Parents to get lessons on connecting with kids

| 10/05/2011

(CNS): A new education  pilot project starting in the next school year aims to bring parents into the schoolroom to tackle tricky subjects to help them better deal with their children when it comes to bullying, alcohol, self-esteem, STDs, obesity and of course, drugs. The parent education workshop programme is designed to educate parents with the facts and give them the confidence to confront difficult issues that may be affecting their children. Given the significant numbers of local kids using them, the first workshop is on drugs.

Officials said the programme has been designed to accommodate parents’ busy schedules as each weekly session over a period of 4 weeks is just 30 minutes long.

Lead by education specialists the half hour sessions will include a range of hard-hitting DVD Documentaries from the “Connect with Kids” series to stimulate discussion. ““Talking to our Kids about Drugs” will be presented in partnership with the National Drugs Council. Parents will discuss how to talk to their kids so they will listen; the types of drugs kids are using and their effects as well as how pickupon the signs and symptoms of drug abuse.

Nat King, Subject Leader for the John Gray Life Skills programme said the workshops have been developed by the Life Skills Department. “The Ministry of Education has provided us with the resources that are a key part of the programme including the “Connect with Kids” series of DVDs and other materials. Agencies such as National Drugs Council and the Health Services Authority have pledged their support.”
King explained that this first workshop is a pilot for a series of workshops to be offered during the 2011/12 school year.

Chief Officer in the education Ministry, Mary Rodrigues said the pilot was part of the ministry’s goal to create new and innovative ways for adults to connect with students in the education system on issues that put their health and safety at risk. 

“I am excited to see the programme launched, with the John Gray High School taking the lead.  The “Connect with Kids” materials are exciting and innovative. They are excellent tools for providing information and getting people of all ages to talk about some very challenging but important topics, such as drugs, bullying, self-esteem,” she said. “This is a trial run, which we hope to see extended and made a part of the offerings at all three of our high schools during the next school year. We look forward to the discussions among the schools and parents that the John Gray pilot will no doubt generate.”

During the next school year, the parent education programme will be complemented by sessions for students in Year 7, 8 and 9 during Life Skills Lessons.

“We have worked to incorporate the “Connect with Kids” materials into our Life Skills Curriculum,” Nat King added. “Next year we will aim to coordinate the parent workshops with the student lessons, for greatest impact. We want our students and their parents learning and discussing the same topics at the same time, so that the learnings in our schools can continue and be reinforced at home

Parents can chose to attend sessions on Wednesday mornings: 8:00-8:30 am or
Thursdays afternoons: 5:30-6:00 pm. For more information on the new John Gray Parent Education Programme, contact Nat King at  or 938 8577 or Charlene hyatt at

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  1. Concerned Parent says:

    Anon on 17/5 at 18.28 has provided two links that everyone should visit – once you have done so you will begin to understand how education "reform" has effectively turned schools into labs whose sole purpose is to experiment on our children and not to educate them in any traditional sense of the word, but to indoctrinate them and mould them into obedient little "worker bees" for the envisaged global statehood that awaits them.

    People who scoff at this suggestion now, will soon come to realize that it is no joke, IF they take the time to educate themselves.

    What is noticeable here is the willingness of people to immediately blame "bad parenting" for all the problems associated with our society and our young people. Really? Sure, there always have been and always will be good parents, bad parents, indifferent parents, careless parents, struggling parents and some who really have no claim on the title whatsoever but as any parent will tell you, there is no instruction book.

    If anyone takes a moment to stop and think, it is ridiculous to believe that all of this stems from the home.

    I ask readers to ponder the following few points:

    1) Why has it become more and more urgent (according to governments) to put children in school at the earliest opportunity, often before they can walk and talk?

    2) What do all the flowery language and terminology used in modern education really mean? Is it as straightforward as it appears on the surface or is it just designed to confuse, deceive and disguise more sinister agendas? (Read the book previously mentioned and you will discover some sickening answers to this one).

    3) Why are elementary school children given psycholgical tests, often without the knowledge or consent of the parents, asking questions about their personal feelings, home life etc.? Why are more and more children being "diagnosed" with behavioral problems and put on psychotropic drugs that can and do cause violent behavior, depression and suicide?

    4) Why over recent decades have most teachers been pushed out of the profession and replaced with newly trained personnel? Why did so many career educators find themselves on the scrap heap?

    5) Why are children being given things like "death education" "sex education" etc. at such an early age? Why is your child still unable to spell, write and do basic arithmetic yet achieving high grades and praise? Will they graduate high school or even college whilst remaining functionally illiterate? Is this how it has always been?

    6) Who is really responsible for the destruction of traditional family values, religious beliefs (particularly in relation to Christianity), sexual morality and behaviour? Can that all be laid at the feet of parents? Please think about this one, because all these things are part of an insidious and revolting conspiracy in western education.

    7) If you train a child like an animal, is it unreasonable to not expect them to behave like animals?

