Dump going to Bodden Town

| 16/06/2011

(CNS): Grand Cayman's landfill will soon be re-locating east into the district of Bodden Town as part of the government's forthcoming deal with the Dart Group. Cline Glidden, who has previously led the charge to find a solution to the growing problem of Mount Trashmore, said the new landfill would be an eco-park with various waste management solutions but it would not include a waste-to-energy element. Although Wheelabrator and its local partner had been selected at the end of last year to convert the existing dump and future waste into energy, which would be sold to CUC, Glidden confirmed that this would no longer be the way government would deal with its waste issue.

Speaking at a press briefing, held to announce government's imminent deal with the Dart Group, the West Bay government backbencher stated that when the selection process was carried out at the end of last year following the official Request For Proposals on solutions to the dump, the government did not have the new proposal from Dart to remediate the existing dump.

However, during the bidding process it is understood that DECCO, the Dart Group’s construction company, did submit a bid as part of a consortium which included a proposal to cap the existing dump and establish a new landfill in Bodden Town.

According to the former technical committee chair, that proposal had been listed in 6th or 7th place by the members and it did not make the short list which was recommended to the Central Tenders Committee. The bid had not met the parametres of the RFP at that time and there were concerns about the potential environmental impact of moving a new dump to the central wetlands area.

Speaking at the press conference on Wednesday hosted by the premier to announce government's new extensive partnership with the developer, Glidden said that Wheelabrator had been shortlisted only as a potential partner to examine waste-to-energy as a possible solution but had not been awarded the contract. He added that no deals had been signed and now that plans had changed government would be looking for a new solution for the new site.

Dart will use swap land it had recently purchased in Bodden Town for the current landfill site, which it will now remediate, it was revealed. The developer has said it will carry out widely welcomed technical work on treating the current landfill site and preventing it from leaking toxins into the North Sound.

The premier said that with the help of local waste management expert Walling Whittaker, Dart will convert the dump into a piece of recreational land which will be incorporated into Camana Bay. The land in Bodden Town will then be re-zoned and Dart will develop a new modern eco-waste park which, once phase one is complete, will be delivered to government. The developer will not, however, be involved in the ongoing management of the facility, which will remain in the hands of government or a new private sector partner.

In his presentation about the new mega deal with Dart, McKeeva Bush said that it was as a result of Dart wishing to discuss real estate development and the unresolved issue of the dump that the two parties began talking in the first place. He said these discussions led on to wider national issues and the major partnership that government is now entering into with the country's biggest private land owner.

Bush said the dump land swap solution was worth an estimated US$26.5 million as government was receiving 110 acres in Bodden Town for the 68 acre George Town site and Dart's remediation and after care management of the existing dump for up to twenty years was valued at around $32.5 million. He explained that the developer would take title of the landfill once it was closed and the remediation work begun.

Bush added that the future of the new landfill site would be discussed with the various technical teams within the ministry.

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  1. Dump says:

    Likely place is East of Lookout Gardens – where they currently quarrying. Plenty old cars piled up there already – already starting to look like the dump.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why not start a waste management and recycle plant at the current dump ? The garbage is already there.

    The solution is to consume less.

    On the other hand, we all know that when BananaBay was initiated the moving of the dump was already part of the deal.

    I feel sorry for all the home owners who will no see their retirement property decrease to unsellable. But I am not surprised, since bush did this before with First Caymanian Bank XXXX. Many have lost their retirement savings.

    But this is how it goes in undeveloped countries. People just forget.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners, where are your (governement) UDP representatives?  You voeted for them, are they telling you what is happening about the dump? Not even a meeting to update their supporters.  Well in 2013 if we are still a live, we can dump them too.  

    I know the Midland Acres residents will be able to put  a new fragance on the market, thanks to the UDP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Save Cayman" is quiet on this issue that is vital to the health of the North Sound yet they haven't said a word, have they disappeared or disbanded?

    Where is Captain Bryan Ebanks???

    Has he left the island?

    If you want to be taken seriously about protecting the North Sound you cannot pick and choose the issues but need to man up to the difficult issues as well.

