Ministers offer Mac support

| 11/05/2011

(CNS): Cabinet ministers rallied round the premier and the UDP government as a whole last night at a mid-term political meeting. Rolston Anglin, Mike Adam and Juliana O'Connor-Connolly all said they believed McKeeva  Bush was the right man for the job in the face of a no confidence motion filed by the opposition. Deputy Premier O'Connor-Connolly said the people had demonstrated their confidence in the premier when they voted for the UDP two years ago as they “were sick and tired of the extravagance and thoughtlessness of the last regime,”and voted for change. She said democracy was an “awesome thing” and the people should not let the PPM persuade them they had made a mistake at the polls. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Offering her backing to the premier, she said Bush was a great leader and was working hard to get the finances and economy backon track while the opposition had the audacity to bring the no confidence motion.

“Who in God's earth would bring a no confidence motion at this time?” she asked the crowd gathered outside the courthouse. “Who would dream up such a vicious weapon in the pursuit of power.”

O'Connor-Connolly said the opposition had “gotten on the fighting side of her” as would anyone who was trying to tear down the Cayman Islands.

The Sister Islands representative said that while some people were suffering and there had been unemployment, Bush could not be blamed for that. Asking the people to put their confidence in government, she said the UDP team was the best. She asked for a chance to prove the opposition wrong and to prove that the voters did not make a mistake in the election.

“Thank God for democracy,” she said, noting that because the government had the numbers in the Legislative Assembly the no confidence motion would fail. “The Cayman people are not fool fool and they don't want to go back to the previous administration,” O'Connor-Connolly added.

Mike Adam also offered his backing to the premier, saying he believed he was “a capable leader with the right approach”. The community affairs minster said government finances were on track, tourism was up and major projects were to come on-line to give a boost to the economy. He called on the people to give their support to Bush as he had stopped the deterioration. Adam said a number of people in the tourism business had told him they believed this winter season was the best in the tourism sector for a  long time.

Adam, however, spoke mostly about the achievements in his own ministry over the last two years, pointing to the development of affordable homes and the extensive assistance given to the most vulnerable people in the community. He said that during 2010 the Department of Children and Family Services had assisted more than 8,000 people.

Rolston Anglin focused on his predecessor, Alden McLaughlin, the former education minster and now opposition leader who had filed the no confidence motion, which dominated the night's proceedings. Further highlighting the government's concern over the motion filed last month, Anglin said it was not just aimed at the premier but all of the members of government.

The minister said that a no confidence vote was one of most important tools an MLA has at his disposal and it should be used wisely and responsibly, but this motion was “reckless and immature”.

He added that he expected the opposition would point to the motion that he had brought in 2001 but he said he had thought that through carefully and made sure he had a potential government in place and the votes to see it through. “When I did move the motion it was about you the people and it was not about Rolstin Anglin,' he claimed, while McLaughlin's motion, he said, was all about him and his arrogant attitude.

“It's about him and what he wants; it's about power,” the minister said, adding the motion was doomed to failure.

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  1. The lone Haranguer says:

    I dragged my 20 year old daughter to here about the three projects that were to save the island and was we were subjected to 2 hour 15 minutes of political slagging off, which you know always pleases a certain section of the party base, and twenty minutes of constructive talk.

    She was not impressed and probally will not do that again.

    Listen, we got it, the last goverment screwed up big, press on man !!

  2. da-wa-u-get says:

    Could it be that Mac called for that public meeting just to make sure that his UDP colleagues would have to publicly commit themselves to support him in the upcoming "no confidence-motion" debate?

    No-one can say that he is not an astute politican!

    BTW; In my mind, a succesful vote on "no Confidence" does not equate to a PPM Government. If the top 2 of the current Government had to move to the Backbench, I think we could end up with quite a good mix in cabinet. Who knows, there might even be debate and an effort at consensus!

    What a novel idea!

  3. Name changed by moderator says:

    Fine. You said your piece. What are you prepared to DO about it —

    Will you sign you sign your name to a petition to remove McKeeva?

    Thumbs up = yes

    Thumb down = no

  4. anonymous says:

    Gaining the world and losing your soul!  Its in the Bible, check it out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How dare this person speak of extravangances.  She is paving private property and travelling to telephone conferences with an entourage all on public money.  She is as much to blame for the lack of confidence as the Premier so what value should anyone give to her words.

  6. Anonymous says:

    UDP has no money to finish schools, but they have money to pave private parking lots; they have no money to finish schools, but they can build an unnecessary hurricane shelter in CYB; they have no money but the Minister and her entourage can travel overseas to a cell phone trade show; they have no money but the Premier goes to look at a dam and then comes back to stop the cruise dock; they have no money, but they all travel and live lavishly and cannot figure out how we still have a deficit.

    What a crowd!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Deputy Premier O'Connor-Connolly said the people had demonstrated their confidence in the premier when they voted for the UDP two years ago as they “were sick and tired of the extravagance and thoughtlessness of the last regime,”and voted for change. She said democracy was an “awesome thing”

    I think the key words here are “when they voted for the UDP TWO YEARS AGO.  That was then, this is now, and the UDP appear to be burying their heads in the sand and denying the obvious in that many of those voters who showed faith TWO YEARS AGO, feel betrayed and have completely lost confidence in them now.  Yes democracy is an awesome thing IN THE RIGHT HANDS.  We all know if Mac had his own way we would lose all our democratic rights.  Look at how he tries to stop freedom of speech, and freedom of information.  Look at how desperately he repeatedly tries to find out the identities of those who exercise their democratic rights and seek the truth about Mac and his governments actions.  The facts speak for themselves.

