Cops get new trucks and go-faster cars

| 26/07/2011

(CNS): While times may be tough for some government departments not so at the RCIPS which has got twenty-four new vehicles for its fleet bought by the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs. The police have purchased eleven police vehicle enforcement package Dodge Chargers, ten 4×4 Suzuki Grand Vitaras and three 4×4 Ford diesel pick-ups which will hit the roads over the next few weeks which have been designed to meet police needs. The Dodge Chargers are already on Grand Cayman and are in the process of being marked-up ready for operation in the next few days, the police said in a release Tuesday.

“This will be the first time that we will have specifically designed police Dodge Chargers and Ford Crew Cab diesel pick-ups in our fleet,” said Peter Davis, the RCIPS Business Manager.  The new vehicles replace the aging, high mileage and uneconomical cars currently in use, the RCIPS stated.

“Many of the vehicles which are due to be replaced were already second hand when they were originally purchased by the RCIPS. They have spent long periods of time off the road because of their age and the need for constant maintenance and repair,” the police said.

The RCIPS also stated that it has gradually been reducing its fleet numbers through 2010/11 to reduce fleet running costs. The purchase of the new vehicles, the service stated, is expected to greatly reduce maintenance and other related costs over the next five years.

The police package Dodge Charger has been tested in other jurisdictions and was said by police to have a great track record within the law enforcement environment and particularly throughout America and Mexico. Its high safety rating, upgraded suspension, heavy duty brakes and engine cooling system will allow officers to carry out their roles safely and securely. 

The 4×4 Vitara has a proven track record in the Cayman Islands and has tested well in neighbouring Jamaica Police for some years – it deals well with times of adverse weather and flooding. The 4×4 Ford crew pick-ups will be used for hauling the Marine fleet and on the unique terrain of the Sister islands. The use of crew pick up is widely recognised in the Caribbean policing environment.

“The cars were all chosen specifically for the economy and the effectiveness they will provide,” continued Davis.” They all have something very different to offer and will be able to deal with a vast range of circumstancesfrom routine road patrol to difficult weather and terrain. The key words for us when we were looking to purchase new vehicles were safety, durability, value for money and economy – these cars get top marks in all four categories.”

Chief Superintendent John Jones said he welcomed the addition of the cars and was sure they will further enhance the service provided to the Cayman Islands communities by the RCIPs.

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  1. Cayman Born says:

    Just want to know do the RCIP needed 24 police cars???  Why is the GOV giving them cars for they just driving around in A/C why not buy 24 bicycle an let them go around town on them thats way better then a $34.000 car an yes they pay that much for one..

    We have the worst police force 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don't hear of car/man chases.. Must be for them to get to the scene of these crimes 'faster' now!! *shurgs*

  3. Anonymous says:

    If this is the reaction to upgrading some cars, what will the reaction be when the tanks arrive at Christmas?

  4. Kirky says:

    Im look forward to get ride in this nice new cop cars. Them look like nice ride! Hopes they cops will stop an give ride out to West Bay to me. Give police a break just do there job.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh so as nation we are  apparently broke enough to afford a whole new fleet of cars…. wth??

    i love how they say they replaced tehier current fleet becaue they were too uneconomical… so we go out and buy 'muscle cars' which are very well known for there gas guzzling abilites… im pretty sure if you check the site for a dodge charger it says something like 18mpg? how did you look at that figure and go "yes thats perfect- exactly what we need for an island"

    this is almost as stupid as buying that helicopter… you know what, i think we should launch a satellite into orbit next- those cubans and druglordswont be getting any where near the island now

    OH Cayman you never seem to dissappoint….

    so i guess the conclusion for all the lads modifying cars on the island will be to, scratch your original modifications and make your cars even faster to get away…

    didnt think about that reverse pyschological effect now did you- good job

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its going to be enjoyable to watch these cars navigate the roads and roundabouts in the wet-I reckon we'll see a lot of fishtailing as these cars are pushing about 360bhp and sending a lot of power to the rear wheels-in the hands of an inexperienced driver, rwd can be very dangerous.

    I hope they are investing in a decent set of tires for each of these machines!


