No confidence motion ignored

| 19/08/2011

(CNS): Almost four months after it was handed to the speaker of the country’s parliament, the opposition leader reminded the country yesterday that the government has still not addressed the ‘no confidence’ motion filed in April.  Alden McLaughlin said that along with more than 30 unanswered parliamentary questions submitted by the opposition on behalf of their constituents that have been ignored by the government, there were also seven different private members motions outstanding, including the motion that asks government to debate its performance so far.  In the private member’s paper McLaughlin had listed 24 reasons why the Legislative Assembly should declare a lack of confidence in the government, but not surprisingly it has chosen not to take it on.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday relating to accusations made by the independent member and the opposition about the premier’s persistent abuse of power in regard to the Legislative Assembly, McLaughlin noted that this motion was one of many ignored by the government.

However, McLaughlin said that the premier may already regret having pushed the document aside considering the revelations since the motion was filed. The private members motion was originally designed to force the government to justify and account for the numerous things that it has been doing since coming to office which have not been well received by the broader public and to test the support of McKeeva Bush and his Cabinet and all members of the legislature.

The motion had pointed to a range of issues, from overriding the legitimate decisions of the Central Tenders Committee and ignoring public demands for one person-one vote to his handling of project proposals without proper studies, while failing to get the cruise berthing facilities underway and his extensive travelling.

However, since the motion was filed, Governor Duncan Taylor has revealed that the premier is currently the subject of a police investigation into “financial irregularities” in connection with a letter, or invoice, sent to former Cayman landowner Stan Thomas in October 2004 requesting $350,000 in connection with a re-zoning matter. The premier has not formerly addressed these accusations or mentioned the investigation in the LA. Despitecalls for his, at least temporary, resignation until the issue is resolved, the premier shows no sign of stepping aside.

“We know that the government has issues and does not want to debate this no confidence motion but by pushing it aside the premier has let things get a lot worse,” McLaughlin pointed out. “With every passing day there are some other reasons why people should have no confidence in the current government.”

The opposition leader also pointed to the motion submitted for debate about a strategic plan to address the short and medium term issues of the current crime wave, which the premier has also continued to ignore. McLaughlin emphasised the dangerous significance of the premier’s behaviour when it came to his abuse of the rules, given he has all of the power.

The former leader of the opposition, Kurt Tibbetts, noted that the House had been adjourned sine die seven times since May and that once it meets again in September, if it meets then, this current meeting will have lasted for well over 100 days, a nd yet the physical time spent in the chamber was less than ten days. He warned that this sort of abuse by the leader of the country set a bad example to the public at large and was reflected back by the current mood and frustrations of the community.

Ezzard Miller said that the people were being tremendously disadvantage by the premier’s refusal to follow the proper rules and said that they had to put a stop to it. “We needed to tell the people how bad the situation is and raise public concern,” Miller added as he and the opposition members implored the people of Cayman to contact their government representatives and impress upon them the need to follow parliamentary rules and debate the outstanding motions.

See no confidence motion and letter at heart of police investigation below

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would not continue to blame PPM for overspending, until I see the missing accounts.  To this day I still feel it was a UDP propaganda machine in operstion.  Show me where the money went and how it was spent and then show me the books.  Until then, I think PPM is/was the better party and yes they were accomplishing for the better of Cayman.  On the otherhand, UDP are ALL for the interest of the Investors and themselves.  They don't give a care for the people of these Islands.  It all about getting rich fast or die trying.

  2. Anonymous says:


    The fact that a response is taking so long shows that the methods of transparency is lacking in response times in government. Photo-ops of political leaders reading or at meetings isn't going to cut it anymore. We need some of those CCT cameras placed in the board room and videos posted to the web for review from the public. If they truly are performing the work of the people, then they can't hide behind the reason that some information is too sensitive.

    Party Politics is still valid, it just hasn't been updated. What about all the new social networking applications. Leaders should be required to tweet once every hour so we all know what they are really doing. If they want to enjoy all the perks of being a government official, the public should know how and what they are working on, in the moment they are working. How many people would vote for an official if they found out how much time they wasted on lunches, conferences, meetings, and bars with no results or resolutions other then some fake feeling of accomplishment from rigorous hand-shaking, complements and introductions. Agendas and Notes should be posted on the web within hours of meetings taking place. Debate between parties should be skyped and take place each week, and posted  for review from the public. Public Officials bank accounts and assets should be scrutinized and reviewed each month to check for outlier transactions. Public officials need to post all their connections, including transactions at the moment they take place so we don't have to constantly treat government as some mystery to solve. The real mystery should be how do we solve the publics problems, not how keep tabs on government officials who are not performing in earnest…let technology take care of that.


  3. Anonymous says:

    A good indicator of the harm we are suffering by having a political party system is seen by looking back to the campaigns run by both parties. I recall watching them on TV as they took turns at the podium bashing the other party. Both parties ran on their ability to beat the other rather than on substance.  They often campaigned as a group where they all spouted the same rhetoric.


    Now the election is over and we are still occupied with the two parties bashing each other. It seems to be their first priority. The top news of the day has now become the parties themselves and the failures of our governing system which has been greatly facilitated by party mentality. Even the back benchers who know they should stand up and speak the truth are not likely to do so for fear of offending the others in their party. Individualism and rational thought has been replaced by "follow the leader" and gang mentality. Properly addressing the needs of society and the economy have fallen to the bottom of the list of priorities. Parties only serve the politicians at the expense of their supporters. Political platforms are rigid, inflexible and harmful when they are unsuitable for the times because no one wants to go against the grain to make the necessary changes.


    We have growing socio-economic problems that are approaching crisis levels here and all we seem to be commenting on and reading about in the headlines is about the politicians themselves and their inability to make the system they designed actually work for the people.


