Second anonymous witness says Anglin had gun

| 06/12/2011

next level_0.jpg(CNS): A second unidentified witness gave evidence via audio link in court on Monday during the third day of Devon Anglin’s trial for murder. Only the second person ever in Cayman to remain completely anonymous during a court hearing, the witness said they had seen Anglin leave the Next Level nightclub with a firearm in his hand moments after Carlos Webster (34) was gunned down.  The anonymous witness, who did not know either the defendant or the victim, had described the men to police and identified them on the CCTV footage. The unnamed witness told the court that they had seen the same two men fighting a short while before the shooting occurred near the nightclub’s bathrooms in the early hours of 10 September 2009.

The second anonymous witness in the trial testified via a voice altered feed that only the judge could hear clearly. The unnamed person admitted that they had not actually seen the shooting because after the fight they had turned away. However, on hearing at least two shots coming from the same area, the anonymous person said they had turned around. Moments later the man who was later identified as Devon Anglin walked past him and the person he was with, holding the gun in his hand before tucking the weapon inside his waistband and walking out of the club.

The witness said that, as the crowds began to depart from the scene of the shooting and leave the club, he or she was able to see the man whom Anglin had been fighting with laying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Anglin is on trial for the killing of Webster, the attempted murder of Christopher Solomon, who received a bullet to the stomach after it passed through the forearm of Webster, and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

The prosecution says Anglin had engaged in two altercations that night involving Webster and Chadwick Bodden, who was put out of the club before the shooting, regarding comments made about Anglin’s girlfriend.

The prosecution says that after Anglin was punched by Webster in another fight, he was seen entering the men’s bathroom. When he came out a few moments later, Anglin was seen by the first anonymous witness to walk over to Webster, pull out a semi-automatic hand gun and shoot him in the side. When Webster hit the floor, Anglin is accused of firing a further shot into his head in front of a packed night club of some 200 people.

Despite the significant numbers of potential witnesses, only one eyewitness has come forward, saying they saw Anglin shoot Webster. The second unidentified witness says they saw Anglin walk out of the club armed with a handgun in the immediate aftermath of the killing but the witness did not see Anglin pull the trigger.

The trial continues in court two on Tuesday.

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