Waterfront restaurant catches fire

| 25/11/2011

Lobsterpot_DEW.jpg(CNS): The Lobster Pot Restaurant along the harbour front in George Town caught fire this evening, officials have confirmed, but the customers and employees were all evacuated safely. Police said that at around 5:24 pm on Thursday evening 911 received a report that the roof at the Lobster Pot Restaurant was on fire. Smoke was reportedly coming from the restaurant but no one was hurt. The Fire Service, medical emergency personnel and Home Gas also attended the scene and attempted to determine the source of the smoke, which was billowing from the ventilation ducts of the restaurant. Although police said that there is no longer any danger to the adjacent buildings, as a safety precaution traffic has been diverted around the restaurant.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A fire in an extractor? Do restaurants get these cleaned properly, regularly?…


  2. Jamie Jordan says:

    it must be the way that the God of Plain English chooses to punish an organisation that chooses to use the most nonsensical strap line ever heard, accompanying their promotion on Rooster's Crosstalk:


    "You don’t become Cayman’s oldest restaurant by chance.  You earn it."

    What a stupid thing to say because chance is the only reason that it is Cayman's oldest restaurant (if in fact it is).  How do you earn age?  Has my Grandma worked harder than me?


    • Anonymous says:


      it seems you need to visit the lobster pot once they re-open, get there early and relax and watch the sunset, relax and calm down, maybe then you won't come across as totally angry, uptight and in need of a stiff drink

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Good damn thing that the God of Critical Thinking has chosen not to smite you for your nonsensical comment:


      To survive in the business world – especially in the very competitive and capricious food and beverage industry – is indeed quite an admirable accomplishment. In light of the numerous food establishments that have come and gone in Cayman over the years they have been open, this business must have been doing something right to survive for this long.


      It is apparent by your silly idea that their longevity is due merely to "chance" that you are not a businessman. To survive and prosper, a business indeed must earn its position in the marketplace, and that is hard work – it ain't chance, Bobo!


  3. Anonymous says:

    As they say “it is hard to start a flood”

    • Caymanian says:

      You have to think about what this means for the restaurant. This is nothing we should be laughing about. Suppose you worked there and the next day your employer tells you that he has to relieve you from the job, because "no roof." I feel it for the business. Lobster Pot is a good seafood restaurant that has become almost a landmark. 

      • Caymanian2 says:

        it is a landmark. whenever we give directions, we say by the Lobster Pot. everyones knows you're talking about next to the fishing dock off north church street