April Time Attack, racing is in the air!

| 28/04/2011

(CMA): On Sunday 17th April, the Cayman Motorsports Association (CMA) hosted their second Time Attack for 2011 with Ten drivers taking to the course which was designed by Andrew Jackson. The field consisted of three running in Two Wheel Drive (2WD), one in All Wheel Drive (AWD) and six in the Unlimited Class (ULM). Unfortunately, Peter Jurgens in the Ace Paint Subaru was the only driver in AWD which meant that he wouldn’t have gained any points for this event as the rules require a minimum three drivers per class. However, Jurgens put down some very impressive times with a best of 77.044 seconds which would actually be the 4th best time for the day.

In 2WD, it was the class of “borrowers”. Jimel McLean in his brother’s Honda Civic, Ian Charlery in his friends Honda Integra and Tom Kirkconnell in his wife’s Hyundai Accent. Jimel came out on top with a best time of 78.022, while Ian came in second with an 82.198 and Tom in the smoking (literally!) Accent came in third with a best time of 84.051.

Unlimited class saw the most entrants and excitement! Ian Tibbetts was unfortunately out after his second run due to a busted brake fitting. Wayne Kirkconnell finnally premiered his sleek and sexy, fully carbon fibre, Automotive Art Nissan Z after chasing down gremlins for a year. It took Wayne a few runs to tame the beast but by his last few runs he was putting down some worthy times, with his best being 77.243, good enough for fourth place in the initial rounds. Third place would be taken by Keith Tibbetts in his Valvoline Subaru Sti with a time of 75.480. The Valvoline Subaru, which is used to being in the top spot, would be beat by Gary Huggins for second in his KIMMAR Toyota Starlet with a time of 75.323, and first place for the ULM Class would be taken by CMA Vice-President Bobby Hulse in the “Ching Ching” (Black Toyota Altezza) with the fastest time not just for the class but for the day, 74.082.
Also in ULM was young George Manderson who deserves special mention. Even though George placed 5th in the Unlimited Class in the Automotive Art Volvo, he consistently dropped his time in every single run and was the only driver to do this for the day. He did so well with dropping times that he dropped 7 seconds between the time of his first run and that of his last. In racing terms, 7 seconds is not far from a life time and a huge time difference to achieve. “This is exactly what Time Attack is all about”, stated CMA President Kim Kirkconnell. “It is great to see George as a young driver doing so well and constantly dropping times. It clearly shows that he is getting better as a driver, sharpening his skills and becoming more precise. This is what we strive to promote through CMA, safe, controlled driving at different speeds. I encourage more young drivers to come out and try Time Attack, talk to the advanced racers, and educate themselves about driving better and keeping racing off the roads.”

After the initial class runs, everyone took part in the Battle Run which was an extremely shortened course. Coming in top once again was Bobby Hulse with a time of 19.884 seconds, followed by Keith Tibbetts with a time of 20.541 seconds and Wayne Kirkconnell in third with a time of 20.855 seconds.

Overall the day was a great success and CMA wishes to thank all those who came out and either raced, volunteered or just came and watched. If you would like to get involved with CMA or just for more information email racing.cma@gmail.com or call 926-4692.

The next Time Attack event is scheduled for Sunday 29th May, 2011.





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