‘Landfill won’t impact BT’

| 15/08/2011

(CNS): The health minister and Bodden Town representative has told his constituents that moving the landfill to their district will not have a negative impact on their community. Mark Scotland said there would be a vegetation buffer around the site, that it would be properly engineered and covered unless in use, and the estimated two dozen runs of garbage trucks into the district would not affect the roads. Speaking at a public meeting on Thursday night in the district regarding the deal between government and the country’s biggest developer, the Dart Group, Scotland offered his backing to the project and told his constituents that they would not be negatively impacted by the new waste management site.

Although there has been no major co-ordinated opposition to the government’s news that the landfill would be relocated to the district as part of the ForCayman investment alliance,some members of the public questioned the possible negative impact on their neighbourhoods from the smell, the noise, the aesthetics and the rise in traffic levels from the trucks bringing garbage, as well the potential increase in garbage fees.

However, Scotland said the roads in Bodden Town would be able to handle the increase in traffic, which he said would be around 24 truck loads a day plus some hundred or so private vehicles. He said the site itself would not cause any problems to the community as it would be a properly lined and engineered waste management site that would be covered for most of the time and only parts would be exposed when garbage was being processed. He said there would be some 300 feet of natural buffer around the plant that would be a modern site and not just an open face dump like the one in George Town.

He said that various studies which had taken place in the past, when the idea of moving the country’s landfill first arose, indicated that the site which has now been acquired by Dart is one of the best possible locations for the new landfill. Scotland said that although it is close to the central wetlands, Dart is paying for a properly lined and engineered site, limiting leeching in the first instance. If leeching did occurr, a properly engineered site would catch the run off before it seeped into the surrounding environment, as was the case with the current landfill, the minister noted.

The developer has purchased and paid for the land in Bodden Town for the new site as part of the deal. Dart will also be paying for the construction and engineering of the new site, which it will then hand over to government to operate once it is completed. In exchange, Dart has been given the existing landfill in George Town, which is adjacent to its land at Camana Bay. The developer will then be capping and remediating the existing dump, which will eventually become public space. The developer has stated that the remediation will stop the leeching and runoff from the site into the North Sound.

Scotland said there would be a minimum amount of garbage going into the new landfill by comparison to the existing one, as the waste management site would be an eco-park that would involve re-use and recycling and other modern garbage management techniques, such as composting, which would reduce the amount of actually rubbish piling up. The minister and local representative also noted that there would be more meetings in the community over the coming weeks where information about the new waste-management would be given to the community.

The minister was supported by his Cabinet colleagues over the decision to relocate the landfill in the Bodden Town district, especially Rolstin Anglin, who said if his district had the room he would have been advocating for the landfill to go to West Bay. He said it was important for people to realize that on a small island space was limited. Furthermore, he said, the country had to understand that this was not a case of moving the dump but creating a modern waste management facility and it was time for people to “stop arguing over fire ants”, as he offered his support to the move.

There were, however, several concerns raised about the potential environmental impact and some audience members pointed out that as the minister and their representative had still not brought the National Conservation Law to the Legislative Assembly, despite a commitment to do so, there were no guarantees that the natural environment was not in danger.

During the meeting members of government and the Dart management team went through the broad elements of the deal that has been partially agreed between government and Dart, which includes land swaps, cash donations and the movement of the West Bay Road, as well as the relocation of the landfill. This is the second public meeting about the deal, as the first was in West Bay. The panel took almost three hours to outline the agreement before they opened the floor to the public to ask questions about the proposals.

The premier revealed that negotiations were still going on as the main agreement has not yet been signed. He noted that although many elements of the deal have already been agreed there were still other parts to be discussed. McKeeva Bush said he was hoping to get more out of the ForCayman Alliance, as he outlined some of the benefits that he said would go directly to the people, such as the mortgage arears programme. He also said there was money which would go towards the expansion of the district’s primary schools, along with help for adult education and apprentice programmes for the young unemployed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to see the detailed studies for these areas 4 Cayman Alliance as you and your supporters have claimed were done?Could you please publish them too ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where are all of those big-mouth enviromentalists that were against putting the road through the ironwood forest in GT? They even had a demostration on the Glasshouse lawn, numerous times going on the radio shows to defend the forest, even had their young children talking on the radios about what a bad idea the road was. Where are they now that the new dump is proposed to go in BT? Why dont they and their children go on the radio shows now and defend the trees and animals that will be destroyed by moving the dump to BT? Cat got unna tongue or wha?


    Lemme guess, they dont live in BT so it dont matter to them – go figure.

