Mac poses conspiracy theory

| 23/09/2011

(CNS): The country’s premier has said that the unprecedented level of violent crime may be part of an organised attempt to destabilize the Cayman Islands and undermine the government. At a public meeting in West Bay on Wednesday evening, meant to update his constituents on the extra money government voted for policing and the requests politicians have made of the governor and the commissioner, McKeeva Bush suggested that the violence was part of a wider conspiracy. He spoke of a pattern of “organised destabilization” that was evident on the radio and the blogs and part of the constant opposition to anything that government tried to do.  (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

He said he was concerned that what he described as “the sustained opposition to anything and everything that the government is trying to accomplish” was too much. Bush said recent history showed that this was how destabilization works. He said it included an upsurge in violence and crime on a level of sophistication never before seen in the country and that no one could understand. This was coupled with a lack of respect for human life and for the church, which was illustrated by how it now seemed like a joyous thing to go on the radio and criticise pastors, Bush added.

Cayman's premier said he was describing a pattern seen elsewhere and people had better understand that it could happen here in Cayman.  “Constant organised opposition on the blogs, on the radio show, spilling out unfounded allegations, saying the meanest and the worst things about people … Organised letters to the press — this is common in the process of destabilization … Sometimes outright lies are written about me, about the pastors, about other people,” he said.  This in turn, Bush claimed, caused people to doubt and even hate each other, especially those who are “weak minded” and it was encouraging young people to say hard things.

“I see some things that cannot be happening by accident,” he said, adding that he was drawing a difference between genuine opposition to economic policy, which was legitimate in a democracy, with “the consistent and calculated attempt” to destroy the country’s economy and oppose government.

He spoke about what he said were damaging rumours that circulated, such as those that said the government was going to steal people’smoney when they passed the dormant accounts law, and he wondered where the rumours came from.

Bush also talked of what he said was the leaking of "state secrets”, which had become a common thing. This, he said, was all being done to destroy confidence in government. The premier appeared convinced that this was all part of a greater destabilization plan, further illustrated by the negative spin on everything in the media.

The premier said he couldn’t explain by rational means the things happening in Cayman and referred to the young men who went to school with each other but who were now killing each other. He appealed to youngsters who were not yet involved in crime to stop and ask themselves, if someone came to them with money to commit crime, were they “being set up as cannon fodder,” and told them not to be used by the manipulators.

“Something is happening and it is all around us and we must be aware of it,” he said, adding that the country could not be destabilized if the people understood the truth and didn’t allow the manipulators to tell them how to think. He asked the people not to be caught up by the “hate on the blogs” and by “the losers on the radio” as they don’t care about peace or good governance.

He said those who were denying they were involved in the destabilization needed to work against the “terrible of hand at work” in the country.

Bush failed to spell out who or exactly what was behind the destabilization but implied it could be the UK and its powers under the new constitution, the opposition in general, or the media. The premier said Cayman was watched by the world daily and great harm was being done. He asked why people here were writing for Reuters about the murders but they did not write about how many young people had passed exams with high grades – as he asked if the media was trying the destroy or help. 

However, he denied that his comments were because he did not like being criticised as he said did not mind criticism, adding “that those people who were beating up on ‘McKeeva’everyday were not winning but were losing.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "What I see happening is … the pure …".  You go Mac.  It's all about you!! HAHA

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have never in my long life read such a crazy statement by anyone supposed to be a leader of a nation!

    I am deeply shocked and I pity all Caymanyans!

    Please give this man the help he needs fast!

    • Anonymous says:

      He paid the preachers $4 million and THEY can't help him so what in God's name do we do now?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone need a second glass of Kool aid??

  4. Caymanian to d bone! says:

    People, Mac may not be far off the mark, unfortunately his ego has him looking in the mirror and not at the people.

    For several years I've had an uneasy feeling that the UK was involved in the craziness we are seeing crime wise. Hear me out before you shut off. Cayman is an embarrassment at best to the UK as we are looked and frowned upon as the money laundering central by a lot of the world. This is embarrassing to Mother England that her child is a criminal or perceived to be one. So she needs the child to grow up and make her proud or to shed herself of the embarrassing child or as history has shown many do – to leave the child to ruin.

    Perhaps what is happening here is the ruining of the child and a valid excuse get rid of it too. Whatever is going on, it started with the last batch of goof ups, you remember the operation this and that tempura, lets destabilize the entire police force. Perhaps Now we have a police force that is erupting from the guts, they cannot agree, the locals, the Caribbean police vs the UK police. Rumors of dissension in the ranks and crime escalating. So, quite possibly it is a conspiracy, not by the locals but from a different entity that has higher ulterior motives than ruining the UDP & the premiere. So, the question is, if that is so are we gonna be the spoiled little brat and bite off our nose to spite our face OR are we gonna do what it right and try to make things right with our parents who has indeed been good to us in the years gone pass? (but unfortunately has grown fed up with the brat.)

    Don’t get me wrong nobody but ourselves have we got to blame, the current climate was bred years ago and now it has come into fruition, the concern for the might dollar vs being a good citizen, the neglected and the abused kids, the half a family, so many social ills left to fester. I for one do not believe it is too late. My challenge to the police is to, please do the right thing. My challenge to the people is the same, we have to stop making ourselves look bad even when others are trying to do so. This is a beautiful wonderful Island, full of a wonderful mixture of peoples from every corner of the earth. It is paradise but it is being destroyed from within. The Financial & Tourist sector is not going to stay in a land of fear and instability. Please stop the insanity now before it’s too late. Separation and segregation was never a part of what made us the jewel of the Caribbean. If we all do our part we can take back control of our beautiful island.

    We the people, do not need government to act upon many of the social atrocities that are contributing to our society’s woes. It starts right in our homes with something simple, like teaching right from wrong, manners, respect and most importantly REAL love (see 1 Corinthians 13)! Grand Parents, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, friends help to show a better way, take responsibility for how you may have contributed to this mess and from this day do something to change it. I long for Cayman to be beautiful for my kids, grandkids and theirs too.

  5. Ubelievedat says:

    How did Mac arrive at his opinion of a "conspiracy theory"  vs what the RCIPS Commissioner Baines said?    see excerpt below.

    Has "new evidence" been found to support this theory??

    I fail to understand why any gang would bother to conentrate their efforts on a govt that has failed to acknowledge their crimes.  They are basically operating in a "lawless" country.  Isnt this a perfect situation to do their kind of business?

    Violence fuelled by acquittals

    (CNS): The police commissioner has suggested that the recent acquittals by the courts may have heightened gang tensions and fuelled the sudden spate of violence. After a year of relative calm in relation to gang violence, which were a result, he said, of the police removing a number of people off the streets and charging them with crimes, the resurgence may be down to the recent run of not guilty verdicts. David Baines has said that the acquittals have had two effects on existing tensions. Firstly, that some people may have felt betrayed by the results, and the other is that some of those who could have been involved in the violence in the first place are back on the streets.


  6. wa u said??? says:

    now I have never heard such foolishness!!

    Truly truly a notion of the highest level of an uneducated guess!!

    God help us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anyone seriously interested in the reasons for criminality should lister to "Analysis" on BBC Radio 4 online:

    Pay attention at 26:57, when the subject turns to the effect on societal behavior of law breaking by public figures or the poltical elite.

    Mr. Premier, you pay close attention too.

    • Strangers in The Night says:

      Is the premier saying that these awful murders are all part of a plan to "make him & the UDP look bad"?? This is an insult to the families of the dead. How can he use the death of loved ones for political purposes? This is disgusting, & is a new low even for Mckeeva Bush. He owes the people of this country & the families of the murder victims a huge apology, & after making the apology he needs to step aside, RESIGN in disgrace! This is SICK! VILE!

    • Anonymous says:

      10.19.Thanks for the link. Beautifully expressed ideas, refreshing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They're coming throught the walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..He's right and the same crowd of people have been messing with the CUC Meters, I believe they also stole the beach from infront of the Marriott. Someone has to stop them before they move they dig a canal in South Sound or move the West Bay Road….God Help Us……. He has really lost it now..

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is sad that the first individual to hold the office of Premier is some one that no body will want to remember in history.

  10. Mindy says:

    I am confused. So is the Premier inferring that people are coordinating these acts of violence merely to shake people's confidence in the Government or simply put to make him and his goons look bad? 

    Please, please, please tell me that I am the idiot here and making the wrong assumption because if this is what we have come to in leaders of this island, God help us! 

    Mr. Premier, you have several issues that seem to be colliding at one time and creating the "perfect storm".

    The economy is deteriorating, people are losing their jobs. That creates panic and fear of the unknown for some. By no means am I saying that these are the same people who are doing these robberies, I think most of the robberies are being done by lazy people who don't want to put in a honest day's work to get a pay cheque, they would rather steal if from someone else's hard work. But I do believe that a minority of the robberies are done by desperate people, people who need money to feed their families. 

    Secondly you have these "wanna-be thugs' who want respect and think that forming a gang, having guns and shooting people gives them that. 

    When these two situations collide, then there comes a crime wave. And the best you can come up with is that these are somehow being co-ordinated to destroy confidence in the Government? If that is your response to the recent crime wave sir I am convinced that you need a break as I think your sanity has been compromised. 

  11. Slowpoke says:

    In spite of my snarky comments, let us look at some of the proven correlations between violent crime and conditions as they are currently, in Cayman…

    1. High GINI index                                                                                                Check.
    2. Poverty                                                                                                               Check
    3. “War on drugs”                                                                                                 Check
    4. Single, adolescent mommies, raising kids                                               Check
    5. Unemployment                                                                                                Check
    6. ….

    And you thought ”Ivan” was the perfect storm…

  12. Winning says:

    Everyday I get more and more worried about the Premier.

    His whole speech sounds like something someone suffering severe paranoia, even his huge new wall and paying Dr "I love the police" Frank to big him up on the radio confirms this, it is very worrying not just for Cayman, Caymanians and expats alike, but for Mr Bush himself.

    and who is wrting his speeches? from the last sentence "not winning but were losing", it appears it could be Charlie Sheen himself!

    All very very troubling, especially when our young men are murdering and getting murdered in the streets.

  13. visitor says:

    You can tell a lot about the people in a country by the person or persons they choose to represent them.  Caymanians…….whats up with you guys?  Wow!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese are here, the Chinese are here. Please tell me the Governor knows. If he doesn’t there is nothingscarier than the sight this afternoon of the Chinese flagged SUV and Mac’s car drive to the ritz from the airport.

  15. Anonymous says:

    special interest groups along with the, P% D% U%,  are responsible for this mess.

    for 20 years they, SIG provided the funds and MicMmac provided the party's,

    ALSO the Elected Educated representatives chose him to be their leader. 

    PLEASE EXPLAIN,     just qurious.

