Police follow up car sighting

| 05/08/2011

(CNS): Chief Superintendent John Jones revealed that police have now followed up on a possible sighting of Kerran Baker's car in Lower Valley on Saturday evening and areasking for more information from the public. At the daily press briefing on Friday morning regarding the disappearance of the missing 25 year old women, the senior officer said that a member of the public had called into police saying they may have seen Kerry's white Honda Civic in Midway Close around 9pm some two hours after the last confirmed sighting of her shopping in Fosters Supermarket.

Police did a thorough search of the area so far nothing of interest was found but Jones asked the public in the neighbourhood and Shamrock Road area to think about Saturday night and if they may have also seen that car moving along the road.

With no single line of enquiry revealing the whereabouts of the missing women police renewed their pleas for people to call in with any information that may help them piece together the movements of Kerran (KerryAnn) after she left Fosters at around 7pm on Saturday evening, and afterreturning to her home in Bodden Town, how her car came to be found around the Pedro St James area on Monday.

Following the arrival of Kerran's parents on Wednesday her sister Tonyann Anthony and her Aunt Iona Anthony Beadle have now joined them here in the Cayman islands. Both issued pleas to the community for help in trying to find their loved one who has now been missing for six days.

“Cayman we are seeking your assistance to find her we really need closure,” said her sister as she explained how difficult it was for Kerran's family especially their mother who she said was distraught. “If you know where her body is just tell us,” Tonyann pleaded adding that the family just needed to know if she was dead or alive. She also revealed that in conjunction with the police another search was being organised at 10am on Saturday morning and volunteers were welcome to join the group which was meeting close to where Kerran's car was found.

Kerran's aunt struggled to speak as she pleaded with people to help find her niece. “I just want to take her home,” she said through her tears. “Please if you know where she is just tell us…this is just tearing our hearts apart.”

Marlon Bodden said that there were no words to describe the pain of the family as he re-issued a plea for help. He said the police had continued searching the ocean all along the coast from Pedro to East End yesterday but nothing had been found.

The senior officers once again said that there were still no specific clues regarding what had happened to Kerran and that the investigators continued to keep a completely open mind about what had happened to her.

The police confirmed that the information they had from the phone company suggested that her phone had been used after the last sighting of her at Fosters Airport somewhere in her home area.. Jones said police were aware of the number she called last and those lines of enquiry were being pursued. He pointed out however, that it was not possible to be able to pinpoint exactly where the phone was when last used.

As a result of considerable assistance so far from the public Jones said that police were following up on various pieces of information cross checking it and also viewing many hours of video tape as he extended his thanks to everyone who had helped so far in particular staff at Fosters who had found Kerry on the tape.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police hotline on 949 7777 or Kerry's father Wilmot Anthony on 321 4271.

Volunteers who wish to help with the search tomorrow are asked to meet at 10am at the open lot next to the Texaco Gas Station in Savannah, across from Countryside. People will  then be taken to one of the search mentioned locations by bus. RCIPS officers will be coordinating the search teams.

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  1. Charm says:

    We do not need to wait on a search party to search for Kerry.  Did you know that we can independently seach for Kerry on our own?  I was about to take my regular Sunday nap and as I lay in bed  my mind is on Kerry and her family.  I do not know any of these people.  However, I would want the public to be out looking for me if I was missing. So I plea to all,  just search somewhere and anywhere. We might just find Kerry or Anna in places we never expected, so not only search the bush search open plots at the cemetery, the huge holes on construction sites, tree tops, old cars, garbage dumpsters on open lots, undeveloped homes, cisterns, just seach and do not wait on organized search parties.  We all can do our parts with random search.  I am leaving my home now to do my search with my husband and sons.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish we had more information. For example, was her purse found in the house or the car? I seem to recall one of the original articles said it was in the house, in which case she left without it halfway through unloading the groceries.  That means something.  It means she left in a big hurry and wasn't going anywhere she would need money (like back to the shop to get something she forgot). So she must have got some news or had contact with someone, either by phone or by them showing up at her house (or already being in it). Have the police seen the phone records yet? If the phone records show no calls or messages in that time we could speculate that the person responsible was at her house and left with her.  Maybe there are fingerprints? If not and they had gloves, maybe it was a burglary gone wrong.  Have the police talked to the local petty theives and burglars? Was anything disturbed in the house? Any money missing? Did anyone see an extra car in her driveway or parked nearby? If not maybe they were local.  Maybe they had bikes.  Anyone find a bike nearby?Any scrapes or grease in the boot of the car that might be from someone shoving a bike in there? Also have the police checked the local bars and liquor stores to see who was drinking that day?