  3. Nomad says:

    Its obvious from a number post that several posters would like to see these studies that have been done for these areas of this island where the projects are being done or proposed. The government and developers should not be allowed to overlook or by pass such an important issue. Those studies should  be published online also in the spirit of transparency. It is outrageous for those in government to think they can do this for the sake of expediencey as the longtime effects will be left here after they have gone. Caymanians and residents deserve and have the right to know about the things that will effect us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Got some land selling for cheap in BT before the dump get there will accept best offer.

  5. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    Something had to be done about the waste situation, and, if it is done professionally, the side effects for BT residents should be minimal. The extra traffic might be a problem, as may, as they call it in the UK “fly tipping” on the side of the East./West Arterial road by private individuals too lazy to drive to BT. The biggest problem may be for the BT UDP members whose voters may feel that they have been sold out. It is the one district which has never fully recovered from “Ivan”, and this could look like a case of “they have nothing to lose anyway”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I believe that polictrics are being dessiminated by the opposition and various party followers. We are acting like theopposition – where everything has a negative side – irregardless of the benefits that would be gained by this very important infrastructure. Bodden Towners do not let politics interfere with something that is very good for the country and is a launch pad for further prosperity of Bodden Town and also the country. Do not be blinded by politics and false or misleading information. Use your intellect and common sense. This is an extremely important economic impetus that Bodden Town need. The industrial and other commercial ventures that will follow will refocus Bodden Town as the Capital of the Cayman Islands. Give Dart & Government a huge welcome and thank you and show the rest of Cayman how to greet and thank them for what they are doing.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      "is a launch pad for further prosperity for Bodden Town" – Really?

      What kind of prosperity is this for Bodden Town?

      You so blinded by your love of UDP that you think a Dump is prosperity for Bodden Town – please go fly a kite!

    • Cow Itch says:

      Irregardless? What does that mean? "Without regard for lack of regard"?  

    • Anonymous says:

      You must NOT be from BT.


      Also, what are the plans to stop the leakage from the current landfill into the North Sound? All I heard was that dart was going to cap and remediate the site. What is in the remediation? Does this include stopping the leakage into the NS?


      Another question: Are they going to move some or all of the current garbage from the current site up to the proposed BT site?

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Gee. What a unique idea! Wow! You may be on to something, dude! Urban planning experts the world over have been getting it all wrong when it comes to community revitalisation prgrammes. They usually start by giving the area a facelift, improve roads and then try to give some motivation and incentives for business and commercial enterprises to relocate to the area. Imagine what will happen when they discover that the key to an influx of prosperity and community revitalisation is for the dump to move into the neighbourhood!


      Once this catches on and Bodden Town is the glorious new Capital and centre of prosperity in these islands, I can envision countless communities all over the world clammouring for a dump of their own.


      Who woulda thunk, eh?


      Which do you think will be the biggest factor in attracting economic abundance to Bodden Town, the smell or the flies? I think it may be the smell. People just seem to respond to the heady aroma of rotting garbage wafting in the breeze in a way that makes them want to become part of such a wonderfully blessed community.

  7. Carol says:

    Fumes inhalation from styrofoam is carcinogenic.  It does eat away the brain cells and inhaling smoke from burning plastic will affect the lungs. Trees around wont be of much help. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    (Sarcasm alert) Wonderful to see that there is money to expand the primary schools but none to finish the high schools. How stupid to start new projects instead of finishing existing ones just because a different government started the building (conveniently forgetting that the UDP government "broke ground" on all the new high schools) – stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember the McKeever was the person who stopped the Dr. Hortor Hospital and you think there would've been any difference with the schools.  I am surprised that the one in Frank Sound wasn't turned over to Dr. Shetty for his hospital.  The brainchild of nonsense the Premier.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Here's how we resolve this…Create a IEBY or in everybody's backyard. If Bdoden Towner's don't want the landfill, they get togehter and take care of all of their trash in there district instead of hauling it to George Town or some other district and vice versa.

    I know that sounds like total crap and it is but until we can get our head out of the sand and stop blaming politicians for our own self gratification the country or this landfill will never move forward.

    I get the feeling sometimes after reading some of these stupid posts that it is not about whether the Landfill is good for Cayman or not or even whether it should be in Bodden Town but more of an opportunity to strike at a politician or to dredge up some foolishness on someone else.

    Come on Folks we can vote every politician out in 2103 if we want but if we want a landfill we have to start acting like Caymanians and pull together to get this done.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what the two Respresentives of Bodden Town is thinking?? It seems that this was a  plan in the making, and  Bodden Towners are now being notified of meetings on the Land Fill,  "after the fact".  Is this the only best thing that you all could offer Bodden Towners?? "The Garbage Land Fill".  Depriving us of our fresh air and replacing it  with poluted air, It is a Health Hazzard!!!  Come on Mark and John John you all could have offered better for this district. 