    END  result,  we all loose our Islands that time forgot and the poor leadership will continue as the SIG will continue to provide the propaganda along with the funds to get the 40ft containers with whatever,     will win the next election.

  16. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    There have been a lot of comments that question Mr. Bush's common sense, political strategies and posturing, even his sanity. The real issue is that through years of the Bush administration, control and agenda many educated intelligent polite people have been asking their elected leaders and officials to address the escalating crime issue in our country. Hindsight is a horrible 20/20 situation here because the escalation can literally follow a time line and graph from the first purse snatching after Ivan. IMHO when you have a crisis all parties should work for the common good and solution. The Governor, police Commissioner, Mr. Bush, The UDP, The Opposition,the CS and the people. But when you have a leader of a country who cannot, will not, or puts politics first before coordinating an attack on the crisis using all resources then it is time for a new leader. People are dying, tourism is failing and will suffer horribly, the financial and legal services industries will have huge hurdles. The country cannot wait for elections. A petition for a referendum is in order and the two or three sensible UDP members who wish to continue to serve the people and the country should think about their blind loyalty. 

    • Good God Almighty says:

      Exactly.  When I look to McKeeva Bush as Premier, I want him to stand up and say that he will do everything in his power to bring an end to the violent crime and I want him to encourage others to do the same.  I want him to create a mindset and encourage a national will to do whatever is necessary to return control of the streets to the law-abiding citizens.  What I DO NOT WANT is for him to stand up and whine that he can't really do anything and it's really up to the governor or it's really up to the commissioner and he's really done all he can and he's been telling warning everybody about crime but "whine" and "cry" and "moan" and "whimper" and "it's not my fault".  In my opinion, this is only part of a wholly pathetic performance by McKeeva Bush and exposes the "Premier" as anything but that.

    • Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    To call this guy a "Looney Tune" character is a insult to Bugs, Daffy, Tweety and all the others!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Forget "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"..

    We will have to title this one "One Escaped the Chicken coop" 

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am not opposed to many of the projects being considered but I am opposed to the extremely suspect way Mr. Bush and the entire UDP are inplementing them. The only reasons for consistently circumventing all controls that provide transparency are nefarious.

  20. Anonymous says:

    While Mr. Bush is the target of many of these comments, do NOT forget each member of his Party supports him and by association his delusions.  All of the Premier's actions are reflective of them also.  This needs to be the last political term any of them have in Cayman.


  21. Anonymous says:

    People actually sat and listened to this???????? 

    Need a CITN forum "LIVE" open discussion so he can answer questions on his statements. 

    I am failing to see how the recent upsurge of violence has anything to do with the various scenarios he has talked about here.  Mr. Bush please explain !!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think he needs nourishment for his brains and body……someone PLEASE send him some alphabet soup!

  23. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    The nightmare continues with the UDP government 24/7. Insults to our intelligence continue as well. Every time we pick up the paper, turn on the news and radio or log on to CNS the nightmare continues. Mac has to stop blame shifting, traveling with entourages, giving our money away to Pharisee Preachers and selling us out at every level. We are sick of it. If you have to travel, take you’re UDP stooges and don’t come back please. Your style of leadership we can no longer afford and can definitely do without.   

  24. Anonymous says:

    Is there a transcript of this speech anywhere to be found, or a recording?  If so could someone please post it, or a link to it? Unfortunately I missed it, and this has caused so much uproar and I have heard so many different "versions" of it, that I would really like to read it or hear it for myself, if possible…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good Lord, you people HAVE to get rid of this buffoon!   

  26. Anonymous Maximus says:

    Mr Bush, your paranoia is showing. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    Nice try Mac, can you imagine the tourist industry we would have if we could convert your BS into reduced fuel taxes and white sand? 

  28. Anonymous says:

    So what is the deal with the 500k home purchase? Do I get PR and a Smith & Wesson?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mac, the way things look here, you need to be more careful how you pose.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I like your post. Well said.

    Things will never get better

    Things will never get better in cayman islands until  MCKEVA get up off his but and start thinking serious about building some trade centres here., so that the kids that did not made it with A. levels and O. levels have some where to go to train to do  other things, Look at Jamaica a country that is struggling so much financially, but yet still looking out for their young people. Look at the wonderful HEART FOUNDATION that the government put in place in jamaica to train their people, and its not only for young people it for any one who want to learn a trade. and it dosent cost much.  I have a helper from jamaica that can cook a variety of different dishes and i ask her where did she learn to cook so many different dishes and she told me at the HEART SCHOOL , I WAS AMAZE. So wake up MC. KEVA and take a leaf out of jamica book. if we have a HEART FOUNDATION here every time a hotel or a resturant needs a cook we wont have to import one, or every time we need a electrian or a mechanic we wont have to import one. Come on Mc keva build do some thing we are importing chickens and eggs, build your own chicken farms and pay the young people at least 10.00 per hour to work in it. East end have soooo many land you can use


    • Anonymous says:

      UCCI teaches a variety of technical courses, our young people do have options.  Many opportunities are still available for our young people in Cayman.  Our leaders need to stop trying to be like everyone else and do what is best for Cayman and Caymanians. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    If BIG MAC is doing such a bad job of running the country, then why dont some of the posters here run for a seat in the next election??

    • Anonymous says:

      Cause we no have stoves, fridges, paved roads, etc to give out at elections

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently the country is going downhill too fast for the runners to keep up.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps it's a conspiracy…….maybe someone didn't like all the negative press and blogs about their piss poor decisions and all the investigations and thought this would give them something to focus on instead of them. You know, seriously that theory crossed my mind but thankfully I had more sense and self-restraint to keep that passing thought to myself. Too bad Mckeeva doesn't know the first thing about what may or may not be appropriate to say. As much as I dislike McKeeva and everything he stands for I don't really think he would actually instigate such violence to protect his political interst. But, hopefully nobody is holding their breath waiting for Mckeeva to castigate these criminals from his constituency, his voting pool. He is not going to lose any votes over telling people about raising or harboring criminals. He will continue to pussyfoot around these potential voters and blame everything else other than them. Maybe he agrees with the whole gang idea. Is the UDP far off from a gang? It has no democratic process – the biggest and baddest is the leader because he says so, XXX, there is intimidation (sometimes infront of a jury), there is no concern for the law or best practise (too many examples to give there), there is no respect for authority or stature, they are greatly offended by other colors including the color of carpets at vip events…..the only thing missing is a gang hand sign or hand shake. How can we expect better out of our youth when this is what we have settled for as the leaders of our country!?

  33. Cat says:

    My My My…..

    I was sitting down relaxing earlier today and a very small "ah ha!" moment came to me and I wanted to share this with you my dear fellow sane citizens.

    I realized that the reason why we haven't had any natural disasters here since the last election  in Cayman, is because we have been plagued by McKeeva "Natural Disaster" Bush all this bloody time!!!! He's a Big Natural Disaster all on his own, wrecking up our precious country!

    We've experiencing one all this time.You realize that?! I just thought I'd share this with you all.

    Good Night

  34. Kung Fu Iguana says:

    As a regular poster on "the blogs" I wish to apologise that my exercise of basic free speech on the web has lead directly to the deaths of these young men who died as part of a complex and well organised conspiracy to undermine the reputation of a man whose actions are under active investigation by the police but who .has chosen not to say anything substantive about the matters which are being investigated.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I think someone shoudl send for the men in white coats!!

    Mr Bush seems to be talking nonsense, rambling even.

    The pressure of office must be taking it's toll on his mental well being

  36. Anonymous says:

    What Mac is saying is that he is going to give his supporters guns to defend themselves because there are people out there with guns trying to get rid of his government

    • Anonymous says:

      If it were not such a scary or dangerous prospect, what you said might actually be considered funny, but forgive me if I find it hard to laugh considering the level of crimes taking place.

    • The Facts says:

      The worst and the best thing is that these blogs aren not Caymanians.  Like going to a garage sale dont have a chance, too many foreign people have already visited.

      I dont kow if you have realized that the Premier has been ignoring all you have to say.   The Caymanian people love MacKeeva Bush, so to tell you the truth it is best to not say anything. Because I am certain he is going to hold all votes in West Bay, George Town, Cayman Brac and dont talk about Bodden Town.  That is MacKeeva Bush home Town, next to Wewst Bay.  So dont even try to go there and say anything about him.  The people in that district will listen to you, but all the time they are thinking they cannot wait for election.   I am going tobe very honest and say the person to blame for the runiation of Cayman is Immigration, because they have let in the wrong people here.  I will say no more.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you not a Caymanian blogger? I sure as hell am. You blame immigration for the ruination of Cayman by "letting the wrong people here" in your opinion. It's a shame that you so conveniently forget that McKeeva gave status to thousands of people who did not qualify for it under the law. I guess that is your roundabout way of saying that he let the wrong people stay here.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am Caymanian, born and raised and disagree. I want him out yesterday and I think you're comments on behalf of us as a nationality are embarassing.  I didn't vote the last time around because I was out of the country and didn't want to go through the hassle because thought it impossible he'd be elected.  He spoke at my highschool graduation nearly 10 years ago and I would have never imagined people would be so stupid to allow him to still have any authority.  I heard him speak at the pageant this past weekend and not much has changed in what he offers as a politician, role model or speaker of any kind, for that matter . It was embarassing 10 years ago, even as a teenager, having celebrated a milestone in education having been achieved, andtoday I am deeply saddened by the stagnation experienced by the policital and economic progress of my beloved isle. YOU are a huge part of this islands problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think that is a laughing matter. Don't know what the LOLs are about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds familiar. That was what was done in Jamaica and we all know the end result of that.

      I dont know about any one else but I already believe that politicians are arming their local thugs and that some are untouchable, thats why the Police cant get any convictions.

  37. Good God Almighty says:

    McKeeva Bush!  What is this I hear?

    My Cayman Islands are struggling!  People are hurting.  There is much pain and discord across the islands.  And in recent days several young men have violently lost their lives.  And all you can think about is how all this turmoil is making you and your political buddies look bad.  Don't make me come down there!  You need to rant less, get on your knees, open your heart and listen to me, because I've got some explaining to do.  You need to humble yourself young man and soon!  The people of the Cayman Islands need a leader they can trust, not one who accuses them of being untrustworthy!  I'd better hear from you soon.

    • Island Prophet says:

      The Prophet says be careful who,s name you use in vain.  Do you know that you will be judged for Idle talk.   I believe the Premier is ignoring you all so that means his heart is right with God.  Save your self and do not worry about anyone else.

      • Good God Almighty says:

        Clearly the Premier IS NOT ignoring anyone.  It would seem that he reads every post and is enraged by them to the point that he rants and raves and accuses the people of the Cayman Islands of being conspirators and devil worshippers simply because they do not agree with him.  By your own logic, that must mean HIS HEART IS NOT RIGHT WITH GOD.  As for life eternal, I'll deal with that on my own terms.  As for life in the Cayman Islands for the foreseeable future, I'll keep an eye on Mr Bush.

