CUC’s temporary generator in smoke scare

| 14/05/2011

(CNS): The local power company has confirmed that no one was hurt during an evacuation at the plant as a result of what turned out to be an oil leak, yesterday. A spokesperson from CUC explained that just after 1:00 pm on Friday the Cayman Islands Fire Department attended the power plant in response to smoke which was emanating from a small oil leak in a temporary generator unit located adjacent to Sparky Drive. The firm said the smoke had died down before the fire crews arrived on the site. “This minor incident has not affected the company’s generation capacity and the unit should be back in service in a few days following inspection,” the spokesperson said. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

“There was no injury to any of our personnel or damage to any other equipment. There were no outages as a result of the excessive smoke,” CUC added.

The generator is a one very recently leased by the power company to help fill it generating capacity gap. The power firm has recently experienced of a number of major mechanical failures on various generators as well as a serious explosion in one unit at the beginning of the year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CUC is a very delicate institution because of its power supply and engineering maintenance dna.It is very important to ensure strict policies and procedures to determine if each individual responsible for the care, oversight and monitoring of the CUC engineering mechanism is safe and secure at all times. I believe that it would be a protectaive measure to have the Fire Department check this facility once per week if it means saving lives. Obviously there is apparent breach in safety where this utility service company is concerned..

    In Addition all engineers should be checked regularly and subjected to fingerprinting, random and sudden drug and alcohol testing to ensure that those responsible for the safety of CUC staff and the engine functions are sober and drug free, as this is a serious position and there should be no slack in maintining a tight show , executing strict rules and regulations for all personell concerned especially those working as engineers in this department.