    The "Bodden Towner for Land Fill" he/she nust be a visitor or someone who has never lived near or by a Land Fill  who may have a fortune to derive from this project, Lord help us with these stupid persons that never know how to appreciate their district without a Second Mount Thrashmore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they truly believe the new landfill won't impact BT, but look out for the impact on the rest of the island when landscapers, construction companies and private individuals from the more populous areas of the island decide that an hour round trip to BT to drop off waste is better spent by dumping it on roadsides, vacant lots and other people's property.  Who is going to pick up the extra costs for all of these companies now they have to haul it half way round the island?  Dart?  Government?  I don't think so.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not a bad comment on the realities of human nature, which offers a suggestion, and one that I can't take credit for as its already done in many countries.

      If you have small collection sites dotted around the island to accomodate local waste – I'm thinking predominantly garden waste, you can eliminate a lot of similiar journeys to the new dump.  Heck you can even call them recycling centres and split the waste up. 

      If these sites are handy hopefully you can reduce fly tiping as well as improving a service – a bit like the Christmas tree dumpster near the cricket ground which seems well received if a little overloaded.

  12. Like It Is says:

    Moving this to BT is a very sensible step as it should not be near the economically significant parts of GC.

  13. Libertarian says:

    Before you get yourself involved with a deal that will effect the entire community your representing, shouldn't you at least consult with your community first?  It is just mindbloggling to see how this so-called democracy on this island works. How can you call yourselves representatives for your community, tag along with Dart to a meeting, and have the nerve to say that all is well – after the fact?!  You have not even conducted a poll or survey, but exclude the entire community, your voters in a major transaction that will forever effect their livelihoods. Mark and Dwayne, no matter how safe you say that dump will be and its benefits, you did things the wrong way. You should have never put your party before the people who voted you in power! 

  14. anonymous says:

    There is a simple solution to this nonsence…Every district should keep their own garbage and keep their own jobs that is created there. That will end this age long argument.

    End of story

    • Anonymous says:

      i"m fine with this suggestion as long as no Boddentowners, Easteneders< westbayers etc< who work in George Town during the day also take their garbage back to their home districts when they leave at 5pm. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners will right in 2013 the wrong that was done in 2009. Look at how much BT achieved under the previous Administration with The Chuckster, Ossie and Tony. What will we get this term ? A dump that has been dressed up as a'state of the art facility'. We Bodden Towners don't buy the crap and misrepresentation by Mark and John John. We will deal with the two of you at the first opportunity which we hope will be before 2013 !!! 

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      13;18  wILL YOU Please tell me what Bodden Town achieved under the Previous administration.  I am dying to hear.  And as far as I am concerned, and I am a Bodden Towner, who lived here for many years, too many and the only person who was at least trying was Osborne Bodden, Tony and Chuckie had Minister positions, and all you could hear from them was their hands were tied.  I am not going to have anything negative to say about Mark and John John, for the simple reason that they are one of us.  However it is entirely up to them to do what they know they should do.  If Osborne Bodden runs again, me and my family will surely vote for him.  Osborne Bodden  has done no personal favours for me, but I know Ozzie, and he is sincere in what he has to say.  All others will have one year to prove themselves, not just sit back and watch Bodden Town slide off the map and expect that come election people must vote for them.  It wont happen.  Beside I would like to add, if those opposing to MacKeva Bush as Premier, then I would suggest you have a better plan, with a better person.  I always heard the saying.  You know what you got, but do you know what you will be getting.  Beside the fact it is high time the few Caymanians, and the Jamaicans realize which side of their bread is buttered, and I say Jamaicans because, dont care how much we fight and curse them, only Jamaicans will fight for us still.  If we think that any others are or us, then think again.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mark and Dwayne cant be blamed, unless spinless is the charge, they do and say what Mac tells them to do and say. well done BT'ers, you voted in fine representation. And backed them when they broke the election rules.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh come on! Stop with the foolishness. Stop bashing people and look at the situation in front of us. Forget about Mark and Dwayne and comment as to why this landfill is good or bad for us.

      Crabs in a Barrel

  17. Anonymous says:

    Not good to inhale fumes from burning of styrofoam nor plastic (bottles, bags etc).  Styrofoam inhalation eats away brain cells.  The health of the nation is the wealth of the nation. 