    I asked a man from the US how he voted. He said, "I'm a Republican. My Father was a Republican and my Grandfather was a Republican. I always vote Republican". His answer shocked me since he was well educated. I always thought we were supposed to vote for the best person based on their ideas, experience, knowlege and talent. Voting for someone just because they are a member of a party is exactly the wrong way to vote and leads to the mess we are seeing here now.


    It would be refreshing to hear candidates in the next election bashing eash other as individuals based on their experience, record and abilities so that we could better chose suitable people to lead us. One-on-one televised debates would be a good start.


    If we keep voting for political parties, we will continue to see more of the same political games being played while the country goes down the tubes.







  4. Anonymous says:

    "Ah the wind, the wind is blowing / Through the graves the wind is´╗┐ blowing

    Freedom soon will come …"

    From a classic song……………….


  5. Libertarian says:

    Yes, Cayman has two parties:  The "United Dollar Party" and the "Party Progressive Movement." We have to exclude the people, because after they get elected and receive power, they get soo caught up with Poli-tricks that they become deafened to what the people have to say. Everything goes into one ear and comes out the next ear. But ever flash some dollars in front of their faces, and they become hynotized. All of a sudden they are all for you, and will do your wishes. If you want change and you care for the people, Alden, then fight for constitutional change towards a direct democracy. Stop denying that the system you and Kurt played an important role in creating, is a sound one. Regards

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have figured out the reason that the UDP fries won't oust Mac:Julianna.  They are afraid that she would be even worst.  Mac is smart.  He made Julianna Deputy Premier instead of Rolston because she is just as unpopular as Mac is.  If he had made Rolston Deputy Premier, I think the UDP fries would have ousted him a long time ago.

    Now our only option is for the Governor to dissolve parliament and have re-elections.  I think we should also ask for some amendments to our constitution.  We should have one man-one vote.  No more party system.  

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute.  You could keep adding reasons for no confidence like reason number 26: failure to reply or address previous no confidence vote but you can see the endless circle forming here.


    Why not put for a no confidence vote for the entire bunch of UDP members who are sheepishly supporting Mac. There is right and there is wrong and there is the UDP. Right and wrong don't seem to matter to them. It's all about following the leader.


    Do a separate no confidence vote on each one of 'em and get them out of there. A new election is warranted here. Removing them will tarnish our international image far less than by keeping them in and having comments like this made.


    After the death of Edgar Hoover who was the head of the FBI for decades it was found that he held onto power by keeping files on everyone who might get in his face including Presidents. XXXXXX


    • Anonymous says:

      You can only declare a lack of confidence in a government.  Gosh, you know, even the people with their minds in the right place…I give up

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alden you definitely need to do a second no confidence motion with item 25 being  'multiple probes and reports from the country's auditor General in regards to governments wrongful inteference in procurement of goods and services and the resulting costs to the Caymanian people, as well as serious irregularities in regards to distribution of the country's money under the name of "nation building".

    Item 26 should be "blatant disregard of a vote of no confidence in Government's performance over the past two years".  

    It is unimaginable what McKeeva will do next if he is shown that he can very simply ignore this and get away with it. This cannot and must not be allowed to happen in our country. Mr Governor you are being paid by the Caymanian people to do a job. We are expecting you to do it. PLEASE.

    • Libertarian says:

      A second no confidence motion???  These MLA's backing Bush, are not going to stall the development projects and give power to another person who has no connections with Dart like McKeeva has. It is not going to happen. And let's say by slim chance it does happen and the Premier is removed from power, then what?  What "change" will you see in putting your trust into the same politicians who were the ones behind the creation of this Constitution. We are just swapping from one power head to the next with the same powers and priveleges – that is no change for the people of these islands!

      Nevertheless, you are right on one thing:  The Governor should be doing more, and if I was him, I would be thinking on ways in which the Constitution can be amended and serve the people only.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear there's also an ongoing (forever ongoing it seems) investigation into possible financial misdeeds involving the premier. Maybe if Alden can't get him removed that will.

  9. A True Democrat says:

    If Premier Bush is the man he wants us to believe he is, and loves this country as he  says he does, then he should resign and save this country the inevitable embarrassment  which is bound to come out of this investigation. Please save us from this black mark on our reputation. Please, Please, Please, Mr. Bush! Do the right thing!

    • Anonymous says:

      He is just what he is.  Nothing more.  Why does everyone still expect him to be more thanwhat he is?  Is it because he is Caymanian or because the people who belive in him are?

    • A True Republican says:

      I agree with your sentiments. Even though he is a proud & stubborn man it would be in the best interests of Cayman if he resigns, because no matter what the results of the criminal investigation into alledged corruption, the fact that the premier is under investigation is in itself a huge embarrassment to Cayman, & is also hurtful & damaging to our reputation. As A.T.D. says, Please, Please, Please, Mr. Bush! Do the right thing! Resign now!

    • Libertarian says:

      My friend, If you want what is best for the people, just don't roll heads, protest and become an activist for the change of the entire political system. Don't say it can't be done and say it is impossible. Great people were against the establishment of the day. They were not mere reformers. They were revolutionary individuals that had a vision, and stuck with it. In our instance, we keep attacking the top of the iceberg, but fail to see we are deceving ourselves over and over again from one election to the next, because we fail to see that the powers-that-be can never represent us with loyalty. They say they can, but once  money and power is involved, they will do the same things. The party system in Jamaica, ruined Jamaica… it will do the same to Cayman if left unchecked.  If we continue on the road we are going, trust me, Cayman will be sold out to the special interest, and the party system will become more and more crystalized.

