Last call for WB council

| 30/05/2011

(CNS): The people of West Bay have just four more days left to nominate possible candidates to be appointed to the West Bay Advisory District Council which will offer direct advice on local community needs to the four MLAs, including the premier, who represent the people of the district in the country’s Legislative Assembly. According to a release from the premier’s office two public meetings have already been held to take nominations and they will now close on Friday 3 June. Once the nominations are in the Cabinet will consider the suggestions made by the public, district MLAs and the opposition leader when it makes the decision on who will be the first people to serve on the new district council.

The councils were established under the Cayman Islands 2009 Constitution and were shaped by recent legislation that said the councils would be appointed and not elected. As a result the members of Cabinet will have the final decision on the make-up of the committees.

With only four days left residents in the district wishing to suggest possible candidates to advise McKeeva Bush, Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden and Captain  Eugene Ebanksmust ensure their nominations reach the Office of the Premier at PO Box 102, Grand Cayman KY1-9000 or to any other individual West Bay MLA or the West Bay MLA Office, no later than the close of business on Friday.

The premier’s office said the nominations must be accompanied by confirmation that the person nominated is willing to serve as an Advisory District Councillor and a short biography of the person highlighting their suitability to serve in that capacity. It has been suggested that the written nomination be countersigned by the person nominated, in affirmation of their willingness to serve.

The qualification of an Advisory District Councillor called for in section 4(3) of the law reads as follows: “A member of a Council shall be a person who lives in the relevant electoral district and who is by reason of his special qualifications, training, experience or knowledge of the district suitable for appointment to a Council.” 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You know, there's been some discussion over whether or not to discontinue reclining seats on planes. Well, maybe the same should be considered about the seats in the LA. I mean, viewing hugely remunerated representatives reclining/sleeping(?) doesn't exactly fit the bill, does it? Advise to fatcat legislators : keep it upright. OK?

  2. Jacky boatside from oldbush says:

    Wha ya mean its not the district council its the district clones and they will have to comply with their master, bow down before the man you serve and you are going to get what you deserve hahahaha aaaaah boy! tek unaaah licks West Bayers.

  3. Candy Date says:

    Is a criminal record and drug habit mandatory or is it just a big plus?

  4. West Bayer says:

    Now I hope we got Ms. Daphne and Paul and Rupert on this list of nominations….ESPECIALLY MS. DAPHNE!!!

    If neither one of them not on there……it is what it is….A BIG FREAKIN JOKE!!! And just another excuse for UDP to assign jobs for their top 'loyal' campaigners like the ones in Barkers.. and granted, they don't have to be smart or anything just 'loyal'!!! B.S.!!

    And if I don't see any of the above names mentioned in…it just goes to show….Mac and his goonies are nothing but COWARDS!

    • Power of the People says:

      Let's be clear, IF the UDP cared to really hear what the people had to say there wouldn't be SO much of an outcry against them…not saying that they should bend on every whim of the public, but at the very least attempt to appease the masses.

      I would be so very surprised to see anyone OTHER than their own UDP supporters on a council – simply knowing their method of operation.

      That said, I think the following would be reasonable choices for the TRUE…let me repeat…TRUE voice of the people:

      Daphne Orrett: She is a Christian woman who has proven to be an honest and wholesome role model. She was an MLA in years gone by and very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of public office. She is an outspoken humanitarian, activist and genuine heart who is not afraid to fight for the people.

      Paul "the Lion" Rivers: Whilst not successful in the 2009 election, Paul had a good showing and really proved his mettle afterward with his attitude to continue being a man of the people. He seems to have impressed both sides of the political fence and gained a following through his weekly call in to the local radio stations and appearances at various rallies and public meetings. He is clearly the voice of those who have none or choose to have none and this would seem to be the very kind of person that fills the role.

      Dwene Ebanks: Not the radio personality, the 'other' Dwene. He has been in the midst of politics since he was a young boy and has a vast knowledge of things most would not have interest in (politically). He is vocal, passionate and so very well known.

      Pattie (don't know her last name): I've heard her on the radio and whilst she has a story of grievances, she comes across as a regular person who wants to see her country move in the right direction. I cannot tell if she is affiliated to a party or not, but that really shouldn't matter. This is about being for the people.

      Ormond Morgan Ebanks(?): From the WB Action Committee. Another outspoken individual who seems to be tapped into the pulse of the people. Some of his views are a bit out there, but under the guidance of a Council, he can be focussed to really concentrate on the pressing issues that West Bay faces and weed out the nonsensical ones.

      Capt Bryan Ebanks: This man came out of nowhere and impressed the heck out of me. He is driven, passionate, well spoken, committed to his cause, the voice of the people and a West Bayer. His petition to save the North Sound is noble and his determination in the face of ridicule and conflict is admirable.

      I am sure there are more but they are quiet in their work. I can only speak of people I have met or heard on the media circuit. Some of the above are up for debate, obviously – but if we are truly looking for a voice for the people to the ears of government, then you would hope that it would be people who already stand out in a crowd. Individuals that others flock to for help, those who take to the front lines without concern for themselves.

