Bureaucrats ‘harass’ Mac

| 25/08/2011

(CNS): The country’s premier has accused officials of “bureaucratic harassment” when it comes to government policy. In a statement delivered on radio and TV Thursday evening the premier took aim once again at the auditor general and said that "so called good governance” experts were trying to make it look like his government was doing something wrong. McKeeva Bush said that he recognized that people were hurting but bureaucracy was stopping government from getting its projects done, which is what would help turn the economy around. He also told the people that he was only human and that “the constant accusations and persecutions” had taken a toll on him. (Photo Dennie Warren JR)

Bush also berated officials in government for preventing him from changing committees because they wanted to keep their “yes” men on them. In his attack on bureaucracy he said the auditor general, as well as the opposition, were not telling the truth when they tried to imply his government was not managing the country's finances properly.
In a statement that was intended to deliver the good news about government’s current financial situation and in which he thanked hard-working civil servants, he took aim at those he said were getting in the way of what he wanted to do to turn the economy around.

“What I see happening is bureaucratic harassment!” Bush exclaimed. “The government needs to turn this economy around but how can we do anything at a quick pace when we have these so called good governance experts trying to make the government look like we are doing something nefarious?”

He said he knew that people in the community were hurting, not able to pay their electrical bills and some even losing their homes. As a result, he said, government should be able to act quickly to help people and he said that could only be done by getting projects moving quickly.

“Bureaucratic harassment is stopping us. I can tell you as your premier and someone who cares that I’m only human and I too have feelings. The constant accusations and persecutions have taken a toll on me. The Government wants tohelp but if I can’t change government committees because an official feels he will losehis “yes man” on it, how can we govern in your best interest? How can we get anything done?” he asked rhetorically.

He added that his government had worked hard to stabilize government finances and wanted to reduce the current debt burden. The announcement that government had achieved a surplus for last year proved “that the efforts of the audit office and the opposition to show that I am not managing the finances of these Islands properly is not true,” he said.

“Their assumptions and accusations is (sic) coming from individuals who are partially informed, spiteful and their main motive is to cause bureaucratic interference and harassment. As we know, there are two types of lies: there are those committed by commission and those committed by omission. The majority of those now being committed by these people who are opposers are those of omission,” Bush told the country in his broadcast, adding that he believed they were deliberately doing so.

Referring to the criticisms made by the auditor general in his report about government’s efforts to secure financing for government’s loan at a cheaper rate, Bush said he tried his “best to find a better solution” for the our country. “Had I succeeded, I would have saved this country over $24 million. And yes I would do it again as it is my duty to try and save money,” he said.

However, he said nothing about  the recommendations the auditor had made or the reasons why the main watchdog of how public funds are spent had criticised the way the financing arrangements were conducted, which resulted in the premier losing the public purse a half million dollars.

Bush said that the figures released today but which government has been aware of for several weeks were a robust testament to the “good stewardship" of the government over the country’s finances.

He said Cayman’s economy was delicately poised to take-off but it needed the support of the people for government’s recovery efforts.

“The government is encouraged by the modest growth of the economy in the first quarter of 2011. Government is doing its part to aid the economy’s growth; I humbly ask that our people assist this recovery effort by acting for the national good,” he added.

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See the premier's full speech posted below.

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  1. MER says:

    For darn sake, I am sick of Mac harassing our country, our press, our freedom of speech, our public funds and our people, but he doesn't seem to care! He wants to talk about harrassment! How many of our country's children might show up on their first day of school without breakfast or proper supplies! How many unsolved murders does one rock in the ocean have? You know what's harrassing! Not knowing when the next robbery victim will be you or your business, not being able to walk down the street or into a bank without expecting armed burglars right behind! Dammit you man, why don't you make a public statement about what counts! He is always screaming like a spoilt child over spilt milk when the dog is digging out the fridge!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What continues to astound and confound me, is that, if McKeeva did sign a letter of committment with Cohen, and if, as McKeeva insists is the God's honest truth, it was Cohen who defaulted, then WHY in God's precious name is the people of the Cayman Islands paying Cohen $450,000.00 instead of Cohen paying the people of the Cayman Islands $450,000.00. THAT is a $900,000.00 question that I would love to have answered either by our Auditor General or by anyone else who is in a position to do so, excluding McKeeva bush, of course. God bless you, Mr. Auditor general. Do not be swayed, under ANY cirsumstances, from doing the job you are being paid to do. Sad to say, that is a rare and honorable thing in our islands.       