    • Anonymous says:

      Actually all the Dodge Chargers besides one is all wheel drive so hopefully as the traction and power is spread out to all 4 wheels the cars should be safer than if they were just rear wheel powered. But a car is operated only as good as the driver behind the wheel,so hopefully there will be further training for all police officers behind the wheel as they should be the example we follow………    

  7. Anonymous says:

    So could we assume that since we've bought Amercian vehicles, they'll be left hand drive? I can't think it's that easy to over take at speed when the driver is on the 'wrong' side of the car (and probably sending a text at the same time too!)

  8. Bush Greener In West says:

    what ever happen to bicycle police around town?? that helped out a bit but then they got sweaty and ran back to the station for A/C, what happen to the strong police presence ?? they were out in full force then quick cash got robbed!! such a slap in the face, now high speed cars that will be destroyed by December LOL i gone fishing this is 2 much now OMG @_@

  9. A none E:mouse says:

    It goes to show that this Island is run by a bunch of  inept, incompetent and idiotic  persons who have no money management skills. What we need to do is sack these people who approve these ridiculous requests for things of this sort. These cars will not help in lowering the crime rate in cayman but  will more likely increase the number of fatal road accidents. Does anyone believe that  these cars are going to help in lowering the crime rate? What we need are not fast cars but fast thinkers who will have seen the folly of  this expenditure as soon it was presented to them, and given it a "BIG THUMBS DOWN"

  10. Anonymous says:

    Will anyone give me odds on when one of these cars will be written off, I say 3 weeks, 1 week before they have dents…Anyone in on this?

    I can’t believe the go fasts have been purchased, I thought Mr. Baines said they would not get involved in high speed chase due to the danger to the public, also it thought they got rid of the traffic officers, also the current cars are front wheel drive and these new ones are rear wheel drive, does every officer have to go back through training. LOL

    I don’t have a problem with the SUV’s and pickups, but the idiot that brought these go fast cars should get the SACK… OH forgot he’s English, not going to happen, at least this time it was a Caymanian  that ordered these, otherwise we would have everyone asking for his or her head. I can’t believe the RCIPS hired an Expat as their manager, I know many Caymanians that could do his job. Again by the way I’m from the UK. So to all you UK expats that are going to write back telling me to shut up.. You know what you can do.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Definitely Hazzards!! What a waste of good Chargers. Now Bo & Luke can chase more speeders off the road into lightpoles. That's about 1 million out of the $30m they received – just on vehicles.

    By this time next year there might about 7 or 8 Chargers left, there'll be another big chunk spent out of the $30 million and they'll still be unable to say what happened to Anna, or their missing guns, or the evidence which cost three murder cases this week, or who shot Ms. Meddie, or who robbed Reflections 7 times, or…….etc., etc., 

    But if RCIPS can continue to non-perform in this manner and still get $30m of our tax $$ to waste, I say Mopar to them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    the leaders of this country are so "back-asswards" its embarassing. 

    do i need to point out that the tool is only as good as the man using it?  are we purchasing go-fast cars because of all the high-speed highway chases that we experience here, in Cayman?  are we purchasing helicopters because all of the helicopter pilots in cayman are currently unemployed?

     here's an idea:  THROW THIS MONEY AT PROPER TRAINING!  THOROUGH PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL TRAINING!  PROPER SCOUTING!  PROPER HIRING TECHNIQUES.  d***, why are you trying to engrave a fine jewel with a damn jackhammer?   

    are we really forcing all civil servants to take material paycuts so that we can throw more money at a police force that is simply INADEQUATE AND PATHETIC?

    look, i know these comments dont go anywhere and mean absolutely nothing.  but the leaders of this country are xxxx soooooooooooo short-sighted. 

    anyway… everybody in Cayman…. grab ya lifevests cause this baby going down in a hurry.  who wants to bet the captain (mckeeva) is the first to bail ship? 


  13. Anonymous says:

    Good job money well spent!!!!! Now our officers will not miss the Dunkin Dounts specials and be first in line at Wellies to eat up all the Oxtail and the Curry Goat.

    Now where am I going to get a good plate of food????

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ex police commissioner David Thursfield always used to whine and whine every budget time about how brilliantly the RCIPS could perform if only they were given more officers and more cars. He got them. No change. Then some other excuse was brought forth. It's pathetic. We need BETTER policing here not MORE policing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, no personal uses with vehicles paid for by the hard working residents her.

