Internet use surges in Caribbean region

| 19/08/2011

(CNS): According to an assessment of global internet figures by News Americas Caribbean internet use is growing rapidly. Internet World Statistics show there has been a growth in users logging on to the web by over 1,000 percent in just a decade. As of March this year use in the Caribbean had grown by over 1,763 percent since 2000. The Dominican Republic leads the way with 4 million users while Jamaica is second with 1.5 million. However, out of 41 million people, the Caribbean only has over 10 million people online or just over 25 percent of the population while out of 155 million Central American nationals over 42 million or 27 percent are on the web.

In Central America, Mexico led the way with over 34 million of its 113 million residents on the web. Guatemala and Costa Rica lagged way behind with just over 2 million of their population being able to log on.

In South America, Brazil leads with over 75 million online but that’s in a population of over 203 million. Argentina was second with over 27 million or some 66 percent of its population on the World Wide Web while Columbia came in third with over 22 million or just over 50 percent of its residents online.


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