Anglin won’t take stand when crown closes case

| 24/08/2011

(CNS): Devon Anglin will not take the stand or call witnesses in answer to the crown’s case against him for the murder of four year old Jeremiah Barnes lastyear. Despite changes to the criminal evidence act Anglin was arrested just weeks before the new bill was passed which now allows a judge or jury to draw a negative inference if a defendant doesn’t answer charges. This means that in this case the judge cannot lawfully hold Anglin’s silence against him. With no defence witnesses to be called tomorrow once the prosecution closes its case leadingcounsel will present their closing speeches to the court. During today’s proceedings the lead investigator on the case and one of the crown’s last witnesses was lauded by the judge when he congratulated him on the thoroughness of the investigation.

As former RCIPS DCI Peter Kennett concluded his evidence from the witness stand in connection with his role as lead investigator on the case, on Wednesday, Justice Howard Cooke told the former top cop who has now retired that he had overseen and conducted a painstakingly, thorough investigation. Referring to the written evidence before him the judge said whatever the outcome of the case it was evident that no stone had been left unturned in the police investigation.

During his time on the stand Kennet confirmed that he had been the officer to take the very first statements from Jeremiah’s parents on the night of the shooting and within hours of their child’s murder. He revealed how both of them had been traumatized by the death and were both extremely upset and in shock, but the senior officer said he felt it was extremely important to get an early account of what had happened to Jeremiah.

The case resumes at 10am tomorrow morning when the crown will read in a number of witness statements to the record which are uncontested evidence.

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