Police still have leads in missing person enquiry

| 25/08/2011

(CNS): Although police still do not know what has happened to twenty five year old Kerran Baker who has been missing since the end of July a senior officer said Wednesday that this does not mean that there are no lines of enquiry. CI John Jones said that the police are still pursuing a number of leads and have collected considerable information during the investigation but it was not necessarily in the interest of the case to reveal what they know. Jones also added there were still people out in the community who knew more than they were telling police and he urged them to come forward.

“The fact that we have not got to bottom of where Kerran is doesn't mean that we have got no leads,” Jones said. “We are just not sharing the details of these leads because it is not going to benefit the investigation. There are certain sensitive areas regarding some of the linesof enquiry.'

Jones said however, the investigation team which consists of 15 officers was still pursuing several very specific lines of enquiry and when the time was right or when it became a benefit to the case the police would reveal more.

Detective chief Inspector Mike Chadwick who is head of CID and the senior investigator in charge of the missing person enquiry echoed Jones' comments when he said not every part of the police probe was for public consumption in order to protect what may become a criminal case.

“There are a number of lines which are still outstanding which we can't detail as it would not be healthy for the enquiry but we are discussing the issues with Kerran's family,' Chadwick said. “We have been very honest and open with the family and what we don't share is for good reason. If it becomes a murder enquiry we do not wish to prejudice the investigation'

The officers once again indicated that it was apparent that Kerran and not disappeared through choice and that it was likely she was the victim of a crime and someone out there knows what happen to Kerran.

John Jones said he believed there were people who knew more than they were revealing that may be able to assist the police but for whatever reason had not come forward with that information and he urged them to reveal what they know,.

“We are pretty sure there are some people who know more than they are letting on,” he said. “We need them to think about the stance they are taking everyone has seen the nightmare that Kerran's parents are going through.'

Jones said things were not getting better for them with the passage of time as Kerran remained missing, he said things got worse and asked those who may have information to think about if it was one of their family members.

Jones also had a message for who ever was out there that may have harmed Kerran when he said they would have a  terrific weight on their conscience but the police would not rest until the person was brought to justice if they were responsible for any crime.

Kerran Natale Baker (25), a Jamaican national also known as KerryAnn, has lived and worked in Cayman for the last two years at a doctor's surgery. She was last seen on CCTV footage at Foster’s Supermarket near the airport at 7pm on 30 July. Kerran was reported missing to the police on Sunday 31 July after a friend had visited her apartment and found half unpacked groceries on the counter in her apartment in Bodden Town alongside her handbag.

Her white car was discovered parked at Pedro St James around noon on Monday 1 August and the keys were found in the bushes around fifty feet away the following day.

Anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of Kerran is asked to call any of the local police stations, the crime hotline 949 7777, Wilmot Anthony Kerran’s father 321 4271 or Crime Stoppers at 800(TIPS) 8477.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely hope something comes from this investigation soon……

    This is so sad.

    Both Anna and Kerran  missing…nothing solved

    Now we have more news stories and posts about  McK…  and his shady doings, which

    seems to be overshadowing the investigation reports for Kerran.

    Hopefully something new will be uncovered soon