Teens escape attempted murder charges

| 15/08/2011

(CNS): Two teenage boys who had been charged with attempted murder following a foiled robbery in Grand Harbour in May this year have had the charges against them reduced following an expert report. The teens are now charged with possession of an imitation firearm and the crown has dropped the attempted murder charge as a result of evidence from a firearms expert. Jonathan Welcome (17) and Jordon Powell (18) failed to rob Blackbeard’s liquor store after staff refused to give them money and they were then confronted by members of the public outside the store. It was originally claimed by the prosecution that one of the boys had attempted to fire the shotgun, which was reportedly loaded, during the struggle.

However, the gun did not go off and by all indications from the change in charges it appears the weapon was not capable of firing.

The incident had generated considerable publicity after the men outside the store had reportedly struggled with the young would-be robbers and disarmed them. The boys had then reportedly used pepper spray and then made their escape. Charles Ebanks, Edward Azan and Ray MacGuire chased down the teenagers and held them until police arrived at the scene and were lauded after the event as local heroes. 

The two young men now face charges of attempted robbery, possession of an imitation firearm, and possession of a prohibited weapon in connection with pepper spray that one of the teens was carrying.

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Category: Crime

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