    As for the rest of Juliana’s speech, what a load of baloney and amateur dramatics.  No, the Caymanian people are not “fool fool”, but Mac and his cronies continue to demean them and treat them as such. It’s shameful.

    As for Adam bragging about the 8,000 “vulnerable people” his department has assisted, if this is an increase on previous figures, again the facts speak for themseves, the quality of life for these “vulnerable people” is deteriorating and more of them are needing help.  I wonder why?

    Mr Anglin, the behaviour of Mac and his government (I guess that includes you) is the epitome of recklessness and immaturity not befitting of political representatives who should be ambassords for the nation.  I support neither party but if anything feel, that this motion couldn’t have come soon enough.  The people of Cayman are being treated despicably.

    “It's about him and what he wants; it's about power,” the minister said, adding the motion was doomed to failure.

    ^ To me, a non-supporter of either party who feels that the only way justice for the Caymanian people can be done is through a a new, innovative, environmentally aware and people-conscious party with fresh new (young) faces, this statement is more befitting of Mac than anyone, and I don’t worry about the motion, I worry that Cayman and its people are doomed to failure if they sit on their backsides and allow this political circus to continue.

    Time for people initiated change, I just hope the people have the guts to bring it about.


    • Anonymous says:

      When Adam assisted 8000 "vulnerable people", it's probably safe to assume that many of the newly "vulnerable" since he took charge were offered assistance simply because they entered his office wearing green.

      • Anonymous says:

        Could it be that most of those became "vulnerable" because of the UDP?

        • Anonymous says:

          That is possible, but my point was that many of the "vulnerable" are not really that vulnerable.

          We have a population of 50,000 people and a 10 percent unemployment rate, so we have about 5,000 unemployed people in need of assistance. I would hazard a guess that the other 3,000 were simply taking it just because it was there for the taking.

          They probably go the idea for that from watching their MLAs in action.

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

      I'm signing my name to this comment as I mean every word from the bottom of my heart.

      West Bayers I'm appealing to you to please use your common sense in 2013 and REPLACE ROLSTON ANGLIN  with a good man like MARIO EBANKS. Rolston has proven to be Caymanian workers PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 making such damaging remarks that Caymanians ( INCLUDING WEST BAYERS) are UNEMPLOYABLE! He should not be re-elected as he does not deserve to be so lucky.  Replace Eugene  Mr.."Do Nothing" with BRO CHOPPY Reginald Delapenha! Try to convince them both to run,  we need good people in our Legislature. Bro. Delapenha did well in last election, he needs to run again. Also Bro Choppy is a good man why can't you put an x- by the names of good people for a change? The other two UDP need to be replaced as well. We need new blood accross the board.

      I can recommend that Mr. Mario Ebanks during his tenure as  permanent secretary has already proven himself to be a man of integrity and one that believes in HELPING CAYMANIANS, he does not stand in your way at all; regardless of which district you reside in he serves with the heart of a SERVANT.  I like his spirit and we need these kind of men in our legislature; not greedy sharks hungry for more but people with a mind to serve. Bro. Choppy has proven himself to be a man of integrity,

      Arn't you all tired of politicians hoodwinking you and fooling you,can't you use some good honest men for a change?

      I think the only reason Mr. Mario Ebanks would decline on the idea of running for office in West Bay is because he has already got a glimpse of what its like on the inside from where he was sitting in the glass house. Seeing that some of their behavior is  so ugly and unacceptable, he perhaps would not want to associate himself with SUCH LIKES!

      And God knows WE UNDERSTAND!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It must be nice to live on the Brac where the Government will pave your driveway and parking lot for free (or a few votes) and everytime that fees and taxes are increased by Government the Brac is excempt from the increases. The Premier knows how to get people to attend his public meetings, the day before he announces that tomorrow night I am going to tell you about three major projects that is about to commence. The night of the meeting he forgot what he had promised the people the day before. Way to go Mac. You could get an even bigger crowd at your next meeting if you announce the day before that you will be giving away 50 lb gold bars to each and everyone that attends the next meeting. I bet your supporters will come out in masse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac's bait didn't work as he only had about 100 people there, most of which were bused in from West Bay………. and of course the spouses of the MLAs barring one. I bet you know which one !!!!

  9. anonymous says:

    If the PPM want one man one vote why in Gods precious name didn't they include this most important issue in the new constitution???? The UDP is way too smart and clever for Alden McChavezlin and the PPM bunch,the UDP is going to come out on top again in 2013 and Alden and his inner circle know this,sorry to upset you PPM and anti-McKeeva supporters here on CNS but the truth is nothing but the truth,and we all know that the truth hurts.As i began so will i finish……If the PPM want one man one vote why in Gods precious name didn't they include this most important issue in the new constitution???????

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP will come out like Roy and Gilbert did in the next election.

      • anonymous says:

        The UDP will come out like Roy and Gilbert did in the next election…….Anonymous @11:59 i know one thing, it won't be because of one man one vote. lmao………….Question once again: if the PPM want one man one vote why in Gods precious name didn't they include this most important issue in the new constitution???????????

