificial islands and nuclear power stations will not.


    Let’s wait for the facts to emerge before saying things that have the potential to make us bloggers look foolish when those facts are revealed. I’ll be the first to admit that history is decidedly against me, but in this case, I feel there’s a sporting chance we might all be surprised.  



    • Anonymous says:

      Foreigners will not engage substantial resources to build us a major infrastructure project for nothing.  We need to understand the how and why of their benefit statement before we blindly trust our Premier to green light these things – especially when there appears to be no cost.  We cannot be so naive as to think we will not have to pay in some way, be it soft dollar or back-end fee recovery.  As it stands now, glad it’s scuttled – the fewer projects approved before the next election, the better.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      15:13…..have to respectfully disagree on numerous levels. It is not good sport fighting for good governance, balanced accounts, transparency, no conflicts of interest, asking well paid politicians to stop making up their own laws ie early pensions etc. It is frustrating and has gone on for decades. When will it stop, the wait and see attitude is ruining the country. The record of self service verses public service is staggering and has gone on for far to long. There have been zero decisions made in two years to properly govern the country, that is on record. Due to the past historical records finding the "right" group to do the dock has to be suspect when no one knows what is going on and when the people will only be informed after the fact. It smells of back room deals unless someone says differently. Mr. Bush is without peer and hopefully that will remain as such for the sake of the country.  The one man government is not working and that is proven by the last two years of going no where. The country should no longer wait and see or sit back. It is simply costing to much borrowed money to do so.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m 15.13, and  trying to be positive in the face of the constant, justified and negative tirades regarding our perceived dictatorship and the Government’s depressing track record. There may well be green shoots amongst the rubble, nonetheless. Everything negative has been said, but maybe the proposed Techy Park, the Shetty Hospital and the cruise piers have the potential to bring a level of financial stability to Cayman. And although politicians worldwide seem to excel magnificently in those areas confined to angering and disappointing their constituents, maybe there are healthy grains of wheat hidden in the chaff of nuclear power stations, oil refineries, crony-serving 450 acre quarries and ski-slopes on Mount Trashmore. Just a thought.

        Cayman has managed to produce a system of democracy that is very easy to manipulate and subvert, it seems to me. The practical problem is what can we do about it?


        • Lachlan MacTavish says:

          15:13….good post. Yes the techy park could be good for the island, but I wonder if that will compete with Dart. Just a thought I am not informed as to the master plan for Camana Bay. Cruise pier could be good IF the proper objective studies are done to prove beyond a doubt that 7MB will not be changed, not one grain of sand. I would have thought that Dart was a good partner, he certainly will do a proper and well thought out project. He does not want to bite the hand that feeds him. The Chinese don’t give a hoot about us. They will come and build and make a lot of money and spread that money around and leave and when 7MB disappears there will be consequences for them. 15:13…bottom line it is the one man leadership. Forget who that is. One man or woman cannot run Cayman and give the country and the people what it needs. Thanks for the posts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi All Please go to the Forum page and share your thoughts and ideas about removing the Premier.

    • New secret admirer says:

      SIMPLE close down the town and don’t show up for work. however to follow an anonymous is like following as blind mind.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If the Premier wont resign we need a vote of no confidence to remove the Premier, Deputy Premier & Speaker of the house. However the multi-million dollar question WHO is going to replace them????

    Clearly it will have to be someone from the UDP party otherwise they will never agree to a vote of no confidence. Maybe Rolston and Mike?

    I am not a constitutional expert so I am not sure how the process works.

    CNS can we please have a poll.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to remove the BUSH and the surrounding weeds. Alden, please champion a referendum to call new elections. We don’t even want the UDP near the LA.

    • High Times says:

      18:35 its perfectly fine to not want the UDP near the LA but if you support the PPM being in or near the LA then you really need to stop smoking all that bad Bush and its surrounding weeds………LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no bad BUSH left for anyone that the UDP supporters haven’t already consumed. What we wouldn’t give to have the PPM back there now. They were no where near as bad as the UDP made them out. Please help PPM.

