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Thousands sign against road closure

Thousands sign against road closure

| 07/12/2011 | 99 Comments

dartswbroad_0.JPG(CNS): A coalition of local activists campaigning to preserve the West Bay Road and access to the beach in the area will be formally submitting a petition to the governor on Monday containing well over three thousand signatures. During the past three months, the Concerned Citizens Group, chaired by Alice Mae Coe; Save Cayman, led by Capt. Bryan Ebanks; and the West Bay Action Committee, led by Ormond Morgan, and numerous volunteers have gained the support of thousands of people. The planned road closure is part of a proposed deal between government and the Dart Group allowing the developer to create on ocean front resort on the site of the former Courtyard Marriott.

"Although it has been a monumental task, each of our volunteers has willingly stepped up to the plate to participate in what can only be described as a labour of love for the Cayman Islands,” said Coe as she commended and thanked all those involved and every Caymanian, resident and visitor who exercised their democratic right by signing this petition.  “Working together for the right reasons have been those who are truly for Cayman.”

The activists, who have been working under the moniker Truly4Cayman, now plan to make a formal presentation to the governor and are asking the public to join them when they hand over the petition at the government building at 4pm on Monday 12 December to Duncan Taylor to demonstrate the widespread support for maintaining the status quo on Seven Mile Beach.

Government is proposing to allow 2,500 feet of the West Bay Road from the public beach to the yacht club, which is crown land, to be swapped for other land belonging to Dart, a cash donation to the public purse and the construction of the Esterley Tibbetts extension to West Bay, as part of the ForCayman Investment Alliance with Dart.

The proposal was announced in the spring and since then government has been negotiating with the islands’ largest developer about the various aspects of the deal but has not yet signed a final agreement. However, since those talks began government has signed a financial framework agreement with the UK government which requires greater scrutiny of all government plans for capital projects and independent reviews and analysis of any public private partnerships.

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Pigs Trotters ready for the Storm

Pigs Trotters ready for the Storm

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aacup20112a (245x300).jpg(CRFU): The Queensgate Pigs Trotters failed to capitalise against a stuttering performance by the John Doak Architecture Iguanas on Saturday 3 December. The Iguanas, still suffering from the shell shock loss to the DHL Storm let the Pigs Trotters dictate the pace of the game early on and albeit for missed penalty kicks from both sides the Pigs drew first blood with an Ian Geddes try. Slowly but surely the Iguanas got out of first gear and turned the game around, thanks in no small part to the strong running ofinside centre Adam Keenan who himself took home a brace of tries for the day. (Photos by Caroline Deegan)

The Iguanas pack managed to slow the Pigs favoured “Pick and Go” style of play and with a few turn overs at the break down the Pigs will surely look to bolster this usually unbreakable aspect of their game before taking on the DHL Cayman Storm on Saturday.

The Pigs Trotters, clearly frustrated with the long string on losses made life even easier for the Iguanas when Graeme Thompson saw yellow and his team were left with 14 men on the pitch for 10 minutes allowing the Iguanas an easy time in defence as the Pigs Trotters looked for one more score, a score which eventually came in the form of a 10 meter Paul Parker run to the line.

Final score: John Doak Architecture Iguanas 36-18 Queensgate Pigs Trotters

aacup20112c (219x300).jpgIn the 4pm fixture the DHL Storm managed a 2nd straight Alex Alexander Memorial Trophy win to send their team to the top of the leader board against the Krys Global Buccaneers.

The game looked set to be a real battle of attrition between the two teams with the Buccaneer pack dominating the Storm forwards whilst the Storm backline made their usual inroads in attack. The Storm back line, which had little joy against the Iguanas only the week before managed 29 points against the Buccaneers with Simon Crompton and Vanassio Tokotokovanua both getting 2 tries followed by Michael Sumares notching up 9 points with his own try and 2 conversions.

The Buccaneers could only manage 8 points thanks to a Ben Blair score and a Mariano Marco drop goal.

Final Score DHL Storm 29-8 Krys Global Buccaneers

The Storm move into round three looking for a win over the Pigs Trotters whom they beat in a fiery Heineken Wooden Spoon fixture early on the season. If the Pigs Trotters have done their homework and learnt from the mistakes made by the Iguanas and the Buccaneers this season then the Pigs could earn their first XV’s win in over a year over the current league leaders. 