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think the "no confidence" motion has sent a wrong message to the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office about our inability to properly govern our own affairs. We have to be careful, because you have some people who would love to see these islands under a direct UK dictatorship

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, why don't you then outline what actions can be taken locally to "manage our affairs" and sort things out. We are currently close to a dictatorship as it doesn't appear that the current government is listening to what the people who elected them is trying to tell them.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think they already have the inability to govern message…private negotiations replacing CTC due process….jet set MLA's….nepotistic appointments…FOI resistance….and most importantly no reliable ministry reporting for 4 years.  The real concern is why have they not interceded?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Of a population of 50,000 about 8,000 need help from the department of children and family services.

    Let these numbers speak for themselve.

    A politician that qualifies a democratic tool as a vicious weapon is a danger for the country. It is like saying that voting for the other party is a crime.

    • anonymous says:

      If I'm not mistaken, many of those receiving aid are elderly and children of young single parents….Until we are able or willing to take care of our own family members on each end of the spectrum, this is unlikely to change.

  12. Polly Tricks says:

    I think Mac lets JuJu speak in public to make him look competent and intelligent.


    • Eugene says:

      I would strongly suggest he get someone competent and intelligent to do that for him.

  13. Michel Lemay says:

    Most of the blogs speak for themselves. All I want to add is that the UDP are clinching to their power and seats like a bunch of vultures XXXXXX. NONE of them will have my vote. To come out and hold a political meeting instead of adressing the many issues. McKeeva you have no shame XXXXX. We are not blind however and I look forward to the PPM first pol;itical meeting and I suggest that we turn out in masses to meet some of the NEW polititcal representatives. Stopping the civil servants from signing the petitions won't help you Mr. Bush, come Election Time.

    • anonymous says:

      Yeah, go ahead and trust PPM with your checkbook. We"ve seen how that works.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Has all the Church's on the Brac had their parking paved?  Let's start to take a look and see exactly who has and who hasn't.  Then let's look at all the business places and see what and who has been done. Next, put our theory of "their croonies" to the test.  Lets see if there is any strength to this.  If this holds water then fine.  If not let's see what the they all have in common.


    • Anonymous says:

      What they have in common is simple. It's just like lying, if you tell one lie you'll have to tell more lies to cover the first lie. Same thing here. To cover the fact that a few favourites had their lots paved then all had to be paved. It was the same M.O. that the UDP had with the status grants back in 2003

    • Anonymous says:

      I would never let a "complimentary" contractor on my property.  I want complete control over a job, through contract and payment.

      For starters, I would not want my property paved like that. These eyesores absorbe and release huge amounts of heat and toxic fumes, not to mention future problems with drainage and flooding.

      I would rather pay, and work with Planning regarding drainage, landscaping, and surface materials. Some of those guys have really creative ideas and it is well worth a consultation and a permit if necessary.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am the poster above.  Stating the obvious, I never want to be "beholden" to a politician.

    • Charley Sheeeeeeene says:

      What a selfish deputy premier and cabinet. She quotes that "The premier was not responsible for unemployment.!What a nerve to get up and blatantly tell us a big lie like that. We are putting it to the deputy Premier that  Yes the premier is directly responsible because his Work permit chief continues to grant work permits to foreigners to FILL POSITIONS THAT CAYMANIANS HAVE APPLIED FOR AND ARE DULY QUALIFIED!  and are being DENIED DAILY! It is a disgrace! HE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BUT REFUSES, HE DOES NOT CARE!  YES THE PREMIER IS ' DIRECTLY" RESPONSIBLE FOR UNEMPLOYMENT AMONGST CAYMANIANS.

      A message to the UDP YOUTH you are  already deceived and misled to STUPIDLY follow these people that are destroying your wetlands and stopping you from climbing up the corporate ladder, you will be just as lost as they are if you continue to follow them. THEY ARE NOT FOR CAYMANIANS! You are not on their agenda for sucess!

      So Young UDP leaders who are you being trained to develop for? the X-PATS? who undermine you every day of your life in word thought and deed? IS THAT ALL THE AMBITION YOU YOUNG UDP HAVE on today? Your parents are deceived and they are also deceiving you, how sad.


      if you want to really make a difference in our society and save our country from destruction, this  is only possible if you take a rain check on the current injustices facing this country since the Premier was elected to office and the UDP government. Begin to identify yourselves with independent self made men and women who have NO PARTY OR POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS, and no party politics to devote their time while turning their backs on our young people in need of  jobs.Only  Then will you be in a position to help your country instead of having your little heads brain washed by GREEDY OLD MEN enriching themselves at the expense of your children and your childrens children.

      At this time in our history, all that you can say for yourself is that you are a UDP member that's not saying very much. those who can say for themselves that they are a PPM member is not saying  very much either.

      Emancipate yourselves from this political and mental slavery IT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU IN THIS COUNTRY, NOR ANYWHERE ELSE!, IT NEVER HAS! and it never will!

      WAKE UP!

    • Pending says:

      Those that have it will be Ju Ju's voters next time around, guaranteed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok.  Did a drive by today to check for myself.

      The Adventist Church, Cotton Tree Bay, Stake Bay and Cross Road Baptist does not have.  As far as I could see the others did.  Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      I predict more paving if anyone does start looking.  It will be similar to the status give away when a second tranche was needed to dilute the amount of undeserving recipients of the first.