    My choice would have been to get more motorcycles to manuver through the Cayman roads.

    We are a island and all roads come to a blind end. So who does the police have to chase.

    More motor -cycles would allow more cops to be on the road and reach any scene of any sort of crime quiicker as they some of them would be closer to the scene.

    While the purchase of these gas guzzlers is bad,sine we have paid for it let us hope the Police donot let the community down.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Dude!  I've got a HEMI !  yeeehaaa

  17. Young Caymanian says:

    Talk about a waste of money. Getting Police faster cars will not compensate for the time spent that they acutally respond to a call. All it seems to me is that it is a further way for them to show off and attract further dead beat 'police' to this island. Too bad the helicopter is not as fast as a dodge, susuki or pick-up truck, as that has never helped to catch any criminals either…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up for newer and more fuel efficient vehicles.

    Thumbs down for the go-fast cars especially when many of the RCIPS officers consistently demonstrate poor driving skills and inadequate knowledge of the road code.

    I note that the RCIPS officer receiving their 'training' in a church car park that is about 40 feet by 150 feet in size before they are allowed to operate apolice car!!!!!!!



  19. Anonymous says:

    Love that the useless force who do the bare minimum on the job get brand new cars. Where as a life saving service on island barely has enough vehicles to cover the island or enough staff to cover shifts. Maybe some of that exra cash the RCIPS has can be sent over to them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    These new toys will be the same as with the chopper that flies around all the time basically doing nothing besides burning a ton of gas and quite often at an altitude you would not even see an elephant cross the road. Or they may have been contracted to produce a new geographic map or something as sometimes they just hang there for half an hour or more.

    High speed cars usually end up in high speed crashes. These types of cars require professional drivers and are meant for large countries with roads that can accomodate such speeds. Noting the licence plate is generally enough to catch the criminal a bit later.

  21. I Care says:

    Boy oh Boy there is sure no shortage of dislike here for the RCIPS. I am a resident here for several years and I tell you what guys, you have a perty good service in comparson to other countries large and smaller. Why the hate? yes  the Police have bad seeds just like we have bad Teachers, Priest, Judges, Politicians etc.

    If the Police is called and can't get to you then the people are upset, the Police needs tools. Crime is up not only due to the Police inaction but also do to the inaction of the People. People will always complain its a giving. Take it away and all hell will break lose. Instead of being nagetive lets get behind our Police and help fight crime, after all it concerns as all , we live here.

    For those of us that feel we can do a better jobin Policing the country why don't you join the service, I did not think so, bad hours long hours, and you have to pot up with assholes like us complaing all the time. I hear the pay is not all bad so they apply today and drive one of the new Police Specials

    Stop being a part of the problem and help with solutions . The general publice is full of experts and specialst but when you need one , you can't find one. FUNNY.

    As for the Police officers the good ones, keep up the good work some of us do appreciate you .

    Signed – A careing Resident


  22. Anonymous says:

    Where in Cayman Islands are they going with all that horsepower from the chargers. The highest speed is 50 miles per hour and they can't even handle that. What a calamity!

  23. Anonymous Addy says:

    Awesome! Imma PLANK that bad ass charger!   B )

  24. Anon says:

    They should have bought them shiny new bicycles!!! That way when it takes them 30 minutes to show up to a crime scene that is 5 minutes away we could “somewhat” understand the delay!!!  

  25. Anonymous says:


    They will soon need to purchase more land to put the wrecked vehicles in.  As I have seen the way some of these officers drive,  I wonder what happened to defensive driving lessons that years ago they were made to take.

  26. Anonymous-Young Caymanian says:

    Yeah, sure uneconomical vehicles. To be driving cars that burns more gas. All I know they will be buying more cars soon because the officers and I mean all can not drive at all. All the police cars are so damaged it's a same. They just want more horse power to push to be able to catch them people who choose to run the police. I know I will be having fun when they hit the road! 😀 oh yeah. They should be wasting the money on fixing or even building a better police office cause damn that building look so out dated. Thats like an historical site yo.

