Local Rugby gearing up for 2012

| 07/09/2011

(CRFU): With the 2011 Rugby World Cup only days away many of those in Cayman will have their focus set on all the action about to kick off in New Zealand! A lucky few will be making the trek down south to watch the action up close and personal but for those left behind the daunting task of waking up in the early hours of the morning to watch live rugby is still a bridge too far. Thankfully however there is some local rugby being played and enjoyed in South Sound. The Reggie Hannon Series, which now sees players in the under 25 age category play off against those in the over 25 age category  was secured by the over 25’s in the 3rd and final test on 27 August. (Photo by Caroline Deegan)

With the 1st test being forfeited by the under 25’s due to a lack of numbers the following 2 tests needed to be won by the youngsters to retain the Reggie Hannon bowl but it wasn’t to be. The under 25 players secured the 2nd test is easy fashion but the oldies overcame the odds in the final game.

The A.R.Scott 10’s series, which continues to grow in popularity kicked off on 3 September with all four CRFU club side entering teams.

The Krys Global Buccaneers marched out to an early lead and announced themselves as the team to beat in the series with 3 wins on the day. Surprise package the Pigs Trotters came in a close 2nd after day 1. The Pigs, who have not won a competitive rugby game in over a year arrived with ample numbers to swamp the John Doak Iguanas and the DHL Storm but were unfortunate to not come away with a draw against the Buccaneers as James Waters pushed a conversion in front of the posts wide as his team lost by 2 points.

Leg 2 of the 10’s series kicks off on 17 September 2011 at 2pm

A.R.Scott 10’s Leg 1 Results

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