  5. J. Dixon says:


    I knew it was comin. And sorry for belford estates, because all that smoke and pollutants will just pass overhead midland and settle in the northward – back of bodden town area… and when the wind shift to the east… poor breakers and some residences in frank sound

    what a mess for the eastern districts! I feel more sorry for the residences around the dump than for those near proximity. And think of Savannah and Bodden Town road… noisy garbage trucks, running at nights and leaking smelly liquids along side the shamrock and bodden town road.

    Boy I tell ya, instead of them recycling waste, it looks like SPREADING THE WASTE, another Mt. Trashmore in the making.

    Where is Ellio?  Where is Dwayne?  Oh I forgot, people voted STRAIGHT and ignored the INDEPENDENT candidates. People were so fool-fool in thinking that if they voted STRAIGHT party line that they would be represented better. And I guess next election it will be STRAIGHT PPM – no INDEPENDENTS BUT EZZARD.


    • Vincent Frederick says:

      I do not agree with the Government view of putting the dump into the District of Bodden Town. Development was one on the many topics I touched on when I ran as an independent candidate in the last election in Bodden Town. However, my vision of a development plan did not include bringing the Island's waste/garbage into the lives of Bodden Towner’s. Bodden Town is a quiet, peaceful, beautiful and clean district and I intend to see that it remains that way.

      I would like to ask the three (3) representatives the following questions: –
      (1) Where are you when your people need you the most?
      (2) Why do you think the people of Bodden Town deserve garbage over quality development? 
      (3) Where are the plans and impact studies and did you asked the people of Bodden Town if this was acceptable.
      I honestly cannotsay what details and reasons are behind making my district the next dumping ground, but I intend to start campaigning regardless of how much the Premier, Dart Group or any of the three politicians try to brush it aside.

      The time has arrived for Bodden Towner’s to open their eyes and see why it would have been more beneficial to them if they had elected Independents into the Legislative Assembly.

      I am open to all to discuss this matter and is ready to form a campaign and can be reached at vincef72@hotmail.com. if anyone is interested, please send detail information outlining your reasons in keeping the dump out of Bodden Town.

      "Bodden Towner’s Against Garbage"

      Vincent Frederick

      CNS: Could you register if you use your own name, please. The register/log-in box is on the LHS column and there are also links below the comment box. You will be logged out when you close your browser and will have to log back in next time you comment. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now more than ever we need to look to alternative means to deal with Cayman's very real solid waste disposal problem. 

    Government put out a request for tender for a Waste to Energy plant. A winning bidder was selected. Once again the Premier disregarded the choice of the Central Tenders Committee and has offered the project to a company whose proposal did not meet the core requirement of the tender, converting Waste to Energy.

    Now the Premier has gone off and signed a MOU for an oil refinery. That is certain to be another highly controversial step.

    What if, instead, there was a viable technology to directly convert the solid waste stream to make petroleum products such as diesel to power the CUC generators? We couls use the current waste stream and mine out the existing dump. Sounds like a better solution? That technology exists.

    Thermal depolymerization is a process whereby waste is broken down in an aqueous environment and under pressure – basically boiled in a pressure cooker. You can feed in a variety of waste – plastic bottles, old tyres, sewage, and even medical waste. Out comes crude oil which can be refined to make gasoline, kerosene, and other products.



  7. Anonymous says:

    What will happen with all of the gardeners and home owners that drop of their cuttings in the dump? Do you think they will drive all the way to the new dump? Can you say illegal dumping.

    • Reality Sucks says:

      Ummm – it is just another incentive to stop being lazy a$$e$ and set aside some land and COMPOST the waste – and, low andbehold, you can actually take the resulting composted waste and throw it ANYWHERE YOU WANT – because it is basically nutrient rich soil…  

      Or you can just be lazy and selfish and throw it in the dump – and make it someone elses problem – your children for instance!!!

      WAKE UP CAYMAN – A little bit of effort on everone's part could be a boon to the island long term…

    • anonymous says:

      15:57 ,So the gardeners and home owners in the eastern districts can be accused of illegal dumping then,a wonder where they dump their garbage? by the way, when last you check your backyard??