    8) Why have the number of psychologists in schools skyrocketed, and is it coincidental that child murderers, child suicides and the number of medicated children increased at an equally explosive rate?

    9) Is your child being taught, or simply indoctrinated? Do you ever feel that academics have taken  a back seat to "behavior" and "attitudes"? If you feel this way you are absolutely correct, so, the next question is, do you feel happy about your child being viewed and referred to as "human capital"?

    10) When you are told your child is a "disruptive influence" or has "behavior and mental problems" question everything. Remember, children who try to show initiative, think for themselves or question anything, are more and more frequently labeled as such. When you as a parent try to side with your child, will you too be labeled as an unfit parent and have your children removed from your care? Do you believe the state knows how to raise your child better than you? You don't need to be a neglectful or abusive parent for this to happen any more – it's a scary thought isn't it? Perhaps you might not go along with your child being medicated for an undiagnosed condition – this can see you accused, tried and found guilty of "child endangerment", by faceless beaurocrats and deemed unfit to raise your ownkids. Laugh if you choose to, but there are plenty of such cases on record.

    If I haven't raised enough questions for people to at least investigate these things then I'm stumped. Wilhelm Wundt, the father of modern psychology once declared that humans do not have a soul – they are merely stimulus/response driven creatures, just like any other animal. B.F. Skinner, the man behind many of the educational reforms I am talking about here, based his theories on his experiements with rats and pigeons – operant conditioning, which he believed could be applied equally well to children – this has formed the foundations for education reform, along with many studies and exchange programs with educators from the old Soviet Bloc and Communist China.

    I hope that people will find this helpful as a starting point to finding out for themselves the methods and motives behind the whole sorry mess and the lies and manipulation that have been used to disguise the real agendas of the reformers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "How else do you get the real wutless parents that dont give a XXX about their child?"  a poster asked. Well…I have worked in the inner city school system for 20 yrs. and the only way to get parents there who don't give a XXX is to offer  them food i.e. barbeques, breakfasts, burgers etc.  Leave phone messages saying "come to the cook-out, bring the family and check out the…………………. while your at it" and they will show. Works for us every time! Good luck! Love what you are trying to do!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lets face it…..this program is NOT for parents who are already in control of their children and are trying to lead them to become responsible citizens.  It is a tool that can help them but it is a vital key for parents who simply do not understand the importance of good parenting.  If the parents dont already have a good relationship with their children and are not concerned about their children before or after school what makes you think they will be at all concerned to attend something to benefit them or thier kids in school???  I believe this program is needed but I also believe it should be mandatory for the parents/guradians to attend or be fined and or face jail time for child neglect.  Yes, i think it is that serious……the problems we have now are at least in part a result of bad/incompetent/absent/disinterested/irresponsible parenting and the schools and teachers get the blame and retaliation from these same parents for trying to make a positive difference in their students lives.  These parents all need to be held accountable in some way for the behavior of their children and not attending a program to help them should be punishable.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have a very cozy view of the world Anon, but it is laziness of the worst kind to follow the herd and spout what appears to be the easiest and prevailing politically correct solutions and sound bytes.

      In fact, most of the time (not all, I agree) it is not parents who are responsible for the destruction of what we consider traditional values on matters such as family, criminality, sexual behavior, religion and general moral guidelines. In reality, family is actually viewed by the modern "system" as the biggest obstacle to the behavior modification to which they subject young innocent minds. The cynical view is that it is easier to indoctrinate a child if they have not been taught a set of values by their mothers, fathers, grandparents etc. before the institution gets their hooks into them – it is agreed by these "experts" in bahavior modification that it is far more difficult to undo those values than to simply not have them in the first place. This is one reason why there has been a drive to get children into school as soon after they are born as possible.

      Education today is the result of a massive and deceptive sleight of hand that has been underway since the end of WWII. "Lifelong Learning" is just one phrase bandied about that sounds all warm and fuzzy, like most of the other deceptions. Education is no longer intended or designed to produce thinkers – just workers, obedient, cowed, subjugated human capital as "Concerned Parent" mentioned in another post on this thread.

      More and more you will notice the drive to make people reliant on "the state", to encourage them to view the state as their protector, the answer to all their problems, if only they will conform to the behavior and attitudes deemed acceptable by said state. Children are increasingly taught to fear adults, even their own parents andfamily members, to report them, talk about them in school etc. to reject their parents' beliefs and attitudes as outdated and wrong, to reverse any input the family might have on the development of a child's character. The only adults that can be trusted are those who the state has appointed as their moral guardians, working to a carefully prepared script. If you really want to destroy academia, freedom of thought, self reliance, a love of the arts and humanities, history etc. then by all means swallow the Kool Aid.

