Sea search for missing vessel

| 22/07/2011

(CNS): A 37-foot vessel, the Miss Janice, with six crew on board has gone missing on its way to Swan Island and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service says it has launched a combined air and sea, search and rescue operation to find it, with the assistance of a visiting Navy ship's helicopter. The 911 Communications Center  was alerted that the boat was missing yesterday, 21 July, with four Caymanians and two Honduran nationals on board. Miss Janice departed Grand Cayman on Saturday,16 July, destined to Swan Island, Honduras, but has not yet arrived. Officers from the RCIPS Marine Unit and Air Support Unit, assisted by from the Linx helicopter from the HMS Wave Ruler  are currently searching for the vessel.

The Honduran Coast Guard has been notified and is also searching their waters, and all shipping has been advised to be on the lookout for the vessel.

“We are obviously very concerned for the safety of all six persons on board, and we are doing everything we can to locate the vessel by utilizing all assets available to us,” said Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay, who is overseeing the search and rescue operation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many thousands of dollars an hour does it cost to run the RCIPS helicopter again? Who pays for this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It doesn't matter what nationality they are.  They are human beings.  They need our prayers at this time.  Hope they are found soon safe and sound.

  3. Keeping the hope alive says:

    sorry for the typo but  that should read two young daughters. The other hondurn is in his in  his mid twenties with a baby on the way. 

  4. Keeping the hope alive says:

    My brother in  law is one of the Honduran's on this boat with very strong Cayman ties in George Town and West Bay. Grand parents and great grand parents are born Caymanians. My heart goes out to all on board and our family is in great distress at this time for all on board and our hearts ache for our son, father, and brother. He is a father of two your daughters 13 and 4 xxxx

  5. Anonymous says:

    They 4  East Enders are the son ofVeta & Randal Rankin, The grandson of  Bradford and Curly Connor, Travis Welcome(honduran)  and his  son.  Travis wife was in contact with him up until monday

  6. Anonymous says:

    To all who show concern, the three Caymanians out of the six people are Travis Welcome (honduran born)  and his son, and his brother in law, who is the son of well known East Ender Mr.Randal &Mrs.Veta  Rankine.This  is  a very large family. Iam gestimating that the reason you dont hear much about thisis because they dont come from the rich and famous  cayman families.  But God is for us all.


    My heart goes out to Janice –  we are like some of you hoping that they are  adrift. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont think it should have been any thumbs down on this cause this is so correct.

  7. Knot S Smart says:

    In every other country of the world when something like this happens the first thing the authorities do is release the names of  the missing persons (after family have been notified).

    Why the hell is everything so secret in Cayman?

    Does the authorities not realize that this is a small community and the victims most likely have family and friends who would need comforting from as many friends as possible?

    Everything is a damn secret.


    • Truthseeker says:

      It is a good question. It seems to me though that in a small community,whenever something like this happens, everybody who knows the individuals soon hears about it, leaving only strangers to wonder about the identities.  In this instance, it is certainly not a secret, as the names were read out on Talk Today on Friday afternoon by a caller.

  8. Michel says:

    My prayers are with the families and close friends of those persons on the boat. I do hope to God that they find them safe and sound. Michel

  9. Jayman From Cayman says:

    This is bad…. it is disheartening to hear more bad news again…. I wish ALL the Forces success in finding this vessel…..  it would be another BIG LOSS to know that 6 lives vanished just like that again like last year January's 'at sea' tragedy….

    • Anonymous says:

      I echo your sentiments as it's a big sea out there, let's pray to heavens that they are simply broken down and adrift.


    • Jayman From Cayman says:

      Which IDIOT would put a thumbs down on this comment….. ? Have you no compassion for human knid…. PEOPLE ARE MISSING DODO… you must be an evil one…. or do you know something…..