Latest searches yield nothing

| 11/08/2011

(CNS): Eleven days since Kerran (KerryAnn) Baker was last seen on CCTV footage at a local supermarket police revealed that the latest searches in Frank Sound and South Sound have yielded no further clues regarding the possible whereabouts of the missing twenty-five year old woman. Senior officers said on Wednesday at the daily press briefing regarding the investigation that they were no closer to finding Kerran despite continuing efforts. “We just don’t know what has happened to her,” DS Marlon Bodden said as he once again appealed for anyone who communicated with Kerran on Saturday 30 July to contact the police as he said he was convinced people knew more than they were saying.

Officers had continued searching yesterday this time in Frank Sound and South Sound but CS John Jones explained this was as a result of ‘guestimates’, snippets of info and local knowledge hunches, and not as a result of any concrete leads. “We are keeping up with the searches in the absence of other intelligence,” Jones said.

The officers also revealed that there were no further updates relating to any forensic discoveries or details relating to Kerran’s phone which has still not been found.

“We continue to press on with the investigation,” Jones said, adding that there was still hours of CCTV tape to review and other diverse lines of enquiry to continue following. He also clarified queries that the CCTV which the RCIPS was looking at came from businesses in the area and was not from the public system. He said that while some CCTV cameras have been erected recently, the system was still not up and running.

“In this case it would have certainly helped if the public CCTV system had been in place,” Jones said. “It would have been quite useful and it continues to be ratherfrustrating that it is taking so long for the system to be operational.”

Bodden also revealed that the RCIPS was interviewed by a Jamaican Radio Show on Tuesday allowing Cayman officers to make a direct appeal to people in Kerran’s native Jamaica who may have spoke with her or exchanged bbm or text messages on the Saturday when she was last seen. 

Bodden said the police continued to be frustrated too about the failure of those who knew something to come forward. Despite yesterday’s pleas for people who had communicated with Kerran via bbm to contact the police no one had.

“Someone may have lost their life here this is a very serious situation, we need to try and get some answers, we need people to assist us,” the senior officer added.

Twenty five year old nurse, Kerran Baker who lived alone in Bodden Town was last seen on CCTV tape at Foster’s supermarket near the airport on Saturday 30 June at around 7pm. A friend raised the alarm on Sunday having not hear from her and after going to her apartment found no sign of Kerran but her handbag bag and unpacked groceries on the counter of her kitchen.

On Monday 1 August police found Kerran’s car parked at Pedro St James a few miles away from her home and the following evening the keys for that car thrown in the bushes nearby.  Police say that they believe that Kerran had no plans to go out on that Saturday night with any of her friends and by all indications from the situation in her home she was preparing a meal before she disappeared.

Anyone that has any information at all about Kerran (Kerry-Ann) Baker is asked to call the crime hotline 949 7777, Kerran’s father Wilmot Anthony 321 4271 or Crimestoppers 800 TIPS (8477)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It seems as if too many people have knowledge but no one is willing to talk, start shaking down everyone of her friends.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fact remains that the person who is in charge of the Police Department, ultimately the Governor, in the en,d either doesn't posess the tools or doesn't have them available to him to solve these types of crimes.

    Until those tools, or someone posessing the tools, are made available, the Governor can do something.  Bring in some (guest) experts to aid and assist; MI5, CIA, Jamaican undercover, MIA C.S.I., something, and show the world (and this includes the tourists.. duh oh) that a human being missing from a very small island with a small populace is important enough to do something about.  

    Here's a suggestion… Is giving workers a 1/2 day or a day off of work (paid-is the incentive) to go out and look for this woman (a coordinated effort by Police of course) out of the question?  Why not?  Or, employees could donate a day of vacation to aid in the effort to find her.  In addition, why isn't there some sort of undercover force? 