  27. Ken P says:

    Did someone say, James Bond or Boss Hog? Yeah I can see $1million spent on fast cars and not getting better trained officers will make sense well only in Cayman it would. I mean where is the logic in getting faster cars guarantees catching crimminals sounds like a pie in the sky deal. Set up a Police Academy that actually train officers for 2 years where they will learn forensic matters, legal issues, public skills and being competant now that's money well invested. Once they are qualified in these various areas then send them off to a major US city for on the job training then once they are ready then pay them $60,000 a year this way they will be capable of protecting the public and also be skilled in their profession.

    XXX I can bet you that in 2 months 1-2 of those vehicles will be stolen or wrote off. They are looking for a missing gun and the crimminals are getting more. I can see why residents are so frustrated and annoyed with RCIPS and have no confidence in them.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Set up a Police Academy that actually train officers for 2 years where they will learn forensic matters, legal issues, public skills and being competant now that's money well invested. Once they are qualified in these various areas then send them off to a major US city for on the job training then once they are ready then pay them $60,000 a year this way they will be capable of protecting the public and also be skilled in their profession".

      Hold on. You seem to assume that most of our officers are Caymanian. They are not. They should have been hired on the basis that they already have all these skills and come equipped to do the job.    

      • Anonymous says:

        With faster cars does that mean they will arrive at a crime scene faster??  Don't think so…lmao

  28. Anonymous says:

    Have the vehicles been fitted with hands-free systems for cell phones so officers are not seen driving at high speeds with one hand on the wheel and the other hand holding a personal phone to their ears?

    • Anonymous says:

      Personal cell phone! Should they really be on their personal cell phone while they should be on the job protecting our community?

      Ridiculous behaviour on their part, better get on that radio and go catch some criminals rather than chatting away with they croonies… bout cell phone. CHA! RCIPS is a JOKE.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, they're probably just going to put some dark tint on!!!

  29. LUCK-E 7 says:

    The force is already taking a lot of HEAT for not getting a grip on the crimes and those thugs out there….. WHY add fuel to the fire and make a move like this and embarrass themselves even more…..this is not feasible especially with the Dodge Chargers….. these things are built for running down thugs in the 'getaway car' etc on the highways in the U.S…… cops in the states were not intercepting thugs fast enough on the highways so they resorted to higher-powered vehicles…. the highways are a LONG STRETCH of open road and easy to wind in and out of traffic because the space is there… WE HAVE NO HIGHWAYS HERE…. This is WAY TOO DANGEROUS for thisLIL' ROCK ! The main 'thorn in our side' are these TRIGGER-HAPPY MAD MEN out there…… how are these going to help that part of the crime problem? They CANNOT use that for an excuse that their present vehicles are to slow that they can'tget to the scene fast enough! They are too afraid of these thugs so….. FASTER CARS ARE NOT THE ANSWER…..

    Whoever makes these decisions to spend the public purse's $$ like this have their HEAD IN THE CLOUDS…. COME BACK DOWN NOW!!  

  30. Anonymous says:

    Failed exams……New cars…….Crime rate up!  Way to go, Congratulations RCIPS!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dukes or Hazzards?

  32. Anonymous says:

    So….. when these are written off…. which is in little or no time…..and the insurance co. ups the premium the public purse will have to pay for that…… isn't that nice….

  33. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS should have their own tow truck and an impound lot.  They could raise alot of money by impounding all of the cars driving around with expired coupons.  In the Regatta parking lot alone, by a certain university, over half the parking lot could be justifiably impounded for expired coupons.  In some cases a year or more in arrears.  Charge $250, coupon renewal and proof of ownership to release their vehicles.  Many are not even registered properly. 

  34. Anonymous says:

    They should have spent the $$ on a fleet of Boris'…… !

  35. Anonymous says:

    Upgraded cars, same officers. Are the drivers trained to drive at speed (doubt it as they can't drive at slow speeds)? They'll still take half an hour to get to robberies. We need trained fire arms officers in armed response units not beat cops in muscle cars. Why don't we dress security guards up in tuxedos; looks good but has no effect on safety!