    • Mindy says:

      Did they not say that the $450,000 was for Cohen arranging financing for two other short term loans for the Goverment? Cohen defaulted on the promise of the 4.5% long term financing deal with the Goverment, so I believe the $450,000 has nothing to do with that deal. 

      Don't misunderstand me, I think the whole Cohen choice smelled like a rat from the beginning but I just thought I would point out that the $450,000 I think was a whole different ball game all together but I believe wha the auditor was saying was that two local banks had also offered a proposal for the financing of those two other short term loans which the Premier chose Cohen instead and the fees Cohen charged were $450,000 more than the two local banks were offering. 

      Perhaps I am wrong but that was my understanding of it. 


  3. Jumbles says:

    Diddums.  Little Mac throwing his toys out of the pram because the nasty Auditman wanted him to play by the rules? 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awwwww… The poor baby is being harassed by the bereaucrats.    Go tell your mama she will fix them. ROFL

  5. Anonymous says:

    BushWacko…do us ALL a BIG favor please….STEP DOWN AND SHUT UP IMMEDIATELY OR SOONER. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Show us the audited book from 2003 – 2008 and the current audit first for us to believe any of your self praise and claims. Then I will start to believe this rosey picture.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bureaucrat – "Sir you can't do that it is illegal, immoral and irrational"

    U Know Who – "Shut up. I don't care. Youse harrassin me" "I'm gunna tell on you"

  8. Natalia says:

    All these comments are justified – but for those asking for his resignation first consider what the alternatives are. The PPM put this country in one hell of a mess – are we going to put them back in power, because lets face it they are just as bad as the current government. What are the other alternatives? Are there any? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point but bad as they might be its still worth the try.  If getting a resignation is made easier then maybe the next idiots won't try to take so much advantage over the peoples wants.

    • Anonymous says:

      the school children that go to the LA for a day each year and pretend they are MLAs would do a better job running the country right now and most certainly would do better for our image. 


      think real long and hard about the "mess" that you claim PPM left us in (and I mean factually not what McKeeva said was the problem).  Try to put some substance behind that thought.  What was the problem?…..do you think that is a patch on what we are experiencing now. 


      You find me 10 people that are living better now than they were under the PPM administration and I bet I can name them e.g. XXXXX.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but the entire Weslyan Holiness congregation is living better now.

    • Anonymous says:

      The other alternatives are the PPM. The UDP put this country in one very much heller of a mess than the PPM did, as a result of the general public buying their lies about the PPM. It is time to wake up, my fellow citizens. 

    • Anonymous says:

      That ever and whom ever has put us in the mess is a gone and done deal, the solution now is for the current  leaders to get us out of the mess which in my opinion they  seem incapable of doing. 

      For a solution here are my two cents:

      1.  XXXXX

      2.  Get the government audits up to date – no financials means no accountability

      3.  Get control of immigration and stop the mass population explosion

      4.  Address the unemployment situation with jobs and not handouts

      5.  Get real about the economic down turn of the world which CI is a part of

      6.  Find sustainable alternatives to the financial industry, construction and work permits 




  9. Cat says:

    He's feeling harassed too? We're on the same boat then.

    I feel harassed every time I see the electrical bill every month, because I'm supposed to only be paying the electric usage, not the fuel cost,fuel stamp duty,govt fee and stamp duty. Those things are suppose to be absorbed by the company not the citizens.I'm tempted at times to turn everything off at night and open windows,but due to my asthma problems the heat harasses me and my lungs. But its not just that…

    That harassment leads to another…because if I open my windows at night, I'm then harassed with the horrid feeling & fears that while I'm trying to sleep in this heat and risk an Asthma attack,some undeserving low life is going to climb through my windows and not only steal the things I've worked hard for but harm me too, because I live in a one-storey house.