    And, oh, by the way, Police don't need new cars to do a good job, they need THE TOOLSto do the job.  Did you know that a police officer still takes down crime scene information with a pen and pad of paper?  Are they not worth some 20th century (never mind 21st) devices like A RECORDER to take down the information and not waste 2 – 3 hours per incident recording it long hand!  Just think of all the other crimes that could be solved with at least an extra 2 hours per policeman a day!   If a courier company can track and obtain information and signatures for packages, I 'm sure there are new fangled devices that the police can be provided with that will enable them to do their job with more efficiency.

    Soon, with a reputation like this, tourists will just stop coming here, people will lose their jobs and confidence will be at a new all-time low and the popularity of thisisland will go the way of many others (let's all say Aruba!), down the drain. Then the ones who hid and didn't speak can go back inside their caves and wait for the pirates to come and pilage them again.

    Let's not forget that a woman is still missing from earlier in the year.  Is there any cold-case investigative work being done on that?


  3. Anonymous says:

    It is frustrating that there are no leads but look at this logically, hardly anyone talks on the phone anymore for social purposes in Kerran's age group, everything goes on BBM and the police have already said the BBM's are too tough to trace.  Maybe she was seeing someone that no one else knew about, and that she didn't talk about with anyone else.   If that someone didn't want anyone knowing she was was seeing him or vice versa then all communication would have been confined to BBM.  Furthermore, as it appears she was grabbed or taken by someone unexpectedly, if it was a stranger, some sicko out there then there would not be any BBMs, text message or phone calls to trace now would there?  Its just too coincidental and very concerning and frightening that now we have another woman here missing without a trace and no one has any idea what happened to them!! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Come On Digicel!

    LIME had Estella's Incomming/Outgoing calls in a recording breaking time limit.

    Here's your chance to prove you are truly competition!!!!

    LOOK ALIVE!  This is a life, this could be a tremendous help…why does certain things with this case seem so HIDDEN?

    Ever notice how 'carefree' they are taking this matter?  Everyday the topic wears down in the media.  What wll happen? Six months from now, another update, that six months later, still no sign of Kerry Ann? Did you see Anna's 'Six Months Missing' aniversay the other day? What is going on?


  5. Anonymous says:

    i agree. what about pulling up her phone records to see all received and made calls in the last 24 hours prior to her disapearing? im sure they will get leads from that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The horrible yet tragic truth of the matter is that almost anyone can disappear in the Cayman Islands and the RCIPs are unable to locate or protect its citizens.

    The politicians are too busy with their infighting to notice. Shame on them all. The hogs are fighting for betterposition at the trough. Be they of either party or Ezzard they are all the same.

  7. Dred says:

    I believe it is time the gloves came off.

    I am not a cop nor do I play one onTV.

    Investigative work is not only about followingevidence. In times when evidence is scarce you need to try to play angles at the crime and then follow your gut in an attempt to gain evidence. Things don't always, hold on, things HARDLY EVER fall into your laps. Sometimes you have to chase information.

    For this reason I believe the police should be able to make assumptions that information is being kept from them for a reason. I believe in trying to acquire this information you need to do more than simply ask you need to forcifully acquire and if this means subpeonas then so be it. Now I know you have to have probably cause. This is where your experience should come in. Find one.

    I believe phone records should indicate all of the people she spoke to on a regular basis. The longest calls are probably to those who she confided in most. Find out who they spoke to also and form a network. You should be able to get shared friends and others.

    I would start looking into her bank accounts and those of the people who pop up on her list of really close friends like the ones who are not saying anything to the police.

    People simply put something is wrong with the picture before us. Friends generally come rushing to help their friend. They don't stop to think they do it on emotion. So by these friends not coming forward then it means to say they are holdings something back and the reason needs to be known. If they won't do it nicely then a little pressure needs to be applied.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said….and maybe it would help to tell people that those whitholding information will also be prosecuted and held accountable. Isn't this tantamount to aiding and abetting the person or persons responsible for her disappearance? They are helping them get away with it!


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe her friends don't know anything. The Marl Road, or at least the little strip that is left of it, is only about 30% accurate in my experience.

      • Dred says:

        I'll leave you alone cause you are a bit clueless to what has happened.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, 30% is more that what the police have recieved so far. They have 0.0% facts from her friends