  15. Whodatis says:

    The thing I find most astounding in this entire fiasco is the way in which politics and religion / faith are so tightly intertwined in the Cayman Islands.

    Frankly, this is wheremany of us are going wrong in this country … we are searching for the "best" (professing) Christian individual to whom we should donate our "X".

    Obviously such an individual is not necessarily rendered devoid of the characteristics that has brought us to this point today, therefore such prerequisites are absolutely asinine.

    Will we ever learn?

    Will I be ridiculed and chastised for this post by those who simply fail to see the bigger picture because their feelings were hurt by my words?

    Let us see …


  16. Eugene says:

    Once again as Ezzard Miller so rightly pointed out, and as he is so wrongly criticised by the ignorant among us for saying, these people need to publicly address the points raised in the no confidence motion rather than blatantly attempting to hide behind their usual illusory veil of criticism and blaming and degradation of the opposition. STOP the blaming and criticising and finger pointing that has PUT this Government and the Cayman Islands and our people in the position we are in and ADDRESS THE ISSUES, UDP. That is all we are asking. You very simply CANNOT forever hide behind the PPM's imaginary faults and short-comings that you have so very cunningly constructed and convinced a very large section of the Cayman public of and very clearly continue to use to cover your own a****. Criticising the PPM will NEVER make the UDP a good government, people, but it has indeed gone a very long way in making the UDP one of the worst governments in the history of our country. If the UDP had been exercising a level of CONSTRUCTIVE thinking anywhere NEAR the level of DESTRUCTIVE thinking it has demonstrated towards the PPM for all the GOOD they have done for this country, we would, indeed, every one of us, be enjoying a level of prosperity that this country has never heard of. The fact is the UDP prefer to keep that prosperity exclusive to themselves and to hell with ANYONE who dares to cross their path to that end. Time longer than rope, folks, and the rope is GOING to run out.  

  17. Anonymous says:

    Seriously Julie, how do you sleep at night?

     I can understand not listening to your people but you go to church.  You don't hear God's voice telling you to stop?

    You have even disecrated the church with that asphalt.  Maybe, God has left your church.

    It's a shame as a Bracker, a woman and a college educated one as that.  Sometimes I feel sorry for you because you could have done so much good but you used your power to do wrong.

    You not only have to answer to us Julie but to one much higher.  Remember God and his commandments:"Do not have any other gods before me." 

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding me?  Are we really saying that because she is a believer that she cannot help a Church.  My good friends out there, please don't be too fast tojudge or pass judgement, it's really not our place.  While I may agree that the spending seems high and you are calling a spade as you see it.  However some empathy and a little open minded pondering should leave a college graduate to think a little more before writing such remarks, whereby one even calls themselves a profit (implied) in stating that God has spoken to Ms. Julie….and the message was whatever you said it was.  Saying that, if you did say that God did say that, I'm going to have to listen to you and see what fruits bear.  If they don't bear or the fruits are no good, then you will be ignored and labelled a false profit and stigmatized as you have stigmatized Julie.  Fair enough? Didn't think so.

      If you beleive that Julie is going down the wrong road or is being led a stray, please take the tihe time to discuss this with her.  If she hardens her heart and shuts you out, despite her being wrong, it is her sin.  But plastering the internet with your comments laced with prejudice and dismay will not help anyone concerned.  Most of us one way or another do this.  Let us be fair with one another.


    • Lady Ga Ga says:

      Hey Guys,

      Wakeup,  Voters in Little Cayman and Grand Cayman should file a class action law suit claiming BIAS AND PREJUDICE" behavior exercised against them by this elected cabinet. ANOTHER CLAIM could very well be "DISCRIMINATION" SINCE cayman Brackers are being treated  more favorably than  Grand Caymanians who are being punnished and can not even get a job. No such situation exists on the Brac I'll bet you. they're covered with Julie's Big UDP Umbrella!

      So why not take this cabinet to court it would be a DISCRIMINATION LAW SUIT.   YES A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT.  ITS TIME TO LAY DOWN THE  BOUNDARIES OF DEMOCRACY INTHIS COUNTRY and let these avaricious politicians know that this time they have gone too far.



      • Anonymous says:

        MAYBE because WHEN you YELL in  CAPITALS, you aren't TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

  18. Anonymous says:

    And PLEASE lets see if we can get those cones at the airport in Cayman Brac moved.

    • Island lover says:

      I love the explanation that the paving is to keep the driveways from flooding with the higher roads…what a load of crap.  Just look at Marina Drive which is a good 8 inches higher than all the residential driveways…did they not care about these "voters"?  No, because most of those residents house ex-pats, not Caymanians.  Stop the excuses and blatant waste.

      Get rid of these career politicians who clearly have no interest in simply managing a TINY island of 25,000 households.  Get rid of the egos and just be the public servant you were hired to be.  That means stop wasting MY money.