        • anonymous says:

          12:42 have got to be smoking arsenic tainted bush cause only a stiff stone mad person would want to keep repeating mistakes without learning a thing. 12:42 states 1) ”what we wouldn’t do to have the PPM back there now” answer to statement…..the PPM were the ones who put the Cayman islands in a deep hole in the first place, why in the world would sane voters want to put them back in? The UDP is failing to take us out of that hole the PPM created and right now is just as incompetent,at least the UDP have two more years remaining in office and could turn things around, if not Caymanian voters will say goodbye to them just like we did the incompetent PPM….2)”they were no where as bad as the UDP made them out to be” answer to statement……..they were bad and it wasn’t only the UDP who chastised them,thousands of Caymanian voters did including prominent ones,you need to revisit the CAYMANIAN COMPASS or NET NEWS to read letters written by well respected Caymanian thinkers and ex-politicians Mr Truman Bodden and Mr John Mclean sr,in their letters one can analyse for themselves how poor and incompetent the PPM were….3)”please help PPM” answer to statement……….i am sorry but sane Caymanian voters cannot help the PPM, the hole is too deep and we are sinking deeper and deeper,the UDP is falling apart trying to get Cayman out of that PPM created hole.If you had meant to say PLEASE HELP US PPM then thats even worse cause only then will the PPM take us to the point of no return……KEEP OFF THE BUSH.

          • Anonymous9 says:

            Let’s just get one thing clear.
            Our financial situation is not the result of this last administration!!! This didn’t happen in just 4 years.
            And the administration previous to that involved none other than MAC!! AND he was a part of the last term as well!!
            This has been a culmination of the ol’ fable about the Ants and the Grasshopper.

        • Anonymous says:

          i’n no udp..but you obviously forget about the ppm bankrupting the country and leaving us with a debt that will be with us for generations…..
          solution: direct rule for 2 years….caymanians have proved that they cannot govern themselves competently…

  8. James L Ebanks says:

    I add my name to publicly state that I believe McKeeva should resign.

    • George Smiley says:

      I add my name to publicly state that I believe that McKeeva should NOT resign.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to agree with George.  If McKeeva Bush resigns, that means Julianna O’Connor-Connolly becomes Premier and that would be an unbelievably retarded turn of events for the Cayman Islands.


        • Anonymous says:

          What if McKeeva fired JuJu as Deputy Premier and then resigned? It would force new leadership to arise from the UDP and with the shackles of Macdinejad removed they might be able to make a sensible decision.
          I am not a proponent of removing a government midway through their term, but another two years of indecision, do nothing, waste money on extensive travel, and threaten the destruction of our environment is not something to look forward to.

        • The Watchers says:

          Not that MacSellCaymanforwhateverIcan would ever resign while there was still slop in the trough, but as for “…an unbelievably retarded turn of events…”? I could believe ANYTHING about Cayman at this point….

      • Anonymous says:

        So far you have three smiles in addition to McKeeva’s, Smiley. At that rate it seems he might even win the next elections. Keep Smiling.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ok let me get this straight there are15,000 registered voters, 14 other members of the LA, and a Governor yet we all continue to bow down to this ONE man???!!!

    Joseph Stalin
    Idi Amin

    The above are examples of just “one man” whose powers were left unchecked.

    ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

    Lets get organized!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Honestly people when is enough going to be enough??

    When are we going to get off the blogs and hit the streets. Our Premier is now officially and completely out of control!!

    The more silent we all remain, WE as in registered voters and residents of this country, this nonsense will continue.

    There is strength in numbers and we must band together and put an end to this crap!!!!

  11. McCarron McLughlin says:

    Big MAC’s options are running out!

  12. Anon says:

    This whole mess is reminding me of the final episodes of Boston Legal!

  13. Anonymous says:

    another week, another national scandal….when will caymanians do something? when will the governor do something? when will the opposition do something?

  14. Anonymous says:

    THE DICTATOR, his followers and supporters are like a flock of sheep following their master leading the  sheep to their slaughter. The intelligent and independent thinkers amongst us can think for ourselves XXX

    Just wait a minute

    There is a secret hidden agenda here, that will surface soon enough in the form of either of two scenarios.

    1. The Chinese

    2. Dart/Decco suddenly back at the table.

    We now have thanks to this Government, a reputation of total incompetence and are known in the cruise and marine construction industry as a joke and an absolute waste of time. Stop and think for a moment of the multiple millions in costs that have been incurred and wasted by Atlantic Star, Dart/Decco and now GLF all because of XXXX theUDP politicians and supporters. Why would ANY professional international civil construction company either trust or wish to do business with our current Government with their dismal track record of total incompetence.

    We have become the laughing stock of the international community in business with this Government and the reputation that our Dictator has given us will not be easy to recover or correct.

