Dr Luarca is ‘hungry’ to address violent crime

| 13/10/2011

(CNS): Having used to tool in the past to draw attention to injustices, Dr Luis Luarca has started another hunger strike, this time calling for an end to violent crime. The former medical doctor, who escaped his native Cuba in the 1990s and settled in Cayman, has drawn attention to human rights abuses and issues regarding discrimination both here in the Cayman Islands as well as Cuba several times before by going without food. Once again, Luarca is protesting lawfully, having gained permission from the police, on the site of the former glass house and says he will not eat until the issue of crime, not just on the streets but in the higher echelons of society as well, is addressed. (Photos by Dennie Warren Jr)

In his first hunger strike in 2006, which lasted for over two weeks, Luarca managed to raise the profile of human rights in the Cayman Islands and ended his protest after the committee that was in existence at the time agreed to examine the issues that he had raised.

One of the results of the strike was that the HSA agreed to remove the question about religious affiliations from their job application forms. 

Although some of his demands were a little difficult to meet, such as organising a meeting with the Pope, the one time Cuban refugee made people realise the difficulties faced by those who are forced to flee from their own countries and attempt to make a life away from their family, friends and in Luarca’s case his profession.  This time Luarca is focusing on issues that he says affect everyone and says violent crime does not just start on the streets. He said it is part of a wider community problem that he believes starts at the top.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate protesters i usually throw lemon pies at them because you are no help, the government is to blame and criminals are people who need money. So when you get off your fat UDP and PPM a**holes and decide to make a change let us know

  2. Dadapoo says:

    Dearest  Dr  Luarca your protest & hunger strike needs to be a little more specific  or fine tuned to cover such points as:

    (1 ) What is causing the serious crime issues  XXXX for instance why are police guns missing , where is Anna Evans and Kerran Baker and why is it we have officers who are wanted in their home countries for serious crimes.Who hired them why are we filling this place up with so many foreign police. Why are we trying to take away people rights and freedoms, why is that we have over 400 police and we cannot get crime under control with only 55,000 people,why is it the government is now having to arm its citizens by legislation. Why is it that that we need more draconian laws everytime we have a surge in crime.Why is it Police officers are unable to past lie detector test and are still employed. why is it that this commissioner & Governor cannot or do not seem to understand that his current crime plan and strategy is not working and that their are serious issues with the high command in the RCIPS who they continue to elevate in the the face of continued failures and eroding confidence in the them and law enforcement. Why can't they see that the current local advice they are getting is bogus or misleading. why is it the are looking overseas for experts for a local problem Why is it they are continually wasting the public money of them and spending time trying to imprison our youths instead of investing some of that same money in much need programs for  them.

    There are so many issues and so many situations with this tiny little island politically and socially and on the economical level can't say i blame you, the problem is  however not a single one of those in power at any level same to care or will take action unless it infinges on their little corner or effects them. However when it does you will have alot of company.

    • Luis M. Luarca Garcia says:

      Dear friend

      I am protesting from the starting the violence and the causes that are producing such violence unfortunately the press / media is not doing their job properly and have kept silence about the last part , the violence in the Cayman Islands is produced by the GOVERNMENT'S XXXXX

      Thank you

      Dr. Luarca  

  3. Michel says:

    Dr. Luarca, I know that your intentions are well meant and I admire your courage. You have always showed me respect and I know that you are serious. However Dr. Luarca I believe that by achieve this you will only put yourself at risk. You could be of much bigger help by offering your services thru helping at counseling prisoners and participating at worship services there also. The department of Education could even use you to teach our schoolchildren the many hardship of the Country of your birth (Cuba) and what the children have to go throu and the importance of good education. Tell them how fortunate they are here and must excel to preserve their future and the one of their children. I feel in my heart that many would listen to you and learn from you. The fight on crime is all of our business but as you see most persons are even afraid to write their name or report a crime. I feel you will do yourself more arm then good and I also fear for your safety. I ask you to rethink your positon Dr. and I will continue to pray for you so that God may continue to fill you with his Grace. God Bless. Michel Lemay

  4. Anonymous says:

    We will probably get robbed/shot/stabbed during his hunger strike, but all the best Dr. Luis.

  5. Dred says:

    It's a nice insane gesture.

    I believe that is the best way I can put that. Good to say tough to acquire.

    Hope you have eaten your belly full prior to this because I do not honestly think criminals care too much for your strike.

  6. Profound Reality! says:

    For a christian nation who believs in prayer to resolve matters you are very much hypocrites.

    I applaud this mans desire to seepeace. We should all have this passion for our nations stability.

    Furthermore I ask what are the loud mouth ignorants who mock  his actions actually doing to help? Trying to pass gun laws! Mouthing off the police service! Sharing hatred towards expats! Ignoring your children!

    Just in case you thought Gods will was mockery and ignorance.

    “And now, brothers, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did also your rulers.