    I feel harassed as young woman that I no longer feel safe going for a walk to exercise or to go out anywhere,like the supermarket or the movies at any time because I'm at risk of being robbed,possibly abducted for no reason,or harmed and harassed in another way and none of the politicians much less McKeeva himself are doing a damn thing about it.As long as they're safe in their forts and bunkers, they don't give a damn.I mean how do expect the economy to improve and good money to start circulating again of you don't get involved and do everything necessary to stop the increase in crime. It then causes people like me who would like to go out and enjoy our island, go to the movies and do fun things, to stay home and not help the money in the economy to circulated by purchasing a good or service and due to the fact that most of my salary went to bills and gas,even when I'm using and driving less as before.

    I feel harassed every time my car's gas gauge goes near "E" knowing that I'm going to pay twice as much for each measly gallon as I used to. It only use to take approx.$23.00 to fill my car. Now it takes approx $55.00 or more depending on the gas station.

    I feel harassed when I try hard to save money so that I can qualify for a mortgage so that I can make a home for myself to call my own home sweet home, only for those saving to have to something else like the Electric bill.

    I feel harassed because we have the world's biggest imbecel as our so called leader and when I hear about all the disgusting things he has done and continues to do, it pisses me off,my blood pressure rises,I want to keep him in the balls the next time i see him, but instead of thinking of angry evil thoughts,I go home with the two cents I have left and try to sleep it off, but I can't sleep good because I FEEL HARASSED!!!!


  10. Anonymous says:

    bureaucratic harassment – big words

    • Anonymous says:

      Especially coming from someone with a fifth grade education. Maybe he paid someone some of our money to write the speech for him

  11. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed the ploy of repeating numbers that then get bandied about as gospel later on.

    Where is the information that leads to a projected $24mio saving, did you believe the salesman at Cohen? I think a lot of folks in the US didn't read the small print when they took out those sub prime adjustable rate mortgages either, I bet they all believed the salesman too.

    I saw the other day one of your supporters using the $81mio deficit number that you spoke of when taking over, again no supporting information, how can you, with no financial reports for the past umpteen years, know if you have a deficit or surplus?

    Your game is up, any number you throw out to support your argument will be discounted as unreliable, unless its comes from an independent source,emphasis on independent, I will give it no weight in your arguments.

  12. Dred says:

    If he feels harrassed what should we be feeling???

    We are loosing our jobs left, right and center because of his tax hikes….

    We are being taxed up the ying yang for anything and everything ….

    We are being told to accept all kinds of stupid half cocked hair brained schemes that will more than likely ruin our Islands….

    We watch as he flies off to parts unknown every other day ON US (so called "business trips")…..

    We find out that while we were fighting for our mere existence after Ivan XXXX

    We find him making alliances with companies who's record is nothing but shady …..

    We find him enjoying plane trips from companies seeking to do business with him (oops I mean our government)…..

    We find him squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars where he circumvented standard procedures to so call "save us money" and in the end loosing us money…..

    We find him making mockery of all procedures some instated by the constitution some from prior such as: CTC guidelines, Election Guidelines, etc….

    We find him rediculing all of our Auditor Generals because they find the wrongs he has been doing and pass that information along to the business owners, US the people….

    We find him doing nothing to press the Governor and/or Police on crminal matters that affect us all….

    We find him making us all look like IDIOTS if this is the best we can do to represent us on the World stage…

    And he claims he is being harrassed……Everyday I hear his name, Every time I see his image HE HARRASSES ME….

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND COUNTRY ——– R E S I G N——Find a rock and crawl under it.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what does he do when he is finally making headway financially? He gives the CS a 3.2% cost of living raise in order to meet the higher costs his tax programs put on them. It's more like a Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme where he gives the CS money he got from them at the gas pump.


      Prudent financial management would use excess money to reduce the debt and lower the interest payments.


      Give this man money and  he will find a way to spend it in the name of helping people. If you want to help us Mac, lower the taxes that are killing us.


  13. The Beaver says:

    I have some good news and some bad news for you Bobo – what do you want to hear first?  The good news?  Right, the good news is that we are trillionaires.  Yes, you heard that right Bobo – as things stand, we now have a 25 trillion dollar surplus!!!  As for the bad news, well we have some meddlesome civil servants, particularly that AG guy who keeps poking holes into my cheese, who says otherwise.  Oh yes, and last night I was visited by aliens who told me that I am in line to be the future leader of the great Galaxy Bullshitskyindapie.  And they'll throw in 72 virgins on top of everything.  The Beaver salutes you oh Grand Master of the Universe!  The Beaver

  14. Anonymous says:

    He needs to step down and hand it over to someone who can actually do the job!! He is working out of selfishness and is not looking out for the good of the Caymanian people. Oh wait I just watched McKeeva in his private jet fly over heading to somewhere exotic on Cayman's money!!!