      Doesn't it ever strike you as odd that you find yourself being lectured more and more frequently by children about how you come from a generation who have singlehandedly destroyed the world, killed off countless species, raped the planet, incited murder and hatred based on race, sexual preferences ad infinitum – being told by these little programmed drones that all that mankind has achieved means nothing, that there is nothing good, noble or admirable about anything that happened before they were born? There is a sickness in society, deliberately bred and spread by stupid and unthinking people who really have no business being around children, predators of the worst kind and yet most of them completely unknowingly so. They even use these little programmed automatons to sell things to us, they poison children against the societies and families that beget them, they use them in the most foul ways, as little harbingers of guilt to shame us into a purchase or a "lifestyle choice" and yet we are coming to see all this as normal whilst being led up blind alleys in search of someone to blame, a classic divide and conquer move.

      Pol Pot would be proud of the "re-education" of millions of children that we are allowing to happen – his solution, like many other megalomaniacs was to kill virtually every city dweller, doctor, teacher, lawyer, student etc. Announce that it was Year Zero, there would be no books, no history, no family, no love, no arts, poetry, music, religion, freedom; just work and death. Those that survived the genocide, removed to the countryside and forced to attend re-education camps where there was no hope, no dreams only blind obedience or the end of a bayonet or a bullet. It seems the powerful who desire complete dominion over the world and everyone in it, have learned much more subtle ways to turn humanity into obedient hapless slaves, it just takes a much longer term view to achieve similar aims without the rather distasteful and politically hot potatoe of mass murder.

      Still, who needs history eh? Nothing to be learned from that. Let's talk about "crtitical thinking" or being "team players" after we've swallowed our daily Prozac or Ritalin eh kiddies?


  4. Anonymous says:

    And while you are at it dont leave out sex education and birth control. What is the point of talking about STD's and not tackling the issue that can get you an STD or unwanted preganancy. Why are we such prudes when it comes to certain topics – that half the problem with these kids no one talks to them openly about these things

  5. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Are we becoming more like the UK?  Consider the following story:

    Cannabis should be sold in shops alongside alcohol and cigarettes, a leading doctors’ journal has said.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think what people should be more worried about when comparing our education system to the UK & US is the sickening manipulation of teachers, parents, communities and our children.

      If you want to get behind the modern language and terminolgy used to disguide the brainwashing, visit the following link and download the book.

    • Anonymous says:

      I read the story and had to add my 2 cents. Bit off topic, but this relates to the link you posted.

      The "war on drugs" just like the "war on terror" is really just another diversionary fallacy. The biggest drug pushers and beneficiaries of illegal drugs are governments of powerful countries, including the U.S. and many in Western Europe.

      So, in reality, that story is just another bit of fluff. Legal or illegal, dangers or no dangers, it's just propaganda once again.

      It's funny when people make arguments for and against the legalization of any narcotic really – I mean, the pharmacetical giants are criminals, about as corrupt as corrupt gets, but it's all legal eh? So what if they poison and kill people, deliberately hook people on all manner of mind altering drugs, subvert the FDA, lie about research results, risks, side effects etc. They are like any other pushers – repeat business is the name of the game folks. Oh and if there's little hope for you, they'll still sell you, force on you, useless drugs to milk as much money out of the deal as they can before you're pushing up the daisies 🙂

      Try this documentary, called The Drugging Of Our Children for some facts about legal drugs – also has the pleasant side effect of being relevant to the education theme of this discussion.

      When it comes to the bad guys on "illegal drugs",how much revenue do you think is being generated for Uncle Sam in the poppy fields of Afghanistan? Production is at anall time high since the invasion – it was at an all time low under the Taliban (oh yes they're evil and all that, but that didn't stop the western governments and corporations backing them and selling them arms when the Russians invaded did it?) Then there's Columbia of course, such bad boys, but doesn't prevent the U.S. providing the green to keep a corrupt and dictatorial regime in power there does it? Still can't stop those pesky cartels though, tricky devils they are.

      Folks, most of the producers of heroin, cocaine etc. couldn't distribute it as they do without the illicit involvement of the people who profess to be protecting us from its evils whilst raking in billions by facilitating the movement and distribution of the stuff. Ask the CIA, they've been doing it for decades with the full knowledge of successive governments.

      All I'm saying is, just don't be foolish and naive about the way the world is run.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Well done to the National Drug Council. Quietly working away to help our kids and community.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bout time! Cause dese Caymanians aint handling their business raising their children properly.

    Look at the wave of young Caymanian criminals coming of age now.

    The mugging behind Funky Tangs, the tourist robbed in EE, the Hurleys attempted murder/robbery, the FCIB bank robbery, the CNB countryside bank robbery, the MoneyGram robbery, the Dominoes pizza robbery, the mugging of the schoolchildren — committed by teens around aged 16-19, including girl children.

    And if they this bad now at 17, they going be a problem for the next 30-40 years minimum we got a looooong time ahead to look forward to more miscreant behaviour.

    If you dont think its everybody job to look after these children, I hope you remember that when s/he climbing through your window at night to steal your XXXX.

    Make this programme mandatory! the only people that will turn up are parents who have an interest in a relationship with their kids. How else do you get the real wutless parents that dont give a XXX about their child?