  38. Just Commentin' says:

    Oh, my, if this is not proof that Mac has lost it then nothing is.

    Mr. Bush, do you ever stop to listen to yourself or are all those voices in your head too loud for you to do so?

    You rant and say that across this land people call your governance into question. You whine that amany people oppose your policies. You say that they oppose the bulk your projects. You say that they ridicule you and laugh at you. You warn that some nefarious nebulous unidentified somebodies are trying to destabilise the country.

    You attribute this to a conspiracy.  Well…

    Maybe God, through human voices, is trying to tell you something…

    Did you ever stop to think that the reason that you meet so much opposition, and the reason your decisions are called into question, and the reason you suffer so much ridicule is because that it has been revealed to a significant number of intelligent people that you are an administratively incompetent buffoon with an impaired intellect and a limitless ego and that you are bonkers?

    If this is a conspiracy, maybe the conspirators just want to rock the boat enough for you to fall overboard.

    For love of country why not save them the [trouble] and resign? Please, Mr. Bush, God would want you to do that before more peopleget killed.

    (Shhh… Can't you hear Him talking to you?)

    • patricia bryan says:

      thanks for taking the word RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH on the comments the premier has said about the recent surge in murders. he has lost his mind!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Mac….  you need to read & re-read  'Just Commentin' …..Couldnt' have said it better myself!!!

      Guess if you think there is some conspiracy, you must know you have FAILED at your job!

      Time to quit  &  give what's left of the islands back to our People. You have totally destroyed paradise!

      And you know what? Our visitors agree with ME!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no clue who 'just commenting' is but this post is the best summary I have read in a long time. I would like to shake this poster's hand. 

  39. Anonymous says:

    It's not going to get better until we, as Caymanians, stop blaming others and accept responsibiltiy.

    In one breath we proclaim how intelligent, self reliant, Christian, and hard working we are as a people and in the next breath we complain how we are the most mistreated people on earth, how everyone is out to get us, and "if we are only given a chance".

    Here is our chance.






  40. Wibble! says:

    DId he have his underpants on his head and two pencils up his nose when he made this speech?


  41. Anonymous says:

    I fainted in the curry house when I heard REM had split up.

    That's me in the korma.


  42. Anonymous says:

    This is the funniest thing I have ever read.  I smell crazy.

  43. CIA Mole says:


    One of those bloggers got on to Alden, who called a friend of his in the FCO, who called his friend at the CIA…

    long story short…they are planning to redirect that falling US spy satelite to

    crash right here (probably YOUR house!!!).

    RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY !!!!! HIde yourself – the sky is falling!

  44. JP says:

    Bahahahahahahaha, I hope Shetty has a mental ward in his plans.

  45. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean by destabilize the Cayman Islands? The biggest destabilizer we have is Big Mac and the UDP group.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The truth be told the UK I do not think is causing this violent uprising of these mow mows but they are allowing it to go on and hence destabilize the country in order to drive investors out, prove incompetence of the local Govvernment and force a take over like T&C. The almighty UK is doing us no favors by depleting the surplus on useless Police tactics. There is no way that the current crime level could not be curbed and clearly the greater good of the community is not even on the table. Do not forget the costly and fruitless UK police investigations not long ago. It isnot below them

  47. Anonymous says:

    What I want to know is what the people in the room with him thought about it. Did no one ask?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Actualy….. it is Duppies in the 'Bush' that are creating the conspiracy.  LOL

    What or who next is he going to blame??!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Call the asylum! The man needs help.  He's not in his right mind.

  50. Anonymous says:

    He's too lazy to do anything about it, so he gets frustrated that things are not going his way (the easy way, where the island work on it's own, giving the island to itself to control, when it's really his responsibility). Moves like that Mr Bush will get things to get out of hand and things to go places where you do not want them to go, so to prevent all of this, do something about it and stop talking crap about people are out to get you!

    Obviously you have a problem if you REALLY think that and I think you should seriously look into the mental state of yourself, some people go in denial that they have issues, but you can see someone about that, *pats you on the back*, we are all here for you in your!  


    [My grandmother always said when I was sent to wash the dishes I better make sure to wash EVERYTHING; plates, bowls, cups, knives, spoons forks, pots, pans, stove stop, counter top, etc;]


    Moral to this is, finish your job, you where put to help lead this country to a better place, do yah job and do it right; in every aspect of the word RIGHT!!!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    The realy scary part is to think that people actually sat there and listened to this instead of getting up and walking out!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should people walk out. I am sure that most who attended did so for the comedy that Mac is famous for and probably ended up laughing some of their problems away.

  52. John Evans says:

    ROTFLMAO. Guess I better start digging out all that good stuff Net News had on the big one and see what I can do with it 🙂

    LOL, conspiracy my arse!!!!!

    Anything that threatens Big Mac's position he brought on himself by his conduct in the current administration and during his previous term as LOGB, don't be surprised if this goes to a replay of TCI.


    As I have posted before, watch this space 🙂

  53. Anonymous says:

    HA! HA! Big Mac watching T.V. again!

  54. Slowpoke says:

    I completely agree! 

    Only when all you "Anonymous" bloggers are arrested and deported, will I feel safe again in Cayman.

    Get on with it Baines, crime problem solved!

  55. Knot S Smart says:

    There is no conspiracy!

    We just want to sell him to the Chinese, and the rest of his gang to Dart!

    Except for John John. We need him for keyboards…

    Also the foot-washing lady gets to stay provided she lives quietly on the bluff!


  56. Anonymous says:

    Mac!! Look up!! Da NASA satellite pieces dem comin straight fi yer yard

  57. OMG says:

    OMG, has anyone else heard that REM split up? I can't help but wonder if this is another cog in the wheel of this conspiracy???

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep they have split up, and they been together along time, and done some great songs also, especially during the 80's and 90's. R.E.M would always be remembered.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Mac – that's why its called "opposition" and "freedom of speech" – dont take it personal!

  59. The Baby Sitter says:

    Pampers Please!

    Can someone please provide Mac with a few Pampers a Bib and a Good old warm Bottle…..I'm so sick of hearing him winning God knows, he's worst than a 2yr old kid. 


  60. Anon says:

    They say that we’re destroyed by crime
    And yes we really are…

    But it’s not me babe… Its not mee babe…


    I'm in charge of all of you…
    And I help the churches too…

    Yes that’s me babe… Yes that’s mee babe…

    And my taxes killed the country…

    All the people they are broke…

    But its not me babe.. Its not mee babe…


    My two salaries are more than enough…

    Plus I get money from other stuff…

    Yes that’s me babe… Yes that’s mee babe…


    The police are busy investigating me…

    And I think they have a conspiracy…

    But it’s not me babe… Its not mee babe…


    I take your money and give to my supporters…

    So they can pay their mortgage too…

    Yes that’s me babe… Yes that’s mee babe…


    Hit it John John… Hit it…


    Everything that is good comes from me…

    Yes that’s me babe… Yes that’s mee babe…


    But if is bad and destroys the country…

    Then it is a PPM or British conspiracy…

    And it’s not mee babe…


    It’s not mee babe…

    It’s not mee babe…

  61. KHurlston says:

    Lmao! Big Mac should change his profession from Premier to Comedian – now this is what I call comedy! In the midst of a crisis, he can still manage to conjure up some obscure and not to mention ludicrous theory to make this be all about him. Big Mac needs a serious wakeup call…

    If people of the Cayman Islands (particularly those in West Bay who keep voting him in) can’t see that Mckeeva never has or ever will be fit to run this country, then they also need a serious wakeup call!

    It's time for change Cayman and McKeeva or his gov't aren't the change that we need!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Dont stop da carnival Bo Bo ………..

  63. Anonymous says:

    Youve been punkd Bo Bo!! can someone please start a petition and get this mad man out of office and straight to bell view.

  64. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    "Bush poses conspiracy theory". This is beyond belief, any common sense and just can't be fathomed. People are dying on our beautiful island and its a conspiracy to bring down the UDP. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point, people are being murdered almost daily and it's all about them (Mac and his cronies).

  65. Young WB mother says:

    Words can't even begin to express how terribly humiliated, disgusted, discouraged and disappointed I am right now after reading this article. 

    Mr. McKeeva Bush (I refuse to address you as "Premier" as the title is clearly out of your league), you have insulted the intelligence of the people of this country and further short changed the less fortunate among us.

    If you had been working in the private sector, you would have been stripped of all your titles, company vehicles, benefits, travel perks, signing authority and any other accolades IMMEDIATELY!  You would have further been escorted to the street corner by security and told to vacate the area or be charged with tresspassing.

    Families are grieving today, communities are hurting, and the country as a whole is desperate for viable solutions that will stop the war that's taking place on our streets. And instead of showing empathy and expressing genuine concern and compassion , you choose to address the country with this proposterous "Conspiracy Theory"??!!  

    Mr. Bush you claim that this turmoil in our country is “the sustained opposition to anything and everything that the government is trying to accomplish.  And that this was "all being done to destroy confidence in government".  Can you display any more selfish behaviour than you already have?!  I'm stunned to say the least!! 

    Did you not lose a child?!  Do you not know first hand what that kind of pain feels like?!  I am not related to any of the victims nor do I engage in gang activity or support it.  My arguement is not just that  these kids were thugs or involved in gangs but most importantly that lives were lost. Families are hurting in the wake of this madness and EVERYONE within our shores have been affected by this level of violence. At a time like this we expected and deserved more from the so-called leaders of this country than yet another "It's all about McKeeva" speech.

    There's the saying that goes, "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt". 

    McKeeva, if you honestly believe that someway, somehow this is all a plot to undermine your govemment's efforts, then how about you try a little reverse psychology and resign? Why not allow the citizens (including your grandkids) of this beautiful country a chance at peace and harmony?  That would be such a humble act and display of true statesmanship on your part. 

  66. Anonymous says:

    All that cheese and bacon has gone to his brain…he's not quite the hamburger he used to be.

  67. Anonymous says:

    What I see happenin is……….the theory that the Opposition is conspiring to take out as many of those voting gangstas as possible.

    Dem oppositions are some really smart fellas!

  68. Deep Throat says:

    McKeeva is correct. Once he starts offering reward money for turning in the conspirators, then I am willing to give him names. Here are some examples that Big Mac can take to the bank.

    1. Last month one of my neighbours suggested that we drive into work together to save on gas. I asked why we would want to do that and he said "less money spent on gas means less tax to government and less money for McKeeva to spend". Can you see how personal he made it? Plus, he drives a red car! Must be a PPM supporter.

    2. Last week I was talking to the wife of another neighbour who told me she was hot at night. I think she looks hot in the day as well, but then she went on to explain that her husband had turned off the A/C during the night to save money, then she added "less money spent on electricity means less diesel burned by CUC which means less tax to government which means less money for McKeeva to spend". I know she is probably PPM because I once saw a red thong hanging on her clothes line!