  36. Anonymous says:

    For a Government thats so broke can surely waste a lot of money besides on what they should be spending it on like the SCHOOLS. what they should have done was use these funds and recruite new officers starting from the top that will do something for the salarythat they get every month. Hopefully now that they have more patrol cars they will start and use them for what they are needed for PATROLLING.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the RCIP-s on the new vehicles, important tools for them to do their job. Other tools needed are speed camera's to catch the local gansta's with their blacked out windows & hotted up VTEC's. But the blacked out license plates need to go first. While they are at it, the blacked out windscreen too. How is it I have to remove a very slight tint from my side windows when I see cars daily that look like black paint has been applied? Not sure how these pass inspection.

    For any Police reading, the Shamrock Road area in front of Hurleys Marketplace on a Friday & weekends nights, you will get the stretch the legs on these nice Hemi powered Chargers & maybe get some of these fools off our roadways. 

  38. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps they might use them to respond to 911 calls a little quicker?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Pretty, new muscle cars is not going to solve our crime problem.

    This makes me sick. There is no need for such extravagance! This money should have gone to something for better use! Like getting these police better training in the field to catch these criminals ORR MAYBE to be able to pass simple exams!

    This should have been used as a reward when crime, if it can be done, gets back under control. The RCIPS are rewarding themselves for doing next to NOTHING! This is a crying shame. And such as a previous writer pointed out, those Chevy Impalas are only about 4 years old! Ridiculous.

    Fast cars are not going to get these criminals behind cars, traffic offenses are not our biggest issue. Battling these armed thieves are. Get your act together you so called "Top Cop" and his band of merry fools. Show us what your really made of instead of fancy talk and flashy cars. Do your job, give us the Caymanian people some hope and comfort to know that we feel safe going home at night. THAT is your job.

    God help us all.  


  40. Right ya so says:

    and I quote "they will further enhance the service provided to the Cayman Islands communities by the RCIPs"  !!   betcha they still don't get there on time or produce court worthy evidence….!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Come on now guys, give them some credit. maybe with the added 24 extra vehicle to the force, maybe we will see more of their presence, in and around the business places at night.

    Lets see what they will do with the extra vehicles, before bashing them.


    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry… new cars are no excuse for presence. There is nothing anyone can say that will make this purchase by Internal and External Portfolio Affairs seem sensible.  

      They have cars now, because they are 4 years old do not mean that they are not able to patrol that is a bunch of foolishness. They were hardly seen before, they will hardly be seen now. They don't need that luxury when they are not doing their proper job NOW. Had they been doing what they should have been then it would make it more justifiable.

      They had better used what they had when they had it and put it to good use instead of burning up more of governments money with their ignorant and nonsensical spending sprees. Now they really not going to make any effort to get out of those cars all they are trying to do is fill people with false hope and look important when criminals laughing in their face!



      • Dwayne says:

        Let me see if this makes any sense:-

        Replace the old worn out police cars that were in the garage more than on the street:;

        Conduct a open tender process and actually purchase police made cars;

        Save money on parts and  maintenance;

        Provide police officers with safe reliable cars;

        What does not make sense:-

        keep purchasing the same model cars which has proved to be unfit for the vigors of police work- remember folks some of these cares are driven 24-7 (ie parol cars)

        Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result. Than God the Police and the Portfolio are making changes.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Safety? The steering wheels appear to be on the wrong side for driving on the left. Great visibility for overtaking at high speed, not!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Wow where is the value for money from the police

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait "go faster cars"???? Why?  Spending unnessary money.  I thought the country was BROKE??? I think that money could have been used more wisely.  The police crash up their vehicles because the way they drive now they have faster cars to do it.  This is insane.  People are losing their jobs in Cayman, Civil Servants have their salaries cut and all we do is blog our complaints….

    • Anonymous says:

      More cars for the RCIP??? Like they need anymore reason to drive and talk on cell phones, park off eating patties or sleeping. Oh bwoy only in Cayman!!!

  44. Scrape goat with a R says:

    A naw no mouse with the current fuel prices you are absolutely right but remember they ain't paying for it we are and its about looking good not about crime thats for sure.More foreign police driving up and down in new cars. Only in cayman these things could happen.

  45. A Guy says:

    Do these new ones have indicators?

    • Anonymous says:

      If they do have indicators…will they use them on roundabouts.