    Intelligent leaders and successful business men and women with an education is what our country needs to survive and progress.

    It is time to step up to the plate and take responsibility in representing your people with the old time Caymanian ethics, principals and moral that have been lost to the ignorant, rude, disrespectful, uneducated, manipulating, intervening, influencing, XXXX who are Governing with an imposed autocracy of one man rule. It really does not say much for all the stupid sheep that follow him and cannot think for themselves.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Could it be true that Mr Bush was negotiating with someone else during the Exclusivity period given to GLF?? If he was then could he not be held in breach of Contract?

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point. If GLF can start work in 6 weeks and the Premier is removing them to get the project started in a more “timely manner”, who is there that could ever be in a position to start the process from scratch and start work in less than 6 weeks – an absolute impossibility…unless…they also have been working on it for many months? A breach you say!

      • Anonymous says:

        Which begs the question, have they been negotiating with other party(ies) while they had an exclusive agreement in place? It certainly would appear so, because no other developer could be ready to mobilize in 6 weeks. Termination of any agreement normally results in delays to a project as the Owner has to start the process all over again to identify another suitable developer. Their claim that this was done to move things forward in a “timely manner” seems is illogical and makes one think there is some other hidden agenda here.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dart backed out because they couldnt agree on a length of lease – dart wanted 99 yrs or something, which was fair enough considering the scale of their project they needed to recoup it and maybe make a profit.there is very little profit in this Port especially if they can’t build a casino or gaming of some sort, its a very risky venture for any party to enter into….Darts port would have been amazing…….GLF are being pushed out for reasons that we’ll never be told but we can all fully understand and they’re not good reasons, they’re bad reasons……there is no doubt that GLF are making progress, but to expect them to do it all in 4 months is extraordinarily naive and unfair…..and now the chinese come back into the frame (as if they ever really left it)…….this is extraordinarily suspicious……….and the real losers are Caymanians, because despite all the badpublicity the cruise ships get, they have the potential to bring 2 Million + people annually to our shores and they are 2 Million people that in one daytrip to our shores can be SOLD a return stayover vacation if we all play ball, work hard, let them see Seven Mile, East End, stingray, all the wonderful jewellry stores and restaurants and people, etc, etc…so much potential, and yet so much heartache….and now what? 3 or 5 years further delay and all the other regional ports move further ahead of us….and more businesses will close and a few people will have their pockets stuffed….

    • Anonymous says:

      Get real!

      Most cruise shippers take one look at Cayman, get hassled and ripped off as they come ashore then swear never to set foot on the island again.

      Most of the stayover visitors take one look at George Town with 2, 3 or more cruise ships moored offshore and swear they will never come back again.

      Cayman is not an ideal destination for cruise ships whatever you do and the sooner this is recognised and the emphasis placed back on long-term tourism the better.

      Put the investment into affordable low-rise hotel accommodation to restoring the island’s undeniable potential as a tourist resort and attract the European package holiday operators, not into a cruise terminal that in 5-10 years will be standing empty because the ships are going somewhere else.

      • Just the Facts says:

        13.47. I wonder if you have any stake in the cruise passenger service industry? It sounds as if you do not. Your argument is as threadbare as suggesting the dive industry should be dismantled because all it does is damage the reef, and the reef will be dead in ten years anyway.

        I spent 25 years dealing with cruise passengers, and while your comments might be true in a few cases,  most fell in love with Cayman, and wanted to return for a longer stay. In any case, for the next six months, the downtown businesses are faced with a serious  struggle, surviving on just one ship per day, so your largely imaginary disgruntled cruise passengers will be happy now, with the town to themselves. They can enjoy the added thrill of watching our Cayman businesses die painfully of a thousand cuts.





  17. Anonymous says:

    Once again we all say, "oh well, nothing we can do about it".  Where is the backbone of the people of the Cayman Islands and why can’t we hold Mr. Bush’s feet to the fire to find out what is going on?

    Haven’t we had enough of him pushing everyone and everything around to his advantage?  C’mon people, let’s show some determination!!

    • satirony says:

      9.17 You ask two very interesting questions. One answer might lie in the theory of convergent evolution, which would allow us Caymanians evolve as a group into invertebrates, thus relieving us of any backbone whatsoever. However, I’m wary of this theory, as in the specific case of Mr Bush’s feet being held to the fire, it is clear that the skin there there is very thick indeed, which would tend to support the alternative theory that we are actually witnessing a case of divergent evolution, more towards the characteristics exhibited by the Pachyderms.