      • Anonymous says:

        Alden and Ezzard are both well educated, experienced men, who are not and have never been blinded by money.  Ezzard happens to have the love of the Northside people, including the ones who did not vote fdor him.  Alden has proved himself in a lot of ways and if building schools is what you are holding against him, don't say they are not badly needed.  He, nor anyone else in the Cayman Islands did not know that a worldwide recession was going to hit.  McKeeva Bush keeps blaming the previous government for the financial situation, but he is doing even worse than they ever did.  How can he be giving away millions of dollars to churches and the people of the Cayman Islands cannot put food on their tables.  That money should have gone to the Department of Children & Family Services.  They are getting more and more requests for assistance just to be able to feed their families.  Good Governance should look at how to help their people, not how many deals they can get dor themselves.  We need help and McKeeva is certainly not going to help us.  HE IS A DISGRACE AS A PREMIER AND MICHAEL MISICK OF TCI HAS NOTHING OVER HIM AND LOOK AT WHERE HE IS.

  10. truth says:

    In anything but a third world country the other end of the Government would not let itself be ignored.

    Here in Cayman it is just more lame, tired, excuses by the same lame, tired, overpaid and underacheiving fools because they know the people might cry but thats it.  Thats all that will happen.  The Premeir has been under investigation for how long?  And how is that going?

    The motion of no confidence was put forth 4 months ago.  Has anything of merit happened with that?  Nothing of merit happens here in Grand Cayman because it is a culture of crying over what might have been but no one expects anyone to put  forth any measurable effort.

    the only thing that will save Cayman for the Caymanians is a few non-typical business minded and ethical persons to step forward and start leading Cayman into the future.  They have an easy act to follow.  It will not be hard to do a better job.  Please try.  The present shows no future for Caymanians but massive debt, unemployment, and now where else to go.  Unless the UK finally takes over.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't worry, Mr. Dart will save us. I read that he is a really good business man who is here to help us. Although he has spent over a billion dollars here already I am sure it will eventually help. Just be patient. Of course moving West Bay Road and building the new resort will supply so many jobs that we will have to import extra labour. A job for everyone and and SUV in every driveway. Everything will be fine by then. And if you belive this I have some swamp land to sell you.

      • Libertarian says:

        Dart has one supreme agenda in mind:  To monopolize and control pretty much most of the private sector where he will be able to fluctuate and control costs and prices at the detriment of small local businesses. In coalition with the UDP government, he is using concessions and favors to accomplish his aim. Dart and a few other wealthy individuals, I call them the well-off fews, want to pretty much buy out Cayman. The people (with no voice) will end up being in an economic delimma where they will have to deal with Dart and well-off fews, because no one else will be in the market to compete with. If they refuse to support the United Dart Party or the Party's Progressive Movement, how will they survive? This is the delimma Cayman finds themselves in, and the Governor / UK is quite about it, watching us tear each other apart.

      • Y U T E says:

        Soooooo true Anon 00:15. If anyone believes that Dart is here to help the Cayman people then I also have a lot of swamp land that I would love to sell them. Dart is here for what Dart can get for Dart. Dart is looking out for Dart first & foremost! Just take a look at the proposed West Bay road closure. That will greatly benefit Dart & make his property almost triple in value while Cayman & the Cayman people get nothing (except our road being closed)!

        I agree that Dart has done a lot of development in Cayman (in his interest), but for those who think that Dart is a saviour for Cayman & think that Dart is here because he wants to help Caymanians, I am in desperate need to sell my swamp land, please contact me at:  or phone me 916-FOOL!

        Sorry to bust unna bubble, but Dart has tried this in other countries that were NOT foolish enough to allow him to do so (& where he could not find a willing accomplice to allow him to do it) & their governments refused his advances. Sorry to bust unna bubble but Dart is here to help Dart & not to help Cayman. Do you honestly think Dart came to Cayman because he CHOSE to help Cayman? Get real, he came here because we were the only one that would allow him to do as he wanted (thanks to YOU KNOW WHO!). I think it was the late great Dennis Emmanuel Brown that had a famous song "MONEY IN MY POCKET"!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Are we surprized? This is a governmentthat does not obey its own laws.


    However, the way forward is slowly coming clear. The FOI commissioner and the Auditor General are competant professionals who are firmly insisting that the government follow its own rules. This is a good start.


    The road to good governance will be long, hard littered with set backs.


    Eventually, the current crop of political dinosaurs will retire to be replaced with a new generation of young, competent, energetic and (hopefully) ethical leaders.


    All we can do is hope for the best and do what we can to encourage the next generation to be brave and step up to the plate.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Isn't this what the Governor and his staff get paid fat salaries to sort out? 

    If you want to pursue this here's a hint – Michael Peel at the Financial Times has a real hard on for wrong-doings in the Cayman Islands. Why not email him the link to this story and get it into the UK press?

    • Anonymous says:

      We will have to wait for a cabinet grant recipient to get arrested for rioting in the UK for the British to have any interest in what is going on here.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dear Excellency Governor Duncan,

    I normally keep my opinion to myself but the outrage I feel has caused me to write this in hope that you will read it.


    This pertains to the criminal investigation currently under way involving our Premier and matters of money.  It seems logical to me that if an elected official is under scrutiny over financial matters and that same official is in charge of the country's finances that you would use your executive powers to temporarily remove him from this position while the investigation continues. I can further make my point by relating this situation to a person who raises chickens in their backyard and one morning goes outside to find several of the chickens slaughtered and a stray dog standing there licking it's chops. I believe the first course of action would be to remove the dog rather than try to investigate the cause of the chicken’s death.


    Your public response to this request would be greatly appreciated.


    Mr. Eden

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs a progressive party, with NONE of the old or new present party members included. Its either that or Britain takes over.  They are too stuck in their own little squabbles and soap opera to deal with the issues, and photo-ops does not in slightest indicate that they are serious. Nobody wants them to unravel the mess they have created otherwise they will find a way to collect consulting fees with no solutions in sight.