      Cops, you have to lead by example, please use your indicators on our round abouts.

      I have called the head of traffic, many times,with my concerns in regards to 90% of drivers refusing to use their indicators.

      So far, I have not seen one traffic cop being placed at these round about. why do we have to have  the most sub-standard-unprofessional departments, in the western world?

      • B.B.L. Brown says:

        I don't know why a sane person would install a roundabout.  They are an abomination!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No these will be fitted at a later date to be announced along with seat belts

  46. Anonymous says:

    Instead of cars they ought to have purchased some brains!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    11 Dodge Chargers……10 Suzuki Vitaras…..3  Ford trucks………………………….i think our funds would have been better invested in recruiting a whole new RCIPS including the top cop since there are so many murders and attempted murders happening here and the RCIPS is in FAIL MODE  to produce proper evidence for any convictions.  This island must be an absolute embarrassment to the Mother Country and the Queen herself.  It is for me.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Awesome!  Now the police can engage in high-speed chases through out little streets, that is when they are not sleeping in these luxurious muscle cars off in the bush.  Let the mayhem begin!

    …and the chicks going to love them.  Dem all getin some tonight!

  49. insane says:

    Come on people…..our police officers are in need of confort while"working hard"!!!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Why do we need these fast cars? …….. Poor Cayman trying to be like the states ……. cause cayman so big we need race cars catch people now . lmao ……. an goverment say they broke yeah right

  51. Anonymous says:

    Things like this is why we get pay cuts. The big shots dont feel the cut like some of us  because 3 or 4% of their  big salary is nothing but its a utility bill or a loan payment for the rest of us . Government dont seem so poor after all

  52. a naw no mouse says:

    They forgot to say that many new vehicles are to replace (relatively new) vehicles that are smashed up and retired at the Traffic Dept.

    And i'm also not impressed that they are now replacing V6 models with V8 models….how exactly will this result in better economy?

    More Poly-Tricks

    • Pedigree Chum says:

      Aging? Aging? Those Impalas are barely four years old! Yet more decision making for all the wrong reasons by someone in their personal sand pit. How many hours could be paid for actually training their officers to be police officers as opposed to coat hangers drawing pay cheques?

      Another appalling decision by some muppet who is not held accountable. How many times will this sort of thing happen before one of you locals actually has the B***S to stand up and say something.


      Police package with 20" alloy wheels? I don't think so. Anybody like to have a small wgaer how long it will be before some cop DVD watching doom brain wraps a new Charger 'round a tree? Bet they don't last a month.

      Shocking, shocking, shocking. The RCIP turns into more and more of a joke with compete contempt for the Cayman public by the hour.

      • Anonymous says:

        I seem to remember that the grand handover of the Chevys, which at the time were also bought in to replace an 'aging' fleet of cruisers, took place at Advance Automotive in late 2007 or early 2008 – they were all brand new, nothing secondhand as is suggested above. Around that time RCIPS also tendered for a number of new 4x4s, mostly for the marine unit, so you are looking at replacements for a fleet mostly under four years old. In the UK or the USA I might accept this but in Cayman, where the cars seem to spend most of their lives parked outside police stations or officers' houses, it beggers belief.

        During hurricane threats the RCIPS also used to provide 4×4 capability by simply renting jeeps from the local hire companies for the duration of the emergency so the purchase of the Vitaras seems strange. There are plenty of 4x4s available to the RCIPS on-island for the odd occassions when they are needed.

        The Chevys were bought in mostly to replace the junk heap of crashed and trashed cruisers parked at the traffic HQ at that time so I'm guessing that's probably what happened again. I really don't see that the clear ability of the RCIPS to trash a fleet of fairly new vehicles, which are public property not the officers' personal rides, is a valid excuse to let them buy more flash toys.

        I think this purchase, and the way RCIPS take care of their vehicles, needs to be reviewed as a matter of some urgency by the Auditor General because there's something wrong somewhere.

        • Anonymous says:

          I want to know How much faster these new cars really are and if the "speed" will make that much of a difference? I also want to know how many high speed chases the police actually get in as well as I don't seem to hear about that many in the news etc. The cars in the force now are also used in the states and other places so I don't think that they can be That Bad… and if they are, don't they have mechanics that can work on the engines of these cars to give them some extra power instead of buying all new vehicles?