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. anonymous says:

    To all the people in Bodden Town opposed to relocating GT landfill to your district. answer this question…….Where in Grand Cayman is the best place to put the dump then?…… People all over the island(especially the anti Mckeeva/UDP crew) would  oppose this move if it was their district.Can you all imagine if the new dump was headed to East End?,oh yes you imagined it right, a certain ignorant fellow would erect signs,encourage marches and then threaten to lay down in front of CIG garbage trucks.Sensible Bodden Towners and Caymanians know and understand that with modern technology this new dump(waste to energy facility) will minimize and/or eliminate all landfill issues(odor,toxins,leakage & buildup etc.),Bodden Towners have nothing to worry about except for uninformed and uneducated  people sprouting stupid comments…….Bodden Towners if you really love Cayman then you will welome this move with absolutely no fear,our capital has had enough and cannot handle no more,the landfill had to be  moved some where else and the district of Bodden Town was the best choice.Kudos to the UDP for finally making a move with Mt.Trashmore,the uninformed and ignorant comments here on CNS is only spreading fear and getting us nowhere!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, this is such a frickin lazy reply becoming so common on CNS – "if you don't like it, then what is your suggestion?"


      "If you don't like the wanton and irreversible destruction of the island, then what is your suggestion?"

      "If you don't want a massively polluting, economically unfeasible oil refinery, then what is your suggestion?"

      "If you don't want a nuclear waste reprocessing plant run by slave children who will  be executed at age 10, then what is your suggestion?"

      Lazy, moronic, corrupt thinking.

      • Anonymous says:

        Were you actually expecting something else?  Or are you just complaining like everyone else here?  Other countries have good working models to follow but it takes educated, disciplined people.  Go back to your last line.  The best Cayman could do is to put it in one big growing pile.  Anything better than that (especially given the size of the pile) is at the very least better.  Even if it is starting a new pile somewhere else.  Or?????

  10. AJ says:

    I live in Midland Acres and enjoy coming home to some peace and quiet. The amount of traffic this dump will genarate with the trucks going back and forth at all hours of the day and night just disgusts me!! Eco-park right it will still smell, trust me.  So now our property value is gone and Dart's is up.  Another way to screw the hard working citizens.  The rich get richer as the poor get poorer, so what else is new. Ok, the dump is not moving but hey a new dump is coming and it's coming to my backyard!  Everyday is just another sad day in Cayman to see how our representatives are just not listening to us!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    10.11 I would like you to know that I have lived in B. Town all my life and the dump that you are referring to, would have to be some of the undesirables that have been allowed to settle and destroy our peaceful and harmonious district.  When there are imports that believe that untidy and noisy neighbourhoods are the way of life, what can one do to rectify or persuade them to do or be different.  The only how one could curtail such undesirable influence in the communties, is by screening the would be buyers/purchasers. 

    I agree that certain areas could do with some improvement, but you would need to educate the inhabitants of those areas, on cleanliness and civic pride.  The DOE should go around to the districts on a quarterly basis, inpecting the sanitation of the surroundings and issusing a cetificate based on their findings or give them time to clean up their properties.

    During my years of going to school, we were taught not to litter and it was not proper to walk and eat on the street.  I am not young, but I always remember those two things.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why move the dump from George Town. George Town is already a dump as anyone who drives through there can see and the dump is there so why not make the current dump an eco friendly dump.  also, let us not forget the other beautiful names for parts of george town like Dog CIty and Hod Sty Bay.  Seems appropriate to leave the dump there.

    • Anonymous says:

      All they had to do was go a few hundred yards north for a new dump site. They could have added it to that nasty, hazardous HYATT hotel that still sits disgracefully in the heart of SMB 7 years after Ivan. Now we'll have 3 dumps because the Hyatt will obviously be here forever, the current landfill will never be entirely 'clean' and the 'new eco-one' (ha!) in BT. Why not create a dump in every district while you're at it Leaders?

    • BORN FREE says:

      "Dump going to Bodden Town" & Cayman going to hell!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Tsk tsk tsk CNS … The DUMP is not moving. Heaven forbid we ever have another DUMP anywhere in the Cayman Islands. The DUMP will be closed and a new Waste Management Facility with properly lined cells, recycyling and management in place which will stop anyone from ever having to live with the horror that is the DUMP that George Towners have lived with for so long. Just as technology has advanced in every other area of industry it has advanced with landfill techniques, equipment etc. and I daresay that the new landfill will become a source of jobs and will once again put Cayman in a leadership position in the Caribbean.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ask Justin Woods where the land is. 