    3. Just yesterday I saw another neighbour saving the seeds from a tomato. I don't think it a coincidence that he eats RED vegetables. Anyway, he tells me that he is going to plant the seeds and harvest his own tomatoes before the end of the year. I asked him why and he said "a lower bill at Foster's means less revenue for government which means less money for McKeeva to spend".

    OK, I have to go now, lunch is being served in the mental ward.

  69. Anonymous says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  Oh man…big up for Big Mac for giving us all a good chuckle this morning with this diabolically insensitive, asinine, ignorant, harmful and ego-centric explanation to the recent horrific gang slaughter of our children.  

  71. Sick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    PARANOIA 1.01 !!!  BUT he may be right. Perhaps this is all part of a covert operation by that dangerous mob who live on Little Cayman, who may be looking to overthrow the Government in a "Palace Coup" and make Blossom Village the new capital of the Cayman Islands. There have been rumours of some ex-CIA agents buying condos over there.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Listen BoBo the crime escalated after you gave away all those grants. Prior to 2004 this island was practically crime free.   You take care of your ex-pat friends and ignore your own Caymanian people who cannot eat after they pay their CUC bills.   The only way to solve the crime problem now is to tell the ministers that the criminals are gay. Crime will cease I guarantee it!!!      

  73. Anonymous says:

    I would like to thank Bush for actually providing a little comic relief during this terrible crime wave.  Whilst many on island have a good understanding of the real issues behind all this, Bush provides us with the 'It's all about me' defence hoping to distract us from his failed leadership.  There will undoubtedly be some who fall for this line and they are entitled to their opinion, I just wish that in these troubled times, people would consider the issues carefully without resorting to partisan politics and very misplaced loyalty. 

    Whilst the RCIPS are doing their best in these troubled times, they cannot do it alone.  No police force in the world can operate without the assistance of the public, so those of you who know but won't tell……..think of the lives and country you are helping to destroy.  Tell the RCIPS what you know before the event…….help save lives and this country.

  74. Not Part Of The Conspiracy says:

    I often post messages on this forum that are critical or at least questioning of McKeeva Bush.  Nobody tells me to do that.  I do not know any of the gangsters involved in the current killings and am very worried about this rise in deadly violence.  I think some of McKeeva Bush's ideas are okay.  I think some of his other ideas are terrible.  I don't think much about the preachers but do not believe they should be getting millions of government dollars.  I am not part of a group nor part of a conspiracy.  Nor do I believe are most of the other posters on CNS, callers to radio talk shows or writers to the newspapers.  I do not worship the devil.

    • Anonymous says:

      but you are a blogger, aren't you Blogger!  blogger blogger blogger

  75. MER says:

    I said it before and I'll say it again! The Cayman Islands Constitution states that a Premier or any MLA can be removed from post if he/she is found to be of unsound mind, anymore questions?????

  76. Anonymous says:


    As I look through all of the comments on this article it's comforting, and scary at the same time.  I have read all of the post, and while most are saying generally the same thing "this man is crazy"( which I did not fully believe until now) and who could really think that a conspiracy to over the government through murders by gangs could be real, there are a few of you that believe Bush might be onto something here!! 

    So I start to think, what about all of those locals that don't read these blogs, and hear other residence options (the common folk) would they have the same ratio of support to non-support of this article?  Would more of them believe this crazy talk by the premier? scary to think that's a possibility. 

    If you're a boat captain (I bet you don't make CLOSE to what Bush would make) you are responsible for everyone on the boat, including fellow staff members.  If you're deck hen does something stupid which results in negligence, or someone getting hurt, THE CAPTAIN WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE!!!!! 

    Bush TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR COUNTRY… or STEP aside and let someone else lead that will put Cayman first, and not their pockets.

    Really, a conspiracy!!! where does he come up with this stuff…

    • Anonymous says:

      I think he digs down into one of his two new toilets at GOAP for these ideas. He thought getting rid of too much PPM colour would give him a better result. THAT was the real conspiracy, pink colours in the bathroom to "colour" his decision-making so he had to have one redone and a new one built just for him. Yes, we did all pay for this…………..

  77. scrooge says:

    Mac…..apparently if you wear a hat made of tinfoil at all times they won't be able to listen to your thoughts….

  78. Anonymous says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! GET YOU HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!!!!!!! This is NOT about you ANYMORE!! This is about out COUNTRY (the Cayman Islands – remember the 3 little pieces of land sitting in the Caribbean sea that you call home) and our YOUTH!!!! OUR FUTURE GENERATION!!! No one cares about you and your power trips anymore Mr. Bush……..we care about our COUNTRY and our CHILDREN……now GET REAL and STOP thinking about YOURSELF and tell us what you are going to do about the IMPORTANT things (which is not YOU)!!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    This theory of a conspiracy theory to destablise the govt. by Mac suggests to me that he fears that the authorities may be closing in on him perhaps in the criminal investigation into his 'business transaction' with Stan Thomas. He wants to prepare his loyal constituents so if an arrest is made he can say "see, I told you it was a conspiracy to destabilise the govt.; now you Caymanian jurors had better free me".    

    Some people think he is crazy. Crazy as a fox.

  80. SM says:

    News flash to Mr. Bush- I am a 20 year old young Caymanian (born and raised).  Thank God I have had a mother, father, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends to assist in raising me to be the young woman that I am today- dignified, proud, responsible, driven and passionate.  Unfortunately, a lot of these young men that are killing one another did not and do not have that kind of upbringing.  They are victims of the government.  Brought up in households that are broken- their parents cant find jobs (no fault of their own, it just so happens that an expat has filled the position)- they resort to smoking, drinking (coming home completely drunk and abusive),  The kids in turn have to fend for themselves- no jobs are available (yet UDP decides to suspend the roll over policy for 2 years- just in time for election, I might add).  Kids turn to drugs (selling, buying… you name it)- drugs cause disputes (among other reasons) and there you have it… it turns into a plethora of crimes (robberies, killings, etc).  I feel as if the government is in a conspiracy against the young people of this land.  You turn your noses up towards us- you drive around in your tinted 50,000 dollar cars and ignore our cries, our suffering…. our desperation and have the nerve to think we're conspiring against the government?!  WAKE UP Mr. Bush, WAKE UP!

    • Anonymous says:

      girl, you are so naive. I do not have words to comment, just laugh..

    • Jemiah says:

      Love it! You suggest that the the failed upbringing of criminals is the government faults – no my friend it is the parents fault!!! Stop looking for the governemtn to solve all your problems – try and solve some yourself. And I hardly think these thugs have any interest in real work, so your attempts to blame expats is really out of touch.

      • SM says:

        Considering all of them live in the Cayman Islands and are subjected to the government and law, also went to government schools- then, yes.  We are a community and have shared responsibility.  I cant blame the expats and am not attempting to.  Expats come here to make a living, just like us native Caymanians try to make a living.  Expats don't grant themselves a job- they are hired.

        • Jemiah says:

          Community does not equal government! Sorry SM although I can sort of see maybe where you intended to go with your comments, you did not articualte it very well. 

    • Anonymous says:

      stop blaming everything on the expats!!!!  the expats did not take all your jobs!!!

    • Anonymous says:


      As i think this article its completely CRAZY and obscured had to respond to your post due to one comment  that i see Caymanians have said in several different articles on CNS.  


      "yet UDP decides to suspend the roll over policy for 2 years- just in time for election, I might add"

      Suspending rollover right before the election to buy votes?!?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!! wouldn't it do the complete opposite?? X-pats that bypass rollover CAN'T vote!!! the process takes YEARS before that can happen.  As a Caymanian that does not like Bush or the UDP you should be soooo happy to hear this news, because if majority of Caymanians thought doing rid of rollover is a horrible Idea, then DON'T VOTE HIM IN NEXT ELECTION!!! Just to make sure you know, i'll say it again. X pats that bypass rollover CAN NOT VOTE!!!!


      why are all of you saying this, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!!! AWWWW so many of you are just SOOOO frustrating!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the general idea was that suspending the rollover for the next two years would result in employers voting for the UDP next time, not really talking about who may or may not be able to vote next time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow – are people really this stupid?  The lazy good for nothing parents who don't care what their kids are up to have created this problem.  Not the ex-pats.  If people got up off their butts and tried to learn something, better themselves and adapt to a changing world (not just Cayman, but everywhere), there would be alot less problems such as young people killing each other for no good reason.  Modern television has alot to answer for too – these kids are put in front of TVs for hours to keep them out of the parents' hair and see that gangs and drug dealing can be quite fruitful for them and they think its glamorous.  PARENTS!  take responsibility for the kids you brought into this world and stop blaming Bush and ex-pats.  Its all on you!

    • Anonymous says:

      9:51:  If expats have all their jobs, WHERE DO THE PARENTS  GET THE MONEY TO BUY THE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS FROM?  YOU ARE A NICE PERSON, BUT FACE REALITY. IT ALL STEMS FROM BROKEN HOMES- BAD UPBRINGING- poor parenting – – you like me must thank God for our parents and families who took time out for us- If not-  Just remember  evertime you see one of those children – just say to yourself – there goes me if it was not for the grace of God.  While we are upset about everything that is happening to us now a days.  Let us pray that God will clean up this cancer that has popped up among our children.

    • Anonyman says:

      Get real, the expats don't steal jobs. The expats stimulate the economy, thereby creating jobs. I am glad they come to our country.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a perfect example of what is wrong on this Island- there is no accountability for anyone's actions.. It's all about finding someone else to blame.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should read the article that CNS posted last week about the "Entitlement" that all Caymanians seem to have regarding jobs.  Unbelievable.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so ignorant! Expats are necessary to keep the economy of the Cayman Islands alive. I was also born and raised in the Cayman Islands but do not have this hostility against expats as so many others do. Most young "Caymanians"  feel ENTILTED to positions in our industry rather than going out and proving they are capable of doing these jobs that sustain our community.  Obviously the roll over policy is being suspended because it is not working, simple as that.  Other overseas markets are more appealing to expats and we as Caymanians are loosing out because most are a good contribution to our society. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thier parents didnt say no to drugs and/or were not responsible. Maybe they tried and failed, didnt seek or get the support they needed. Didnt put emphasis on education.  Children were left alone to do as they please, roaming the streets looking for some semblance to family which was other children like them.  They formed cliques and formed alliances, used, imported and sold drugs.  Their broke and/or drug using parents supported them outright or by keeping quiet because the money was good. When conflict came, they lacked the skills to resolve anything without violence because to them violence was the ultimate way of settling disputes. Guns came into the hands of these children and you have what we see here today.