    • Anonymous says:

      We should indeed all have a passion for Cayman's stability but:

      1. there is nothing Christian about a hunger strike which is not to be confused with fasting and prayer;

      2. it is extremely unlikely to produce any positive results (do you really think that a random person starving themselves to death is going to impress criminals who already rob and kill people); and

      3. there is some suggestion that it is more of a publicity stunt that real.

      • Profound Reality! says:

        A public stunt is what is needed to raise concerned awarness on this very serious topic. While you may argue that criminals will not jus walk themselves in to Central lock up so perhaps its all in vain, consider how his actions have created a loud buzz across the island. His public presence will be symbolic of his and others passion to rid cayman of this socially destructive agenda that our own in most cases are on at the moment.Perhaps you are correct on the matter of the difference of fasting and a hunger strike.Fasting is a custom while a hunger strike is usally a politically driven act normally to raise awarness either way mockery and ignorance does not help the agenda;infact i dare say it only brings to light our social inmaturatity.

        • Anonymous says:

          With all due respect except for those among who are comatose we are already well aware of the issue. It is in our faces every day that we read or listen to the news. We do not need Dr. Luarca for that.

          The only purpose for a hunger strike in this case is to provoke guilt. My point is that there is no real prospect of success because he simply does not possess the moral authority for those that he would seek to impress. 

          Actually, it reflects a lack of social maturity if one fails to understand that Dr. Luarca does not have the moral authority of a Mahatma Ghandi and criminals are not the British Govt.

          If indeed this is a publicity stunt and not a real hunger strike (there is some suggestion that in fact Dr. Luarca eats when no one is looking) then it is worse than useless.

          Oh and by the way Christian fasting is no mere custom – it is a powerful, spiritual discipline that helps to open our spiritual eyes and ears and bring us into alignment with God.

          By all means be passionate, but in your passion be constructive.     

  7. Anon says:

    I wonder if they would allow me to set up my barbeque grill a few feet away from him?

    My bbq ribs are really mouth-watering!

    • BBQ Nut says:

      Anon you is no good ye nuh. Hehehehe, Hahahaha, I am getting pain belly with laughter.  How in the world can you set up a BBQ grill alongside the man?   Hehee  hahahahahha, Ohoooo hahaha ah gaw pain belly.  ohoi.

  8. Knot S Smart says:

    I think that when he is finished with this nonsense and is so hungry that he feels like he could eat a cow – then we should not give him any food!

  9. cow itch says:

    me have no milk to save em…. so dont even think of it!  :o( 

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is great, err Doctor could lose some weight, maaybe a few of our politicians could join him on the lawn in front of the Tower Building and NBC could fly down and film a Survivor/Biggest Loser special island edition……

    • Anonymous says:

      I like this idea!

      That would bring revenue to the island!  Ppl tuning in watching and tourists wanting to see!

      Perfect!  Brilliant idea!

  11. Anonymous says:

    surely this is not "news", is it?? 

    • Say Wha says:

      Oh yes, I am sure we will see a mass stampede on the Police Station of criminals turning themselves and their weapons in so as to stop the hunger strike of Dr Luarca!

      Come on my dear Doc, this will not have the slightest impact on decreasing crime in Cayman, so please save yourself from the agony or is it "attention" you seeking!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians are known as being so good to people that one of them Mr Flowers once said that the definition of us were agenerosity , hospitlity, and extended by stupidity. In other words that we helps so much until it makes us look stupid. Can you all remember the famous tent city? Well so many sincere and good Caymanians went there tireless ever so often trying to assist them with extra food and clothing , phone cards, cigarettes, milk for the kids cookies, bread, medicines and the list goes on. When some of their own Cubans was asked to assist the Caymanians were insulted by them. Just a few of them to their rescue. I am sure each and everyone of us have heard or at least learnt the word from that UNGRATEFUL. Alot of the refugees went to other parts of the world and they never even sent a thank you card nor even to let the poor Caymanians know how they are getting on. This has caused alot of good hearted folks not to be interested . But on the other hand some that we gave Political Assylum to in Cuba it is understood from some of the others should not have qualified as they had jobs such as chasing down those that were trying to escape and to have such a job you are termed as being Communist.This Doctor seemed to be lucky to get Political Assylum.We wonder what was his position in Cuba ? Didnt his mother return to Cuba after being given Political Assylum. Alot of the decent Cuban Caymanians are very embarrased ofsome of the behaviour.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dr Luarca, I hope you got your burial plot ready!

    • SWEETIE says:

      Ohooooi  una stop it,  18:52,  I cant laugh any more I said.  Hee Haaaaaa heeee haaaa  ohoi.

  14. Mr. Spooner says:

    You sir, have lost what little bit of a brilliant mind you may have once had.  You may surely starve to death this time, Ithink you have lost your will to live.

  15. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Dr Luis,

    What you are doing is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.

    Everyone in Cayman is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I notice his english/grammar has not improved since the last hunger strike.