Next games: Alex Alexander Memorial League Trophy 3rd Round: 10 December 2011
DHL Cayman Storm vs. Queensgate Pigs Trotters @2pm
John Doak Architecture Iguanas vs. Krys Global Buccaneers @4pm

All games are streamed live worldwide on and follow us on Facebook!

See League Standings below

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University encourages students to volunteer

University encourages students to volunteer

| 07/12/2011 | 0 Comments

volunteer (239x300).jpg(CNS): Mitch Ebanks, Student Services Coordinator at the UCCI says the once strong sense of community service has declined in recent years among ouryoung people in particular and the UCCI is aiming to encourage its students to give something back and reverse that trend. Last week nearly 100 students, faculty and staff attended a special service day where 11 nonprofit and community organisations showcased their work and made a bid to recruit local students in the college’s outdoor Courtyard. “UCCI is committed to offering its students a variety of opportunities for growth and development, both inside and outside the classroom,” Ebanks said.

“It is our belief that the benefits and lessons that one learns through volunteerism are so unique that they cannot be replicated through other experiences,” he added.  “For those of us who grew up doing community work we know that the rewards that come from giving one’s time to service projects is a prize in and of itself. 

“Unfortunately, what we find is that this sense of community service and volunteerism has taken a sharp decline in recent years, especially among our young people.  Our aim is to get back to that place where community service is something that is second nature and comes naturally as something that one simply does.  If what we saw today is any indication, these incentives help us grab attention, but it’s the work of these organizations that will get the students motivated and committed for the long run,” Ebanks said.

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cayman AIDS Foundation, CI Cadet Corps, CI Crisis Centre, CI Cancer Society, CI Humane Society, CI Red Cross, Circle K, Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation, NCVO and the Optimist Club were all on the lookout for young volunteers to join their ranks.

The charities said they were pleased to be asked to take part. CI Red Cross Director, Jondo Obi said, “As a charitable organisation, we are always in need of expanding our pool of volunteers and enhancing their knowledge and skills. We thoroughly believe that the youth of today are an excellent asset to our society and are the future leaders.  We were very pleased by the turnout and the number of students who showed interest in getting more involved in our community,” she said.

UCCI’s Service Day is an annual event open to all community service organizations in Cayman.  For more information, contact the Student Services Department at UCCI by emailing: or

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Nightclub shooting victim has no idea who shot him

Nightclub shooting victim has no idea who shot him

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solomon.JPG(CNS): A man who received a gunshot wound to the stomach in the Next Level nightclub on the same night Carlos Webster was  killed told the Grand Court Tuesday that he had no idea who shot him. Cayman27 reports that when Christopher Solomon gave evidence in the Devon Anglin trial he said he did not even realize he had been shot until a few minutes later when he collapsed outside the West Bay road night club. Anglin, from West Bay, is facing charges for murder over the shooting of Webster and the attempted murder of Solomon who was also hit during the incident.  (Photo courtesy of Cayman27)

In its opening statement the prosecution had revealed that Solomon was believed to have been injured by a bullet that had first passed through the forearm of Webster as the gunman, who the crown says is Anglin, shot at him three times.

The crown has only one eye-witness who claims to have seen the actual shooting but it has a second witness who says they saw Anglin armed with a gun leaving the club seconds after the killing. The identities of both have been protected and the witnesses gave evidence via a voice altered audio link.

The crown says that the combination of the eyewitness accounts, evidence on CCTV and the fact that Anglin was seen by several witnesses to be involved in a fight with Webster in the club only minutes before the shooting combine to prove that he was Webster’s killer.

Cayman27 said the crown began wrapping up its case against Anglin on Wednesday after the lead investigator on the murder, former Chief Inspector Peter Kennett, testified how he had identified Anglin on the CCTV footage from the club on the night Webster was killed. The crown’s remaining witness is a forensic video expert who is expected in court Thursday.

