20 million bees freed as lorry overturned

| 25/10/2011

(BBC): A highway in the US state of Utah was temporarily closed after a lorry carrying at least 20 million bees overturned, freeing the insects. The bees were being transported to California, ready to pollinate an almond crop next spring. Interstate 15 was closed down for several hours while local beekeepers worked overnight to recapture the bees. The trip was among the last of 160 truckloads of bees being sent south from Adee Honey Farms in South Dakota. Authorities closed the southbound lanes of the highway, near the Arizona border, for several hours on Sunday night. The road reopened early on Monday morning, but officials warned drivers to keep their windows closed.

"The driver lost control, hit the concrete barrier and rolled over," said Corporal Todd Johnson of the Utah Highway Patrol. "Of course, we then had bees everywhere."

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Category: Science and Nature

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That's why it's The Bee State.