Song will raise funds for Cayman conservation

| 17/06/2011

(CNS): A young musician says he intended to release a song to the public encouraging them to support ongoing efforts to preserve the natural resources of the Cayman Islands. Brett McTaggart told CNS he was concerned about the negative effects the recently proposed projects announced by government would have on the country, particularly the East End Sea Port. The song will be available on 30 June on iTunes for $1.29. It is to be promoted via his website and, and a sum of the profits from the song's release will be given to a local charity supporting environmental preservation efforts.

A music video to accompany the song, which lasts nearly 5-minutes, shows various scenes around Grand Cayman and features voiceovers of local news readers talking about the various ongoing development projects and escalating crime. The song and video is part of McTaggart's movement for change with its message about opening people's eyes to Cayman's natural beauty and doing all they can to discourage rising crime within the country.

The former student of Cayman Prep & High School said that he felt government was trying to overdevelop Cayman and that they should be more focused on preserving the country's natural resources.

"It's like the government is trying to turn Cayman into an industrial place, which is not what Cayman is all about", said the 22-year-old.

McTaggart, who graduated from Winter Park, Florida's Full Sail University, with a bachelor’s degree in Recording Arts last year, is currently living on Grand Cayman and also expressed concern about the county's rising crime levels.

"Don't resort to violence and robberies", the 22-year-old tells the Cayman public."There's got to be other ways for people in Cayman to get by. Get to know people better and be more proactive."

See Brett McTaggart's website here

Joshua Dilbert is a Year 11 student at the Layman E. Scott Sr. High School who is working with CNS as part of the school's Worklink programme.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is great to see young Caymanians taking a vital role in the preservation of the natural beauty of our islands. People spend thousands of $$ coming to Cayman to enjoy it, we have it at our doorstep, do not destroy it!!

    He is a great example for the young Caymanians out there, stop the crime, be creative like your forefathers go and make an  honest living instead of resorting to crime. You are destroying everything that your father, grandfather, and great grandfathers fought so hard for us to enjoy now.

    Way to go Brett, wish you success in this project and your message!! 


    • Brett McT says:

      Thank you for your kind words :). 

      All the support given is greatly appreciated and if want to keep up to date with projects please visit 
      and "like". It goes a long way.

      All the best, and I'll maybe see some people out at Lovers Wall/Half Moon bay this Saturday!

  2. Anonymous_A woa says:

    Go Brett!! 😀