  15. Live Free.... says:

    I think the Mac is missing the point, he's talking about the Surplus reaching 25 million, but that's not the annoucement we the people are waiting to hear, we waiting to hear him say, that I had enough and I'm resigning for the good of the people of these Islands. Now that would to be the best article I read from the Mac, and that he finally got the message in the bottle (Resign from Politics!!!). For we the people had enough of his bullying attitude and vindictive ways.


    Further the more, I congratulate the Auditor General and the Oppositions for Informing the people of these Islands that the Mac is doing things his way, and not by the book. And now he is complaining that he is only Human and have feelings, and saying that the constant accusations and persecutions had taken toll on him, well Mr. Mac, it was gonna happen someday. And now for him to go ahead and say the opposition and AG was telling lies to make him and his Goverment look bad, purely shows that he is missing the whole point, like I said about the 25 Million, it doesn't have anything to do with the AG findings, the AG report consist of Mr. Bush not following the proper protocols, and not abiding by the laws, and entering deals that have no good value for money (Cohen&Co) for example, this is what the AG is talking about, and the opposition is dealing with the part about him being under Investigation, and not stepping a side while being investigated, in which I 100% agree that he should step aside. Now I ask Macdinejad what part of the findings of the AG, and being under investigation is not true? If he can answer that, that would be better that him running around talking about this 25 Million Surplus, in which I think that those are just make up numbers to make us feel better, like I said before, Mac resigning would be the best news article I read, and I think a lot of people would feel much better about that also.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Leave Britney Alone!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The very, very least you should be doing, McKeeva, is apologizing to the people of this country for your obnoxious screw up regarding the Cohen loan, instead of berating our Auditor General for exposing your worthlessness and blatantly and publicly announcing that you would happily do it again. We desperately need to DO SOMETHING get rid of this man, Cayman.

    • truth says:

      He is not capable of comprehending that he can screw up.  For him it will never be his fault. For him everything he does is Gods work and everything else is the Devils.  The only choice in the matter is whether you agree with him or not. And whether you want him representing you to the world or not.  And if not you will have to make him resign as He will fight every last one of you with everything he has.  And right now he has all your money.

  18. Anonymouse says:

    The text of the statement appears to be available on the Radio Cayman website.

    CNS: It is also attached to this article.

  19. truth says:

    What is amazing is that there are still so many thatkeep asking Bush to change into something he is not, has never been, and will never be.  He is only human and will never be a man that belives rules and regulationa apply to him.  He is not and never will be a man that has the ability to put anyone else (or any countries) interest before his own. He is a man with a 5th grade education and the mentality to match.  To keep expecting anything different especially after all that has transpired in the last 2 years is pure insanity.  And yet they still do. 

    • Black & White Cat says:

      You put it very well. You should just cut and paste your comment to every article concerning this disgrace of a man who epitomises all that is bad about Cayman, its attitudes and politics.

  20. The Beaver says:

    Someone quickly give him a soother and change his nappies.  The Beaver 

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Premier has a sworn duty to participate in public discourse.  To equate any democratic query to "bureaucratic harrassment", is to derelict his obligation to the people, and demonstrates that he is no longer fit to serve in a democratic political arena.

  22. Yo Mamma says:

    Sorry, McKeeva. It's hard to feel sorry for a bully when he cries about getting bullied.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mac brudda I share you pain. I rob a few people recently and since then I've been subjected to da “bureaucratic harassment" by da police.  It ain't fair!

  24. Anonymous says:

    you all knew who you were voting for and you are now getting what you voted for

    bet you do it again next time!!!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva very obviously thinks he can, and very obviously intends to blame his way out of every hole he digs himself into. How long is this goingto be allowed to continue, my Caymanian people?

    • Anonymous says:

      Until Caymanians can agree on something AND then do something about it.

      Not in our lifetime Bobos.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush is only human as he stated and he is not perfect. But he needs to realize that his role and his actions are under a microscope now. If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen. The problem with Mr. Bush is he's making more bad decisions than good. I for one dont expect him to make perfect decisions but decisions that he belieives whole heartedly are the best for the people of the cayman islands and not for his personal benefit in any way. Mr Bush just step down! And who ever steps up please know that we are watching and the days of do as you please are long gone!