  19. Anonymous says:


    My prayer is that God will remove the scales from your eyes before it's too late as we're going to hell in a hand basket under Mac leadership. Any person who can't take criticism whether good or bad need to seriously look into themself. To fly in God's face about you're a child of God then behave like a spoiled child in Burger King who wants to have everything their way then Sunday morning put on your best and get behind pulpit like a saint, be very careful God is a very jealous God and you can't serve 2 masters-Shame on Juliana who claims to be holier than thou.We need a leader who will put country first and not their pocket, deal with the issues that are killing us everyday and stop blaming PPM-i was hoping to wake up this morning and hear gas price would be going down but instead all you bunch of idots talked about was PPM-the clock is ticking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YYYyyyvgfgyihji0hghxghxhxfhxf                 uyuu8ppooo 

  20. Anonymous says:

    XXXXX  Can you imagine the Premier telling the MLA for the Brac that she should hold her head high when she authorised the paving of private commercial driveway!  Using public money to benefit private individuals is XXXX! plain and simple! She is simply taking our money and giving it to individuals she chooses, no doubt in the hope that these individuals and their families will continue to support, and ultimately vote for her. It's bad enough that the MLA for the Brac made this decision to pave private parking lots with public money,  but to have the Premier extent his support on this and and further to tell her to hold her head up is simply astounding!  It also beggars the question of whether our Premier has made similar XXXX decisions which benefit specific individuals in his West Bay constituency.  This type of decisions by our MLA are capricious and would not be able to withstand the Wednesbury resonableness test under any Judicial Review.  As an attorney, the MLA for the Brac knows this and her actions demonstrate a blatant disregard for the Rule of Law.  Shame on you Ms O'Connor!

  21. Anonymous says:

    UDP Ministers and MLAs;

    You are an absolute disgrace to the country and your people for you are not interested in listening or representing the wishes of your people or do the job you were elected to do by the people. Shame on you all for not being independent free thinking representative of the peoples wishes.

    All of you do not promote or represent democracy in this country and you have shown us all your true colours which will be the end of your political careers. Enjoy the next 24 months XXXXX.

    Stop and think for one moment how you look in the eyes of your people;

    Supporting an actual autocratic dictatorship (a one man Govt.)

    Anti Democracy and the one man one vote


    Non Transparent


    All void of ethical and principled substance and character.

    An absolute disgrace to your people and this is now your reputation that you will take through the rest of your lives with you because none of you have the strength to stand up an be counted.

    You are all in part and in whole responsible for the polarizing of our country because you placed greed and yourselves before the people and your country. SAD SAD SAD.

  22. Anonymous9 says:

    The Great Campaign Speech of 2011, which was held last night, with a very poor turnout I might add, was all about slinging mud at others and whining some more about fixing what others left behind. *snicker*  

    No mention of addressing each of the no confidence motions, which is why I turned on my radio. (No TV coverage for some unknown reason)

    The patois was flying like the mozzies up in here. 

    Juju was like a mother hen scolding all the folks for bad talkin' 'bout her pals. Like a school marm rappin' my knuckles, that's what I felt like.

    The worst was Rolston's tirade against McLaughlin. Wah wah wah

    If I had been at the 'meeting' I would have walked away before Elio finished his intro. 

    But since I was listening to the radio instead and I wasn't able to reach the knob to turn it off until after Julie's plea, I got an ear full of utter hoohah.

    I watched Khloe and Lamar instead. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It was a UDP temper tantrum!

    • anonymous says:

      Rolston deserves to be egged or put on a flight never to return.

      He is the main problem here as he publicly stated CAYMANIANS ARE UNEMPLOABLE.,!!! what a good for nothing moron.

      You do not deserve to be re-elected. YOU HAVE A NERVE! You worthless rascal!

      • Anonymous says:

        If you would be honest with youself and your fellow caymanians you would not be blaming Rolston.

        He is speaking the truth, and many of us Caymanians see it, but wont admit to it.

        You might be taking  it out of context, he did'nt mean the whole Caymanian population are unemployable….i think you just do not like the man, if thats the case tell him so, but do not try to fool Caymanians with your hate,we all know what it is like to try and hire some of our unemployable Caymanians.I can give you a history, but i won't go there.

        Let me just say this to  you and whoever is failing to admit to what Rolston said. Since my generation… the late sixtys early seventies, many Caymanians refused to take up  certain jobs.

          14 of us young men left school back in 1978, some went to Little Cayman to clean burgrass,   and chop down bushes and cleared land,  for the forign people that owned property, some joined the fire department,some joined the Police department, the customs, the Immigration dept, some dug trenches and mixed concrete for construction sites, some went to work on ships. And talking about ships, there are more ships out there now than before, there are tons of jobs now available now in these three islands, than before. My advice, assert yourself, stop the slandering on the job, stop coming late to work,stop taking days off, arrange someone else to run your errands while you are at work, show work ethics. If you comply with these ethics, you wont have to take a trip to the Employment relations or the Immigration dept. That way, they can truly do their job…preparing, training  and teaching new employees, how  to take up new employment.

        God bless you…. an old Bracker.    

  23. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Political party speak and rhetoric. Smoke and mirrors. 

    Facts 1) Crime unacceptable level for the people 2) Education system floundering and hurting Cayman's youth 3) Environment being ignored 4) Little inward investment for the professional services which will continue to suffer with immigration policy issues and the world impression of a shaky country 5) Stay over tourism a mainstay still being ignored 6) Over paid politicians bloated percentage of the population working for the government and no concrete measures to do anything about it 7) Unbalanced accounts, unaccounted for money and continued borrowing 8) No sensible manageable country projects for over 2 years 9) Increasing taxes, duties and fees to sustain the MLA's and the CS 10) Increasing cost of living 11) No transparency, conflicts of interest

    Bush and O'Connor-Connolly refuse to listen to the people or the rest of the MLA's, the only choice is a "no confidence motion".

