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| 06/10/2011

(CRFU): The Cayman Rugby Club in South Sound will play host to the fastest form of rugby every Saturday in October this year. The Rugby 7’s series continues to garner interest locally as the game is a quicker, more flowing form of Rugby and with more room to run the local lads and ladies get that added opportunity to show their speed and agility. The league, split into men’s premier, men’s social and ladies divisions features a total of 10 teams who play round robin matches throughout the day and a final at the end for each division if time allows. In the Men’s premier division the Maples Academy team which comprises the National Men’s 7’s team jumped to the top of the standings board with 3 straight wins.(PhotoCaroline Deegan)

The CML Ama Tsotsi were expected to give the Maples boys a run for their money in the opening Premier league game Maples took the win in easy fashion 28-7. The Ecay Pigs Trotters put up a much stronger fight against Maples but were still beaten 28-17. Meanwhile the former powerhouse Peter O’Neill Wolfhounds struggled on the day and could not muster a win against any of their opposition.

The Ama Tsotsi will look to bolster their team in week 2 with the return of Etienne Duvenage and challenge the Maples early dominance whilst the Wolfhounds and the Pigs Trotters look shore up their defenses and climb up the points ladder.

Premier Division Standings:

Team                               Won Lost  Tied   For    Against   Diff   Points  Tournament Points
Maples Acadamy           3      0         0       101    24            77    9            15
CML Ama Tsotsi            2      1         0        97      42           55     6            12
Ecay Pigs Tortters         1      2         0        43       99          56     3            10
Peter O'Neill Wolfhds    0     3         0         26     102         76     0             8

The men’s social division can often produce the most entertaining rugby for the spectators as the apparent lack of pace in the older teams and the Heineken Clydesdales can lead to some interesting tactics on the pitch. Elsewhere all the teams are left in the dust by the Dart U19’s team whose pace often means a win is but assured before kick off.

In week one the Social division was the victim of timing issues as the day started late and some of the later social games had to be sacrificed to make room for the premier division.

Whilst the U19’s got their share of games the Clydesdales, Maples and Grizz’s Old Fellas dropped a game each.

Maples looked dangerous in their games and held the Dart U19’s to within 2 points as the youngsters took the game 14-12 but the clash of the heavyweights will have to wait until this weekend when the Clydesdales get their chance to face off against the Old Fellas

Social Division Standings

Division  Team             Won  Lost   Tied  For   Against  Diff  Points        Tournament Points
Soc          Dart U19        3        0        0       118   26           92    9                            15
Soc          Maples           1        1        0        40    27           13    3                            12
Soc  Hkn Clydesdales 0         2       0        17    62            44   0                            10
Soc         Knackers        0         2      0          20    80           60   0                              8

The women’s division, being made up of only 2 teams is looking to build towards the next Caribbean 7’s championship in Barbados but the highlight for many onlookers was a chance to see Schmarrah McCarthy in action.

Some will recognise her name from 2006 when Schamarrah represented the USA U19’s women’s team and since that time hasbeen making strides in the sport. McCarthy’s strength and running lines made her a force to recon with throughout the day and her presence on the field will no doubt be a huge boost to women’s rugby in Cayman.

Division    Team         Won  Lost    Tied   For  Against   Diff  Points       Tournament Points
Women     White          2        0           0     45     19           26      6                  15
Women      Green        0        2           0     19     45           26      0                  12

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