Local finance firm creates conference scholarship

| 08/05/2011

(CNS): At over $4000 a ticket not many ambitions young Caymanians interested in the sector were able to attend the recent GAIM conference at the Ritz Carlton, despite it being one of the major events for the fund industry. As a result dms Management Ltd. (DMS), partnered with South Street Capital Management LP and GAIM to introduce the GAIM Ops Scholar Award. Ralston Thorpe, was the first ambitious young Cayman that got the chance to go to the event which is described as strengthening operational due diligence in response to game-changing hedge fund industry trends.

The conference served as a platform to educate and inform industry professionals on critical issues and provided the opportunity to discuss possible changes to due diligence and compliance processes moving forward, DMS said.

Don Seymour, founder of DMS and a Managing Director, said, “The hedge fund industry is the most important industry in the Cayman Islands, however the GAIM Ops conference had not been accessible to many young Caymanians due to the steep ticket price of $4,100. This year, DMS introduced our GAIM Ops Scholar Award to share the incredible learning experiences of GAIM Ops with deserving young Caymanians. We are grateful to GAIM and South Street Capital Management LP for their assistance in implementing the award and for caring about the Cayman Islands community.”

He explained that he guided Thorpe, the award recipient, throughout the conference, helping him to network and understand the issues being discussed. “The feedback on him was excellent, and DMS looks forward to offering the same opportunity to another bright and ambitious young Caymanian next year,” Seymour added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow – more of this please! Thank you dms and South Street.