  18. Anonymous says:

    As far as I'm concerned Rollie, the "engineered" dump can go on the land that used to belong to Stan Tomas.

  19. Old Sea Captain says:

    The entire district of Bodden Town and beyond will be affected, Mark you will also suffer from  the smell at your residence in lower valley. The prevailing winds are from the north east/east and Bodden Town, Pedro, Lower Valley, Savannah, Newlands, Spots Newlands, Prospect etc are downwind of this proposed site. If the present government is successful in this move I hope it is operational before the next elections so that voters can smell the dump on the way to the polls and hopefully this will guarantee that the two Bodden Town UDP representatives are one term politicians. Over 90% of the islands waste is generated in West Bay and George Town. If what Mark is saying about the new dump not smelling why not relocate it to some of the vacant property that Dart owns between Salt Creek and Batabano. Think of how much the government would save on gas, tyres and wear and tear on the vehicles that collect garbage. Mark you really surprised me I thought that you were smarter than this do you honestly think that a 300ft buffer of trees around the dump will filter out the smell?. After all that is said and done Dart came and built hisdevelopment and found the dump in its present location but from day one he has been hell bent in moving the dump  into some one else's backyard. Come on Mark tell them that since it will be so "eco friendly" let them move it to West Bay and call Rolson's bluff there are lots of vacant land that Dart owns down there but then Dart would be faced with the same problem again when he develops this property so Dart wouldn't allow it here either would he.

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to know which roads the garbage trucks will be using.  Are they going to travel on Shamrock Road or use the by-pass?  Will the by-pass be extended to  Bodden Town?  Those of us who live on Shamrock Road are already inundated with trucks and all their noise and fumes.  And Bodden Towners deserve a break from all the truck pollution, not more trucks!  I hope the powers that be will insist on the trucks using the by-pass.

    • Anonymous says:

      300 foot buffer will mean the dump doesn't smell – what a joke! I used to live in Parkway Drive about a mile as the crow flies from the dump (before Esterley Tibbetts was created). Even with that huge mangrove buffer, the dump used to stink and at times the flies were incredible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great idea, why can't it be moved to Salt Creek? Better yet, lets know which big UDP supporter the land in BT was bought from……. wait for it…………..

  20. Anonymous says:

    Mark doesnt care, XXXX  We need a proper Waste Management facility, there is no question about that…..My concern is that it is done in the lowest impact part of the island and that it is done without particular favor to any individual or company.  I am also interested to see why Dart was out of the landfill picture after many years of deliberations about the dump, then suddenly there was Wheelabrator and then just as suddenly they were out and Dart was back in???  I hope Wheelabrator uncovers what seems to me to be unlawful and haphazard decision making based on the buddy system which exists between Dart and McKeeva.  Dart is gaining more power hereby the minute and I will laugh when he throws McKeeva out of his own two-ring circus!!!!  

  21. Vantage Point says:

    Its really sad when individuals who stand to make a large economic windfall have to be over emphasizing their "Nimby" label and branding of those who simply have concerns about this proposed landfil. It's also too bad persons at the recent meeting person did not get a chance to explain the unscrupulous dealings of these same people with land owners in the area. What the nimby's want see is the so call studies of these areas in fact all the studies including Darts  projects too? Thanks

  22. Anonymous says:

    People are afraid and that is understandable, radio talk show hosts and MLAs have been feeding the fear for their own selfish reasons for years.

    Dart has a history of doingthings right and that is a given, have some trust and faith that the new landfill will be done properly.

    There will be those who scream bloody murder but don't let their rants on and off the radio sway you.

    There isn't enough cotton in Cayman to fill some of the screaming mouths around here.

    • Dred says:

      Yes Big Mac. Oops. Did I do that?

      Boy do you sound like him.

    • Anonymous says:

      WI hear what you are saying 9:40 and this is how it will always be. we need to stop bringing politics and talk shows into everything and start looking at what is beneficial for the island as a whole..

      Politicians, Talk Show hosts, Newspapers, blogs are after one thing only and that is increasing their ratings. Good News doesn't sell, sensationalism does. Unfortunately, our country suffers as a consequence!


      • Anonymous says:

        To 12:13 I am glad that you understood my post as I am not against people sharing their honest opinions what I am pointing out are those who have other motives such as building a platform for political aspirations or maintaining their position at the trough. There are people in the society who have other motives when they voice their dissent.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously, gagged to shut them up? How nice that you think that people who exercise their rights to free speach should be treated this way! Hope someone does that to you one day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart has a history of doing things right?

