Exam reveals road death victim died of injuries

| 19/05/2011

(CNS): Police have confirmed that the 64 year old woman from Ohio, USA, died in hospital Monday as a result of the injuries she sustained in a car accident the week before. “A post-mortem examination took place on Wednesday, 18 May,” an RCIPS spokesperson stated. “The examination confirmed that the cause of death was impact injuries connected to the collision.” The husband of the victim, also 64, who was arrested by the police at Owen Roberts Airport on Tuesday on suspicion of causing his wife’s death through dangerous driving, is currently on police bail while the enquiries into the crash in West Bay on 10 May continue.

“The RCIPS is in regular contact with him to update him on the progress of the investigation. He is being supported by a family member and the US Consulate. In addition, RCIPS officers will continue to provide support to him and his bereaved family during this difficult, and sensitive, time,” a police spokesperson said.
The road smash occurred at about 9.45pm on Tuesday, 10 May, when two vehicles collided in the area of Jubilee Lane, off Batabano Road, West Bay.

Police said that a report made at the time indicated that a black Chevrolet Colorado being driven by a 23-year-old local man was struck by an oncoming Suzuki Liana. Although the local driver was not hurt, the driver of the Suzuki, a 64-year-old man, sustained a laceration to his shin, as did his male back seat passenger (aged 58). The driver’s wife, who was travelling in the front passenger seat of the car, complained of head and back pain following the crash and was then taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town, where she was admitted for observations.

Anyone who was in the area and witnessed the crash last Tuesday is asked to contact Inspector Adrian Barnett of the RCIPS Traffic Management Department on 946-6254.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i see they are putting arrows on the road to morgans harbor,  although they had one pointing the wrong way and were in the process of correcting it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a bigger picture here she was in the hospital for a week then died did they not check her for internal injuries or think to fly her off the island to another hospital? That scares me more that some old guy that might have broke the trafic law a law that is broke a thousand times a day here in Cayman. God if any one of my family gets hurt I am getting them off this island!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't know the facts of this case nor am I suggesting that what I am about to say applies in this case, but one thing that many people don't realize is what happens if you are a tourist without health insurance or with health insurance which will not pay outside your home country (this applies mainly to Americans who amazingly travel around the world with no health insurance).  If you get ill or injured while visiting the Cayman Islands and end up in the hosptial, it does not matter how sick you are or how badly you need overseas treatment, you will not be sent off island for medical treatment until you have paid your medical bills in Cayman including the air ambulance which can cost upwards to $70,000 or $80,000 depending on what is wrong with you.  This happens all the time with cruise ship passengers.  Family members max out their cards,empty savings accounts, borrow money from friends and relatives, remortgage their houses, beg employers for salary advances in order to pay the medical bill here in order to get their loved one back home for lifesaving treatment.  All because people are too cheap to take out travel insurance.  This sounds harsh but the Cayman Islands cannot afford to subsidize the medical costs of foreigners who have never contributed to the costs of running this country and the number of uninsured tourists who end up in GT hospital is amazing (on average, one passenger from each cruise ship that comes here ends up in the hosptial).  Never travle anywhere unless you have the insurance to cover medical emergencies.



  3. Anonymous says:

    No consutant pathologist or corner is employed at the hospital.  So who is conducting all these post-mortems?  Are they flying in doctors from abroad?

  4. Outraged West Bayer says:

    My deepest sympathy to this family, particularly the husband.  This gentleman actually went to the Police Station in GT the night before to find out if he could leave the island.  He wasn't trying to run!!! But alas, there was NO ONE AT THE POLICE STATION WHO COULD ANSWER HIS QUESTION!!!  Our Police is not only incapable of solving any crime, they also have no empathy in handling this type of situation.  How difficult would it have been for the officer in charge of the case to say to him "Sir, you must not leave the island".  There is a proper way to handle these situations.

    This family came here for a wedding (the couple's son) and are now dealing with a funeral – how sad.  They rented SIX condominium units on 7 Mile Beach and I wonder if anyone from the Ministry of Tourism or the Department of Tourism has even reached out to them in this sad time.  I guess as long as they come and spend their $, we're satisfied.  What have we come to???

    The couple had dinner at a restaurant in the Morgans Harbour area of West Bay and left the restaurant in darkness, with no other traffice on the road and ended up on the wrong side of the road.  We invite visitors to our shores and we know that the majority of our visitors are from North America but we can't even put up a few signs in strategic places to remind them to drive on the left? We have to take some responsibility!!! It is a disgrace that he was arrested on a charge of dangerous driving! I don't think he needs to be reminded that he was wrong and that he made a fatal mistake – and I agree, no one can punish him as much as he will punish himself.  

    • Jesus on a Surfboard says:

      FINALLY!!!  Thank you for the confirmation of what we have all suspected.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for filling in the blanks. My sympathy go out to this gentleman and his family. Please RCIP. do the right thing and allow this man to go home and arrange his wifes funeral and grieve with his family.


  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG! This is disgraceful, we have unsolved robberies & murders yet the RCIP arrest a grieving 64 year old husband due to a car crash. There was no suscipion of alcohol involved, no direct mention of intent or speeding played a part. Hasn't this man suffered enough, he came here on vacation with his wife and he gets arrested at the airport when he's trying to take her home and prepare for a funeral.

    The RCIP & The Attorney General need to exercise better judgment and go after the real criminals!

    • Anonymous says:

      Could not say it better myself. No one can punish him more than he will punish himself for the rest of his days.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes yes and yes. The RCIPS said that the female victim died of her injuries? No S**t sherlock. Do they think we think she was struck by lightning? FFS, we HAVE TO do something about the RCIPS! This is deplorable, by why wouldn't legal do this? Arrest an elderly expatriate for an easy to prove offence that will add to their figures and divert attention away from all the cases where they charge the wrong offence to allow the 'offender' to go free. MLA  anyone? bastards.