  15. Anonymous says:

    All this fuss about Mckeeva,  Its a Lame attempt to win a election so Please PPM if you need to win my vote Show me what you will do to make this country better and stop the whining,  finger pointing , and give me real solutions, Its starting to Sound like jus a Hatred for this One man and not an attempt to find a way forward for us all.  i am not in a legion to any one of you , but whom ever show me  how this country can move forward, then you have my vote, because this is what it boils down to… the Back and forth and a bunch of children, is dumb. and looks stupid I am 21 and i don’t even behave like that, so please,  Let start Hearing solutions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here's your solution. The PPM or any new crop of politicians will be better than what we have as long as they stop spending money we don't have on things we don't need. The current government has proven that their philosophy is detrimental to our economy. Any change would be for the better. I am not a member of any party. I believe Cayman was better off when all people ran for office independently on their own merit to represent the people of their districts. Party politics divides countries into battling factions. It becomes a fight for who is right and who is wrong. Party politics forces people to stop thinking and blindly follow their leader's agenda whether it is good or bad.


      We as individuals need to start thinking again and changing course as we go along to avoid errors of the past and correct current mistakes. Party political philosophy allows those in power to lead their followers around like thoughtless sheep which is where we are now. I would rather elect someone based on their own credentials and willingness to listen than for a pack of people who place themselves into a category of political thought. I will not be led around like a sheep and will not be voting for anyone who is a member of a political party. Anyone who does vote for a party will get the complete package and will regret it until the next election. Instead of good men joining together to resolve our problems and work for a better Cayman we will just get more "blame game" politicians who ignore the needs of society.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree somewhat independent credentials being very important, but no single man has all the skills to can take on all the tasks that a high ranking government job entails. If we vote upon the person only, it will bemore tempting for people to vote who they "like" simply on his/her personality. We will be voting then on a cult-of-personality. With a platform for a party, there is at least a definition of the stances of the candidate. We need more well defined platforms, so that people know what type of projects that candidate will support. I would even go so far as to make it a law that if a winning candidate breaks from his platform that he would be legally obliged to leave office, That would put the pressure on creating a well defined platform for elections, and not upon sound bytes or how many babies the candidate kisses for photo-opts during the campaign.  


        Also we should make the term in office much shorter than it is, to make sure the winning candidate is always aware that he is just votes away from being out out of office if he starts delineating from his platform.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am simply looking at the two systems that have been tried here over the past 30 years. The old non-party system had its flaws and was open to corruption but was far more productive and preferred to what is going on now. Party politics has divided the people of Cayman as evidenced by these comments. This did not exist in the old system. There was no platform for people to identify with. People were re-elected on their popularity among their constituents and yes, McKeeva was one of them. And of course, he was the head of EXCO but he did not have a bunch of sheep doing everything he commanded. Other members were allowed to vote as they felt without fear of breaking party lines. EXCO would have been much more effective if we had the openess of government and transparency that we have now.

          I am using history as my guide to which system works better. Politically and socially, Caymanians were much better off using the non-party system. The new young voters coming up now will only know party politics and will blindly follow their leaders without thinking or the ability to waiver from theri party's platform. It is a huge brainwashing process that beneifts no one but the politicians.

          As you can see by all of these headlines and comments, the party system itself becomes the news instead of the real important issues that need addressing.

          When Mr. Jim Bodden was in charge, there were no guards at the Glass House. Anyone could walk in and take the elevator up to his office and sit in the waiting room to see him. That room was always full of 20 to 30 people and he saw every one of them and listened to their problems. His methods were sometimes unacceptable, but what he did, he did for the people and not for a political party or his pockets. I knew Jim Bodden. He was a renegade, much like Mac, but he always acted for the people, first and foremost. And not just the people in his district, ALL CAYMANIANS were his priority.


    • Anonymous says:

      The point is that the UDP has the majority and will not listen to anything the PPM has to say or offer. As usual, they are the school yard bullies and are ruling this country any way they want to. Is this really what you want for your generation?  I don't think so.  We need open minded people who will listen to what the opposition has to say not dictators.  If we don't do something about the way government is operating now, I dread to think what will be left for you and your children. 

    • Anonymous says:

      OK here is solution one: GET RID OF MCKEEVA BUSH.

      • Anonymous says:

        No one on the island seems to have the balls to do the job.  And no one better is stepping up to do a better job.  Cayman is going down and they can't even slow it down.  What will happen to Cayman needs to happen.  If a plant gets no water all the talk and crying will not help it live.  the people of Cayman do not have what it takes to save themselves and they do not have the ability to listen to good advice.  So it goes.  The world watches as another third world country bits the dust.

    • Anonymous says:

      All this fuss about McKeeva? A lame attempt to win an election????? We can forgive you for being 21 years old and green and wet behind the ears but do you have any comprehension of the English language at all? This post is very clearly about McKeeva Bush ignoring a very long list of his blatant shortcomings as this country's premier. It is most definitely NOT about winning an election. PLEASE try to stay with the subject or shut the XXXX up.  

  16. Anonymous says:

    If Mac gets ousted, which vilage idiot will take his place? At least with Mac we know what we have. The UDP seems to think that spending money they don't have on public works projects is the way to save the economy. STOP SPENDING and pay off the debt. So far this administration has done nothing to make life better here in the last 3 years and has grown the debt far above the limit. Now we have a 40 million dollar per year interest payment on the debt. This small island could find better uses for 40 million dollars than to use it for interest payments. 40 million could build a lot of churches. When politicians are paid ridiculously high salaries they tend to try to justify their existence by constantly fiddling with things that should be left alone. It would serve the country well if they would simply report to their offices and do nothing but crossword puzzles for the remainder of their term. There's a saying in Texas that seems to fit this administration which is " All Hat and No Cattle". 