  27. anon says:

    Well then, stop handing out millions of our money to your  friends and family, stop taking all your friends and family on holidays with our money, stop the lies and talking crap every time you open your mouth. Stop double dipping and giving yourself huge bonuses (I think there is another word for that) and resign.

    Sorted, no more harassment.

    Bye Bye Mac, your done

    • Anonymous says:

      Remind me, how many MLAs rejected their pay INCREASE last year, and how many are NOT double dipping currently (during this prolonged and paid LA holiday)?

  28. Anonymous says:

    The whining coming from Bush is the same whining coming from a kid at school complaining that the teacher is picking on them for poor homework.  Sadly though, Bush's whining is from a supposedly mature and 'experienced' politician who should be aware that his actions should and always will come under the close scrutiny expected for any politician of any civilised country.  Are his decisions legal, conform with written procedure and best value for the citizens of the country he represents.  Apparently not, according to the unbiased and forensically accurate AG who is only performing his duties as required on behalf of the citizens of Cayman.  Bush should seriously consider his position and his supporters should whisper in his ear it is long past his time to step down for the good of cayman.

  29. Anonymous says:

    There are some real gems in these juvenile outbursts:

    "Bush also berated officials in government for preventing him from changing committees because they wanted to keep their “yes” men on them".

    As usual he has got this turned around. Bush only wants to change committees so that he can put his "yes men" on them.

    "Referring to the criticisms made by the auditor general in his report about government’s efforts to secure financing for government’s loan at a cheaper rate, Bush said he tried his “best to find a better solution” for the our country. “Had I succeeded, I would have saved this country over $24 million. And yes I would do it again as it is my duty to try and save money,” he said".

    It is one thing to make a well-meaning mistake but another (completely arrogant) thing to not only go on defending the blunder but declare that you would do it again! Mr. Bush have the humility to learn from your mistakes. Clearly, the process yielded the best result. Despite your title, you sir are not qualified to be finance minister. Had you heeded the warnings of the technocrats in govt. you would not have cost this country an additional $1/2 m and we would have suffered the humiliation to go back to the very bank that was rejected as the winner of bidding process in favour of Cohen & Co. and, as I understand it, this time at greater cost than originally offered.

    Sir, you now clearly have no standing to criticise the previous govt. about their financial management, or arrogance in the face of warnings from others. You are an embarrassment to this country. If you really care about your country, rather than your own pocket, you will do the decent thing and resign.      

  30. Anonymous says:

    In as far as the Premier having to step down I hope that he will appoint Mr. Solomon as his replacement because in as far as Mr. Solomon is concerned he will do no wrong just blame it on the PPM.  In as far as possible the UDP has done nothing wrong all wrongs done in this country is the fault of the PPM. In terms of the down turn in the world economy blame it on the PPM.. Mr. Solomon will find a way to.

    Sure Mr. Solomon has the solutions for all the ills of Cayman's problems they are as follows:

    1.     Blame it on the PPM

    2.     Find poor people to clean the roads at Christmas

    3.     As far as the member from North Side and East End they do nothing but talk

    4.     Hand out check to people to pay their CUC electric bills

    5.     In as far as…. again blame it on the PPM they did nothing for 4 years

    6.     Look at the track record of the UDP at only 2 years in office

    7.     Investigations, mal AG reports, oh no in as far as this is the fault of the PPM

    8.    In respect of any bad report the UDP is blameless it is the PPM

    9.    Mr. Solomon would like to say in as far as Cayman it is going very well

    10.  At the end of the day in so far as anything going wrong in this administration term blame it on the PPM.


  31. anonymous says:

    Let's hope it takes as much of a toll on him as the FCB "scandal" did that he repeats his actions and RESIGNS….

  32. Loopy Lou says:

    Is little Mac not liking the bad people asking him what is he doin'?  Aw diddums.  Well if you did not act like a child when criticised, and had a track record that meant you could be trusted then you would not be in this position.

    The problem is the more these people "harrass" you, the more much seems to spew out of your office.  This does not engender what we like to call "trust" or "confidence".