  17. hate to say it says:

    hate to say it my friend, but if you refuse to eat until the issue of crime, not just on the streets but in the higher echelons of society as well, is addressed you may well starve right to death out there. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to tell you, but food is given to him during his hunger strikes…lol lol

      • CivilServ says:

        The last time he was "in a hunger strike" there were chicken bones and candy wrappers all over the ground by the tree outside the glass house.  Doubt he lost any weight that go around.

        • Egg sandwich says:

          Civil Serv.  una geeing people pain belley ye don see.   Wha ye say they were chicken bones all over glass house lawn.  Heee haaa heee.  No saw ah gaw pain belly

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope they also look at the memorandum that Cayman signed with Cuba,whish stops not only our goverment ,but also the Caymanian peoples,from assisting them.

    Cuba don't care about them,neyther that they pay any expenses to keep them here ,even in jail, or to feed them or return them by plane,to their land home.It's all done at our expenses.

    What are we getting out of this???.Cayman is only getting to be known in the world as bad peoples,when we all know that we are not.This is only giving our country a bad name,for helping a comunist country punish the peoples thatchoose to leaveee.

    Does any body even think that Cuba goverment really care or appreciatte,any thing of ll that Cayman has to do,to get them Cubans back? ??

    The damage done to our country is too much,the price that we are paying is too high.

    We need to look at our roots and see who we really are and how much this is afecting us all.

    We are getting to be known in the hole world for the worse reason,this is serious and it put us Cayman in a very bad position.

    Why should we be helping a comunist country,by letting their peoples to stand in front of us in need of WATER,EVEN WATER and we the GOOD SAMARITANS,won't even give them,what could be their last sip of it???

    CUba problably don't even remember that they signed that memorandum with Cayman and if they do,they don't even care about what happenes to them peoples,they are agaisnt them,



    PEOPLES IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW:CUBA TIES CAYMAN HANDS,but they assists all ilegal inmigrants that stops there, in transit to reach USA.They will never and has never DENIED,AS CAYMAN DO,FOOD, WATER AND EVEN DIESEL,TO ANY BOAT OF ILEGAL INMIGRANTS,NEVERRR,even it means giving them their last drop of each.

    Please do some thing,maybe giving out some of what we have sooo much, will help unity our country more and help us all prosper.

    Thanks and God helps us all be good samaritans to the Cubans ,as the Cubans are to every one.





    • The Prophet says:

      The Prophet says let him try this in Cuba, and he would surely die.  It amazes me how outsiders can come to this little Island and behave as if they own it.  Why don this man keep him self quiet now.  Because if he is going to hungry strike until crime stops, the Prophet says, buy him a casket now.   If you want to hungry strike, please do it in Cuba, and stop drawing world wide attention to Cayman, because that is all he is doing.  Dont give him a mouthfull, because he should go to Cuba and starve in front of Fidel  house, and see how fast he would go to prison.

      • Profound Reality! says:

        Really … Thats how and what you think!

        I ask you  "Prophet' what has this man done to recieve your resentfull and cruel words? Does it intrude on your life when he express a passion for peace?How is he behaving as though he owns Cayman? Perhaps Macho Man Caymanian you should do something! Nah thats not gonna happen ehhh….. too busy doing what exactly!??!

        The day people like you completely phase out will be a glourious one…..Im a Caymanian and say let him dance,sing,pray,eat, dont eat whatever as long as he is not judging,breaking  laws, hurting or bullying anyone.



  19. The Prophet says:

    Luis the Cayman  Prophetsays dont do it.  You will die of starvation this time.  No one has any food to give you during the night nor any drip to hook you up to.  Every body is now eating one meal per day.

    Besides you starving yourself to death in Cayman will not change anything, for the mere fact that the persons living in Cayman now could not care less what you do.  I would suggest you organize a social club for the young at hear. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Thought it was just me that is on the one meal a day ration plan. These days breakfast and lunch are nothing but memories.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Has he met with the Pope yet?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry for him!!! He might as well choose his coffin!!!!! 

  22. Anonymous says:

    "The former medical doctor, who escaped his native Cuba in the 1990s and settled in Cayman, has drawn attention to human rights abuses and issues regarding discrimination both here in the Cayman Islands as well as Cuba several times before by going without food"

    I don't think his claims were ever established in respect of Cayman. Shouldn't that be "alleged human rights abuses and issues regarding discrimination"?

  23. Anonymous says:

    He need lose little weight anyway….. but on the real.. are you kidding me?    A hungry strick to stop the violent crime?    He is going to die of starvation thing time…  smh

  24. M says:

    Luis is a Catholic. The bible says to "fast and pray," but reality check… if you fast too much, the fasting could become deadly, and that would be a sin on his part!  Catholics believe in penance, but self-degradation to the point of death – I can never endorse it as something that is morally the right thing to do. Nothing wrong with fasting itself.  It has to be done responsibly.  In all, I hope a positive message on the causes of crime will be addressed.  

  25. Kent McTaggart says:

    We can all learn from this mans resolution.  Agree or not with his stance, if we had just a portion of his resolution, and willingness to take action.


    I am in awe!  You have my support good sir!