See Cayman 27 report here

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Public asked for input on future of rollover

Public asked for input on future of rollover

| 07/12/2011 | 47 Comments

immigraiton 33.jpg(CNS): Government officials will be seeking public opinion on Friday when they launch the public consultation period on the ‘rollover’ review in front ofthe Glass House on Elgin Avenue, in George Town. All residents are being asked to contribute their suggestions, comments and opinions to the Term Limit Review Committee’s (TLRC) official report. The opportunity for public feedback onthe government’s seven year wok permit limit policy or ‘rollover; as it is commonly known will continue until the end of the year, following Friday’s launch.

The review team will be making media appearances; conducting online public surveys at; opinion-gathering at supermarkets this Saturday; as well as making group presentations in a bid to encourage everyone to have their say on the controversial policy.

This committee was appointed by Cabinet to examine the term limit provision of the Immigration Law following the increasing unpopularity of the policy and its key employee gateway. Government recognised the need to address the problem in the face of increasing complaints from the business community and the belief that it was stifling new investment.

As a result the premier introduced a temporary reprieve for those scheduled to be rolled over in October offering employers the opportunity to apply for a term limit extension period until it decides how it will tackle the thorny problem off encouraging business and avoiding giving residency rights to all permit holders and foreign workers.

The team is now seeking public input to guide the development of recommendations that will be made to government on a replacement or adaptation of the policy. The officials on the committee are trying to find out rollover and the key employee policy effects the society and economy.

“We are making a concerted effort to ensure that all citizens and residents have the opportunity to express their views on term limits,” said TLRC Chairman Sherri Bodden-Cowan.

The controversial policy was first introduced in January 2004 after government granted some 3000 foreign nationals status to satisfy the concerns of the UK owing to the significant numbers of people who were living in Cayman without any formalized status or rights. In an effort regularize foreign workers rights the rollover policy and key employee was introduced as a phased way of leading the more valuable workers towards permanent residency and then status while ensuring others would leave before they became eligible for residency rights.

The first people were rollover in 2006 and a steady number of workers began to get rolled out as employers began to complain of the difficulties it was causing them. As the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Ivan approached the threat of some 5000 workers leaving in a 19 month period loomed and government made the decision to suspend the policy and begin the review.

Concerns or suggestions can be expressed to committee members from 11am to 2 pm on 9 December. Private individuals, companies and non-governmental organizations may also contribute written submissions by 31 December 2011 to: Cayman Term Limit Review Committee, PO Box 391 Grand Cayman KY1-1106.
To complete the survey from this Friday, or for more information on this topic, please visit

With Sherri Bodden-Cowan as Chair and Canover Watson as deputy Chair government appointed another committee to look at the problem which includes, Kenneth Hydes, Paulette Anglin-Lewis, Irma Arch, Betty Baraud,  Richard Christian, Richard Coles, Josephine Habib, Delia Hydes, Phillip Jackson, Jim O’Neill, Phillip Rankin, Danny Scott, Walling Whittaker, Linda Evans, Chief Immigration Officer (Ex-Officio), Bruce Smith, Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (Ex-Officio), Christopher Eakin, Director of Policy & Strategic Mgt, Immigration Department (Ex-Officio) and Deborah Bodden, Secretary (Ex-Officio)

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Drug council issues warning to low level drinkers

Drug council issues warning to low level drinkers

| 07/12/2011 | 8 Comments

christmas-cocktail.png(CNS): Launching its ‘Silent night’ campaign for the holiday season the National Drug Council has warned people who are only drinking moderately not to drive as they will still be over the limit and their driving impaired. Describing this year’s target audience as “low level” drunk drivers, the council said it aims to educate the public on how alcohol affects driving performance before they graduate to higher, more risky levels of alcohol consumption. The NDC said that driving impaired by alcohol is not just a victimless traffic offence but much more dangerous carrying heavy consequences.

“We must all do more to influence behaviour by changing the perception that impaired driving is merely a victimless traffic offence” said Simon Miller, Prevention Officer.

As a country, we support law enforcement efforts to protect us from theft, burglary and assault but he pointed out that many otherwise law-biding citizens continue to view impaired driving as nothing more than a traffic citation. “Don’t be fooled Cayman, impaired driving is a serious crime,” he added. 