  15. M says:

    I am not happy with the dump move!

    I live in Midland Acres. I can just imagine the wind blowing west and the smell of garbage!  Moreover, flies and more rodents in the area.  This is not good news for me and my family.

    I left town to live in quiet and peaceful Midland Acres to get away from combustion and pollution. Now I have to think about putting my house up for sale to get out of that area.


    • Jab-Jab says:

      Speak to your representatvies. Tell them NIMBY! – Oh, wait, they must have already agreed to this in caucus. I know you could try asking for an EIA from the Minsiter for Enviro … Oh … same guy isn't it? Good thing the Bodden towners voed in a strong team, beholden to no one for the election, to represent them. To make sure that the people are democratically included in making big decisions for their district. Oh, wait, I guess their democratic process nevere appeared to follow 'best practice' (thats Dwene-speak for rules) in the first place either so why should their constituents expect it now.

  16. Anonymous says:

    … is that what big mac and the little fries think of BT, just a place to dump their garbage??? c'mon BT votes, rise up and take a stand, it's now or never.

  17. IrateandIrritated says:

    Dart owns our premier. It is extremely evident.Why can't Dart do something OUTSIDE of the West Bay area?! Put this four-star resort somewhere else. Isn't that what GO EAST is all about?! Or is it keep all the good stuff in West Bay and all else can go to hell…i mean east.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart owns his land in GT and WB. thats why- simple.

      However Go East was nonsense. Thatch plaiting, husking coconuts, crafts for tourist? Stupid and demeaning idea. It takes over a week to make 1 thatch basket and you cant sell it for more than $30- Go East ? was stupid idea.

      Chuckie came up with this idea and it shows what he thought of Bodden Town, East End and North Side. Keep them without economic power and all will be well. The public knew he was not performing and He was the only Minister of PPM not reelected -says something doesn't it?

    • Anonymous says:

      DART owns the while country. Loil up Kenneth Dart and DART Container and Vulture Fund. Beware!

  18. Let it be said says:

    Ahh … yuh heard it first right here paeople: Location of new "waste management" site is … down behind and to the east of Midland Acres !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Midland Acres is in the Breakers registration section. Try looking north west of Lookout Gardens (towards the prison).

  19. Anonymous says:

    Does 'waste to energy' mean an 'incinerator with generator'. If so please stop using the word ECO. This will be as clean as CUC's generators. Carbon emissioms together with toxic fumes is not what I would call Green.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Great, another sore eye for what was the first capital of the Cayman Islands, have the present government driven through Bodden Town recently(since Hurricane Ivan), why issomething positive not done to the buildings there that has not been repaired since then and now this??

  21. Anonymous says:

    Well Bodden Town people you have won the grand prize of haters. After blocking all development for the Town you can now say you get what you deserve. No re zoning of land size, no redirecting of heavy equipment traffic through historic Bodden Town. Re zoning of historic Bodden Town for eco tourism and cultural retail outlet to pedestrian tourist as the road at The By pass to Bt School could be closed off to allow for food venders and artist sales but forgot that the biggots of the two gas stations would have to be relocated to allow this thus holding back this type of development. But not to worry we now have a dump to scalvage.

    • Anonymous says:

      you all should be thankful you have this facility coming to your district.

      Try to educate yourself, don't you know the diffrence between a dump and a waste managed facility? now you can put all those strapping young men, with nothing to do, to good use, instead of them hanging out on the street side all day.

      This facility will offer various types of recycling opportunities, maybe you should form yourself a company and start something up yourself.

      you could recycle; glass, aluminum, paper, iron,plastic, timber. The most feasable one is the  organic waste into manure/compost. This is all your food waste, vegetable peels, egg shell, you name a food product and you got compost,but let me tell you, it will require lots of ambition.

      If we Caymanians have the ambition to handle the recycling product from our homes, we will cut down tremendously on our land fill.

