HMCI issues reminder of tropical weather dangers

| 08/09/2011

(CNS): As the Atlantic hurricane seasons moves into what is usually considered its busiest time, Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) urged people to use their common sense in bad weather to avoid life threatening risks. The HMCI said Hurricane Irene was a category one storm when it hit the northeast United States but it caused 44 deaths that could have been avoided. With one hurricane and two tropical storms currently spinning around the Atlantic and predictions of more to come, HMCI warned people to take care if Cayman is to face tropical weather conditions this season.

The September report from Emergency Management & Training urged people to use common sense during a storm and said that the deaths during Hurricane Irene were preventable. Three people drowned when they went wading, surfing and wind surfing and two people also lost their lives boating in the storm. Another three people were electrocuted by downed power lines, and eight were killed by falling trees and branches. A further ten people were killed as a result of careless driving on wet and flooded roads.

Underscoring the dangers for residents associated with all tropical storms, HMCI said people had to use their common sense. “People should not be near the sea, and they should not be swimming, surfing or boating,” HMCI Director McCleary Frederick said. “Trees or branches that could damage your house if they fell should be cut down or trimmed. Each year we remind residents to report downed power lines after a storm passes and to follow all safety guidelines when operating generators.”

Frederick also noted that the Emergency newsletter also revealed that Hurricane Irene claimed the life of a paramedic who died trying to rescue people in a car carried away by flood waters.

“Some people have difficulty realizing that if they choose to do something dangerous, they can put other people at risk as well,” Frederick pointed out.

HMCI’s website, contains more information to keep you, your family, home and business safe.

See the Emergency Management & Training Inc report (

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  1. Caymanian Concern says:

    I only have one comment and it is that our HCMI needs to be revamped and re-staffed.   I went to the DCI (Department of Commerce and Investment) presentation for "small businesses" and how to write a disaster plan.  Not only was this the WORSE presentation ever, it was simply copied from a Caricom document and given by non-Caymanians to a Caymanian audience. 

    You are telling me, that we cannot TRAIN or do not HAVE any Caymanians that are qualified in this field???  Have we even looked or do we just keep renewing contracts for expats?   DR is a business and training is available.   I think our Govt HR department needs to look at grooming qualified Caymanians to be 100% of the employee force for HCMI  (**sorry, times are tough and Caymanian unemployment is nearing 20% for degreed young Caymanians, it is time for Govt to justify their payroll)