  24. Anonymous says:

    “were sick and tired of the extravaganza and thoughtlessness of the last regime,”.

    Pot calling the kettle black, JoCCo!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Thats right UDP members…..likeall good sailors……hold onto that ship even if its sinking. All aboard !!!

    RIP !!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The PPM were not perfect but let's face it – THEY HAD A HUGE MESS TO CLEAN UP.  They started the job and if the recession had not happened, we would be much further ahead now with at least decent buildings for our high school students instead of the construction site that is John Gray.  if the Govt. cared about the people, the schools would have been finished before or at the same time as the new Govt. administration Bldg was finished.  Our youth are our future.   Educate them properly.  We have lots of very bright, talented kids.  They need proper eduation and proper direction in order to put them on an equal footing with the rest of the world.   People stop selling your vote for ANYTHING.  Elsewherein the world, it is illegal to do this.  Even if it is not illegal here, it is IMMORAL and UNETHICAL.  No-one can buy my vote.  I listen as much as I can to what each and every one has to say and then watch to see if their actions match their words.  Then I decide who to vote for.  If you cannot see that this Govt. is useless, then you need to educate yourself.  This Govt. does not care that every month we struggle more and more.  Fuel prices dropped recently.  Have prices at the gas pumps fallen?  I heard that we only have 3 days of fuel here so please tell me how prices at the pumps increase 5 minutes after the barrel price increases  but never ever goes back down again.  We are going to be stuck with these prices until the next increase.  I have a good job, good benefits and struggle more and more to make ends meet and I am one of the lucky ones.  Mr. Premier and the rest of the Govt.  PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP YOUR PEOPLE.  You want to encourage investment – reduce the cost of doing business.  Not many of us have any spare cash to do anything with and most are struggling to pay bills.  You are grabbing everything you can from us.  Try paying your own bills for a few months and see what you have done to this country.  You should be deeply deeply ashamed at what you have done.  I just pray that some members of the UDP will vote the right way when it comes to a vote of no confidence.  If not, thank you Alden and Arden for having the courage to do what is right. 

    • Anonymouse says:

      I love it how none of you remember the HUGE MESS that PPM had to clean up from Mac and UDP's PREVIOUS administration.

      From what I can tell, this motion of no confidence is not about power, it's about saving the country. UDP keeps harping on about how PPM wants POWER.

      I've always found that when people start grasping at straws in this way it is their finger actually pointing back at themselves.


      I have a feeling that the people of Cayman want the vote of no confidence to remove all of you lot.

      We want an entirely new vote with a new team of candidates that haven't made their livelihood from a political career.

      People you better PAY ATTENTION to raising your kids with a good education, strong morals/values, good common sense and better sense of judgement so that they can become our future leaders. Otherwise you are going to get stuck with the swine that has been in there for the last 20 years.


  27. nauticalone says:

    If you (UDP) really agree that "democracy is a great/awesome thing" then why not bring about "one person one vote" or National Elections?

    No sensible answer for that eh?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why did not Alden do it when he wrote the new constitution?? He allowed it to pass without a majority of the Caymanian voters approval.

      The plain fact is NO political party wants this…makes it to hard to win as a team. Independents will give them both a run for their money.

      Alden is only for this now because he sees some political points to score. I totally understand his move.

    • Anonymous!!!!!! says:

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Alden say on the talk show yesterday that he was" a new fresh politician at the time that the no confidence vote" that  were brought against Mr Tibbetts and Ms Moyle.

       Now  he greatly regrets doing so. Is he telling us that he joined McKeva in booting them out. Wow, power hungry is right thats what this man is all about. 

      My point is that this is not new to Cayman, until we put honest men that REALLY want to serve their country and not seek power for boasting and chest slapping then we will continue on this path.

      Neither the PPM or UDP gives a damn about us, they care about how much they  can get for them selves.  caymanians you have the power in 2013 dont let them grand stand among you. the meetings will continue now and 75% of what either side will tell us is all B/S , be prepared dont be led blindly to the pools. get the facts first, not from the politicians, from your own knowledge your own investigations FOI

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wu, Wu Wu Wu, We We We That's all folks

  29. anonymous says:

    It a shame and a disgrace that the UDP members have nothing to offer the people of these Islands. UDP – United Dumb People. What about the 24 issues? what do you have to say about them?  PPM was the last Government, You are the current Government.  You call the shots, the PPM are your opposition, they have the right to question every move you makes. Remember when you were the opposition? You all were on all the radio talk shows complaining and as for Ellio….He use to rant and rave every day on Rooster.  I am now wondering if he is not laiden down with envy for what Alden and the PPM has done for these Islands in such a short time.  They have been there 2 years now and all they have done was to complained about PPM and tried to unravel every compliance they have in place, to stop corruption.  McKeeva please stop that Granny politriking and start acting like a professional Politician.  You know damn well you dunno anything about Finance, give that to Rolston and put Mark in charge of Education. Then put Julie in charge of Hospital and CG in works.  You please come out of finance, because you only know arithmatic.  You stick with Tourism as you can talk and hide money for yourself.  You guys needs to change your sandbox method and get on with the job. My God, you guys are disgusting and all you are doing is giving Cayman a bad name all around. Making things bad for all Caymanians.  Any wonder we have such a high employment rate.