    I'm not saying the police should tell us everything, but it would be useful to know what we're meant to be looking for rather than just a very average looking car that could have been anywhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yup – Im still awaiting more details on the last crime – other than the simplistic RCIPS description of a 'blue gray Honda'…Hello!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    No matter what, crimes against WOMEN are wrong PERIOD! All crimes for that matter are wrong. We are too small a country to be allowing this to happen.Bring the families of Anna and Kerran closure by providing helpful leads. This forum is for voicing opinions but please, keep the negativity to a minimun and just remember that our the missing women could have been our own family members. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps if the Police would say where in Bodden Town Midway Close is located someone might remember seeing something. I'm not familiar with this road but if I knew whether it is in Newlands, Belford States, Breakers, Central BT etc it might trigger something. Na true ?

    • Anonymous says:

      The report said Midway Close in Lower Valley. On the right hand side going east across from Watlers Estatest

    • Anonymous says:


      pick up a free tourist map!

  5. hg says:

    I must say that I am appalled at the lengths at which many people are going to assassinate the character of this young lady. Somehow, as a society we always seem willing to further oppress a victim, we need to see and hear more  people condemning the  fact that a person has been taken. Those of you who are posting disparaging remarks about Kerran, I encourage you to desist. Kerran is clearly a victim, who has disappeared under suspicious circumstances, she is not on trial. I plea that people seek to identify with her and her family at this time. Additionally, continue to support the RCIPS and the volunteers who search for this young lady. I remain hopeful that she will be found unharmed. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, in order to assess many situations as such, ones character has to be called into play to determine surrounding circumstances.  This young lady is a victim and as such her character should not be discriminated against but it must be inspected to perhaps learn more about what could have happened. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Police can't tell us everything they know. This is an open investigation! Obviously the person that did this is still out there keeping themselves informed as we are. If the Police told us every detail, it would make this individual smarter, help him or her to get their story together. I'm sure the Police are doing everything they can, we just have to do our part, speak up!

  7. Anonymous says:

    To the public at large…  This is a serious matter which deserves the utmost respect and courtesy.  Please do not rate certain comments, funny or idiotic as they may be, with smiley faces.  This poor woman has gone missing and there is absolutely nothing funny about that.  I realize that your intent was not to make light of the situation but the fact of the matter is that smiley ratings are not an option as far as this topic is concerned…  Thank you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I might  be wrong, but  why it seems that all this should have be done from day one after the desappearing?



  9. Lazarus says:

    What's the licence number of her car ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    So I may have missed this, but have divers searched the waters off Pedro's? As soon as her car was found, that is the first thing that came to mind.


    CNS Note: The police have reported that divers have done several searches off the pedro coast.

  11. Anonymous says:

    CNS – please publish a map of the area

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great and if someone is caught they have plenty of time to make up a lie when interrogated.


  13. prayers for the police and this young woman says:

    My prayers go out for the policeto guide them in their search.  Of course my prayers for the safe return of this young woman too!

    Have they taken the sniffing dogs to both scenes (the car and her apartment?) It sounds like she was abducted from her home if the groceries were still on the counter.  

    I'm also thinking of ways to stay safe (as a woman and a mother)….Air horns (like used on boats) to alert the public? Personal loud alarms on keychains?  We cannot defend ourselves, but maybe as victims we can alert our neighbors?  NEVER get into a car with an assailant! Even if they have a weapon, you are better off running for your life.  Think safe, stay safe.