          • Live Free.... says:

            Anonymous 13:15, lets put it this way, these Dodge Chargers is putting out 370hp out from a 5.7L V8, yes these cars would out perform the lazy V6 Chevy Impalas which was only producing 211hp from a 3.5L Engine. Where the Impalas made sense was in the fuel economy which is 18mpg in the city and 29mpg High way, these engines are quite weak and problematic. The Chargers would give us 16mpg in the city and 25mpg on the highways, this is not a good move in the economical sense, like what RCIP is trying to claim. The Chargers are gas guzzlers with better performance than the Impalas, pushing out 0-60 in less than 6 seconds is very quick, the Impalas O-60 is in 8.7 seconds, which is in the lower end of the performance category. The Impalas strenght is the fuel economy. Reliablity: Poor, Perfomance: Average. The New Dodge Chargers strenght is in the performance. Relaibility: Good, Fuel economy: Poor. So what RCIP done here is bought better performing cars with better reliability than the Impalas, but not looking at the economical aspect of them, these cars by all means would require some seriously skill drivers, 370 is some serious horsepower. And to improve the performance in the Chevy Impalas would cost more than buying these Chargers, plus the Impalas with improve perfomance would not make much difference, the most you get out of the 3.5L V6 is something around 245hp, that don't worth the money for only 34hp more, also to much work for unreliable engines.


             RCIP made any sense in purchasing these Chargers? In one sense no. Reasons: Very fast and not economical. In second sense yes. Reasons: They would benefit from better performing and reliable vehicles vs the outgoing Chevy Impalas which was only economical and unreliable like I stated earlier.  Reliability vs Fuel Economy? I take the Reliabilty, just don't use the A/C often to save the precious Gas.

            • Anonymous says:

              Or they could just do what cops in the UK do – buy Volvos and BMWs.

              With these you get performance, economy and bulletproof reliability.

              In case of the Volvo you can buy an estate version (station wagon if you like) that will run rings round the Chargers in both performance and handling yet it will still carry a full traffic patrol response kit.

              This buy is just plain daft.

      • Anonymous says:

        Several things are depressingly stupid about this acquisition,

        1 All these high speed pursuit cars are Left Hand Drive….how safe is that?

        2 Suzuki Vitaras are all labelled inside with express instructions not to use the vehicle in a pursuit, as they are prone to falling over in corners!

        3 Why are the "Community Patrol Vehicles" not diesels…better mileage, no ignition problems in deep water and longer lasting engines!

        It makes you wonder how so many highly paid Officers, can make such fundamental mistakes over something so simple as purchasing cars…would it be reasonable to infer from this nonsense, that there is something not quite right about this transaction?

    • Anonymous says:

      V6 burns more gasoline than the v 8s

  53. Anonymous says:

    This is stupid. Those Dodge Chargers are for running down speeders on Highways. Any speed anywhere in Cayman over 60 miles an hour is Dangerous. The court systems and police need to start impounding cars who's drivers are charged with reckless operation the moment they are ticketed. In the states they'll call the tow truck right there if you are driving like a fool. First of all start ticketing people for dark smoked license plate covers. Get them off so the cops can SEE the license plates. You don't need a Dodge Charger to get close enough to call in a plate. Any cop on this island driving at a high rate of speed on these roads is just another accident waiting to happen. You could drive around all day and ticket people here for a variety of offense. I rarely ever see anyone being ticketed. The cops could be having a field day. So what do they do? Buy Dodge Chargers. For what? to get to lunch or the bank quicker. Great move.

  54. B.B.L. Brown says:

    I  hope the "police vehicle enforcement package" includes sidearms, etc.

  55. nauticalone says:

    Feeling safer already….Not!

  56. Incognito says:

    wonder how long these will last. Instead of spending money to properly train their officers, they spend it on cars that they will wreak in a couple of months SMH. Sometime you have to wonder where the priorities lies.

  57. Anonymous says:

    If it means more police out and about patrolling and ready to react to emergency calls then it's money well spent.  Just hope we don't see all these new cars lined up in the KFC parking lot!

  58. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    None of this will help crime as when they reach court, they will be let go!