  17. Anonymous says:

    The village just called and said they are missing their idiots…  Would the members of the LA PLEASE go home!!!

  18. Libertarian says:

    Alden and Ezzard, you need to revamp our whole political system!  Just don't take your complaints to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the CommonwealthParliamentary Association, but take your complaints to those powerheads in the UK that advocate direct democracy!  Strengthen ties with parliamentarians, elites, and powerful people, and those who are able to influence democratic change for these islands. Think diplomatic!   Our Constitution is lacking the proper checks and balances we need. It gives the Governor and UK politicians too much power over the people, and it does not ensure the people of these islands being heard except for election day and referendums – the document is shameful!  We need a better Constitution than the one we have now, because we the people should be heard at all times. We need a Magna Carta where people of a community can vote down a developer, a greedy investor, and have more influence in political affairs over our islands.  You guys can make a positive difference if you strike at the root – not at the branches!  Cayman needs a Constitution that is leaning towards a "direct democracy" – not a constitution where you have representatives (MLA's) that remember you during election, but during the four long years, caught up with money and have no time to hear what you say, or at least do a survey to see who is for this or for that project.  Alden and Ezzard, the people need better!

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem confused. One moment you're decrying Alden and Ezzard and the next minute you're asking for their help. Why don't you help them help you?

      • Anonymous says:

        In what way would you propose we help Mr. Alden and Mr. Ezzard?

        How do your believe we could assist Mr. Alden and Mr. Ezzard to move the Cayman Islands further along democracy road with a very active politically minded population?

        There are many persons who want to help these politicians who are trying so hard but we do not know how they would receive our assistance.

        Yes, we are fed up with Mac Dictator but where are our choices?






        • cow itch says:

          what  a stupid democratic system here. need to go to jamaica… at least dem escobars look out for ya.

    • Country First says:

      I have told the opposition that to save Cayman the complaint to the local media is a failing proposition. You are right Bernie Grant was UK parliamentarians that push Caribbean issues and was used by other OCT's like Anguilla to get much more assistance. I also suggested that the regional media must be used more to highlight the undemocratic practices tolerated by the British governor, hence the British government.



  19. Mark Eb says:

    I am so tired of listening to all this cr*p about Mac this and his Gov that, if what he and they do is not breaking the law then give us a rest and stop whining. However if it is illegal then Mr Governor get of your backside and do something now!! You are supposed to govern, so GOVERN!

    • Libertarian says:

      Mark, all things happen for a reason. We are all disgusted with our politicians with no scales and backbone. Like you said we need to stop whining. But I admonish you to never stop speaking out and letting your light shine, due to discouragement. We can not afford to rock in our hammocks for one minute and say all is well. We have to teach, educate, and continue exposing errors. We have to also be willing to learn. We can't force people to do what we want them to do, but we can hope for the best and hope something strikes them at the heart to do the right thing.

      Speak the word of truth (as you know it) with longsuffering and tolerance. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You can do many things which reflect can destroy your country and give it bad reputation internationally without doing anything illegal. If that is all you expect from politicians  – that they simply do not commit acts which are actually illegal – then you have set the bar very low.  I guess we get the government we deserve.

    • Anonymous says:

      He's on Mac's turf, remember?

    • The lone Haranguer says:

      DNNIBSFMC do nothing no ideas big spending fear mongering crowd.


      • Anonymous says:

        In case you didn't notice, the topic here is "no confidence motion ignored", peabrain.

  20. nauticalone says:

    Once i took the time to look at the Poll, i found well laid out options. However i almost didn't bother (and i assume some others also may not) as i found the Title/Heading seemed to suggest simply wheather or not Mackeeva's Performance was/is as expected. And i find his performance exactly as expected yes!

    But i certainly do NOT find his performance as what i would expect of "the office of Premier"!

    Therefore i beleive the wording of the question may benefit from re-wording to more clearly reflect wheather it is asking for expectations of the "Office of Premier" or the current person holding that office.

    Having said that, thank you very much CNS for posing such a relevant question.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Start taking notes PPM. When you win back the House in the next election I strongly urge you to start taking notes on how the Premier has totally captured power and tied your hands in order to run the government on his terms. Although his methods are underhanded and full of politricks, it would serve the PPM well to utilize these same measures when in power to hog-tie the opposition. There is apparently nothing illegal about what the Premier is doing or else there would be charges brought forward. The rules of our Legislative Assembly are obviously full of holes which allow him to bypass whatever he likes in order to suit his cause without violating laws. The system needs amending but you should hold off on such amendments until you have had your chance to give them back some of their own medicine. The UDP won't like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

    There is a similar parallel here to the Bush-Cheney Administration in which President Bush bypassed Congress in implementing the Patriot Act which violated everyone's civil rights and rights to privacy. He then initiated the bailout of Wall Street for Obama to have to deal with the fallout. Obama's hands are tied by his adherence to proper procedure and ethics. Sometimes you have to throw rocks back at the bully in order to get his attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      No way! Then the PPM would be stooping to their level. We need to force the UDP to rise to the right level or be forced out altogether.

    • Libertarian says:

      It sounds like you want a divided Cayman Islands, two parties rallying the people against each other. "A kingdom divided against itself will fall"  Right now we should all be united for the common good.

    • Y U T E says:

      Anon 11:49, you sound so very similar to Mckeeva Bush & the UDP, blaming everything wrong on the PPM. After all the destruction Obama has caused on the American people & economy you are trying to put the blame on GW Bush who has been out of office for THREE YEARS for GOD's sake. I won't pretend that Bush didn't make mistakes, but come on now, THREE YEARS later & you are still blaming Bush for what is wrong in America? Obama has made things in America 10 times worse than it ever was. No one president has caused so much hurt & pain, & put the US in so much debt (TRILLIONS) as Obama has in such a short time. STOP blaming the PPM, & STOP blaming GW! Don't you think it is about time? For GOD's sake, THREE YEARS! 