    Also we would rather your hair-brained ideas were vetted and considered by educated people who know what they are talking about rather than deicded in a rush by a politician bamboozled by hard sell and freebie flights on fancy jets.

  33. Anonymous says:

    This is just another tirade by the Premier to detract from what is really happening in this country, I wonder if the premier has taken a walk round George Town recently, because he can't see much from his illegally tinted SUV.

    I did so yesterday, the number of closed business is astonishing, mostly those owned by Caymanians who are being driven out of businees by the DART conglomerate, supported by the Premier, our some other foreign group supported by their CUFs ( caymanians up front).

    The other article on this site about the decline in cruise tourist is equally alarming and also the fault of the UDP administration due to thier incompetent handing of the contracts and bids to construct the pier.

    The economy for Caymanians is in the doldrums and sinking further, take the DART conglomerate our of Government's revenue and the deficit is still there, sustainablity requires Caymanian participation.

    Qualified, experienced Caymaninds need work, not likely when the UDP Government projects a 25% increase in work permits for this financial year.

    Mr. Premeir your vintage verbal abuse of anyone and everyone who challenges you and your UDP flawed policies is getting old and tired. This won't work anymore, explain the Stan Thomas deal or resign and try to salvage your family's dignity and respect if any is left, deliver your henchmen and bagmen to the authorities, get baptised again— Cayman and caymanians need the relief.

  34. john the baptist says:

    To 22:25

    It is Slowcome from Breakers for Premier

  35. Anonymous says:

    According to mr bush the preasure is getting to him.   COME ON PPM ENDEPEDANTS LETS PUT MORE PREASURE ON HIM.    We need to march to the glass house and demand good governace,    We need to collect signatures and submit to the governor and have him and all those that make him do what he is doind recalled.  YOU little POCKET ROCKET FROM BODDEN TOWN WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE AGAIN

  36. Voice of Reason says:

    People need to leave him alone because it is now getting to the stage where it is quite clearly upsetting him. If old MacDaddy is upset then he'll stop smiling. That would be a crying shame because smiling is one thing he is actually really good at. When McGubush smiles the sun shines that little bit brighter……


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe if we paint that 12ft chain link fence, with privacy slats (around his house), that we paid for RED it will push him over the edge.   

      • Anonymous says:

        I doubt it very much. He would simply bill the government for the painting.

    • Anonymous says:

      You also seem to make a lot of people smile, whether they are smiling in agreement or in contempt of your post is unfortunately unclear. If the picture at the top of his article is anything to go by, I would suppose that the very large majority of the smilers are justifiably taking you for an idiot.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Bureaucratic harassment obviously was absent when 10 million dollars was given away. The bureaucrats are there to keep things in check. If both parties aggreed on everything all the time then one of them would be unncessary. The purpose of opposition and bureaucratic red tape is a part of the check and balance system of democracy and regulation. When a leader decides he can't be bothered with such boundaries is when real problems begin.

  38. Anonymous says:

    The Premier's entire speech was disqualified when he devoted a segment to defining the two types of lies, being by omission and by commission. He then claims that he has never lied to us. This begs the question: If a liar tells you he never lies, are you to believe him? Once the topic of lying is addressed to this extent, it sort of makes one wonder about the truth surrounding the remainder of the speech. I am not calling anyone a liar here. I am simply stating that if a person were a liar and claimed they weren't, that would just be another lie.

  39. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    After this latest paranoid outburst, all he needs is a one of those red sponge Clown noses, a pair of baggy trousers, and the size 22 flappy shoes……..

  40. Anonymous says:

    Mckeeva for premier!

  41. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    I heard a quote on Rooster on Wednesday morning where there was a mother who was proudly watching her son march in a parade, and what made her so proud was that her son was the only one marching that was not out of step.

    Well, McKeeva believes, like that mother that he is the only one that is never wrong.

    Every Auditor General of the Cayman Islands and all the people of Cayman, are wrong in all that we see and find out what McKeeva is doing – yea, right!

    I wonder if McKeeva wants us to be fooled by him, into believing that the Auditor General that is here and picked by the people he selected to choose an Auditor General, make up figures just to pick on him. Poor McKeeva, everyone in the world is picking on McKeeva.

    Well Mac, let me break it to you slowly, everything that is happening to you is brought on by yourself. Do you want the people Of Cayman, the Auditor General and the criminal investigators, just to ignore all the glaring irregularities that is constantly happening while you are Premier and costing us so dearly, HELL NO BRO!

