Walkers’ sponsored students excel at CI Law School

| 23/09/2011

(CNS): Two of Walkers’ sponsored law students, Thea Bushand Nadine Watler, excelled this year in their studies at the Cayman Islands Law School and were awarded three of the University’s most prestigious academic prizes.  One of these individuals, Nadine Watler (right), has now begun her articles with Walkers and is now on her way to becoming an attorney with the firm. Walkers is currently sponsoring the studies of nine Caymanians who are at varying stages of their legal education, with four continuing from last year and an additional five who were awarded scholarships this year. 

Nadine Watler, who recently passed the Professional Practice Course at the Cayman Islands Law School with Distinction, was awarded the O.L. Panton Memorial Prize for the best performance over the Professional Practice Course in 2011, Walkers said in a release. The prize was presented by Dale Crowley, the President of the Caymanian Bar Association. Nadine was also presented with the Attorney General’s Trophy for the best performance in the Qualifying Examination by Attorney General Sam Bulgin.

Thea Bush, who recently completed her first year studying the University of Liverpool LLB Honours Degree at the Cayman Islands Law School, was awarded the Sweet and Maxwell Prize for the best performance in the first year modules. This award was presented to Thea by Justice Charles Quin.

The prizes were awarded at the Cayman Islands Law School Graduation Ceremony during the summer, where Nadine Watler gave the Valedictorian speech, which is an honour reserved for the highest ranked graduating student. In her speech, Nadine thanked Walkers for the firm’s financial and mentoring support and remarked how excited she was to now be embarking on her articles with Walkers.

Nadine Watler, along with Nikhil Jha – who recently completed his Legal Practice Course at the College of Law in Moorgate, London – both commenced their articles with Walkers on 5 September, 2011. Walkers is currently sponsoring the studies of nine Caymanians who are at varying stages of their legal education, with four continuing from last year and an additional five who were awarded scholarships this year. 

The new scholarships awarded this summer were: Kayla Manderson, who is studying at the Cayman Islands Law School; Christopher Dibben is at Exeter University; Patrick McConvey is at Nottingham Law School;  Michael Testori is at the University of Kent; and Yannick Whorms is at University of Exeter. 

Walkers’ scholars are sponsored for the entire length of their degree courses and post-graduate legal education. In addition to mentoring and support from the firm, they receive funding for course tuition, return airfares, books and examinations.

“Everyone at Walkers is delighted that Nadine and Thea’s academic efforts have been rewarded with such prestigious prizes by the Cayman Islands Law School, which are extremely well deserved and we are equally pleased that Nadine along with Nikhil have now begun their articles with the firm,” said Anthony Partridge, senior counsel with Walkers and a member of the firm’s Trainee Committee. “Academic excellence is just one of the factors we consider when selecting new candidates for our legal scholarships so it is most heartening to see our students recognised in this way.”



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done ladies and thanks to Walkers for having confidence & believing in these two Caymanians.  It will be nice to see them become partners one day, but we all know that you have to creep before you walk.  Ladies the sky is the limit!  Best of luck to you both.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great News Women/Ladies and Walkers, please keep it up! More younger people need to be/get involved so to distract them AWAY FROM CRIMES.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great job Nadine! I know you worked hard for this and it couldn't happen to a nicer person. Congratulations



  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Nadine

  5. Subway Cookie says:

    THANK YOU – no doubt this is Walkers' response to Mckeeva's rubbish about articles.  I am no fan of the firm and I think pigs will fly long before any of them make partner BUT they are certainly doing their part to train Caymanian attorneys.  XXXXX

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yay, congrats! From one young Caymanian to another (Thea, in particular, while I'm proud of everyone!): I'm happy that there are still some of us who can make positive headlines!

    It is amazing how many opportunities Caymanians are given in this community to better themselves and I am forever grateful for the dozens of companies on-island, such as Walkers, for continuing to invest in us.  I just wish everyone else was as aware of how incredible these opportunites are and how difficult it is to get such support elsewhere.

    • Jemiah says:

      I wish such opportunities wereavailbale in my country. I have a $20,000 university bill to pay off which is going to take me years. Caymanians are an extrmely lucky people. – Good to see the young taking advantage of these opportunties. Goodluck to all.

  7. Anon says:

    Fantastic, but they have to realise that only gaining education and experience in Cayman is not sufficient for them to work as lawyers of the same calibre as most expat lawyers who have years of experience in dfferent jurisdications. It is a good start, but they really need to be considering the tough option to gain that vital experience in a major center like London.