      • Anonymous says:

        I am PPM. I am not blaming PPM, I am recommending they use the same dirtly tricks being used on them by Mac when they regain office. PPM does not know how to fight dirty and needs to learn from this man. As for Obama, he did not start the trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street. That was done by GW and Treasury Secretary Paulsen before Obama was elected. If GW was still in office he would have the same economic problems Obama is facing. Corporations are moving overseas due to high corporate tax rates in the US. GW reduced those rates during his term without success. The real problem facing any US President is trade imbalance with China and Saudi Arabia. Just lIke in Cayman, the money is flowing overseas for the importing of goods and foreign nationals are sending their pay back to their homelands. The money flows out and Walmart restocks its' shelves. The only solution is to tariffs on the Chinese for the privilege of exporting to the US. By making imported goods more expensive, it will be more cost effective to produce them in the US which will restore the jobs lost to cheap Chinese labour.

        By the way, Wall Street is sitting on trillions of dollars in cash, much of which GW gave to them. Not Obama or anyone else can undo the damage GW has done to the economy.

    • Son of Thunder says:

      Did someone say dictator?

  22. truth says:

    Why is it nothing of lasting value ever gets done in Grand Cayman?

    Knowing the answer is only half the battle.

  23. Anonymous says:

    In a situation in which politicians abuse the LA and the Speaker is incapable or unwilling to act to correct the situation it is the clear duty of the Governor to dissolve the LA and to call new elections. The question is, will he do what is required in order to ensure good governance?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been wondering that myself.  Has he been hand-picked by Mac or is he simply afdraid of the bluster and blame-casting which follows?  It is high time that he begins to govern the Cayman Islands or is he really trying to help destroy everything Caymanians hold dear? I am an older Caymanian with children and grandchildren in this island.  The only thing I have to be happy about is that my family enjoy dual nationality and as much as we love the Cayman Islands, we do not want to have to leave it in order to survive, but McKeeva Bush is driving away a lot of Caymanians because we cannot live with the extremely high prices.  I bet you that he does not care a hoot  about Caymanians, he needs only to eat as much turtle as he wants, burn as much electricity as he wants and waste what little of the money the country did have by destroying the Islands Time Forgot XXXX.  How he can rant and rave about thre previous government wasting the countries money, I don't know.  No one in my years have wasted as much as he has and does not care as long as he can blame the PPM for the state of the country's finsances.  Surely the PPM did not send the US, the UK, Canada and all the other woeld countries who have also been hit with the worldwide recession.  If the Governor does not dissolve the assembly soon, there will be nobody left to vote in another one except his 3000 status holders.


      • Anonymous says:

        the 3000 may vote, but it don,t mean we'll vote for Mac

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you. If Mac reads that he'll permanently and irreversibly blow his top for sure. Then we'll be permanently and irreversibly rid of him for sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who says the 3000 status holders will even be here.  Remember, they are nationals of another country.  In addition, after the Cayman passport, they can get the UK passport and go to any E.U. country to work.  

        • Anonymous says:

          It is true that a number have left (indeed some had left before they were granted) but many thousands more became Caymanian through recipients. These include already existing children, and spouses. Now hundreds more are becoming Caymanian through them, and still hundreds more are getting points towards PR as a result.

          Because of our terrible election system, only a few hundred of these have to vote for Mac to assure his election. He has it stitched up for generations. He knew what he was doing. The irony is he got a British Governor charged with preventing this sort of abuse from happening to sign the certificated of both the deserving and the undeserving, the long term residents and the new arrivals. He also hopelessly conflicted the attorney general by giving him a grant. Now our leaders seem too weak to publicly speak out on this and our democracy has been hijacked.

          …add to that the refrigerators, nation building funds, selective awarding of contracts, (all of which we are supposed to rely onour AG to do something about) and it is plain that the electoral process has been so undermined that no credibility remains in the process when it comes to faircompetition for votes.

  24. Libertarian says:

    "In the private member’s paper McLaughlin had listed 24 reasons why the Legislative Assembly should declare a lack of confidence in the government, but not surprisingly it has chosen not to take it on."  Surprised???  IT IS NOT WORKING MR. MCLAUGHLIN!  Dumb rules has been set for the political game!  You are an attroney.  You know what has to be fixed!  You can at least make your recommendations to what appears to be a broken system that you and Kurt played a role in creating! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Lib, you got it right, "Dumb rules has been set". Why are the opposition and indipendent asking for heads on platters, when they were the ones help to create these smae  rules. The 24 reasons is a blind sight to the regulations, laws, and policies that were made by  all past legislaters.

      What is surprising, they dont want to change the system , they just want to change the messenger….and for them to carry on with the same rules . Caymanians, dont be fooled!  

  25. Anonymous says:

    It is clear that the Premier will not permit any meaningful debate in the LA. If the opposition members are serious about preserving democracy in Cayman they must first formally ask the Governor to dissolve the LA due to its abuse by the Premier, Second they must lead street demonstrations that will show the Governor and the FCO that the people want new elections. Otherwise the opposition are just playing along with the politrix farce of the Premier.  My question to the opposition is do you really want things to improve for Cayman or are you just playing games?

    • Anonymous says:

      But wouldn't that be mere transition from one party to the next, and still no real change?

    • nauticalone says:

      Agree with your post completely!

    • Anonymous says:

      You can only lead street demonstrations if the public is willing to step up to the plate and come out. I was one of the couple of hundred last time, no where near enough to make an impact, were you there?

