Government claims success for jobs programme

| 13/12/2011

(CNS): Government officials have said that 111 young people having successfully completed the employment ministry’s job placement programme Passport2Success since it started in 2010. The ministry said that 58% of students have been employed within six months of graduating from the programme and 69% of participants from the first two classes are still employed 12 months after graduating. The ministry stated that former participants are utilizing the skills they gained on Passport2succcess to not only find work when the programme is over but students have also succeeded in maintaining employment up to twelve months after.

During the graduation of the fifth and latest group of Passport2success students Shannon Seymour of the Wellness Centre that co-ordinates the training said some of the graduates had already secured full time employment.

“The success of the Passport2Success programme comes directly from the fact that each sector of our community is making a necessary contribution,” she said. “The Ministry has been fully supportive of the programme and the participants, the private sector has been a critical partner in providing invaluable opportunities for our participants to gain meaningful employment experience.”

Mary Rodrigues, Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education said the programme makes demands on students and asks them to change their level of preparation and approach to getting and holding onto a job, and most difficult of all, to change their attitudes.

Graduates from the programme can get grants to continue their studies and can be referred for future employment opportunities. The Ministry has also engaged the Wellness Centre to keep in touch with the graduates, to monitor their progress and to support and encourage them.

Applications are now being processed for two new Passport2Success programmes, which will start in January, 2012 targeting unemployed young men aged between 20-25 and young mothers.  

For more information in regards to Passport2Success as well as application forms and dates in regards to the start of the next programme, visit


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