Drivers injured in head on road smash

| 10/05/2011

(CNS):Two people were taken to the Cayman Islands hospital in the early hours of Tuesday morning following a head on collision in George Town. The incident which took place around 1:40 am (10 May) occurred on Crewe Road and one of the drivers is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol though no arrests were said to have been made at the scene. It is unclear the extent of the injuries suffered by the two female drivers and police are reportedly investigating the incident.

(Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

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  1. Sad and Lonely says:

    Just last evening I cam home from work in a foul mood, polished off the bottle of rum that was lying around, drove to the liquor store and purchased another. About half way through that I got tired of sitting around by myself, so I drove to a friends house where we had a six pack or two each. This made me tired, so I drove home and went to bed.

    If only someone had told me there was an "all you can drink" special on!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are just an ignorant Moron! It's as…..s like you that cause all the accidents and maim and kill innocent people ,someone please lock up this clown before it is too late ,the sad thing is you seem to think it funny and smart,Moron!!

  2. Right ya so says:

    It's not the "all you can drink" specials that are to blame: no one is forcing them to drink and drive – it's all about choice and sheer stupidity. And in this case luck that neither were seriously injured!

  3. Anonymous says:

    "All you can drink" industry specials are popular with young people who feel they can't afford normal pricing nor the $10 taxi right home, but this will be the result for many.  RCIPS should be aware of these special nights and should be arresting people as they get into the driver's seat in the parking lot, rather than exposing the innocent public to these outcomes.  My best wishes for the family and friends of the sober driver in this entirely avoidable instance. 

    • Anonymous says:

      "All you can drink" specials should be outlawed for many reasons.

      • Jacks says:

        Stupidity, irresponsibility and complete disregard for human life should be outlawed. Leave "All You Can Drink" out of this!

        • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

          I completely agree with you "Jack".  Soon they will want to ban cars because some people drink drive.  smh

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh don't ban the cars from the road just lock up the A***** that continue to drink and drive ,NOT everyone that goes into a bar drinks you know ,some have the decency and commomsense not too !! then climb into what amounts to a dangerous weapon when misused!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Unfortunately thereality is that there are strong correlations between rampant alcoholism/binge drinking, road deaths, and the thousands of willfully-blind enablers who will one day either crash themselves or have blood on their hands.  I have witnessed the miserable consequences firsthand.  

          All I suggest is that the RCIPS provide more public deterents, ie. have a presence where drunk people are scheduled to finish and get into their cars.  Closing times at the weekly/monthly booze ups are well publicized.  It is frustrating that sober public innocents will pay for RCIPS' lack of dilligence during most of the year when it's not their annual Purple Ribbon initiative.  This is not a seasonal problem, it is every night 6pm-4am.  These are also the hours where nightclub shootings/stabbings are happening and parking lot incidents.  

          Tell me there is no correlation!