Booze board gives thumbs up to all for NYE

| 21/12/2011

new_years_eve.jpg(CNS): The Liquor Licensing Board has given permission to all license holders to serve booze and play music past midnight on New Year’s Eve allowing the parties to continue beyond the stroke of midnight. Officials said that the board has met and approved extended opening hours on Saturday 31 December through Sunday 1 January for all liquor license holders to enable the celebrations to continue despite the fact that News Year’s Day is a Sunday. Bars, restaurants and hotels are permitted to sell liquor until 1:30am and play music until 2:00am while nightclubs are allowed to sell liquor until 2:45 am but the music and dancing must end at 3:00 am.

 “License holders are reminded that license stipulations will still be in effect. Liquor sales must cease during the last ten minutes of the permitted opening hours and all patrons must vacate the premises before closing,” officials stated.

The news comes in the wake of changes to the Music and Dancing law made in the Legislative Assembly last that gave the board the discretionary power to allow extensions on New Year’s Eve whenever the holiday falls on a Saturday/Sunday. 

The law does not allow the combination of selling drink and playing live music on Sundays and as a result all license premises are required to close at midnight on Saturdays.

For more information, licensees and members of the public may contact Marva Scott at the Liquor Licensing Office on 244-3168.


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  1. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    It's time for automated drive-thru confessionals.

    Your Call Is Important To Us

    If this is an ordinary sin …    Press 1

    If this is a really bad sin …   Press 2

    If this is a misdemeanor ….  Press 3

    If this is a felony ….  Stay on the line or Press O for Operator

    If you wish to make a payment …  Use the box provided

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good old Ezzard, he was able to poke a dig at McKeeva by saying the way he did it was unconstitutional but also that he was in favor of the decision.

    Only Ezzard can cover all the bases with only 2 little feet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Out of context Mack, but very important, and not to critize your Government either as I support some of your Members. But did you recently try to call the Hospital especially the Emergency? Also other Departments. Most of the Departments you get a voice mail. God help us if it is really urgent. Dont you agree that the beginning of the going down of Cayman was when we had telephone operators removed from their jobs and answered from Jamaica. One of our retired Ministers at the time who was responsible for Communication did not even know that operators was answering from Jamaica until a few months later when a member from yhe public approached him complaining about it. Well I must say that this stinks at the Hospital. As far as I am concerned voice mail only encourages laziness and makes any Office or Department bad. You will never understand unless you yourselves have an urgent need to reach someone at the hopsital. The staff there is no less so why not continue the way it was. Whose brilliant idea? Mack we are depending on you to CHANGE THIS. We all will certainly support you on this one.



  4. Loopy Lou says:

    This may IMPROVE church attendance since it might be easier to go if you are still drunk than getting up with a hangover if you went to bed earlier.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It should be until 10 am the next morning cause according to the Mayan calender this will be our last 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ahh didnt we just state that we have a DUI problem in Cayman so…Why are we extending the hours? or Is this a plot to "catch people" to make a few $100 bucks and back up our court system? 


    • Reality Check says:

      I know this comes as a shock to some, but if you go out drinking you don't have to drive home drunk.  And if you don't have a designated driver and you can't afford a taxi home, you can't afford to go out drinking.

  7. Brother Joe says:

    Come on people!!! "Law Makers" this is a tourist destination… not the little house on the prairie…it's time to introduce Cayman into the 18th century. Not everyone will attend church on Sunday…"yes it’s true" so let's stop pretending…residents of these islands, should not have to go to another country “simply to have a good time”

  8. Cheese Face says:

    Its a start!