      Growing up, I wondered where they would be when they were grown. Now I know. Dead

      You need to stop blaming expats for everything.  Caymanians on a whole have let themselves fall behind.  Educate yourselves, get off the drugs, be responsible parents if you have children and things will get better  Believe or not, expats, especially the Jamaicans and Americans, built this country. If more of us were like them, we would be in a better place right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know what, I was going to rant and rave but it's pointless, so I hit the delete button.  It's attitudes like this that make you sit and wonder what this world is coming to.  Everyone has choices to make in life – stop blaming others when you make the wrong ones…

  81. Anonymous says:

    Honestly there isnt a high level to become the premier here for someone that doesnt have and education but granny wit . Sure open his mouth a lot to let the rest of the world no what and ignorant person he is yes pass the bleam to who ever you feel just like how  us the public will pass the vote and if the people of your district had any sensehopefully they will do the same you dont care about the people of this country only what you can gain & distroy karma is a B.

  82. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    I kind of feel sorry for the guy he didn't really want to be Premier well he did but he thought it would involve a lot of travelling and more money. He didn't think he'd actually have to lead. And that people would just go along with whatever he said. Like the old days. And he wouldn't have to listen to anyone. Just people with money and vested interests.

    But then CNS came along and ordinary people had a chance to comment and even disagree.  Even come up with viable suggestions and alternatives this was not part of the plan.

    I can understand his confusion. And even his anger at what he sees as a conspiracy against him. Or what he sees as "his government."

    Democracy can be confusing if you don't understand it.

    What he fails to grasp is that all those people – the conspirators – are very concerned about what is going on on their island. They feel and are somewhat justified in feeling that the government – his government – is flailing around without any clear direction. Instead there is one project after another mentioned. They are bid on. Then he takes it upon himself to circumvent that process and make decisions based on some "gut feeling". Then the bidders – who have followed the rules sue the government – his government. The difference is with this type of governing it ends up costing us all money. A lot of money. And a lot of wasted time people are upset about this. And they mention it.

    Here on CNS and elsewhere. To sum up people are very concerned about what they see as a lack of leadership or a leadership without common sense or consensus.

    They feel and justifiably so that democracy doesn't end with an election. It is an ongoing process involving every stake holder. Even if they aren't rich.

    That isn't a conspiracy at least we don't think it is.

    But the Premier does.

    The question is – do we get in line with him?  Or is he supposed to get in line with the rest of us?

    I can understand his confusion. Can he understand ours?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats what i have been telling people to a fashion, nobody really cared what any of them did, especially what mac did, when all was good with our world even when we knew what he was doing, nice Ritz condo, real estate deals with his wifes company, everybody remembers the First Cayman bank issue, and all the other basic stupidity, ignorance, insults and money grabbing. 

      And nobody cared as long as the boat is steaming full ahead and times are good.

      But when it gets tough and we need someone to fix the problems he has been found to be actuallyfar more ignorant than previously thought and has absolutely no management skills of basically any kind. A 5th grade education a finance minister does not make, a competent manager of a countries affairs isneeded and he is as bad as they get in this area, I mean frighteningly bad.

      And to think he decides himself capable to do deals with highly educated individuals as regards the people of these islands land assets is actually bizarre.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure this was already said but have no patience and have enough sense to only read half the article and none of the comments, but it's worthy of a repeat post:




    Okay, but seriously…money well spent would go toward a physchiatric evaluation of dis man ya so!


    Young civil servant

  84. Anonymous says:

    Hello M.McKeva,


    GET REAL AND DEAL — Get with the times!!!.  This upserge in crime is not political – this is not to undermined  what the UDP is doing for the country.  This started before the UDP & PPM  got into Power -(MR. TRUMAND BODDEN DAYS –  OH NO WE DON'T HAVE GANGS IN SCHOOL, THESE A JUST A GROUP OF BOYS)  and  of course, everyone put a binlded eye to it.  – It is nothing to do with party system, it has noting to do with unemployment –  some of these guy are not even employable –  Just listen to Mr. Anglin's forum on Rooster 101 this morning 73% of Alternative educational system have filed.  There are either dead or in prison.  This is lack of governance and leadership from the parent –  Stop the Sh**** of this baby-crying system that you are running the country on.  Deal with what is on hand – find a way to get to these parents who are hung out on crack and drugs while another generation is falling apart.  To hell with the sympathy or brainwashing.  GET REAL AND DEAL  .

    Take these children from these cracked out parents and lawfully adopt them to  parents who would like to care for a child –  THEN TOU WILL BE HLEPING YOUR OWN DISTRICT –

  85. Anonymous says:

    1) Generally the world does not give a …. about Cayman.  Noone is 'looking at it everyday' unless you have a personal connection.  I know, I am based in the UK with a personal connection and even I cannot be bothered to check everyday.

    2) Mac has lost it, what next alien abduction?  People killing each other just to make him look bad, really???

    3) Cayman IS getting more violent and lawless – something needs to be done about that, but that is about a lack of control rather than anything else.  Bad management breeds contempt.

  86. Caymanian Abroad says:

    He's officially out of bounds. Is he kidding with this? The citizens are unhappy, so it MUST be a conspiracy to destabalize our government. WHAT A JOKE.

    WAKE UP, MCKEEVA. Young people aren't shooting each other because they're unhappy with their government, they're shooting each other because they're wrapped up in their own lives. THE PEOPLE of your island are clearly unhappy, based on evidence you see even in this comments section. As an educated, and elected official, it's shameful to see the comments that you're making to the press – especially this. Conspiracy theories are for actors in movies and underground vigilantes, not elected officials. Get real.

    • Anonymous says:

      um…quick correction…this man is not educated, I don't think he even finished high school…

    • Caymanian Abroad says:

      He finished high school and holds an honourary masters from ICCI. He's educated enough to perform dutifuly for our government.

    • no kiddin says:

      PLease,Please, Please! Don't blame him for these ridiculous statements! He has no control of himself! Remember he is a puppet on a string. He is controlled by the For Cayman Alliance "the ventriloquist",  therefore what ever they want him to say or do he must.  

  87. Anonymous says:

    What Mac is saying since all of you cannot and will not try to understand, I guess I can try to spoon feed you.

    He is saying that the level of crime is unprecedented, with no real reason for starting up.  Thugs used to die before but it would be one at a time with breaks in between. People used to rob but not everyday.

    He is saying that certain media sites have no respect for Government and are biased against it which is really bad for outsiders looking in making us seem like a bunch of anarchists which I totally agree it does. Just read some of your comments to prove my point.

    He is saying that the opposition is not supporting Government but blindly seeking to tear it down inciting others to do so as well.  It is like rolling a huge stone down a hill people, you push and push to get it to move but it cannot be stopped once it is rolling. This will plague every other administration not just this one so I hope they can deal with it because they and us as a country will reap what they sow. 

    With all the above happening, one cannot blame the man for atleast thinking it is some kind of conspiracy, people have said it before but because Mac said it he is crazy.  He suggested at the idea.  HE DID NOT STATE IT AS FACT.

    What is fact is that crime is organizing now.  What is fact is that the leaders of the opposition have failed discredit the Premier and see him removed from office but suceeded is tarnishing Cayman's image as a  politically stable country.  I hope you all can live with the outcome.

    • Bartimaeus says:

      What is fact is that the Premier is under criminal investigation for bribery or extortion.

      What is fact is that he REFUSES to provide the country with ANY explanation.

      What is fact is that he REFUSES to step down during the investigation as he should to protect his office and the country.

      What is fact is that his UDP colleagues REFUSE to make him step down as they should to protect his office and the country.

      So yes what is fact is that crime is organising now from the top of society down.

      And yes what is fact is that it is tarnishing Cayman's image and the office of the Premier and the office of the Minister of Finance and the office of the Minister of Tourism and the office of the Cabinet and the institution of Government and law and order and the Rule of Law and democracy and accountability and responsibility…etc etc.

      What is NOT fact is that the opposition have failed to discredit the Premier.

      What IS fact is that they do not need to. He is now very accomplished at doing it HIMSELF!


    • Anonymous says:

      Reply TO What Mac is Saying….

      HA HA..Mac did you compose this comment?

      • Anonymous says:

        No… probably one of the "young" university students that he gets to write his speeches probably wrote this.  The Premier should be ashamed.

    • Anonymous says:

      You're robbing Belleview a case right along with Maceewa! You are either a complete idiot for the rubbish you typed or you need to slow down on that Bob Marley. Co-missionless Baines argument that the recent crime surge is due to the many acquittals is a far more legitimate statement. Mac gives himself way too much credit and he ain't even Sexxy!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do yourself and your country a favor. Vote for the PPM come next elections. The way things are going there won't be much of a choice anyway. 

    • noname says:

      OK. Now I better understand why things are so screwed up in Cayman.  And how a demented, uneducated, and self absorbed person could be voted in as a representative to the Cayman people.  Thanks for that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just in case you weren't aware. It is NOT the oppositions job to support the government. It is the oppositions job to question (honestly) everything the government wants to do and look at each idea from all sides.  An honestly good idea, deal etc should easily withstand scrutiny.

      Eithically any deal, idea or act should be able to stand one simple test. That of "what would my grandmother think if she found out?"

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac – stop replying to your own posts…….

  88. South Side says:

    …. and Mac just flew over the coocoo's nest!

    SMH This guy is completely off his rocker! Where are his advisors??? They should all be fired for letting him spout his insanity!

    Mac's insanity actually scares me a 1,000 times more than the gang killings!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Thank you McKeeva, you have just given me the best laugh I have had all week, and on a Friday too – a great start to the weekend.  Keep 'em coming MacMoron

  90. Whodatis says:


    Oh my dearest Big Mac … you okay bo-bo??

    Anyway, whereas I cannot co-sign his comments, I am pretty certain that if we continue along this path (breakdown of of our usual tranquil, peace, lack of crime, mismanagement etc.) the powers that be will gladly grant us our independence in the blink of an eye!

    History teaches us that the colonizers tend to play a disruptive hand in the affairs of the territories in and around the time of independent leanings – this cannot be denied.

    Although, we really can't blame them … why would one want to hold on to anything that has become just as flawed as yourself?



    (Its Friday folks – lighten up.)

    CNS: The XXX's sentence – I realise that was a joke but there are always readers who don't get the jokes, even when they are labelled.

    • Whodatis says:

      @ CNS,

      Understood – I will bear this in mind in the future.



  91. Anonymous says:

    Hi CNS

    Many thanks for all your hard work on this website, but is it possible to add a LOL voting system to the story as well as the comments,because this story deserves one

  92. Anonymous says:

    Caymanian, please note that the rest of your MLAs continue to go along with this bull$shit McKeeva is on.

    They are accomplices to this disaster and should be damned ashamed!

    Remember this when they come asking for your vote, ok?