      Lets look at this from a business prospective, for all Bodden towners who have the ambition to participate, and come out a winner. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    So glad I sold my land and bailed on our plans to build in BT. Explains now why "crappy site development" was allowed to take place and flood everyones property.

  23. Jacky boatside from oldbush says:

    The dump has not moved to Bodden Town because Bodden Town is a DUMP.It was also the first capital of the Cayman Islands and not much has changed i must say, it look better back then. With all the ministers past and present who resided in the district and the fact that it has historical significance its current state is a down right disgrace. However Bodden Town is so use to getting absolutely Nothing from our Political Charlatan’s they cannot complain about their new Eco Park even if stinks a little Phewwwwwwwww Thanks Guys you have come thru for us! and our boy Wally will finally make some Dosh$$$$$$$$

  24. Anonymous says:

    lucky bodden towners!!!….i wish an 'eco-park' would be created in my area!

    • Anonymous says:

      They too blinded with stupidity, to see the opportunities awaiting them. As soon as an expat embark on these various jobs…you will hear foreigeners taking away our jobs.

      Bodden Towners, assert yourselves, think inside the box, get the facts, you can win with this project.

      Stop letting gossip and slander put you out of a chance to be a player in your own district. your own Caymanians don't want to see you with anything.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Go West Bay!!!!! My property value just increased overnight!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    It's already a dump! No change…

    Seriously though, why does it have to go to a town at all.  Isn't that what caused the problem we're now paying to solve? Look on Google Maps, Cayman is a big, empty place.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Clearly given all of the announcements over the past few days the Governor will have to exercise his reserve powers to increase the Auditor General's budget and resources in order to investigate XXXXX…..My God !!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday Alden buried the PPM with his "Rollover" policy announcement. Today McKeeva buriedMark and John John with his confirmation that Premier DART will be moving th dump to Bodden Town. Welcome back Chuckster……we missed you……yes even those that didn't vote for you miss you !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice try- we can only imagine who wrote this one…a vote for Chuckie is a wasted vote. He will not be re-elected. He needs to move on.


  29. Old Sea Captain says:

    At last Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour have delivered something from the UDP government for Bodden Town, "An eco park with various waste management solutions". Now Mark and Dwayne will you hold a public meeting and explain to your Bodden Town voters that this phrase is the UDP dressed up word for "dump" . So Bodden Towners if you are not familiar with a map of your island let me assure you that with the prevailing north east winds the stench and related odors from this dump in this location (north of Midlands Acres) will cover the entire district of Bodden Town, including Lower Valley and Savannah which is all downwind of this area. I could excuse Dwayne for not understanding this but I'm sure Mark should be able to see this as I understand he has had some type of higher education. In the meantime I intend to order a large shipment of face masks that everyone living in Bodden Town will have to wear from day one that this "eco park" is opened and will be looking for retail space to locate shop.

    • Anonymous says:

      #1 .If all done properly, there should be no stench. #2.It is time for Caymanians to watch the size of their trash bags, refuse to buy plastic and overpackaged goods and start RECYCLING. #3.  CIG should ban plastic bottles. Some countries/states implemeted it already.

    • Anonymous says:

      While all solutions may draw some questions – how can we all make such half-baked comments when no one has seen the details behind the proposal? When forming a view on something one should follow this simple process 1. Engage brain 2. Get facts 3. Review facts and get explanations on what you do not understand 4. Remove the political colored glasses 5. Then make your comments

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you 100% 12:35

        Why do we have to be blessed with so many idiots.

        People, get the facts, educate yourselves, God gave you a brain, stop listening to rubbish and propaganda, why is it,everything have to be political.

        Sometimes I think it is a set up to keep the poor Caymanians down, our own don't want to see us get far…you know  about the crab-in-the barrell mentality, people that is what these people are all about, put your brain in gear, and go get piece of the pie, opportunites are there for all.

  30. Anonymous says:

    yeah for Bodden Town !

    They must be soooo happy !

    • M says:

      No… I am not happy!

      I live in Midland Acres. I can just imagine the wind blowing west and the smell of garbage!  Moreover, flies and more rodents in the area.  This is not good news for me and my family.

