Still no disability law as Anglin calls for small changes

| 02/12/2011

Diasabilty-symbol-on-laptop-keyboard.jpg(CNS): In the continued absence of a law to protect people with disabilities, the minister responsible for bringing the legislation has called on the community to start making the small changes needed to promote acceptance and inclusion of persons with disabilities. From changing the language used to describe individuals who have intellectual, sensory, mental health or physical disabilities to the way we think about individuals with special needs, Rolston Anglin said they deserved not to be discriminated against. In his message marking International Day of Persons with Disabilities he said the ministry was still working on the legislation.

The comprehensive report by the Legal Subcommittee for Persons with Disabilities commissioned by Anglin’s predecessor was tabled in the legislative assembly in March 2009 which laid the foundation for the implementation of the law. However, no legislation has been drafted.

See minister's  full message below

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  1. ALL SEEING says:

    What do you expect from a backward 3rd world colonial country? Backwardness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what would happen if a group of disabled persons turned up and occupied the parking spaces of some of those who can't be bothered with the necessary laws to protect disabled persons? Would some hired puppet come out to move them? If it did, that could be even more news worth than the officers at the senior citizens in front of LA building earlier this year. 

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

  3. yG7 says:

    Is this the same as we're LOOKING INTO IT? Guess we'll have to wait a few more years!!  

  4. nauticalone says:

    Also there are people on Medical Disability Retirement whom are recieving less than 10% of their previous salary. People who worked for many years.

    How can this be Ethical? How is a person disabled expected to survive on such?

    The Pensions Board for Govt. calculates the benefits as practically the same as someone who opts for Early Retirement. The only practical difference being is that Medical Disabilty can happen at any age.

    Meanwhile certain Politicians and other connected Govt. personel rake in huge salaries and pensions…long after they should have retired.

    This is not what a "Christian Nation" should be doing!



  5. Anonymous says:

    What I would Love to see "Hand Railings" so one can get up the steps..If I can not get into your business, I go on until I find ones that are more "Friendly to my needs.  Disabled Parking would nice, but if you can not get in, WHY Shop?

  6. SKEPTICAL says:

    All the usual bullshit. Not as many big words as Politicos normally use in public statements – maybe Anglin doesn’t know any – but still full of platitudes and vacuous promises. Where is the commitment to requiring Disabled Parking spaces, and some teeth in one of the laws to provide for prosecution of unqualified motorists who use them. Where was this consideration in Ju Ju’s recent amendments to the Traffic Law. To be fair, It has to said that In this regard, Hardon McLean was just as bad in the PPM government having made regulation of Handicapped Parking part of his East End election campaign Manifesto. At the top of the list of appropriate public sites needing this facility, is the Post Office – there is not a single designated handicapped space. I think there are only two at George Town Hospital.

  7. UDP Truthalizer says:

    Download the UDP Truthalizer and you too can understand what the Minions of Mac really are saying:

    "Rolston Anglin said they deserved not to be discriminated against" : he really means "We made sure that there was no constitutional protection for the disabled by lobbying hard in order to buy the Christian votes and the disabled just have to suffer longer to ensure that there was never any chance of gay rights in Cayman.  So now when I mutter claptrap on International Day of Persons With Disabilities I cannot look a disabled person in the eye because I have done nothing to help them and my party did the most to set their rights back that we could".

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rolston is learning how to kick the can from the Mohammed Ali of can kickers.  What a shame for disabled visitors and residents, the environment, and schools which continue to suffer at their hand.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I bet if one of the favorite developes/monied peole wes disabled that the bill would have been passsed overnight without any delay.  Isn't that how the UDP works???

  10. Anonymous says:

    It is absolutely disgusting to see how this so called christian country does not give a sh.t about the weakest in its society.


    • Atheist says:

      You mistake Cayman Christianity for the caring loving model of Christianity.  It is more the feeling superior, gay-bashing, have silly laws about Sundays and mention God a lot and then you are a Christian variety of the religion.

  11. Anonymous says:

    "changing the language used to describe individuals who have intellectual, sensory, mental health or physical disabilities"

    ok Rolly – can Government itself please start using the correct terms — stop using the word "Handicapped" for parking spaces — the correct term is Disabled.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your touching "message" but I would rather some meaningful action – pass the law, figure out how you expect to enforce disabled parking for a start.