The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit is .1. This means that a driver’s body must contain less than 100 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. A 150-pound male drinking for one hour on an empty stomach would likely have the following BAC levels: 2 drinks .05BAC,  4 drinks .10 BAC, 8 drinks .20 BAC, 12 drinks .30 BAC. 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, 1 ounce of 100-proof spirits each contain about the same amount of pure alcohol (half ounce).

Driving is a very complex task which requires complex decision making and total concentration. Alcohol affects a driver’s ability to be totally in control of his or her actions at 0.02 to 0.05 BAC – the ability to see or locate moving lights correctly is diminished, as is the ability to judge distances. The tendency to take risks is increased, and the ability to respond to several stimuli is decreased.

At 0.05 to 0.08 BAC  the ability to judge distances is reduced, sensitivity to red lights is impaired, reactions are slower, and concentration span is shorter and at  0.08 BAC drivers are five times more likely to have an accident than before they started drinking. At 0.08 to 0.12 BAC euphoria sets in, overestimation of one’s abilities leads to reckless driving, peripheral vision is impaired (resulting in accidents due to hitting vehicles in passing), and perception of obstacles is impaired. Drivers are up to 10 times more likely to have an accident.

Penalties for drunk-driving offences include disqualification from driving for a specified period, fines and imprisonment.

The NDC has partnered with local restaurants and bars to offer designated drivers free sodas throughout the holiday season.

“Community-based partnerships, along with highly visible criminal justice activity are the keys to winning the battle against impaired driving. Research shows that the most effective tool to eradicating drink-driving is personal responsibility,” stated Joan West-Dacres, Executive Director National Drug Council.

The NDC said it is encouraging everyone to take a stand and help to raise awareness that impaired driving is a deadly crime that has severe personal consequences. Let’s make this holiday season safe. Designate a driver and ensure that individuals get home safely this holiday season. 

For more information please call the National Drug Council at 949-9000 or visit us on the web

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Elite stay top of men’s game

Elite stay top of men’s game

| 07/12/2011 | 0 Comments

Derrin_Ebanks_Elite (1) (224x300).jpg(CIFA): Scholars International have made their intentions clear this season, they want silverware. After acquiring some strong off season acquisitions the objective is to, WIN, win championships and win cups.  Sunday at the T.E. McField Sports Complex in George Town they faced another big test as they squared off against current league Champions and current league leaders Elite SC. Scholars surrendered the top position in the Cayman Premier League in Week 8 after playing out a goalless draw against Cayman Athletic. Elite took back pole position and Scholars knew that a win was the only result that would propel them back into top spot Sunday.

It was a top of the table clash that never really sparked into life. Both teams were cautious, neither team wanted to make any mistakes. Elite SC knowing that a draw would keep them top, therefore the onus was on Scholars to go out and win the game.

Andre_McFarlane_Scholars_Alex_Belcher_Elite (1) (300x231).jpgThe light sprinkling of rain before kickoff gave the pitch some extra zip and certainly helped increase the tempo of passing as both teams kept the ball on the ground and moved the ball well. The frantic opening pace didn’t let up as the game progressed; the game was very physical as both players were putting their bodies on the line. Elite SC had the best opportunity to open the scoring on the stroke of half time, after winning a free kick just outside the box Dwayne Wright caught the Scholars defense napping as he quickly took the free kick and slipped in his strike partner Alex Belcher who was one on one with Scholars keeper Alexis Reve who saved well to keep the score level at the half.    

The second half brought much of the same, both teams battled it out in the middle of the park but no team created any clear cut opportunities, a spray of bookings were handed out as the physical aspect of the game was cranked up.

It was a game of very few chances until the 85th minute when Scholars substitute Dominic Pearson had a golden opportunity to give his team all three points and put them top of the Cayman Premier League, after a brilliant through ball from Nahun Rodriguez that created a scramble in the box the ball fell to Pearson who was not more than four yards from goal, with the goal unattended he managed to strike the post. Scholars International could have and should have been sitting top of the league.

Instead of sitting top Scholars fell to third in the league after high flying Bodden Town FC picked up their fifth consecutive win over George Town SC to go second in the league ahead of Scholars. Bodden Town FC have the best goal difference in the league, as the league’s top scorers, BT have hit 33 goals in 10 games and sit second in the league with the same points total as Scholars but with a superior goal difference, BT are now just one point behind Elite SC who remain in top spot.   

