Wolverines hunt sharks while monsters chomp pythons

| 26/07/2011

(GCFFA):Week three of the Dart Women’s League, organized by the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association, saw many rookie players making all the big, game-changing plays. In the first game of the morning, the top seeded Domino’s Pizza Wolverines took on second seed Hammerheads Lady Sharks in what proved to be a tough defensive battle, full of sacks and interceptions. The game started out slow, running scoreless well into the second half, with each team barely moving 20 yards in either direction.It only took one pass by the Wolverines, and one mistake by Hammerheads, for the Wolverines to hang onto their top ranked spot in the league, defeating the Lady Sharks 6-0.

Anyone in attendance could confirm there was no shortage of controversial calls, a number of which were very much game changing. Penalties against the Lady Sharks in the second half seemed to wake the Wolverines up; giving them the motivation they needed to drive down the field.

On offense, the Lady Sharks were simply not connecting and not holding onto the ball. Quarterbacks Bobeth O’Garro and Ellen Downey took turns at the helm. O’Garro threw eight for seventeen, with two interceptions, while Downey completed three of her four pass attempts.
  Rookie Serena Yates saw the most action on offense, with four receptions, followed by Scimone Campbell and Lilia Conolly with two receptions each.  Unfortunately for the Sharks, penalties and pressure from the Wolverines’ defense combined was enough to keep them out of the end zone.

When it came to defense, the Lady Sharks’ rushing duo of Kathy Miller and Serena Yates kept pressure on opposing quarterback, Antoinette Lewis, all game. The blitzers were relentless, coming out with six sacks in total, four courtesy of Yates and two by Miller.

Courtisha Ebanks also played a major roll for the Sharks’ defense, with three tackles and one interception, while Downey and Campbell also contributed with three tackles each. Although Lady Sharks played a tight defense, the game-costing mistake came when corner Bobeth O’Garro was caught flat footed, allowing Benecia Thompson to run past her and catch a long ball by Wolverines’ quarterback for the lone touchdown.

For the Wolverines, quarterback Antoinnette Lewis completed twelve of her nineteen pass attempts, with one interception. She spread the ball amongst her players well by linking up with Alexandra Terry five times, Christsania McLean and Jahzenia Thomas three times each, and Benicia Thompson twice, which included the lone touchdown of the game.

Christsania McLean also played a key role in the Wolverines’ defense, with five tackles. She was well assisted by teammates Shinette Rhoden, with two tackles and an interception, and Alexandria Saintvil, with four tackles. Saneata Smith also pitched in with two tackles and Dionne Whittaker got the second interception.

In the second game of the day, the Lone Star Jager Monsters celebrated their first win of the season against Pythons, with a final score of 6-0.

After assessing the team’s strengths and weaknesses, head coach for Monsters, Darrel Porter, made a big change to the offensive line-up. Quarterback Michelle McTaggart returned to a receiver position, and Christina Hefner took over the quarterback role. Christine Bisnauth moved from running back to a wide-receiver, giving more options down the field.

The changes proved strategic as Hefner completed nine out of eighteen pass attempts, throwing one ball for an interception. Her favorite receiver was Michelle McTaggart who had six receptions. Christine Bisnauth and Erica Bosch-Bone were Hefner’s other options, with two receptions each. Erica Bosch-Bone also came through with a touchdown to Michelle McTaggart, after catching a pitch from quarterback Hefner.

It was definitely a team effort when it came to the Monsters’ defensive line-up. Bisnauth led the defense with four tackles, followed by Christina Ravdas, Marline Williams, Melanie Lewis and Erica Bosch-Bone with two tackles each. Bosch-Bone also came up with two big interceptions.

Although having lost for a second week in a row, the Pythons are noticeably improving their game.  Quarterback Tamika Byrd was able to connect with her receivers this week, with seven out of eighteen passes completed, and two interceptions thrown.

Rookie player Jessica Maxwell had four receptions, followed by Carrie Barnett with two. Some collisions and problematic route crossing seemed to be the problem with the Pythons offense; however, Byrd is beginning to see the whole field and is now throwing her passes to receivers as opposed to grounding the ball when under pressure.

On defense for the Pythons, Cynthia Powell saw lots of action with four tackles, followed by Carrie Barnett with three and Karina Chiari with two. Rusher Sheyla Torres, who was instrumental last week for the Pythons’ defense, came through with a sack on the Monsters’ quarterback.  Utilizing her height, Jessica Ebanks came away with the only interception for the Pythons. 

This Saturday’s game action sees the Androgroup Killa-Panthers against the Lone Star Jager Monsters in the first series, with Hammerheads Lady Sharks taking on the Pythons next. The undefeated Wolverines have a bye this Saturday. Games begin at 10am at the Camana Bay Field, with snacks and refreshments available for purchase.


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