    • Anonymous says:

      We Caymanians have to be the biggest fools in the world, if we can't see by now,  that Alden Arden and Ezzard are playing the politrical game.

      • Anonymous says:

        We have to be the biggest fools in the world for voting McKeeva Bush into office.

      • Anonymous says:

        I know for sure there's "ONE"  on the Island!   Guess Who?

  26. Anonymous says:

    The headline might better have stated "democratic governance" ignored.

    • Libertarian says:

      I agree with you 100% – it is just that we never had a real democracy before – it is time we should get one

      • Anonymous says:

        Libertarian what is a real democracy?

        • Libertarian says:

          Here are some characteristics of a direct democracy, which, to me, is real democracy – no strings attached:

          1. Citizens are able to pass major and important bills into law by way of electronic voting via use of cellular phones, atm machine, or internet – removing most (if not all) the legislative powers from the hands of MLA's.

          * Pertaining to districts, any planning approval to cause a development in people's backyards, those people should be able to have the right and legislative power to decide whether the developmental plan is approved or disapproved. Other districts wouldn't be able to decide the fate of the district that is being in question for the said development. MLA's wouldn't be able to interfere – they would have to reason and try to persuade the electorate within that district if they want results on their favor. On national issues, all voters of all districts and sister Islands, would be able to participate in legislative power.

          2. Less political corruption – because there will be no one to bribe the MLA or politician with monies to have a law pass on their favor. Seeing that most (if not all) the legislative powers has been given to the people (a government for the people and by the people), the onus would be for the MLA politician to sell to the people (so to speak) the desired outcome of a bill. The MLA politician would only be able to pass minor regulations and house rules within government.

          3. It takes advantage of the technological revolution. Cell phones, atm machines, computers, and other electronic devices, can be screen, and with proper auditing system, can be use for the common good. Through the internet, young people will get more involved in the political process. Discussions, debates, speeches in the LA, expert analysis on bills that deals with factual content, can be displayed on internet forum to aid citizens on how to vote.  

          4. Issuesare decided on its own merits. Not on popular opinion and party affiliation. Issues are not decided on personality and the "who" that is in power.

          * The UK is causing us to miss out on the technological advantages of the age. Where they can't get their country together in terms of democracy, they can at least effectively do something to better the lives of those who in the Overseas Territories. They owe us for the injustice and draconian measures they have imposed on us in the past. Hence, they could at least draft us a Constitution that reflects a modernized direct democracy of each of the districts in the Cayman Islands – where absolute power is given to the people.

          • Anonymous says:

            Does this system exist any place in the world?


            I mean I know countries with referendums. I believe the premier had said a while back that the only purpose for one was independence. But we used it in recent years.

            That being said some questions would be

            Who gets to vote? I know you say citizens but it needs to be spelled out clearly.

            If this system is employed what do we do with the politicians? The need for them would be deminished. Do we cut their numbers or cut their pay?

            what qualifies as a major bill?

            Would you consider a construction project like the proposed new port or Shetty hospital?  O should it be political in nature like the bill of rights?

            • Libertarian says:

              All you have to do is research what I am saying, and you will know that aspects of a direct democracy, can be seen in diverse parts of the world. An electronic voting system (also called e-voting) via cellular phones is being used in African countries. The voter is free from having to visit thepolling stations. It was recently performed in Sudan. With the revolutionary network of facebook and other networking sites, Constitutions can be drafted to implement direct democracy. Major bills can be open to the analysis and decision making of the people of Cayman. The MLA's role would pretty much remain the same with general duties, except he/she will not be able to legislate major bills – that power will be given to the people. I will compose a longer viewpoint on this, see the responses, and hope it will answer most of your questions. But there is so much to explain. This thing can work, and yet one major holdback, is that many the UK politicians, are too traditional in thinking, and don't want change. They are scared of change. I challenge them to try this here and the world will see that Cayman is not only a great offshore financial centre, but a centre and examplar of direct democracy, a beakon of light to the world. Regards 

              • Anonymous says:

                It is interesting that you talk about democracy but quote Sudan, which is not democratic.

                I do understand what you are talking about but it has potential problems and of course the politicians would not be happy. Of course if they will not be responsible for major bills I would not support paying them those large salaries they are getting.

                • Anonymous2 says:

                  I think Libertarian was using Sudan as an ensample. But from the start, your questions were to tear the commenter's ideas down. I could see it in your line of questioning; especially, when you wanted him to define citizen. And then you associate Libertarian view with supporting the nondemocracy of Sudan, which is far from what he or she was trying to explain to you. Just admit you are not interested in direct democracy and you oppose what Libertarian is saying, and state the reason why you oppose. Why? 

                  • Anonymous says:

                    “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”


                    – Sir Winston Churchill

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Anon2 while I agree that my comments were negative if this has any chance of succedding would you prefer me ask them now and have the system stand up to the test or would you prefer it not be tested and fail before any consideration?

                    I only asked you simple questions. Not the really difficult ones and if you are having problems already then how viable is the system?

                    My questions was out of personal interest. I will admit that in the initial hearing of the system I am sceptical. Is something wrong with that? The dialogue between myself and the poster was not harsh, there was no name calling. And now out of the blue you are going to attack someone who expresses a desire to hear more about this system. You are indeed thin skinned.

                • Libertarian says:

                  I quote Sudan, but I meant Southern Sudan, a new nation.

              • Anonymous says:

                My only objection to the online voting is that it is quite possible to just clear your browsing history and vote multiple times unless each person has to enter a special code to vote.  

                • Libertarian says:

                  Most naturally, such things of security can be stipulated in the law. With cell phones, chips can be issued to registered voters.  

  27. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that Bush has his head XXXXX.