    Its time enough you pay for your actions!


    • Anonymous says:

      Our bouncing baby boy is crying and ranting again, for God sake try and fix his formula, so he can quiet down.  My ears are ringing from his rant.

    • Village Vicar says:

      There is an olde English saying. If you cannot stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen.

  42. Anonymous says:

    There we go folks, the government cannot improve on the country's economy because of "bureaucratic harrassment" and governance experts getting in the way and trying to make the government look bad. Thank God it's the Auditor General and not the PPM for a change. At least now we know that it was the auditor general and not McKeeva bush that cost the country $450,000.00 on the Cohen loan deal, and it is because of the Autitor General why people are losing their homes and because they cannot pay their utility bills. Heaven help us. We're so happy to hear that the constant accusations and persecutions are finally taking a toll on you Mac, because hopefully that means there is some relief for the citizens of this country. But then again maybe not. McKeeva clearly stated a few weeks ago that he would continue to give the country's money to the churches as he saw fit regardless and in spite of public outcry. Now he is very clearly stating that he would certainly enter into another under the table deal costing the country hundreds of thousands of dollars "because it is his duty to try and save money"!!!!! " "Had i succeeded I would have saved this country over $24 million. Well the fact is that you DID NOT succeed and we lost $450,000.00 because of your wrongful interference, McKeeva, are you ever going to understand and acknowledge that instead of publicly announcing that you would happily do it again??? We do not want to hear the utter crap that you "could have saved" the country $24 million, McKeeva, and we most certainly do not want to hear that you would readily do it again. What we want to hear is that McKeevas Bush is taking the country somewhere, anywhere but straight into the ground. That is what you are being paid the very big bucks and the very big perks and the double pensions to do Mr. Bush. What a mess our beloved country is in at the hands of a united democratic political party. Please understand that people in Cayman are losing their homes and cannot pay their utility bills so the UDP government can once again report a surplus, which again we will believe when we see it in the form of audited accounts. God help us.  


    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to mention that we're also paying McKeeva's CUC bill every month too, so why on earth should HE give a damn. XXXX

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Anonymous says:

    He's got a point, I reckon.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Mac needs a skin transplant. It needs to be thicker.


    Forget the shots, get on with governing.

  46. Y U T E says:

    The quicker he is put away the sooner we will no longer have to listen to this dictatorial tripe! It really is getting sickening. It is strange how he blames everyone else for all the problems. Isn't it just a bit strange that he is never never never to blame for anything that has gone wrong. Quite amazing.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Trust. This is the curx of the matter.


    I trust the the Auditor General. I do not trust the Premier.


    I await the audited finacial statement. If there is an audited surplus, then I will happily and fairly applude the premier. If the audited books show a deficit, then I will fairly boo the premier.


    All I want is verifiable financial measurements that I can trust.

  48. concerned CAYMANIAN TO THE BONE says:

    Hope we can see a better 2012 as the projections are not that well. Good going UDP as the 2011 financial results does show that some prudence isbeing exercised.

  49. Mob Barley says:

    You can fool some Baya’s sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush: Stop this friggen nonsense about bureacrats/civil servants preventing you from action. It's bull. This is not a totalitarian state, you are not Hitler. You MUST ask us, who put you there, if we approve of what you are doing. This is  – GASP – a democracy. Civil servants are there to make sure you (and others) dont do corrupt stuff. I voted for you but I can tell you because of your recent nonsense and, especially that XXXXX deputy premier you have, you have lost my and my family's vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      Praise the Lord! Thats right Mac, don't do corrupt stuff, and stop your recent (and not so recent) nonsense. Now you've lost a whole family worth of votes. Caymanians are waking up, McKeeva, you really need to understand that.

    • Southside says:

      Halilujia! Praise the lord! Finally a Westbayer that has seen the light! Please go now and spread this gospel you preach!


  51. Muffy St.Pierre says:

    Oh, so Mac Daddy feels 'harrassed', does he? Well la-dee-freaking dah!

    I happen to feel like I'm  a 6-foot 10 body-builder with 6-pack abs and a giant bank account.

    It doesn't mean that I am!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to not care. 