      UDP I hope you treat this as a serious nomination and not a Mickey Mouse Club. Should you choose to once again bypass the people's wishes then know that your time is limited and we will have our say one day.

      • Anonymous says:

        From all the names you have mentioned above, not one of those people showed at either meeting. I rarely see these persons working in the West Bay community any way. If they wanted their names put forward the least they could have done was to come out and find someone to nominate them. In other words, put your money where you mouth is!  If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. Stop bloody complaining and do something about it.

        • Anonkymous says:

          So they gah attend every meeting to be considered worthy? Get real!

          People have lives and cannot be everywhere at once. 

          What are YOU doing about anything? Sitting in an audience? Yeh that'll get things done. Have YOU been nominated? At least people think well enough of them to put their names forward…bitter much? I guess no one put your name down so you're all upset and being a sore loser.

          So my point is….obviously they are doing SOMETHING (well at least some of them…I don't agree with ALL names) otherwise people wouldn't call their names…duh!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don't you nominate them?

    • Anonymous says:

      It was an open invitation to all West Bayers, I saw neither person there and I attended both meetings at the John Gray Memorial Chuch Hall. Nominations were made for people who are certainly not UDP. This is about the district  of West Bay and ALL its people, not UDP. Someone could nonimate either Paul or Miss Daphne if they felt so inclined. 

      • Anonymous says:

        You can nominate all you like but at the end of the day it comes down to who McKeeva chooses.

        He made it clear that his reasons for not supportiing a democratic process to constitute the Council is that it might bring persons who do not support the UDP. Enough said.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now is the Time for more people to Stand up! Protect the areas of Cayman with their knowledge and concerns be appart of Cayman's Future. Make a Difference. Don't Talk Do!

    • Anonymous says:

      Advise??? Advise them what?  Another salary to pay out??  What is wrong with you civil servants?  Your salaries have been cut, yet they are hiring another dead weight person?  Who is Eugene Ebanks?  Oh yea I forgot he is one of the four lol lol

  6. Farcic Al says:

    Me, me, pick me!

  7. Anonymous says:

    all I can hear is wimping, sure if you dont stand up and be heard the ones you are blaming will have the voice.."I had thought about trying to get on the council but realised that it would never happen the way things are being run nowadays.Its a shame that anyone who may have something to offer their own district would be cut out because they are not a party supporter.,"

    " and for us Batabano residents, how does this help to close down the number shop, and get rid of the street bums dealing drugs in our area who harass, stab, rob, shoot….you name it?"

    stop complaining and get out there and be heard , sitting in your comfortable chair and yap, yap. take action.

  8. West Bay resident says:

    Waste of time, we expect a whitewash so why bother to take any part in this farce.

  9. Anonymous says:

    McKeev's cousin, McKeeva's niece, McKeeva, Uncle, McKeeva's step brother.

    • Anymous says:

      And where you leave out my wife, my wife mother, my sister, my cousin, aunt and uncle brother in law in Bodden Town. Hehehehehehe

  10. "EARS WIDE OPEN" says:

    Referring to 19:57.  This is so true, you could't have said it better.  The only thing you missed out is the drug depot on Willie Farrington Drive.  All the Police can say is that they always search the house but don't find anything.  The public knows why they don't find anything.

    All the Police need to do is to stake out the area and catch the cars when they drive in to pick up.  Our RCIPS is such a pitiful bunch.  My 6 year old grandson would know how to break up that dolly house for good.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If you're so interested, you should have attended the meeting.  But, alas, you save your input for the blogs.

    • Anonymous says:


      GET A LIFE!!

      CNS: Comments written all in capitals are generaly deleted. Could you leave the caps lock off in futre? Thanks!

  12. petermilburn says:

    Your guess is as good as anyones on this district councils election or should I say appointment..I had thought about trying to get on the council but realised that it would never happen the way things are being run nowadays.Its a shame that anyone who may have something to offer their own district would be cut out because they are not a party supporter.Of course I could be totally wrong and low and behold we could have a by partisan council.Come on Mr.Premier prove me wrong on this.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Great – and for us Batabano residents, how does this help to close down the number shop, and get rid of the street bums dealing drugs in our area who harass, stab, rob, shoot….you name it?

    Since the RCIPS dont want to patrol maybe the Council office could be right there– there's LOTS of shop vacancies in that area these days.

    Used to be a nice area til the liguor store opened on the corner (without ANY public opportunity for input in to the liquor licence).

  14. Anonymous says:

    So……………..if  "Cabinet will consider the suggestions made by the public, district MLAs and the opposition leader when it makes the decision on who will be the first people to serve on the new district council." How many non-UDP people will be on the council?




    • Backstroke!! says:

      You're kidding are'nt you. There will be none, other than the UDP.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, that was sarcasm. We know only UDP drones will be on the council. That is why Mac smirked when the question was asked at the meeting if the opposition would be able to nominate anyone.