      Seriously though, most independent thinkers here have had enough, but are faced with the practical problem of how to change the situation. Clearly, only Caymaniansthemselves hold the keys, but it is strange to many of us to see how extraordinarily quiet prominent Caymanian families appear to be, given the constant abuse of their own people. They are like Agoutis in the headlights, perhaps.

    • Anonymous says:

       oh well, nothing we can do about it…..

    • noname says:

       Where is the backbone of the people of the Cayman islands?  In case you are too close to the forest to see the trees.(This is a metaphor) The honorable Premier Caymanian , Mr. XXXX Bush is the backbone of the Cayman island people.  Bad as he is and getting worse every day not one Caymanian will stand up to him.  Ever!  And its not because he is so strong and powerful.

    • Syn Onymous says:

      Caymanians are generally mellow, kind, non-confrontational and generous people. That is why the vultures came here – the Island is full of people generally not willing to fight for themselves, who can be taken advantage of by the vultures. Stop for a minute and imagine what the place would be like if it were full of Americans as the native population. There would have been a civil war or revolution years ago. But not here, not with these kind and gentle people. Flippin’ shame that is.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I, Bush, do not have to explain anything to anyone! I make unilateral decisions without consultation, based on the way the West wind blows and cloud formations. Then I will explain to the country whatever tid-bit of information I deem necessary and no more. Anyone who dares to question me will be publicly berated and possibly sued (unless I know your family)

  19. Anonymous says:

    the good news is the country has spent very little on this project. The bad news is the two previous developers have spent millions and the country now looses because of reputational damage.

  20. Anonymous says:

    how does cabinet base its decision to terminate a legal agreement and move on with a new developer? Do they not consult with the port and make an enquiry with the developer directly? could somone please explain the process.

  21. Confused says:

    Instead of blaming the Premier for the latest change of direction perhaps Mr. Glidden and Mr. Baraud owe the public an explaination as to how we reached this point for a second time in 2 years.

    The Premier delegated the key responsibilities, negotiations and management of the project to these persons. Yet it appears that they have been economical with the truth throughout the entire process.

    It’s too easy to blame one man yet he wasn’t the only one on the trips and enjoying the good life in Venice. Let those really responsible be held accountable for their actions.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I get the feeling the port board does not agree with this move. The list of competent board members along with their advisors should speak up. Then again how do you defend yourself against Big mac. he might verywell suit you for speaking up!

  23. nauticalone says:

    More Poly-Tricks by MacMan!
    If he has a legitimate reason, then why not say so?

    At this rate no sensible/legitimate business will want to invest here.

    And come see how much we will end up paying for all this Macness??

    This man is fast leading Cayman along a similar path as TCI it seems.

  24. UDP Supporter says:

    We need to trust in our Premier and wait for him to explain his decision. He is a Godly man and I am sure he did this for the best interests of our country and to benefit Caymanians over foreigners. We support you McKeeva!

    • Live Free.... says:

      UDP Supporter, I been reading your comments for a while now, and you are one hard core supporter of your master Macdinejad, I wonder what he give you to come on these blogs to support his reckless decisions that he have been making, whatever it is, it’s making you look real bad, here’s another thumbs down from me to you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since McKeeva has ALREADY made a decision, one would ASSUME there is ALREADY a reasonable explanation for his decision. WHY can’t we have that explanation NOW? Fact is, we stupid Caymanians will of course sit back and wait until the whole deal gets swept under the rug once more.

    • nauticalone says:

      History has no shortage of unthinking people who have foolishly trusted leaders who claimed to be “Godly men”.

      I for one believe that God expects us all to “think objectively” not just “follow blindly”.

    • Cayguy says:

       You are living in a dream

    • Michael Weston says:

      Tell me how the McKool-Aid tastes.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have hoped for explanations in the past but all addresses to the public have either been general and worthless or on issues selected out of convenience.  We have not yet heard justification for:

      – what appears to be a nepotistic appointment of Cayman liaison in Tampa hidden under guise of consultation

      – premier’s trip to Venice

      – delegation’s trip to Barcelona

      Also, there has been little address on the very concerning lack of accountability and reporting of government ministries.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Mac has a "Country Plan"!  It involves selling out our Island people with money.  Some here already some not yet but wanting to get their claws in out "cookie jar". 