      I left town to live in quiet and peaceful Midland Acres to get away from combustion and pollution. Now I have to think about putting my house up for sale to get out of that area.

  31. Anonymous says:

    OMG  Hands over eyes they said they wanted lets go east mite not been what they where expecting but something is going East the dump.Lmao cutting West Bay off from the Seven Mile Beach and sending there garbage to Bodden Town Wa you saying now McKeeva. And as for Mark & John John those yes men una days numbered bobo as MLA'S for Bodden Town.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I expect "Save Cayman" to step up and support the moving of the landfill and capping the existing landfill that is leaching into North Sound.

    It baffles me that "Save Cayman" would become so vocal about dredging but to also be so completely silent about the landfill.

    The polution of the North Sound should be an issue for "Save Cayman".

    • umek mesick says:

      You have to be honest, Save Cayman should not get invloved with  the land fill. This really is an agenda item that has been with every elected Government since 1976.

      Every government of the day has made some progress with this and most recently the UDP has been working on a progressive solution. An influential group has been educating people on various solutions,so why would any community group duplicate efforts and undermine other people's work.

      Stop being closed minded and naive to the point of disturbing &#it.  Save Cayman is a very courageous and proactive group. We do not need them to grow any bigger. They could become detrimental!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you baffled, their only interest were the money they are making off the north sound, they don't really care about Cayman.

      Save Cayman, is about save my job. to hell with the rest of the island.

      I have never in my life heard so much b*** s***, from them, I didn't realise Cayman had so many Marine Biologist, and marine engineers.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Removing the dump is necessary the GT landfill is full as the population increases, we all know over time that moving the dump would be only a matter of time.  BT is the only place that has a lot of interior land left and althought no one wants the dump in their neighbourhood it has to be relocated somewhere.   I know that this is not what the people of BT would want but please let our leader have your ideas and suggestions.


  34. Anonymous says:

    How many times must this basic question be asked: Where in BT, where is this 110 acres?????? Why will neither Dart nor govt tell us, what are they hiding?

    • Anonymous says:

      No one's hiding the location.  Photos and maps were released to the media at the Press Conference.  The site is between the Midland Acres quarry and the Scotts quarry.

      CNS: Having attended the press conference no photos or maps were released to this media house! Pictures were posted around the room but no press packs were handed out. We have since searched all Dart related websites and have been ubable to find any online information/pictures to link, otherwise we would have posted them.

    • Anonymous says:

      At Northward, close to the Prision. See this map when you will have an ideia where will be the dump



  35. Libertarian says:

    LOL… this is just amazing!  It comes in like Cayman sold its birthright!  What is probably the most valuable parcel of land has been given to Kenneth Dart.

    It "appears" that the Premier knows very little of the value of the G.T. dump. Don't be fooled – looks are deceiving! There is more to this mere eye sore, which everybody seems to hate. But Dart picked it up right away whilst everyone was caught up on Joe. A business man has the ability to smell money miles away.

    Therein lies just about any and every thing thrown away – from computers, old cars, machineries to plastics!  Anything you can think of that has all sorts of precious metals like copper, nickel, tin, iron, and silver. LOL… Mt. Trashmore is a goldmine!

    The deal to handover the dump to Dart, is probably the biggest steal ever made in Cayman's history!  Dart will make so much money from the extractions of this dump that if you were an old woman with false teeth, it would drop right out of your mouth!  

    It is funny that whilst everybody's attention was on Joe's quarry from the start; meanwhile, Dart dissappeared from the Cruise Berthing deal… now to our surprise, land was purchased in Bodden Town and a deal was made between him and the Premier. Instead of Joe's quarry – welcome to Dart's quarry, which does not consist of mere rock!

    It will be interesting to see just how muchDart will generate from this goldmine and who are the ones to benefit from it.

    Good Night

    • Anonymous says:

      Mad a$$. You not listenin aw wah? Dart does NOT, repeat does NOT want to mine the George Town dump.  It wants to remediate and cap it, close it….done. 

    • yellow bird says:

      Recovering gold from computers has, until recently, not been economically viable, but new technologies have changed this situation. Dart would have to get on par with that technology. The gold in computers, is in itself the form of gold plating, which makes its removal complicated. Not all recyclers have the advanced technology to deal with this. However, Lib, you are absolutely right, there is money in that dump – lots of it. And in the right hands, it was a big steal.