    Good luck RCIP, we are supporting you.





    • Anonymous says:

      Google search: Personal Body Alarms

      There are many styles, but the best ones are where all you have to do is remove the "pin" in the device to sound the alarm. Ear-piercing sound comes from a very small unit that can be carried in your hand. Very inexpensive!




  14. Anonymous says:

    The police should ask CNB, Wendys and the Texaco in Savannah to see there cctv's cams that might pick up her car going into pedro and see who left……?? That might help in solving this mystery.

    • Anonymous says:

      That has already been done.    

      This is a case where island-wide CCTV might be of vital assistance.  

      This whole thing makes me so angry — I just wish there was something more I could do. 


    • Anonymous says:

      A suggestion is that they put up CCTVs around the Pedro Castle being on the out-skirts. It c would be helpful  to the RCIP the next time a strange thing happens.

  15. anonymous says:

    I certainly hope the Police had divers off Pedro Bluff from the time they found her car there. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    My guess is that searching Pedro is probably not going to yield anything.  I'm thinking that because the keys were found in the bushes, someone drove the car there, got out, threw the keys down and either walked home or got picked up.  My guess is that the blood that was found was not hers.  It's probably from an animal or someone else that was climing around on the rocks and dripped some blood there.  The keys being there is a huge hint that someone else drove the car there.  She would not have dropped them or threw them down.  I think searches in other locations need to be made.  This new information is helpful, any new info is….unfortunately with the rain on Saturday evening, people were probably not as aware of everything going on around them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably this is just a resting place for the car – maybe she was taken to another place by some other means.

    • Anonymous says:

      15:27 your comment is the best I have read so far.  All of it makes sence.  When you think about one,s actions.  I do believe that her car was driven there by somneone else and the keys were flung over the hedge alongside where the car was into someones private property.  This was only in an effort to throw off the police.  I do not believe she is anywhere in Pedro area.

      All of her friends need to be checked out again.  They know, and maybe it is not a man but women we are looking for.  Bushes got ears.


      The police have to keep up taking people in for questioning..  They are searching, but I do not think they are doing a good job with holding people for questioning,  who I believe have some valuable leads.

      CNS: The police and Kerran's parents need every little piece of information on this case. If you have any more details regarding the sentence that I deleted, can you put it in another comment and mark it "do not publish" and I will forward the information to the police. You will remain completely anonymous. Or call the police hotline on 949 7777 or Kerry's father Wilmot Anthony on 321 4271. Call from a public phone if you are worried about anonymity. Or you can report it to Cayman Crime Stoppers

  17. Anonymous says:

    I dont know this woman, but I will be out Saturday morning to help.   

    We can only hope this is just a kidnapping by some sick individual, and that she is still alive.  Its happened before here, so we can only hope.  


  18. Anonymous says:

    interesting account on the gleaner: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20110805/lead/lead3.html.


  19. Anonymous says:

    So much pain for one family.  been there, thanks god my child returned home safe.  but never forget or forgive….. thats impossible im a mother in pain day by day, so sorry for that child mother.  THE POLICE DOING THEIR BEST…… I THANKS THEM FOR ALL THE SUPORT AND HELP TOWARDS OUR PROBLEM.

    thre is only so much the Police can do.


  20. Anonymous says:


    This doesn't make sense! If her items from Foster's were put away then I would say look into it seriously. BUT BUT since that isn't the case! Someone is trying to throw Police off…….


    Pray for this young lady, a mother's child, a mother's heart.


  21. Anonymous says:

    I truly hope this young lady is found.  Her family is in my thoughts.  As a mother, I can't begin to imagine the pain…

    • Anonymous says:

      I just hope this isn't another unsolved mystery as it's starting to appear. I'm sure her people would rather know what happened whether it be good or bad. I feel her friends need to spill everything they know as her life depends on it…..and quit worrying about how it will affect her image.