    • BORN FREE says:

      The old saying "birds of a feather flock together" has never been more appropriate than in the case of the present government. What is the real reason why his followers (so called colleagues) refuse to get off the sinking ship? I hope they can all swim because he will not rescue them when the ship goes down, it will be all for themselves!

      I cannot for the love of GOD understand why these spinless cronies will continue to "say" they support him even in the face of such adversity & discontent amongst the people. No government, in my opinion from what I hear from the people, has been as unpopular, disliked & distrusted (to put it mildly) as the present UDP government. They are all going to go down together, & that is a gooooood thing for Cayman & the Cayman people, & soon is not soon enough! (we are HURTING & SUFFERING like never before).

      BORN FREE but not living free!!!!!

    • anonymous says:

      Um, in the future the writer may want to have someone with some "book learning"  proof read his/her rants. Just a suggestion.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is sometimes when people misspelled their words; & you can't act like you aint one so stop juding people & mind your business

    • Anonymous says:

      God bless you whoever you are; these people are blind they dont see that Mckeeva is destroying our island & stealing money out their own pockets & theyr'e not realizing it! This part where you said "You know damn well you dunno anything about Finance, give that to Rolston and put Mark in charge of Education. Then put Julie in charge of Hospital and CG in works.  You please come out of finance, because you only know arithmatic.  You stick with Tourism as you can talk and hide money for yourself.  You guys needs to change your sandbox method and get on with the job. My God, you guys are disgusting and all you are doing is giving Cayman a bad name all around. Making things bad for all Caymanians.  Any wonder we have such a high employment rate." is true because not even to the own Caymanians can get a job, i bet'cha if we was to get work permit you see how quick they hire us. All like how they bringing forgieners from away to come Cayman to do certain jobs-FOR WHAT? All the Jamaicans, Filipinos is taking our spots. Next thing you know they will be changing the name Cayman Islands to something different, Cayman IT'S NOT HOW IT USED TO BE & I repeat IT'S NOT HOW IT USED TO BE since MCKEEVA step up I hope his goons see this (Rolston, Juliana, and whoever else). God I'm begging you make these people see what's going on in front their own eyes.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Of course they would as they know who butters their bread!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am made to understand that Ms Oconnor Conolly was getting more funds for the Paloma fix up. Can she enlighten us if this is true as the nextHurricane Season is right around the corner and there is still homes that was not repaired. Thanks.

  30. Perfect Timing says:

    For heaven's sake, can we stop using these titles, "Premier" and "Deputy Premier"? They convey superiority in some form or another and try as hard as I may, I cannot see where either of these two people or their mindless cohorts are superior to the people they claim to represent.

    They are obviously clueless and they remind me of the Emperor's Clothes story by Hans Christian Andersen. If we are supposed to be smart to acknowledge their great talents, then Iam the dumbest of all.

    They are as naked as the day they were born. Get a real job, one that you are qualified for!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Let the people decide and see what the answer will be….Dear ya!

  32. Anonymous says:

    ok mike and rolston…your fate is sealed and will be the same as mckeevas in 2 years time……

  33. Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired says:

    I personally did not expect the laying out of any plans from the UDP last night because they have none. Tourism has improved in Cayman because the US is coming out of the recession and as usual it's citizens have begun to spend again.  It has nothing to do with the air-heads in the UDP.  Juliana you asked "who on God's earth would bring a motion of no confidence now"  I say to you that any politician with any self-worth, who cares the least bit about his or her country would and should bring the motion.  Alden knows that it will fail because the bunch of you will continue to be lead blindly by the Premier, but it has served it purpose and that is to draw attention to your ineptness and it got the populace  discussing how useless you all have been for the past two years. It has also put a dent into your smugness and struck a nerve with you.  That is why there was so much anger and bad -mouthing of PPM last night. Imagine with all that the UDP should be doing and talking about the only subject they could talk about last night was "PPM".  You are all on NOTICE- next election will not be a walk-over like the last one. People who did not get involved before are getting involved this time. Only Mike Adam has anything positive to report.  I pray that he will see the light soon and get out from them.  Mike you are too good to be there whether you realise that or not but I fear that their stupidity is rubbing off on you.  Why do you say you support thePremier when you know that he is a mad man running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.  I've notice that Cline Glidden is not so vocal anymore since the last dock fiasco.  It seems as if Rolston has forgotten  how the Premier pull the Deputy Premiership out from under him and gave it to Juliana.  He does'nt trust him so I wonder how he can support him so vehemently – or is just that pretense.  Ellio will always support him; he does'nt want to rock the boat. This is the first real money he has come into and he would prefer to drown hanging on to it.

    PPM just hang in there- recruit some younger educated Caymanians and run them out of office in the next election. Start your campaign from now- UDP started theirs last night.  Cracks are begining to show in their facade and even though they won't admit it you are rattling their cages!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    It's doomed for failure because of the little chicks that UDP continue to feed with worms.  The people that they support don't have to go look for anything and so they will continue to get support. 

    At some point the food (money) will run out at some point and since UDP hasn't taught the people how to fish (make money) and they will therefore starve when the time is worste.