    Cayman is falling to pieces in his hands and I wish Mr Taylor and the police would investigate a damn sight more than just the 2004 letter.

    (I wonder if CNS will post this?)

  28. Libertarian says:

    Maybe I need to ask a simple question to see how many people are bamboozled by poli-tricks:


    CNS: Libertarian, can you read the comment policy again, please. Pet hate of the moderator: "If you do not agree with me you must not love this country." It diminishes any meaningful debate about the way forward. 

  29. Libertarian says:

    Parliamentary rules to debate the outstanding motions???  Alden / Kurt, why wasn't these things enforced under your tenure?!  Those who want real change, not just half change, need to stop denying the fact that the change we need is at the root of the problem:  change from the two party-system and a non-democratic Constitution that is lacking checks and balances, and is not worded for the rule of the people and by the people!  Until we waste our time about political personalities on who can do the job better than who, and not on the issues, we will forever be going around in circles, electing MLA's that during their tenures, have more power over the people to undermine the people. What bothers me about this state of denial that I am seeing fromboth parties and from the Independent member, is that whilst we weaken ourselves by dividing ourselves in party poli-tricks, the Uk claims to be advocates of our best interest in their push against "corruption" and "crime," but you hear not one word from them and the Governor about this party system and a better Constitution. Instead they appear to want us to fail and be divided on national issues. It is all about Her Majesty's Interest, but the people of these islands, they are complacent with political power out of their hands and in the hands of 15 MLA's. This is disturbing and this representative democracy is far from representing communities on this island that has to deal with developers persuading government to do as they like without the people's consent. If we continue on this trend of "bad governance" under the blind eyes of our Uk masters, we will see such a "divide and conquor" on this island that will become an "open prey" to the predators that want our land, our money, and our children. Wake up, Cayman!  Direct your energies in the right direction, and don't get caught up with the party poli-tricks, is my plea…  


    • Anonymous says:

      'predators that want our land, our money, and our children'….what nonsense…

    • CM. says:

      Ummm..  how is it libertarian seems to be the only one on this site that is making any sense. Opposition is in a state of denial. Like libertarian said, change is needed "from the two party-system and a non-democratic Constitution that is lacking checks and balances, and is not worded for the rule of the people and by the people!" 

      • Anonymous says:

        I suspect that never in their wildest dreams did those who helped draft the new constitution envision such an abuse of that constitution as we have going on now.


        • Anonymous says:

          It was drafted for the PPM; Principles, Progress and Maturity.

          • Libertarian says:

            Exactly, draft for the parties and not for the people!

          • Anonymous!!!!!!8 says:

            It was drafted for PPM,      Pi** , Poor, Management. they are a joke.

            The party system have to go.

            • Anonymous says:

              It was also drafted for the Unamimouslly Dumb Party. Unfortunately 'most' of them can't even read it.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM is the party of change with no imperfections. If you don't like the party system and being under the UK, then go live somewhere else. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Please Mr. Libertarian,  Haven't you noticed the number of thumbs up you get, compared to the number of thumbs down you get when you write. Take a hint! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Libertarian, although I normally don't agree with you I think you're right. The old system of EXCO (Executive Council) which was made up of representatives from all districts seemed to work better than this party system. Imagine how well EXCO would work today with the new transparency rules and Freedom of Information which did not exist back then. It is a superior system that is not only fair, but has less politicking and more problem solving ability.

      • Libertarian says:

        How I see it, the people need more power in order to remove the MLA if he/she should fail to maintain their representation.

  30. Anonymous says:

    good work, keep up the pressure!

    too many things are swept under the carpet or just 'forgotten' about in cayman….

  31. Desperate Caymanian says:

    Now thats a real shocker, I will tell you why you are being ignored Alden.  When you are in a hole, stop digging. And answering or debating anything will do just that and fast. But as far as mac was concerned he really did not think he was going to be called on anything he has done. Amazing, i can understand not giving a damn about his UDP cronies and thier opinions but boy oh boy. A testament to his arrogance and how much he thinks of the Caymanian people. This man has to go and he has to go now before it is known around the world what we have for a premier.

  32. Knot S Smart says:

    We need to add to that list of 24 questions…

    And we as a people, need to express our concerns to the FCO via a Petition to include:

    The Premier's abusive attitude towards not only the Press, but anyone who dares question his actions.

    The RSWDM (Rubber Stamp Without Debate Members) in the Legislative Assembly.

    The misuse of public funds via the Nation Building Slush Fund, and request that the FCO order him to suspend further spending from that fund.

    etc.. etc.. etc..


    • Libertarian says:

      How about you request the FCO to do something alot better for us!  Like let's say…. CHANGE THE POLITICAL SYSTEM AND OUR CONSTITUTION so the people will have more say in their home country instead of 15 MLAS!

      • Knot S Smart says:

        I agree 100%

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL!!! The FCO is not gonna change the political system! It's the SAME Westminister system that exists in the UK!

        • Libertarian says:

          I know, I should know better seeing their history. But the poltical system is our matrix, and until local politicians realized that we are going around in circles,leaving the people out for a party, we are bringing more pain suffering to ourselves and future generations. Don't say we can't change the course of history. With God nothing is impossible!  Our politicians can speak out and establish contacts with those who would look for the people's best interest and democracy instead of a "parties" interest. Regards

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Lib, you seem to be the only one on here with any sense. I see where you coming from. Why ask for a head onb a platter and keep the same political system for some one else to abuse…this doesn't make any sense.

  33. Anonymous says:

    CNS: The poll has an issue:   If you don't expect much of this premier, you'll have to vote 'yes'.

    If you expect a lot from him and you actually are stupid enough to think that he does, you also vote 'yes'.

    Maybe better change it into 'having to resign'.

    CNS: Did you actually look at the poll?