  93. Anonymous says:

    Well of course that meeting was in West Bay, where only the fools that voted him in would have been present and only they are foolish enough to believe everything he says, even absolute absurdity such as this.  If he uttered such rubbish and illogical BS at a George Town meeting he would have been ridiculed to death if not publicly beaten for making such a stupid comment when this island is in need of a leader to step up to the plate and tell us what is going to be done, not about his wild and psychotic imaginings.  I hope all of you who have supported this uneducated moron realise your grave mistake.  Make it known so you don't look even more foolish.  We know who you are.  Gov. Taylor, please, it is time for you to man up and do something about this madman XXXX.  This is in your power and this would be a good start to help us regain our good image before all hope is lost.  The Cayman Islands need you to make an impact NOW.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fri 8:23 you called him 'uneducated moron' . One Prime Minister of a certain island was also uneducated and people thought that he was the best PM that island ever had!  Voters have their choice to vote and can put them in and take them out!

      • Anonymous says:

        ….sounds like you voted for him, but in any case the uneducated leader of the certain country you refer to apparently has more common sense then McKeeva!! & probably really had the country's best interest at heart…..I believe He was more comsumed with doing what he was voted in to do and doing it well so as to please his constituents who had faith in him. Unfortunately friend I do not! as do the majority of the people of these Islands. McKeeva wants only power and fame; which by the way he is getting just in a positive way! GREAT JOB MCKEEVA!! YOU DOING GOOD! I JUST CANT WAIT FOR ELECTION TIME AGAIN BUT I HOPE YOU WOULD STEP DOWN YOU'D US ALL A BIG FAVOR AS YOU WOULD FOR YOURSELF. I DONT HATE YOU I JUST DONT THINK YOU'RE GOOD FOR US BO BO WE'ZE NOT WORKING OUT HERE, WE NAH SEEING EYE TO EYE!! YOU FA YOU AND WHO FA US?

      • Anonymous says:

        What do you call the people who voted in and follow and uneducated Moron?

  94. Anonymous says:

    We can all joke about this, but a leader of a country that makes these kind of statements is clearly insane.

    It is actually very scary . . . . . . . .

    All dictators have shown this kind of behaviour when they were/are losing control over their country.

    This is not to be looked at as funny, it is very serious. . . . .

  95. Anonymous says:

    There's only two things on this island that scares me, loaded guns and crazy people.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Is there something in te constitution about impeaching the premier for reason of insanity ?



  97. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush,

    The young men are not killing each other in order to make you look bad.

    Commenters on this web site do not even agree with each other.  Therefore to call these commenters an "organised opposition" is not an accurate description.

    The people commenting on issues are not trying to destroy this country's economy.  Many of them are seeing their careers and businesses destroyed by this country's economy and they have every right to discuss what the best way forward might be.

    Please note that this is not North Korea.  The people of the Cayman Islands desire and deserve to be involved in what goes on in this country.  The idea that "state secrets" exist seems to indicate your view of government and the view of government held by the law and the residents of these islands are significantly different.

    The idea, Mr. Bush, that you would take a wildly diverse group of people, actions, comments and events and claim that they are all part of an organized conspiracy of destabilization is very troubling.  Do you have a plan for dealing with this "conspiracy"?  One might suspect you do.

    God help… and God Bless the Cayman Islands.


  98. Anonymous says:

    Don't be so effin silly Mac. Read the editorial in today's Compass. Very straightforward and it accurately pinpoints the causes of the problems while outlining what are NOT the causes.

  99. Absurdistani says:

    And he shows his true face once again. There you have it folks…

    It's the little green men that have been following me.

    It's Elvis.

    It's dem old bloggas.

  100. Shepherd says:

    So he is defending himself, the Government and the pastors.  What about the Commissioner?  He is getting plenty of stick too, or don't you support him Mr. Bush?

  101. R. Rouser says:

    I hate to have to admit it but Mac is partially correct this time;

    The conspiracy to destablize in fact began in the first part of 2009. Some little cards were printed with a set of 4 names on them and handed to the voting populace outside polling stations as a gentle reminder for whom they should cast their balllot. It was impressed upon these unsuspecting voters that by marking an X in the box next to those four names, they would be ensuring the future prosperity of our three little rocks in the ocean.

    Little did they know, that the plan which had been formulated in order to begin the destabalization process, began with enusring that the UDP won a sufficient majority in the Legislative Assembly to ensure that one McKeeva Bush would be appointed Premier.

    From there it would simply be allowed to run it's course, culminating in the grand finale…….Stay tuned for it is imminent.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Are you really telling me that the rest of the entire UDP party stands behind this BS and sits back and allows this man to utter such foolishness.

    Cough up your balls you all swallowed a long time ago and demand that this man resigns.

    Its up to you UDP party members – you either are on the side of one man (who's ship is sinking there is no doubt), or you are on the side of your country men and women who simply can't take this rubbish any longer).

  103. Anonymous says:

    Wow Mac, a new low.  Even for you.

    All of these boys dead in your district, or connected to gangs from your district.  None of them apparently with a good education, "real" job or any of the other necessities for being a self-sufficient adult and productive member of our community.  You would have been the leader of their district for practically their entire lives so partially responsible for them becoming productive members of the community.

    And still you are not at all responsible for this crime wave.  Amazing.  This was an opportunity to bring your constituents together in prayer and urge them to help find real solutions to these problems.  And yet you turned it into a discussion about attempts to make you look bad and bring down your government.  Wow.

    CNS, what was the crowd's reaction to this garbage?  Was there booing and hedkling?  Did people strart to leave? If not, then we know exactly why he feels comfortable saying things that the rest of the world finds completely bizarre.

    • Anonymous says:

                    -_- BLAH! BLAH! WHY BLAH! YOU TALKING BLAH! SMACK? BLAH! BLAH! -_-

                                      WHAT MAKES YOUR DISTRICT ANY BETTER BRO?


      "This was an opportunity to bring your constituents together in prayer"


      God doesnt exist. simple


  104. James says:

    Don't let Charlie Sheen here you're "not winning"…………

  105. poissonmonsieur says:

    This man is so stupid it hurts my brain.  Gang murders are a result of people calling him names???  Really?????  Really???????????????

  106. Anonymous says:

    MAC IS CERTIFIABLE! I have uspected so much for a long time but this is the nail in the coffin! He really has lost sanity! Im not even kidding… this is so dangerous!

  107. Hammock says:

    Correct me if I am wrong,but in the light of the current crisis, we have the following soundbites from the Premier:

    1/ Sorry, I cannot interfere in Police business.

    2/ I've done all that I can.

    3/ Lets have a prayer meeting.

    4/ It's a conspiracy to destabilise the country.

    You know in a few years time, some Director in Hollywood is going to make a really funny film out of the above.


  108. Anonymous says:

    No “thumbs down” to this speech, but the ” big middle finger”. Dude, you are clearly losing your marbles. Conspiracy theory? Are you serious?

  109. Anonymous says:

    Some of the Premier's other revelations:

    That the thugs "wash their clothes, and even iron them!".  I, for one, was unaware of this fastidious attention to grooming, and interest in domestic chores, and will be on the look-out for such suspicious behavior in  teen-age boys.

    On a more mysterious note, he warned we must stop "the dark hand from working it's terrible mischief", and threatened "Those who ride the back of the tiger and criticize me will reap the whirlwind."

    It would be helpful if the Premier could provide simultaneous translation as many of us are, apparently, too "weak-minded" to comprehend his metaphorical references.

    • Anonymous says:

      The police need to put up road blocks and stop all people riding "the back of the tiger".  That is the only way we can end this conspiracy.

    • Empty Chair says:

      Does the premier ever think before he speaks, or does he simply say what pops up in his poor little mind? Conspiracy? I honestly believe what he says is a conspiracy in an attempt to make us forget how much trouble he is in because of the ongoing investigation against him for official corruption. Now that is what I call a conspiracy!

  110. Anonymous says:

    What a complete waste of time. They told us this was going to be a meeting about the crime. It's was just a political meeting with a lot of hot air. To stand there and blame the constitution and say theirs nothing they can do, is just playing a loser's game. I can understand the Premier can't think outside the box, but I'm very disappointed that the younger guys are so useless. You all suck DD!

  111. Anonymous says:

    "Organised attempt to destabilize the Cayman Islands and undermine the government"?  No, perhaps it's just the chickens coming home to roost, which the Cayman Islands might be collectively suffering wicked consequences of our bad actions in the past, and until we individually recognise and correct ourselves, it is over for Cayman.


    What did we think might happen to our young people (speaking particularly about the teenagers and those in their 20's) who have grown up listening to how we adults act.  Why get alarmed if, say for instance, I cuss like a sailor because that's how I express myself and that's how I act and talk down to people.  But then my children start doing it and expressing themselves like that also, which shocks the daylights out of me for hearing what vileness is coming out of their mouths.  THE YOUNG PEOPLE ARE THIS WAY BECAUSE OF US, CAYMAN!


    See, most of us who grew up in Cayman in the 50's, 60's or 70's even had a different upbringing that is not what this generation of the 80's and 90's knew.  Even if our personal financial circumstances changed drastically for the better in the 80's, 90's and in the 2000's where the focus turned to prosperity (or greed some might say), material things and expensive toys, we still had a soul and a cohesive recollection of community and friendship that we could draw on…(train up a child so that he doesn't depart from it when he is older).


    It seems that the young people of the 80's, 90's and today OVERHEAR THEWAY WE TALK NOW and it is resonated into their psyche, down to their core, AND THAT IS ALL THAT THEY ARE: a product of us UNFILTERED.  So, where we might quip a little comment about this nationality or how we are all that because we are Caymanian and then proceed to treat people accordingly, when these young people see thisATTITUDE DAY IN AND DAY OUT, they don't have anything to temper and offset that…that just becomes ENTIRELY who they are, and they act accordingly, even if some of the things they do and say are SHOCKING to us as adults, like these senseless tit-for-tat murders over trivial matters that you don't need to die for.


    Back to my original question: what did we think might happen to our young people who have grown up listening to how we adults act???  WE DIDN'T THINK!  Religion has lost it's importance in the upbringing of these youngsters like how we had, so we have to think that COLLECTIVELY AS A COUNTRY that spells trouble.


    THIS INCREASE IN CRIME ALL STARTED WITH HOW WE ACT, HOW WE TREAT PEOPLE AND HOW OUR CHILDREN SEE US ACT, AND THEN THEY "DO" THE SAME.  We need to bring these young people back to the dinner table and church, and start parenting, teaching (and living) VALUES AND MORALITY, because when we do wrong, the "payback" might not be immediate…it might come back a generation later.

    • Anonymous says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Amen to that. No one holds their tongue. No one has respect for each other.  Always spewing hatred against outsiders.  The ignorance has been purified in each sucessive generation.

  112. CaymanFisting says:

    That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard an elected official say. You’re the _premier of this island and once again you’re 6th grade education speaks volumes as to why you should exit stage left immediately. A f@&$!:& conspiracy??? Are you kidding me? Grow up Bush, stop pointing fingers at everyone else or everything else and do the job you were somehow elected to do.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Mackeeva Sheen is winning!

