Former TCI leader breaks silence over UK ‘dictator’

| 16/06/2011

(CNS): As the Turks and Caicos Islands bounces from one crisis to another the islands’ former leader Michael Misick has described the interim UK government as the “worst administration in the history,” of the country. Breaking his silence the former leader of the Progressive National Party issued a statement Tuesday night regarding the current state of affairs in the overseas territory, the financial problems and the constitution which the UK is attempting to impose on the country. Misick said in the face of the complete destruction of his “beloved country at the hands of the British government, Dictator Gordon Wetherell, he could no longer remain quiet.

He said three years after the “UK’s unnecessary invasion of our country,” unemployment was at 30 percent, no investment was taking place, crime was at a all-time high, public sector workers were losing their jobs and freedom of speech was being suppressed amid a climate of fear.

“This Interim Government has been such a spectacular failure, that even those who called for them to come to the Turks and Caicos Islands, are now angry and disappointed with them, crying out for them to leave and are prepared to expel them from this beautiful by nature country. It was never this bad; not even under the PDM. Even the PDM was a better government than this interim administration,” Misick said in his statement as he called for independence.

See full statement here

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  1. Sharen says:

    It is amazing to me how many people do not understand what is going on in Turks and Caicos.  UK made a direct hostile takeover of the islands, the culture, the government, the citizens, the constitution.  The new governor (UN calls governor system an undemocratic intrusion) will make all the decisions and will decide who becomes a belonger/citizen.  That will undermine the belongers' votes and change the will the people by diluting their determination.  Anyone can keep talking about what Misick did, that's nonsense at this point, and has no bearing on the UK's lack of accountability or transparency.  This is a set up and everyone who lives in TCI knows it.  It has nothing to do with Meg Munn or Richard Tuawhare or any past governors.  This was a calculated sabotage, the FCO solicited letters of complaint from a political opposition party in TCI because the UK and these guys planned all along to open the voting franchise to expats.  Don't read TCI Journal for your news, those scoundrel are in on it, which we all know too. 

  2. Opie Taylor says:

    Why is that when you play ball(handing over all Financial assets & intrest you have) with the governing power corruption doesn’t same to matter, but yet the mere mention of independence or self determination and you can leave at anytime according to them.All of sudden they descend or hatch a vindictive plan to rigourously investigate corruption. Yet the great shepherd the FCO who sees all and knows all doesn’t even except one drop of responsibility for what has happen and its not like people have not been complaining and being victimized by it.Case in point FCO’s Leigh Turner and OT Minister Meg Munn visit to TCI where the same Michael Misick entertained them and in essence they gave him tacit approval to continue even though mounting issues of corruption were building like a tsunami against TCI government.If it were not for two UK MP’s snooping around at the same time( probably planned) who went back to the UK with a different story it probably would have continued. Yes some of us are rather contemptuous about the FCO and her motives in Cayman this is due to the record of hypocrisy and double standards practiced.Key words not to mention Cayman I&SD not aleast till they close our financial industry down.People like Misick are merely pawns in the great game of greed TCI people are the victims of this game, so that some in London will always live well and eat.

    • Anonymous2 says:

      I suggest you need alot of "tayloring" to do with your grammer, because I don't know if it is just me… but I can't understand the hell what you are saying. 😉

      • Anonymous hypocrite#3 says:

        Yes! right after you sort out your spelling of “Grammar” Your eagerness to correct defines you….. and you can’t understand because you are probably drunk because i think you meant what hell 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Soon come, Cayman.  Soon come.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Our country is being run on the same principles of the TCI before its take-over.  Wasn't he and our Premier busom buddies?  Crown land was given away for $1 and belonger status handed to the rich and famous.  Pool side parties and rockus behaviour was what I read in TCI news.  Seems like our Premier has fashioned his touring on the TCI connection.  Flying far and large.  When are we going to remove him from office?

    • colance says:

      There is no justification for a dictatorship regime that has taken the people's democracy.  I don't care what Misick did.  It doesn't matter if he screwed his mother.  Taking the people's right to elections and right to vote in their own government is what is happening.  It can happen in all territories if we don't stand up for Turks and Caicos brothers and sisters.   If anybody takes a back seat and slow ride down memory lane of years ago they won't see the crash happening around the next corner.   Be wise.  This is not about what Misick did or didn't do years ago. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Two words come tomind – Operation Tempura.

    This is the FCO and the UK governent involved in another cluster***k that only hurts the people they claim to be helping.

    Be very interesting to see how much this is all costing TCI.

    I spent some time out there in 2004/5 and corruption was running at about the same level as it is in the Caymans, maybe even a little more, but nothing like the allegations now flying around.

    Don't laugh folks because you could be next 🙂

  6. H.B. says:

    See the article "Power company cuts off government supply in TCI." So, apparently the British cannot run a small island either!  They cannot even manage the financial affairs aright!  Wow… and so many here speak so well about the UK's dictatorship!

  7. Libertarian says:

    You, Mr. Misick, should have been prosecuted and dealt with by the full brunt of the law!  There is no way, you can come out from this debucle, clean and innocent!

    Nevertheless, on the other hand, what the United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office has done in it own backyard, is an absolute disgrace and abuse of power!  Interestingly, they did this prior to you and party delaring a path towards Independence. They should have never touched the people's financial records, causing the central bank of TCI to go into liquidation.

    And they have the gall to say it was the only way to deal with corruption in TCI. They tried to build the same premise of "corruption" here in the Cayman Islands. The United Nations has severly condemned the United Kingdom for her actions, and our own Premier has distanced himself from the United Nations from educating the public about our self-determination.

    But the rising of the sun, the truth will not and can not be ignored!

    • maverick says:

      Calm down.  After all is said and done, the country will be given back to the people, and then they will have the chance to press forward with Independence. You think the UK wants a corrupt nation?!

      • bradley says:

        They had it plan that way. From what I have learnt: 

        First – Before TCI goes Independent, in the same year, find some official corruption in their government.

        Secondly – Use "corruption" as the sole theme to suspend the people'sConstitution and takeover their financial records.

        Thirdly – Slowly, drain TCI's economy and liquidate their Central Bank!

        Fourthly –  Involved uk taxpayers monies.

        Fifly – Without any remorse, say to TCI, we don't need you anymore, now you can go Independent.


        Another mastermind agenda to fill the pockets of politicians.

        • Anonymous says:

          Can you really be that……..Never mind I just answered my own question.

          • mermaid says:

            that's because you're probably talking to no one else, but yourself


      • Anonymous says:

        So for one man's corruption, the ENTIRE nation is corrupt and warrants a british takeover?  You sound racist to me. If this was a predominantly white or caucasian country, you wouldn't hear the end it…

  8. Name changed by moderator says:

    Odd how Misick fails to mention the 20 lawyers and police seconded from the UK that are pouring all over TCI Government records investigating misdeeds of Misick and his cronies.The lawyers are reclaiming valuable land that was given away in his regime and in the meanwhile they are trying to figure out where he got the money from to build his house now on the market for $15m. Arrests have been made and many more are going to follow. Let us hope we have a clean stable here butif there are no accounts to be audited how are we to know.

    • Anon says:

      yeah right!  meanwhile the people can't hold elections and the radio stations have been censored from broadcasting certain stories.