Justin Pierre got George Town off to a good start after scoring his fifth for the season, Bodden Town came good in the second half as Yefry Calderon again came to the rescue, his goals have been vital for Bodden Town so far this season as they look to content for all three trophies this campaign. Calderon equalized in the 62nd minute and snatched the game winner in the 90th. George Town SC continues to slide and is now ten points of leaders Elite SC after picking up just 6 points out of 15 in the last 5 games.

At the other end of the Cayman Premier League, Tigers FC and Cayman Athletic both picked up big wins. Tigers beat bottom side Future SC 2:1, Miguel Simms and Manilo Conolly getting the goals for Tigers. Future SC is now 5 points adrift at the bottom of the league and remains winless this season.

Cayman Athletic picked up their first win in five games after comfortably beating Roma United 2:0 Matthew Suberan got on the score sheet in the 34th minute and David Bodden Jr. secured all three points in the 57th. Cayman Athletic are now tied with Roma on eight points. After starting of the season with two opening wins Roma have lost six and drawn two in their last eight games.

The Cayman Islands Premier League takes a break this weekend as the Digicel Cup takes centre stage. The first round draw took place last Wednesday and the full fixtures are listed below, for more information check out :

Digicel Cup, Sunday, December 11, 2011
5:00pm: Annex: Cayman Athletic vs. Roma United
5:00pm: Ed Bush: Tigers FC vs. Bodden Town FC
7:00pm: Annex: George Town SC vs. Elite SC
7:00pm: Ed Bush: Future SC vs. Scholars International

See league standings below

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OECD black list could be fatal to fund industry

OECD black list could be fatal to fund industry

| 07/12/2011 | 0 Comments

jennings.jpg(CNS Business): The legislation that is providing for the creation of the registration of master funds does not meet any OECD or other current regulatory requirements. According to the Law Society president, the OECD is scheduled to visit the Cayman Islands next year, which is “of fundamental importance to the future wellbeing of these islands”. Charles Jennings said that if Cayman were to be placed on a black or grey list, the damage to Cayman’s fund industry could be fatal. In the Legislative Assembly as the bill was passed, Premier McKeeva Bush had insisted that the regulation would help to improve Cayman’s international standing, which had improved significantly after his government managed to remove Cayman from the black list. Read more on CNS Business

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Go to cruise lines, capts told

Go to cruise lines, capts told

| 07/12/2011 | 99 Comments

cruise ship at port_0.JPG(CNS): The local partners of GLF Construction, who were in talks with government to develop cruise berthing facilities before they were terminated by the premier, have warned the sea captains and their supporters that the Red Bay alternative has no chance of becoming a reality unless the cruise lines give it the thumbs up.  Howard Finlason of Royal Construction said that regardless of the pros and cons or the local support, if the cruise lines and their ship captains don’t like the idea then they will not come. He advised the group to go no further with their plans until they had engaged the cruise lines directly but warned they were unlikely to support any cruise project outside of George Town.

At a public meeting on Tuesday evening at the Seafarers hall, hosted by local architect Burns Conolly on behalf of the sea captains, Finlason pointed out that the alternative location had to get cruise line support as it would be their ships using it.

The GLF local partner said that in the months his firm was in negotiations with the cruise lines and government over their plan for the cruise port they learned a great deal about the expectations and importance of the cruise industry to the project.

“We must remember that it is their ships that we want to come and if the cruise lines or their captains don't like it then it is not going to fly,” Finlason warned.  He explained that when GLF did the simulations in Miami for their plans, the cruise ship captains made it clear that they preferred ports like George Town that are open without channels and basins. With the advent of larger cruise vessels, the captains said that turning the mega ships in a basin, even in a slight wind, is not something any of them enjoyed.

He also spoke of the importance of the retail outlets being close to the ships because people did not want to be bussed to go shopping. One of the most successful cruise ports in the Caribbean is Bermuda, he noted, where the retail area is lined up directly in front of the port. By contrast, in St Thomas, although their port is only fifteen minutes away from the shops, the country has regretted the decision ever since, Finlason added 

“Cruise ship passengers are a strange lot. They don't want the hassle; they are not going on a bus to go shopping,” he said, and warned that with so much retail lost in George Town already, any effort to move the port away from the capital would kill it altogether.
In short, he said, the Red Bay project was unlikely to be welcomed by the cruise lines because the captains like George Town harbour and the cruise line management like the retail.