  114. Caymanian & Used to be proud of it. says:

    I think I have read it all now.  Thank you, CNS for passing this on, if only to ensure that we see that our leader is definitely insane.  This is what happens when you put someone who is illiterate in power.  It goes to their head and nothing but nonsense ans blame comes out of their mouths.  Will some of the well-educated, caring people on his team sit him down and make him understand that the upswing in the violence has nothing to do with him.  He is only that important in his own mind.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Please give me a break. Is he mad.  Its our fault because we disagree with his hair brained, barely legal, idiotic schemes?  That causes young men to kill each other?  Sorry, but he needs to go and fast. He is single handedly ruining the reputation of the Cayman Islands on so many levels and then he has the cheek to blame us?  Its just like the Police blaming us and whining for us to give them information AND evidence.   Hello,  its your job to find the evidence.  Also, have you been listening?  People will not give you information because they don't trust you.  Something the Police have brought upon themselves over many years by being unable to keep their mouths shut.  By acting in such unprofessional ways as to go and tell a suspect who reported them.  These are killers we are dealing with and the same way the Police are reluctant to go to a crime scene unarmed (and I don't blame them), we are unwilling to give evidence so that it can be blabbed to the suspect and we might end up dead.  Where you get this calibrre of officers from, I have no idea and nor do I want to know and they should not be on the force because THEY have brought down the reputation of hte Police.

  116. Anonymous says:

    After 27 years of his leadership, he is addressing criminiality that he could have avoided if he had been any use to this country. That's not so bad but to think that the crime is a plot by the people who oppose his senseless, clueless, dictatorship is kind of Gadaffi like! Can someone say straight jacket?. 

  117. Hawksbill says:

    Riiiiiiight……is he being serious?!

  118. Anonymous says:

    Conspiracy theory, yeah right, that certainly takes the responcibility for the state of the country's affairs off McKeeva's back, doesn't it.

  119. Believe it or not says:

    Believe it or not but we should stop to think for a moment if what Mr Bush is saying is correct.  Have we ever thought that this may be true.  I know we only have a handful of Caymanians reading this, but those who are I would say, think about what he has said.  I believe there is some truth to it, because I have been hearing some stories going around about guns being sold and not getting the money.  Th e killings are killing peter to repay paul.  If you are not talking to the good bad and ugly, you will not know the whole story.


    • Anonymous says:

      Either that or the drug / gang culture is far more embedded than we are lead to believe. Now which seems more plausible?

    • Anonymous says:

      Which explains how such an idiot got elected in the first place…….

    • Anonymous9 says:

      To Believe it or not;

      Sorry man but I am Caymanian and I read CNS along with all of the other online newspapers and blogs

  120. Anon says:

    Yea… I saw a flying saucer the other night too. Wonder if that was a part of the conspiracy?

  121. Anonymous says:

    This is Mac's latest "MAChination."

  122. Nostradamous says:

    Please Please Please… Belvue is too good for this mad mad.!!!!!!  This man need a donkey rope tied from a from a hundred foot pole…

    The bloggers readers blame the parents….YEA!!!!!!!!  

    The Commissioner of Police blame the Judges for releasing the criminals because under his command the Police present a case that is full of what we flush,,,,,, S### t.  YEA

    The Legal department sit on their stin######king  ass and rule on cases they know they cant win. YEA.

    The Attorney General. if we still have one is quiet as a mouse. XXXX

    Now big MAC or big Kahunda is blaming it on who???? Opposition…… or UK,,, or Govenor.YEA.. CONSPIRACY …… YEA.

    Then those who blame it on the EXPAT,,,,,,, YEA.

    Where does the bucks stop??????

    You know what people???? Captin Morgan and Black Beard has returned.. Kinda early for Pirates week but the Pirates are here…  Cant beleive i would read something like this..NO bobo

  123. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the Premier. Those bloggers, radio callers, and Face Tube people are being paid to reveal state secrets and undermine confidence in his abilities.  In turn, normally good young people are being paid to commit crime and kill each other off.  Although initially it looks like CIA standard attempts to destabilize and infiltrate, the perpetrators could have even more sinister international connections. Look at the bigger picture: Miss Cayman did not win the Miss Universe contest, in spite of being Caymanian, Trip Advisor is warning off visitors, and the secret recipe for rum cake is now posted on the Inter Web!

    The Premier's crack team of wire-tappers and Marl Road de-coders will soon discover the perpetrators.  I encourage the Premier, in the mean-time,  to attend the UN and make one of his Statesman-like speeches  with these allegations.

    • Anonymous says:

      I honestly think that the premier should arrange a high level summit meeting of the other great leaders of the world such as



      Saddam Hussein (he may take a while to get there)


      Idi Amin (he too may take some time getting to the conference)

      Stalin (see above)

      He should arrange a meaningful venue such as say the Bahamas and fly all the participants there, including of course himself & Ju Ju with their body guards by private jet . Together these great thinkers will probably be able to come up with concrete proof that when the people of their respective countries want such ridiculous things such as freedom of speech, accountability of government and no political corruption it is obvious that there is a plot of devil worshipping conspirators to destabilise their dictatorships! Oooops sorry governments.

      • Anonymous says:

        You missed out Chavez, and Stalin did not believe in the Devil (or God).  

  124. Anonymous says:

    As was posted after one of his previous speeches – this is a clear victory of Appleton's over common sense.

  125. Anonymous says:

    you could not make this stuff up!!!!…..just another day in wonderland……..zzzzzzzzz

    any comment mr. governor?????

  126. Anonymous says:

    Time for the men in white coats.


  127. Anonymous_aWoa says:

    Always passing the blame Mackeewa!!  He is bu-bueracratically harrasing us! But he's only human, NUNSENSE!

  128. Anonymous says:

    Lord God bless this country and their leaders to enlighten their minds, teach us to love   and not blaming  others.. give to us the true wisdom to resolve this epidemic of killing and robberies. we ask  this in jesus name. amen

  129. Dred says:

    Hey hold on a second now maybe he is on to something here.

    Okay, give me a second to wrap my head around this properly. We are talking conspiracy right. Something that wraps up what seems like random acts into a cohesive plan to accomplish a stated goal right.

    Okay. What if, this is just saying now, going along with the "Comspiracy" theory that…..

    This is UDP who's center of power is WB getting the gangs riled up to draw attention away from all the UDP mess ups we have been having along with the BAD PRESS because we all know medias are ambulance chasers.

    Hey let's go with this now. I think we can take this further. What if this is to rattle the country in such a way that we wrap our arms around UDP when their government stops it and try to make them out the heroes. OR what if they did this so they could do something else while we have our attention squarely focussed on the shootings so they can slide stuff across us like the PATHETIC $500K home and a residence CRAP they just came out with.

    FOR GOD'S sake a million was not too much it was too little. If you are wanting people to come in here to invest in this country then up the anti a bit please. Make it $3-5million collectively meaning if they bought a home and started a business then the collective value of the two could be used.

    The whole idea is to get people in here who will help the economy. Like a friend of mine said to me, hell I could almost afford that.

    The idea is that the amount would limit the numbers and at the same time provide people who woudl boost the countries status. You don't want the number too low because then you would open the flood gates. You also want to encourage inward investment pass the home.

    So Conspiracy, huuummmm. I believe if there is anyone conspiring here its UDP because right now they really could use the spotlight somewhere else but on them and Lord now they all are getting a tan from that spotlight. I swear if I hear PPM and the schools again as the fall guy for this I might go balistic. He probably wants to blame PPM for Global Warming also. Come on Big Mac it was not Kurt behind the grassy knoll during the Kennedy assassination. And NO Kurt does not know anything about Area 51.

  130. biker says:

    "organized destabilization". Hogwash!

    The only organization that the writers and speakers, who comment about the state of affairs in this country belong to, is "The Concerned Citizens and Voters of the Cayman Islands". Those who can see something happening they do not agree with and are educated enough to read and write or speak intelligently about the same.

    No conspiracy, just patriotic concern. 

  131. Anonymous says:

    This thinking that all this crimewave is about destabilizing the country in order to get him out of office – is a sign of paranoia and suggests delusions of grandeur – everything that happens somehow revolves around him – he cannot consider the real possibility that his people are just fed up at the continued poor governance and are expressing their democratic right to speak out.  Listen up politicians.  The young people who are getting involved in crime and gangs, are only acting out what they see in their "superiors" or role models – from the highest echelons of this country including those running Government, right down to their disinterested parents and weak communities – no one is providing good examples for these lost youth or any real guidance and leadership.  The churches themselves cannot teach anyone, for they themselves are too busy accepting money under "dubious" circumstances.  The young people see hypocrisy in what their superiors say in public and what they actually do.  No wonder this country is in such a mess. 

  132. Anonymous says:

    The White Jacket and padded room beckons

  133. Anonymous says:

     thank God I  am near my rollover cant believe i am lisenting to the leader of the  country I just tell myself its April first  so some one make up this lie on the premier

    • Anonymous says:

      Poster 22:499
      You must be thankful that you were allowed to work in our you remember the British spy that lived here and was involved with operation tempura.

    • Dont fool me says:

      You see you do not fool me.  And it is so sad that  Caymanians are still not listening to you people that are cusing so much strife on the Island.  Making these heavy blogs against the Island and writing in a way like it is another Caymanian writing.  It makes me shake my head why some of you people are so ungrateful.  Well I am going to say this.  If my people do not try and pick sense from nonsence, then let them suffer the consequences of the people who are in here destroying this country.  Just love that foreign talk dnnt we.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow! I think you fooled yourself!  Your sounding a lot like you belive a conspiracy is against you and your people!  Wow!  Your really not helping the Caymanian for Caymans cause.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Is the premier becoming unhinged? I truly hope not, as the (present) alternative is even more worrying, tell you the truth. I mean, image – if you dare –  Alden "Big Spender"McLaughlen in charge of things. We'd have property tax and income tax faster than you could say "Well, if I'd known this was the alternative, I'd have continued to support the madman."

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it the prospect of property and income tax that's getting you all edgy ? The prospect of ("Hey, Big Spender")  Alden McLaughlin", perhaps? Think about it, friends. The UK is dead set about forcing us to impose the taxes they have. Is that the future you see for us? The UK tax regimen – my God it's awful.  Let's work with who we've been "blessed with" for goodness sake. It'll all improve as time goes by, surely. Keep optimistic is all I'm asking. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please, that attempt at making Alden into bogeyman is getting real old. There is no one scarier than McKeeva Bush. Just about anyone, including Alden, would be a better choice as Premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hush Maceewa

  135. Anonymous says:

    I'm having flash backs.

    Quick, it's Jazz Fest again…. take the red out of the sunset !

    Oh no, not a RED carpet… take it away !  

    Did he get hit in the head with a conch shell again ?