  52. ubelievedat says:

    LMFAO,,,,,,,,,,,,doh-doh bird, you all ARE doing something WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just because YOU dont think its wrong doesnt make it RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    How predictable and how shameful.  The Auditor General is simply doing what he is being paid to do.  He is doing his job efficiently and effecrtively and he is not benefitting in any way from his (legitimate) actions.  And he most certainly is NOT lying – shame on you for this inference Mac.

    "Yes Man"?  Look at the pot calling the kettle…

    Anyone, regardless of political background will be 'berated' at some time or another in the position that you chose to take – you need to either take the heat or get out of the kitchen.  You can't please all of the people all of the time.  But you don't please the people some of the time, you just seem to please yourself.  You are not handlng the country's financing properly.  If you was you wouldn't be bypassing proper procedures, you would come up with legitimate, workable projects that don't put Caymans future at risk for the sake of a quick gain, and you would not go off lavishly spending public money on trips all over the world, christmas lights, electricity bills, throwing money at churches and paying off mortgages, rae…rae… rae. (the list is endless).  You would carry out effiiciency audits of your government departments and make the cuts and changes necessary to turn things aorund, you would pay overdue government debts to service providers and the like, you would stop doouble-dipping in pensions, and reduce the extortionate pension liabilities that Cayman faces in the future as set out in the Miller Report.  I could go on but I tire of this.

    Regarding the loan, you didn't succeed in saving us anything.  All you did was succeed in losing another half million dollars of our money through not following proper procedures.  We'd rather you saved us money by not taking such risks with the public purse.

    Many of us are not partially informed.   We come from backgrounds where we understand public finaces, accountability and democracy as it should be, not as you see it.   Yet through your own ill-informed, partial-understanding of your role and your responsibilities you have the audacity to spew out speeches such as this every time you're back is up against the wall.

    I was happy when you got in and I had hope. Now I'll be happier still when you're out of politrix and the public purse for good.  Because the future is not looking bright, its looking hopeless.  I hope and pray for new, youthful, informed, principled and educated politicians to start a new party – someone worth voting for rather than the two miserable choices we have right now.

  54. The lone Haranguer says:

    That is amazing that we are in surplus so quickly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Come to think of it, EVERYTHING about McKeeva and the UDP is absolutely amazing. God help us.

  55. Right ya so says:

    awwww poor baby – everybody stop picking on him – he's getting upset :((

  56. Anonymous says:

    Once again it is "our " fault for wanting the Premier to do the Peoples will. Not his.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh no its not the Premier's fault, blame it on the PPM according to Eilio Solomon he has all the answers.  Says Mr. Solomon and its the PPM in as far as it's the PPM and the Tuesday morning host in as far as Mr. Solomon is concerned.  So there folks you have it and as far as everything is concerned in respect to Cayman going to hell it's the fault of the PPM, in terms of everything gone wrong it's not the Premier's fault it's the UDP oh no PPM.  So there you go in as far as the letter that went to Stan Thomas from the Phantom writer was done by the PPM.  In terms of everything it's the PPM fault.

  57. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    I have been here everyday reading all the news and comments from wonderful Caymanian's who want change. The "good governance experts" Mr. Bush are just that, experts. Daily it is painfully obviously that the sophisticated Cayman Islands have out grown the leadership that is governing the country. Do not wait for the elections, turn the Cayman Islands around and demand a change of leadership with an open transparent Government in place that serves the people.

    All the best Cayman

    Lachlan MacTavish 

  58. nauticalone says:

    This man evidently believes that any and every person who asks a question or makes a statement that he does not like is out to make him look bad. In many areas this would be evidence of the need for a Mental Health evaluation. No disrespect!

    I do agree that you must have feelings like us other mere humans Mr. Bush, trouble is YOU sir are causing much of your (and our) troubles. You however haev the luxury of a very comfortable financial buffer….at our expense.

    Translation; You are in over your head Sir! If by now you don't know or appreciate the need for rules and laws…..or "Good Governance".

  59. Anonymous says:

    Ok now let us roll back duty to 20% and give the civil servants back the 3.2%.  Also, can we finish the schools?

    • Anonymous says:

      Spend spend spend, that's want got us into a jam, when we see things getting better, we need to keep on the same track of saving, not spending and finding ourselve in the same position again.

  60. Anonymous says:

    translation please!