  35. Anonymous says:

    No mention anywhere of serving the people?

    • Anonymous says:

      And that is the real problem isn't it? 

      Mac has totally left the people out of the equation.

      He has no concern for the the people think or want.

  36. Earth to Mrs Julie says:

    The PPM didnt convinceme that voting for the UDP was a mistake, the UDP did a swell job all on their own. Thats a mistake I intend to correct next election.


  37. shady says:

    Not backing UDP or PPM, but it could just be that this "no confidence talk" has sent a wrong message to the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office about our inability to properly govern our own affairs. We have to be careful, because you have some who would love to see this islands under a direct UK dictatorship. Regards

  38. Just Sayin' says:

    That's a shame for Mike really as up until this point he still had my vote (and the other 327 I control in the George Town area). After this little episode however, even "Dr." Frank looks like a better option.


    • Anonymous says:

      Dr. Frank cares!

    • Anonymous says:

      Even Dr Frank? He was always the right person for the job… Let me tell you that Dr Frank did not make it in as he did not have the moneys to give away, and in fact that is not his style but he has alot of good support in this George town. The man cannot help for his colour nor that he was not from a rich family.  However he comes from a good christian family of high principals. So please dont make statements like "even Dr Frank." Dont you see he has the title of DR. Dr Frank did alot of good during his tenure and he had some of the best working under and with him .

    • Anonymous says:

      Mike Adam still has my support, respect AND vote, as he is getting things done.

  39. Anonymous says:

    “It's about him and what he wants, its about power,”

    There is no politician more power hungry than the Premier.  All of his actions, put downs of others, belittling those who disagree with him are the signs of a very power hungry individual.

    It is his quest to hold that power for himself that is hurting the country.  When the country fails he will still be standing tall claiming it is someone elses fault while wanting more accolades and "things" (trappings of power) for himself.

    It is scary what we are letting him get away with.  Again I ask the other UDP members;  Are you Mac's puppets or the peoples servants.  We will know when you vote on the motion of no confidence.  Please do not continue to go down with a sinking ship.  We will remember whether were willing to "man up" when it counted or not.

    • Anonymous says:

      It will be amazing to see what you ungrateful people have to say in a year or two when everyone is making money again! What an ungrateful, hatred bunch of people you Caymanians are.  Be thankful that you are still breathing.

      • anon says:

        Is it down to the Premier I'm still breathing? Should I thank God for the Premier everyday that I might live?  Bush is a fool, surviving on Granny's wits. You don't even have those.

        • Anonymous says:

          Supposed to be CHRISTIANS should not be POLITICIANS. Not the kind of POLITRICKING that goes on in the Cayman Islands. I just wish that Bro Dave would make that a ruling. Get serious we are in the last days, Jesus will soon come and all the titles such as Premier and Deputy Premier wont stand a chance in hell. There is not such a thing as clean Politics. This gives the churches a poor image. I admit that it is a good place to earn alot of votes. Be careful ya all Jesus is looking down. Being baptized in the river Jordan wont help when he returns.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right. 
        There are a lot of things I hate.

        I hate politicians that spend lavish amounts of the peoples monies on their personal home just because they can get away with it.  That arrange for the neighborhood roads to be chip and sprayed while they have their own road asphalted.  I hate Politicians that forget they work for the people and just grab after power and control all the time complaining about the checks and balances that are meant to hold back corruption.

        I hate leaders that represent what they want and not the wants of the people.  And I hate politicians that blindly support their Premier when it is clear he is dangerously leading the country astray whole they turn their backs on the people that elected them.

        I don't wish them harm I just wish them gone.

        I could go on but I think you get the idea.

      • Is that a threat? says:

        "Be thankful that you are still breathing ?" Are you saying that through the Premiers good graces we are still alive ? Are you linking that poor excuse of a leader to Jesus Christ himself ? Is this how far it has gone ?


        Are you issuing a death threat to anti-UDP people ?

        I can handle either one so bring it come !!!!!!



      • Anonymous says:

        Seriously?!? Please tell me you are joking. There is little that the Premier has done since being elected has been to benefit the people of the Cayman Islands. Just because a chosen few have the ear of the Premier and sell him on the benefits of a project does not mean that those projects will benefit the people of these Islands. He needs to man-up to the position that he holds and treat it with respect and then the citizens can do the same. He should take time to properly research a project weighing the benefits and pitfalls, so when asked he can have an educated discussion rather than a senseless diatribe.

        The Premier acts like the people of these Islands are here to serve him and his words should not be questioned. Well let me just say this…not today bobo. You can take that back-of-bush attitude back to the bush Mr. Bush. Step up and be humbled by the position you hold to serve the people and stop strutting around as a proud peacock thinking you are better than the people of the Cayman Islands. Wrong and strong does not make you right, it just makes you an embarrassment to yourself and these Islands.  

      • Anonymous says:

        "What an ungrateful, hatred bunch of people you Caymanians are.  Be thankful that you are still breathing"

        Goodness me, I disagreed with Mackeeva too…

        is he gonna take my air away next????

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, "be thankful you are still breathing" does sound like a threat, or at least a warning. Maybe the Chinese have offered a good price for the air we breathe?

      • Anonymous says:

        I suppose we do have a lot of increased taxes, (and more coming every day), to be grateful for.