  136. village idiot of Absurdistan says:

    Wow. When was the last time a leader of a country held a town hall meeting and spoke of a consiparcy theory that bloggers and radio call ins were destabilizing the country? 

    "He asked the people not to be caught up by the “hate on the blogs” and by “the losers on the radio” as they don’t care about peace or good governance"

    Don't care about good goverance?

    Seriously. MacK, your people are concerned (and rightfully so) because of your actions, antics, politricking, unilateral decision making, abuse of process, abuse of procedure, abuse of power, distraction technique, your constant need to blame others (which you are doing again), selling out of Cayman, and the list goes on- feel free to add to it fellow bloggers.

    No conspiracy at work. Just plain old legitimate reason to be concerned. 

  137. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Mac knows only dictators worry about such things.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Okay. I admit it. Mac's caught us. He has figured out our plan all along was to "give him a rope."

  139. Anonymous says:

    This Man has totally lost it ,, a stupid idiot.

  140. Singing Chicken says:

    Apparently these murders are an indirect form of bureaucratic harassment.

    He is only human.  He has feelings.

    Keyboard solo – hit it John John.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Alden/Mr. Governor:

    These statements obviouly means he's losing it and is unfit for office.  This should definitely call for a "No Confidence" in the Premier.  

  142. Anonymous says:

    I think his views are in the form of a Parable . Maybe he's trying to tell us if  he had his way all these economy stimulus projects would be started by now  everyone  would be working and crime would be – 0. 0%.   Sad thing is this has nothing to do with him and with these persons committing all these violent crimes  and robberies now  they'll continue to do the same thing   when or if the economy starts to swing again.Bigger pay day for the bad guy. For bad guys honest days WORK is not on the agenda.

  143. Common Sense says:

    It's all dem green iguanas gonna take ova de country…

  144. Anonymous says:

    I think it's time for you to wake up Mac ! There is no conspiracy, just bad governance and these are the repercussions of it. And just to clarify that would be your bad governance (not anyone else's) !  Your failing miserably at running this country and your people are PISSED OFF !!!!  Do the right thing and step down before it's too late for us to dig ourselves out of this mess !!!!



  145. The Furriner says:

    This can only be described as an utter brain fart by McKeeva.  If nothing else this should pursuade anyone that really counts that he is utterly mad and should not be permitted to run any country, particularly one which has such a major part in the offshore financial world

    What is happening has nothing to do with anything other than poor judgement and lack of social skills, interacting with guns, ego and possibly some drugs and arguments over respect, territory or some other trivial reason for the loss of human life. 

    It has nothing to do with any conspiracy to destablise – frankly London has no time for that – they have enough problems of their own. McKeeva has delusions of grandeur if he thinks that this is the force of an external state.  It is also a great example of a leader who fails to take responsibility of the problems in his own country

  146. Anonymous says:

    Every time I start thinking that the bar couldn't possibly get any lower… Mac has another brain fart.

  147. Bushwacker says:

    The guy is clearly out of touch, consequently this country is suffering on many different levels because of his ignorance and or subborn manner. Not one solution suggested, his long winded speach was all about him again and nothing else really!


    Chamber of Commerce, Cayman Finance and the like you assisted him with his reelection in 2009, do you now think that was wise?!

  148. Anonymous says:

    He is making a huge assumption that these miscreants can read….

  149. Anonymous says:

    I don't agree with Mac ever.  However, he is right in thinkning the UK is trying to destablize Cayman.  What is failing though to truly see is that he is part of that destablization.  They are letting him run the country into ruin. XXXXX Trust me, as someone who is not in the know, it is so so obvious and he is not smart enough so therefore he is a pawn in the game, but thinks he is King on the chessboard.

    For all the haters, this isn't becuase the British are bad people, however, you really are the step child, just look around at your neighbors, why would the British want anything to do with this rock?  Really, if you can provide a logical reason, I am completely open to changing my opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who voted him into the position of Premier, the UK?

      • Anonymous says:

        The UK could have taken him out while he was still in the Opposition. For example, the Governor insisted that the Commission of Inquiry be limited to Chuckie removing govt. documents rather than whether Chuckie's allegations were true. It is far more useful for them to have something over a sitting Premier than the Leader of the Opposition.    

  150. Anonymous says:

    I don't think that the radio and the opposition are in favour of the recent crime wave.  If anything they have been floored by it, just the same as the rest of the community has been!  Where is this coming from???

  151. Anonymous says:

    What blogs? Is McKeeva talking about CNS (a news website)?

    Will somebody please tell him what a blog is. It's embarrassing.

    • Anonymous says:

      While your at it could you please give him the definition of 'unadulterated' 

      Unadulterated –   Not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute: Pure


      "pure unadulterated bureaucratic harassment"    –  huh ? 

    • Anony Mous says:

      Now that you are trying to educate Mr. Mac, may be this will help you and others. Iam not smart enough as you so I have to quote from Wikipedia. please if you have other definitionsI would be glad to see you make it here as news. I think CNS want to keep us inform and educated. Have we ever stop and think that Mr. Bush is one of us and may be some where in his heart, he has good intentions for Cayman, and there could be some thing good in his madness?


      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      A blog (a blend of the term web log)[1] is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

      • Anonymous says:

        Uh, and your point is? CNS is a professional news website. Yes, they allow readers to post comments but that does not make it a blog.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have found a workable definition but it is painfully obvious that you don't know how to apply it. To help your understanding along here is an example of a blog:

  152. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the aliens are behind all of this  – or could this be the work of Elvis Presley?

  153. Not PPM or Big Mac says:

    This man is truly remarkable…he says:.”Something is happening and it is all around us and we must be aware of it,” he said, adding that the country couldn’t be destabilized if the people understood the truth and didn’t allow the manipulators to tell them how to think”

    We have all seen how welcoming Mac is to those seeking the truth by asking tough questions about how the government spends our money. He truly is the great manipulator of them all.

    “the losers on the radio” Mac also says – Elio, do you agree?

  154. Anonymous says:

    I can just see Mr Premier's handlers from a country close by whispering in his hear about how the CIA destabilised their country, well Mr. Premier it was corruption and poor governance that saw that country fail and thank God we in Cayman are too smart for your conspiracy theories.

  155. BORN FREE says:

    Now I have heard it all! A conspiracy? Is he being serious? But once again he is blaming others, it is never his fault or his responsibility! He is the premier yet he is never responsible for anything that goes wrong under his watch. BLAME! BLAME! BLAME! Now with the extradionary rise in crime under his leadership it is once again someone elses responsibility, not his. Now it is a conspiracy! He is astonishing! A conspiracy? I think it is time for him to go! I do not know how he is not embarrassed, because I am embarrassed for him.

  156. GetRealMac says:

    These young Caymanian murderers are not reading these blogs or listening to the radio. It's gang violence pure and simple, and if he is going to blame anyone, it should be their parents and community/schools which failed them. Get real Mac.

    • Anonymous says:

      But lets face it – the behaviour he is showing is excatly what we are seeing from the parents – "not my fault.  I love my child and go to church so I did my bit.  It must be someone else's fault" – Exactly the behaviour we see from the parents of these kids is what we see from the premier.

      Try to shoulder some responsibility, stop pointing the finger – which does nothing to improve the situation, accept that the current scenario is as it is today and use all that energy you are wasting on blaming to work with the other deparetments, look for a solution to rectify it and prevent it from continuing in the future. Try leading by example Mac.

      Let's see – how about starting with:

      *  Review and adjust the laws immediately to allow the police to crack down hard on gangs, gang members and their activity. (involves talking to them to see what is currently hindering them).

      *  Talk to the gov to make sure you are working as a team to define a short, medium and long term plan to stamp this out.

      *  Look at the educational system – what can be done at schools to address gang behaviour, identify children vulnerable to recruitment and identify those who are exhibiting  gang type behaviour and tackle it.  How can we begin to instill that gangs are uncool and socially unacceptable in the minds of the kids.

      *  work with the family departments – what more can be done to address the lacking parenting skills.  If juveniles start to get in trouble with the law – how can the parents be held accountable?  How can the parents be taught simple parenting skills to impact kids from an early age.

      *  Work with the other departments to review how weapons are getting in so easily and what can be done to stem that flow.

      *  get the church leaders to unite to send out the message that parents need to take responsibility – not enough just to pray for your child.  Church leaders should be encouraging parents to stop harbouring criminals and to be part of the solution by reporting criminal activity – even if it is their child and they friends doing it.

      I am no expert and i just came up with a list of things that should keep you so busy that you would not have time for whining about whose fault it is.  Now just get on with it.


  157. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier the greatest support for your conspiracy theory is how they have allowed you to run this country like the public purse belongs to you.

  158. Oops there it is . . says:

    So it is all about Mac then? Utterly utterly delusional!

  159. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    McKEEVA you need to organize yourself out of office and come back to reality sir. Conspiracy theory is just another convenient way for you not to accept what's happening.


  160. Anonymous says:


  161. Anonymous says:

    Hey – when it is no longer credible to blame people who are known like them members of the PPM, then ya just gotta make up somebody else to blame.

    Just keep pointing those fingers Mac – you can fool some of the people some of the time.

  162. Anonymous says:

    Can we please commit him to Bellvue?

  163. Anonymous says:

    It would seem that the Premier has become mentally unbalanced.  I hope that is not the case.


    • Anonymous says:

      Is it a Joke? I don't know in Cayman's case, but I know certain big Industrial world powers that sent theiir  intelligence agencies in other countries to destabilise them. These countries can set things in motion to cause different factions in such countries to kill each other in order upset the governments and so ensue a regime change through election or otherwise. When these things happen the natives cannot tell what is happeningin their mids because it looks normanl to them. Think about Chile under the Allendie regime and Jamaica under the Manley regime. In both cases the people could not understand why the the sudden upsurgence in violence in the countries. I am not saying this is so only that it is possible and has happened in the past.

      • Anonymous says:

        The sudden upsurge in violence, in jamaica, was because of Manley. He came to power in 1972. Despite being a beautiful country, with many fantastic people, Jamaica has never recovered.


        1970 – 152

        1971 – 145

        1972 – 170

        1973 – 227

        1974 – 195

        1975 – 266

        1976 – 367

        1977 – 409

        1978 – 381

        1979 – 351

        1980 – 889

        1981 – 490

        1982 – 405

        1983 – 424

        1984 – 484

        1985 – unavailable

        1986 – 449

        1987 – 442

        1988 – 414

        1989 – 439

        1990 – 542

        1991 – 561

        1992 – 629

        1993 – 653

        1994 – 690

        1995 – 780

        1996 – unavailable

        1997 – unavailable

        1998 – 953

        1999 – 849

        2000 – 887

        2001 – unavailable

        2002 – 1045

        2003 – 975

        2004 – 1471

        2005 – 1674

        2006 – 1340

        2007 – 1574

        2008 – 1601

        2009 – 1680