WOW contestants battle the bulge in week two

| 15/09/2011

(WOW): The WOW Warriors have completed week 2 of the competition and have survived another four grueling days of Bootcamp with Ernest from Body Sculptor. On Saturday they had the pleasure of an hour workout with Jen Bily of Life Extension Sports and Fitness. Jen’s lively and bubbly personality was pure enjoyment for all the contestants and committee members who joined in with them. Her class focused on low impact core body strengthening with short bursts of cardio workout movements. Last Saturday the class was low impact stretching and breathing, this weekend we took it up a notch for a great Saturday workout to burn those little extra calories some of us consumed on our “Free from Workout Friday Night”.

 “Week two of boot camp was awesome and thankfully I’m not as sore,” commented contestant Lakiva Ebanks. “The workouts felt great and I'm actually starting to get the hang of it. Jen Bily is a rock star. She is amazing and so is the ‘Work It Wow’ class she designed for us. I would love being able to workout with her every Saturday…she is fun and has a very bubbly personality which makes working out so much more fun.”

On Thursday evening of Week 2 the contestants had their first weigh-in with dietician Chad Collins who was impressed with the weight-loss. For the first year ever all 10 contestants lost weight during the first two weeks of the competition. A total of 58.1 lbs has been shed. The contestant losing the most during the first two weeks was Tunisia Barnes with 9.6lbs.
“When I discovered I lost the most at the first weight in I was completely shocked," she said. "For me it wasn't so much about losing weight as it is about living a healthy lifestyle. I'm even more motivated to continue on this journey.  Each week we participate in various fun activities such as Yoga at Body Works and aerobics class with Jen Bily from Life Extension Sports and Fitness which keep me motivated.  Moreover, I appreciate the friendships that have formed with the other WOW contestants. They are truly a wonderful support team.”

During the first two weeks all contestants were required to complete blood tests and a physical screening with Dr. Sook Yin and Dr. Enoka Richens of Seven Mile Medical Clinic to insure they were healthy enough to compete. Contestant Jhaklin Cano-Reeves discussed her visit with Dr. Sook Yin. “My experience with Dr. Sook Yin was very good.

She took her time to explain the results of the blood tests and the risks that we can face when we are overweight; especially if there is any family history of heart related problems, cancer and diabetes amongst others. She also noticed that I have a 5 year old son and she took the time to advise me on teaching my child about healthy eating and exercising habits now when he is small in order for him not to be facing the same issues related to obesity that are affecting people worldwide. Her concern about my child made me feel really good!”
Again WOW and the Cayman Heart Fund would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors for their support!


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