    • Anonymous says:

      What are you talking about?!!!  Goldmine, really??  The site is a dump, full of rotting, stinking garbage.  Do you really think Dart is taking over the dump to mine it? 

    • Anonymous says:

      This might be true, if your assumptions regarding how much valuable material is in that landfill, is correct but…

      If Dart is willing to invest in the garbage of the Grand Cayman, shift though the muck and extract those valuables, something Caymanians were told they should have done years ago, then Dart has every right to profit from it.

      To those willing to work, goes the rewards…

      Or have you forgotten that recipe for success ?

      The last PPM Government got shafted by a couple of con-men who ran off with the money from whatever was sold out of the landfill and left the current UDP Government with the bills to pay  the local contractors, who were shafted as well.

      I'm a completely non-partisan commentor but there is one thing for sure…

      You can't make omelettes without breaking eggs and you can't clean shit without getting your hands dirty.

  36. The Lone Haranguer says:

    I got up yesterday morning read the Compass and a good feeling came over me, everything going to be alright baby, run Mckeeva run.

    Come on haters just say it, who's the man!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I think you should correct your title CNS. There is a big difference between dump (a mountain of trash, where you dispose of your waste) and a waste management facility ( a proper location to change your waste into renewable resources).

  38. Anonymous says:

    Where are the EIA’s for both sets of plans?

    • Anonymous says:

      The studies are included in the offer to Government.  Dart conducts thorough studies (including environmental studies) for all of its projects, whether Government requires it or not. 

      • Anonymouse says:

        Wrong. You conduct the study, then you decide to undertake the studied action. Or not. Exhibit A – East End Megaquarry. Look at the study, it becomes obvious its a bad idea (and economically as shaky as my spelling). But you wouldn't know this from just lookign at the developer's proposal before the study so, do the EIAs, then decide what you're moving to where. (Oh and don't forget the CTC and other due process for awarding (final) contracts, etc., of these sizes.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately washed down the drain with last weeks rainfall.

  39. Worried Caymanian says:

    Where are the Bodden Town representatives to speak on how this will effect the people of Bodden Town, or is Bodden Town no longer considered an actual district in MB's map?

    • Libertarian says:

      Sorry, but instead of Bodden Towners voting Independent candidates into the LA who can think for themselves, they with West Bay all sang and voted straight UDP candidates. Now the only person doing all the thinking is the Premier, and I won't be surprise on the next election, Bodden Towners are going to once again vote straight, and you've have PPM in for another 4 years. It appears we have a cycle…

  40. Silly Rabbit says:

    "…with the help of local waste management expert" Wally Walrus…  since when is Wally Walrus a waste management expert?  local, check.  waste management expert, hmmm?  does wally walrus also hold a degree in nuclear physics and aerospace engineering?  remember boys and girls, Trix are for kids.  Silly Rabbit

  41. BT MASSIVE says:

    Well! Well! yes men Dwayne aka John John and Mark please note your days are numbered for representing the people of Bodden Town.


  42. Seven Mile Smiles says:

    Good.  Great idea moving this away from the important areas of the island.

  43. WHERE in BT? says:


  44. Slowpoke says:

    This will ensure that it is close to the Shetty hospital.  I assume that they are making plans for the disposal of medical waste/biohazard materials.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Where in Bodden Town and why not in West Bay, Bobo?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Walling Whittaker? Oh Lord. More jobs for the UDP guys n gals. Pearlina, Jonathon Piercy have now been given government positions. This political patronage is ridiculous. BTW, why can Wally not hold down a REAL job, either in government or private sector?

  47. Anonymous says:

    I wonder is re-cycling going to be incorporated into the new venture? Unless this begins at the household level, then up on through collection, sorting & various other waste management efforts to make it viable, wont the new landfill just end up like the old one?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is Cayman bobo, we ensure all government entities are full of garbage because of bright ideas and then we try to dispose of a mess too large to handle.

    • Anonymous says:

      There will be land available at the new facility for recycling, composting and even waste-to-energy if the Government wishes to pursue that in the future.