      I bet the US, Agentina, Belize and where ever else Dart has been before he came here will beg to differ

  23. Anonymous says:

    Fellow Bodden Towners, let's not be small minded about this and let the NIMBY syndrone ovetake us.

    We have a real chance here to get a reall landfill not a dump like we presently have. This will be astate of the art facility and probably one of the best if not the best in the Caribbean.

    We cannot afford to build something like this on our own nor do we have too many locations better suited for it.

    Let's put politics, political parties and individual assinations aside for once and do what is right for our country.


    Bodden Towner for the Landfill.

    • Anonymous says:

      What's a NIMBY?

      • Anonymous says:



        Persons that no matter what you do always say Not In My Backyard! We have them all over from West Bay to East End and even the Brac and Little Cayman.

        They also for the most part don't have or offer any solutions or alternatives other than to have negative comments to say about the developer, the government or really just anyone that supports anything that will be in their neighborhood, be it good or bad.

        Some NIMBY's are good and others just plain ignorant.

      • Knot S Smart says:

        It means: 'Nearly illiterate Minded Byzantine Yapping'

      • Jack N Meoph says:

        Not In My Back Yard… 

      • anonymous says:

        Not In My Back Yard…..NIMBY….

      • Anonymous says:

        Not in my back yard.

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      This comment is for Anonymous 9:01 (Bodden Towner for the landfill) and Anonymous 9:40. 

      Both of your comments are straight talk and are not offensive to anyone.  It's nice to see commenters not throwing mud or rocks or you-know-what at other people.  Why do you not use your names in these posts?  You'd get more support!

    • Knot S Smart says:

      The article above indicates that Dart will give the land engineered and lined for garbage disposal. This means that the land will be excavated and lined with a rubber lining.

      Where do you see that he will construct a 'state of the art facility'?

      My understanding is that we the tax-payers will have to foot the bill if we want a 'state of the art' facility. If that is the case, and we suddenly are awash in cash, then what is stopping us right now, from going ahead and constructing the facility, and remediating our dump where it is?

      I understand that there is big money in selling the metals from our dump, and tapping the trapped methane for waste to energy conversion. I also understand that in preparing the site in Bodden Town for the land fill, the developer will excavate a substantial amount of soil from the site, which is sufficient to pay for the cost of buying the land.

      This appears to be another case where we the people are given half of the facts with a lot of fluffery!

      Our Govt has a reputation of telling half of the story which is then celebrated by people having half of the normal human mental capacity. And only a buffoon would believe that a mere 300 ft provides a sufficient buffer for a garbage dump that will serve the entire island!

      If Dart is going to foot the bill to construct the 'state of the art facility' and give it to us as a part of the exchange, then that gives the issue a slightly different perspective.

      Please can we celebrate after we have examined all of the pros and CONS (pun intended).



      • Anonymous says:



        Don't believe everything you read..It is attitudes like yours that continue to hinder progress in this country. Do you really believe that DART would go to the extent of showing us the plans for this landfill and hiring people such as Walling Whittaker to oversea it if they were just going to clear some land and put down a liner. This is not Joe Imperato we are talking about.

        Have some common sense! Go to one of the meetings and ask questions before you get on here with your rubbish!

        • Knot S Smart says:

          @ 13.48 – Lets not get too puffed up my friend… I am the really good looking guy that was sitting in the white chair not too far from you. You know – the guy that the ladies kept staring at?

          Anyway dont feel insecure about that too much, because I am not a  threat to you.

          But. Sorry to burst your little bubble. The plans as far as I understood at the meeting in Bodden Town include exchanging approximately 126 acres of our land for us receiving 100 acres. It does not include the purchase of 'state of the art' recycling equipment or construction of the building facilities needed to house it. Did you hear differently?

          So my post that you commented on was on target, and as I indicated, if it included everything, then we should look at the plan from a different perspective.

          I will discuss it further with you at the next meeting…

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear ya Wally…

  24. Libertarian says:

    Mark, you say Bodden Town won't be effected. What about that neighborhood adjacent to the dump I see on the map?  Are you speaking for that neighborhood or for "Bodden Town" as far as where Northward is located?  And what about Breakers?  Who represents Breakers?

    • Anonymous says:

      or mark's house

    • Anonymous says:

      To the B.Town UDP representatives, you did your district a wonderful favour.  I hope that your supporters will remember that they were not even consulted, nor were they even given a chance to discuss what was taking place, until the big DART meeting,  which was the final straw that broke the camels back.  With such poor representation all these years, I applaud them for being so thoughtful for placing the dump in such a strategic position.  You should be complemented and I am sure you have earned your second round of disservice to this community for 2013.