CHEC pushes for more road deals in Jamaica

| 03/07/2011

(Gleaner): China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC) is positioning itself to land another massive contract in Jamaica to construct a new toll road from Spanish Town to Ocho Rios including the Mount Rosser leg of the highway, which is about 88 per cent complete. The company signed a memorandum of understanding earlier this year with the National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC) to investigate the possibility of implementing a concession agreement, which would see the Chinese firm financing, designing, and constructing the new highway. (Photo Zhongdong Tang general manager, CHEC Latin America)

China Harbour's interest in constructing the new highway has already sparked debate among a parliamentary group, with Opposition Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell sounding a note of caution that the project should be open to international tender. He wants the process to go through the National Contracts Commission and be subject to scrutiny from Contractor General Greg Christie.

At present, the Chinese company is working on the single largest road infrastructure project in Jamaica to construct roads and bridges islandwide. China Harbour is the sole contractor for the J$36 billion Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP), which has been dogged by controversy since its implementation.

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  1. a naw no mouse says:

    But Mac Mac doh know deh Chinese colour is RED! or wha?



  2. Anonymous says:

    China has a long term goal, global investment, world domination.

  3. Anonymous says:

    From Gleaner comments:
    "We seem to be borrowing money from company A, hiring Citizens fromcompany A's home country, paying tjem with the money we borrowed from Company A and then Taxing Jamaicans to repay Company A.  Isn't there something wrong with this picture. Jamaicans wake up!"

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is the real problem? Build the damn roads, bridge, airport, all the ports, schools and give 80% of the work to Caymanians to do. We need JOBS. Chineese have the dough and we have the manpower. Hurry and get started.

    • Anonymous says:

      20:20 The problem is taht the Chinese hire Chinese not Caymanians.  Ask the Jamaicans how it is working for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        I thought just last week the Jamaican Gleaner published, that the Chinese had given the Jamaican workers 75% of the jobs,in Jamaica, maybe you should get your facts right, before you start misleading the Cayman people.

  5. Miller says:

    Nothing is for Nothing!  If they do a good job with good deals, then they do a good job with good deals! 

    Well done CHEC