Conolly acknowledged the issues Finlason raised and said they intended to discuss them with the cruise lines but they had already received positive feedback from some captains coming to George Town as one of the local pilots had been handing the proposals to them for consideration.

During his presentation the architect said that the supporters of the Red Bay location had no vested financial interest and he too had volunteered his time, but they all believed it was a far more superior location for the future of the cruise tourism industry, despite the scepticism about who was set to benefit from the alternative location.

Burns said the supporters had done a lot of research and spent time with the Department of Environment and the National Roads Authority. The captains believe George Town is the poorer of the two locations for a number of reasons, from its exposure to the weather and major traffic problems to the environmental damage, which they say will have a greater economic impact than the environmental damage in Red Bay, as well as the fact that there is no room for expansion and ships will still have to tender at the Spotts jetty in bad weather.

The alternative, Conolly said, was an all-weather 365 day berthing with no traffic issues and where the dredging of the fill could cover a significant part of the cost of the project as it was estimated to be worth some $180 million.

He said the breakwater would protect the property in the area and the 2000 x 3000 foot basin could become a home port for a smaller cruise ship for a full western Caribbean itinerary. Although the port would require passengers to be shuttled to George Town, the capital would be assured of business every day and there would be no retail competition at the facilities.

He admitted that there were some cons, not least that the location is a marine replenishment zone, that there would be a loss of reef habitat and the view in Red Bay and South Sound would be altered. He acknowledged that George Town had the retail and port facilities already in place.

Conolly and the captains received some criticism for endorsing CHEC, the Chinese firm in negotiations with government to develop the alternative port. 

Bo Miller said that after the presentation he believed the location presented a viable alternative but he had concerns about bringing the Chinese in to do the work as he described it as being akin to putting a whale in a swimming pool. He believed there was no need for Cayman to search outside its own shores for the investment.

“We need to tap into the local interest and ask people on island to invest in it,” the former political candidate said, adding that there were lots of people with money in Cayman and there was no need to ask China to rescue Cayman. “We have to stop and change our thinking. The premier doesn’t own Cayman, the people do. We have to start being owners and not workers.”

A number of people in the audience echoed the sentiment that the captains should not be endorsing the Chinese as developers. Conolly said that it was not a necessary part of the proposal and they had merely suggested that CHEC should be asked to consider the proposal in order to avoid any further delay to the start of the construction and were more concerned with ‘where’ rather than ‘who’.  

Not everyone backed the idea, however, and local resident in the area, Consuelo Ebanks, a fearsome environmental advocate, said that there was nothing that could make the project compensate for the damage that would be done to South Sound if it was allowed to go ahead. She insisted that Conolly stop referring to it as Red Bay as it was South Sound.

“It really is a stupid idea,” she said.

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Police arrest cash van robbery suspect at airport

Police arrest cash van robbery suspect at airport

| 07/12/2011 | 17 Comments

cuffs.jpg(CNS): Law enforcement officials apprehended a 40-year-old man at Owen Roberts International Airport on Tuesday morning (6 December) as he tried to flee the jurisdiction. Police have arrested the man in connection with the foiled cash van heist at Countryside on Friday, 2 December on suspicion of attempted robbery. A police spokesperson said the suspect remains in police custody while enquiries into the incident continue. The man is accused of trying to steal a cash bag from a security guard who was loading an armoured van outside Foster’s Food Fair at around 7:30pm. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The would-be robber was carrying what was believed to be a handgun as he approached the guard and demanded he hand over the cash bag. However, a struggle ensued and the suspect failed to get the money from the security officer and he ran off empty handed towards Hirst Road, police reported.

Although the guard was shaken by the attack,he was not physically injured and no shots were fired.

Anyone who was in the area at the relevant time and has information which could assist the police is asked to contact Bodden Town Police Station on 947 2220/40, the RCIPS Tip-Line 949-7777 or the Confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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