    Rightfully this should go back out to tender.  We know it  will not.  It will go to whoever Mac wants it to.

    People listen closely.  Mac’s "Country Plan" is real and secret.  It will sell out the Cayman people and out country.

    This is one more step in that direction.



  26. Anonymous says:

    Somewhere in West Bay, there’s a village missing an idiot.

  27. Paul's advice says:

    This government has come up with some very innovative an excellent ideas on how to get our economy going However it is commiting virtual suicide by listening to a few of its special interest and incompetent political officials and ministers who’s only concern is self preservation, grandisement and enriching themselves and relatives. Whilst people are loosing their homes and cars to repossession our grand Deputy leader of government is paving her electorial district which happens to be an Island no less and to incur further outrage paving private property.To says this is a bit over top is an under statement simulteanously building a grandiose hurricane shelter for over $10 million is without regard or concience for people who are really hurting. In Grand Cayman the only successful project appears to be air travel by ministers who must have some serious air miles so much talk and so little done. Some political cronies for example our port chairman like many of the appointed lackeys obviously believe they don’t have to answer to anyone, because their political patronage has made them immune to such inconveniences as answering questions from the public. The scary part about this whole situation is people will compromise themselves for sake of need and when the next elections roll around elect the same old political dummies in protest.This has been the political cycle for so long it is almost a Cayman tradition. With all the economic challenges we now face Cayman must and will have to do better than this.

  28. Anonymous says:


    Sadly for us Premier McB seems to be on a very determined path to destroy all Cayman Islands credibility, and for what?
    All of the processes, all of the Boards, all of the Commissions are really just rubber stamp organizations. Like they used to say about Idi Amin Da Da of Uganda – As Idi Amin moves so moves Uganda – that is how he dictatorially ruled Uganda.
    Nothing that Premier McB does surprises us any more, however what is surprising is how far his other Cabinet members and the UDP members are allowing him to poison the future of the UDP’s future. 
    Remember UDP members, as a party there is a future after McB. 
    However, this is assuming that it really is a party and not just a group of people serving McB – is the UDP just a reflection of one person or is it the reflection of a group of people with some vision, with some common cause, with some morality?
    UDP members, by association with the uncontrollable McB you are becoming forever tainted by the behavior of your political leader McB.
    UDP members I know some you, I have always respected you, I have always unquestionably respected your opinions and took guidance there from. If you continue to be associated with McB, refusing to speak out against his Cayman Islands damaging activities then I can no longer accept your opinions unquestionably.
    Our Cayman Islands is in big trouble, Big Mc trouble.
  29. Anonymous says:

    ‘timely manner’….hahaha….just look at the last 2 years mckeeva!

  30. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    No transparency. How much has the country spent so far on the dock? After I, Bush, make the decision the country will know about it. That is transparency and a complete open study. Who are the groups, any partners in Cayman, where are the environmental impact studies, GLF could mobilize in 6 weeks if that was so no one has seen the plans or any studies, willy nilly banana republic is what this all looks like.  

    • Caymanians against crazy postings says:

      Lachlan, Clearly this is a ramble with few complete thoughts.

      Governments need to make decisions. When they make poor decisions they lose the elections. Good ones they keep their jobs.

      It would be a crazy to think that every decision of a sitting government had to be pre-approved by public debate because nothing would get done. In fact our Government is not making enough decisions as it is, wasting time thinking about blogs such as ours.

      Lets try to keep it logical here.

      • Anonymous says:

        The current government would only be wasting time thinking about  "blogs such as our"  if they cared what the people think. 

        It is apparent they do not.

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        My point is we don’t have a government that works. We have one man making no decisions and when one is made it usually is the wrong decision for the country but a good decision for a few. With respect to you there is no logic in our government. The good MLA’s cannot do anything, no budgets, borrowed money upon borrowed money, flamboyant life styles on your money, unbalanced accounts, missing millions. The present situation is not right and not good for the country or the people. Poor decision making has not kept Mr. Bush from being re elected over and over again. The mess that poor leadership has placed the country in has been going on for so long people are beginning to think this is normal. Cayman is way better than this.

    • Anonymous says:

      And the cry of Banana Republic continues from people who have no other remedies than to denigrate . Perhaps returning to contribute time and money may make a difference. But then again thats been tried before right 17:07. Be careful what you wish for

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        Wish I could, I miss Cayman very much even with all the mess. The only thing I am wishing for is good leadership for the people and country.