Police eliminate BBM users and narrow down enquiry

| 22/08/2011

(CNS): The police say that they have now visited and spoken to all of the people who communicated with missing person Kerran Baker on the last day that she was seen and have been able to close down the line of enquiry regarding that communication. CS John Jones said that while the information gleaned was limited, it has helped the police further narrow the lines of enquiry, which the RCIPS is now treating as though it were a criminal investigation. Jones said there while the police still have no specific evidence pointing to Kerran being the victim of a crime it was become apparent that this was very likely.

“We have no evidence that this is a criminal investigation but it is glaringly obvious that after three weeks with no sign of Kerran that we have to suspect something criminal has occurred.

He added that at the start of an enquiry investigators must remain open minded about what may be the reasons for a disappearance, but as time goes on the idea of Kerran's disappearance being voluntary slips away. He said the police have to recognise that it is far more likely that she may have been abducted and, in the worse case scenario, has been murdered.

“We are concerned about what may have happened and we are treating the case as a murder enquiry in terms of the disciplines of the investigation,” Jones added.

He said that while the police have to keep an open mind about any investigation, there comes at time when it is apparent, despite the lack of specific evidence, that a crime has likely been committed.

“If a criminal is behind this then they need to know we will not close the books on this. We will continue our enquiries," he said.

Speaking about the BBM line of enquiry, Jones explained that while it may not have given police any new solid leads, having spoken to around ten people it closed a line of enquiry. Jones noted how important this was as he said the police cannot leave any stone unturned.

He explained too that as lines of enquiry close officers are able to narrow down the investigation, giving them chance to focus on the remaining leads. He said some of the BBM contacts had sent Kerran messages on a group text, which is why they had not realized  and come forward. He said as far as the others were concerned, there was nothing sinister but it had helped the police track her communication. Jones said he could not go into any details about whether or not Kerran had sent any messages to anyone after 7pm.

The police are still examining CCTV and are eagerly awaiting forensic test results, Jones said, but most of the conventional investigation was complete and police had gathered certain elements of information which they could not necessarily reveal for fear of damaging the investigation

However, he admitted that over the weekend there were no further significant developments or break throughs in the case. “We still don't have any new information on where she is,” Jones stated, adding that the phone was also still missing.

Kerran Natale Baker (25), a Jamaican national also known as KerryAnn, has lived and worked in Cayman for the last two years at a doctor's surgery. She was last seen on CCTV footage at Foster’s Supermarket near the airport at 7pm on 30 July. Kerran was reported missing to the police on Sunday 31 July after a friend had visited her apartment and found half unpacked groceries on the counter in her apartment in Bodden Town alongside her handbag.

Her white car was discovered parked at Pedro St James around noon on Monday 1 August and the keys were found in the bushes around fifty feet away the following day.

Anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of Kerran is asked to call any of the local police stations, the crime hotline 949 7777, Wilmot Anthony Kerran’s father 321 4271 or Crime Stoppers at 800(TIPS) 8477.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    The fact that you "feel safer in Jamaica" shows that you obviously don't keep up with crime there. In yesterday's  paper in addition to the usual beheadings and daily murders, missing children etc. there was a newsstory of a doctor that almost got raped in a hospital!!

    Yet … you feel safer? YEA RIGHT!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Keystone Cops geeze….

  3. Dave says:

     I feel safer in Jamaica.  The entire police force is dressed down with guns, cell phones, bullet prove vest and intelligence. Whenever I am in Jamaica,  I am not scared to enter stores or go anywhere because the armed police force is always present.  Also, in regards to missing Anna and Kerryann, Jamaican police would have solved that so long by tormenting everybody in these ladies circle. XXXXX

  4. Anonymous says:

    Struggling to understand why these lazy a** police didnt just do the BBM inquiries from the outset? Why wait 3 weeks for people to 'come forward'? Following this line of investigation should be obvious, rather than dependent on other people to respond or progress the matter!

    Gross incompetence!

    And the time lost means evidence likely lost, misplaced overlooked.

    This type of incompetence does nothing to inspire confidence in the police of the ordinary citizens and worse, emboldens criminals who read same papers and draw the conclusion that the odds are heavilty in their favor that they will not be caught or successfully prosecuted — because the police are hopelessley lost most of the time.

    And we all suffer.

    Get it together RCIPS.

  5. Anonymous1 says:

    I really hope that some answers can come forth in this case soon. I feel terrible when I see Kerran's mother, father, sister and aunt crying and pleading for her back on TV and saying that they can't eat or sleep. 

    We can only imagine what happened around the time of her disappearance and I hope she is alive and well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So here we are, three weeks down the line, finally realising this may actually be a crime, and the perpetrator(s), if there are any, have likely fled the country by now.  Grrrreat. SMH.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Time is running out for the person who knows about Kerran.  I am sure the police will leave no stone unturned, and when you hear the loud knock on your door, Its them coming to get you.  You may be quiet, you may hide, but you will be caught arrested and taken to court.  If I was you, I would start praying for forgiveness and do the right thing now.  They are closer to you than you know.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh I hope they find out what happened soon and if a crime was committed, the person who committed that crime. 

    After Anna and Kerran I would strongly ask women to please  use extra care when out and about alone.  Please avoid hitch hiking if you can, lock vehicle doors and don't open your doors to strangers, at least until these mysteries are solved.  2 too many women have disappeared, seemingly without trace. 

    Stay safe ladies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anna and Kerran were MOST PROBABLY taken by people who knew them, and they MOST PROBABLY went willingly with those people………..so it is MOST PROBABLY not as dangerous to live in Cayman as it seems.